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 When this site was first published in 1995 much of the information contained was not readily available.  There were only two or three sites listed in the search engines that were using versions of the original Names of the All-Mighty and our Saviour and even less concerning the distinctions of the 'Kingdom of Heaven'. Since that time there has been a wealth of information made available on the Internet. Sites started springing up faster than I could list them! Truly the Prophecy of Daniel 12:3 is being fulfilled --But with the increase of information comes the overwhelming task of sorting it all out.

  I could not have undertaken this Task alone --But only with the Inspiration and Guidance from the Spirit of the MostHigh Creator. And of course we all owe undying Gratitude to the Kindren who were called out of "the world" and Assembled for this purpose. It was not possible to maintain this Assembly against the Persecution that so inevitably ensued. While I admit to being not the most Capable; I have tried to hold the pieces together and continue the work.  --I have only managed (barely) to keep the site up and available for viewing.

 Of course we all have a different perspective and oftentimes will see the same thing in an entirely different way; focusing in on those aspects that are most meaningful to us. It is sometimes too easy to loose sight of the Big Picture as we concentrate on the differences of our individual viewpoints.

 Throughout my life I have never followed the conventional/traditional paths. Instead, I Prayed for Guidance from the Creator to show me how to serve His Will. By the time I finally was given the Scripture to digest I found that my life had been shaped to conform to this Word and not to the world. I have been led to discover many distinctions in His Word explaining the root and cause of this world's troubles.

 Perhaps the thrill of discovery led me to over-zealousness... in any event I felt compelled to share what I had been given. In my attempt to make clear the distinctions I am afraid that I upset many people and in my attempt to help clear up the confusion I  may have increased it.
It would help if I was a better communicator... But we all have our limitations.... And I am still trying to improve myself!
In short the purpose of this site is to document discoveries made while digging for the Truth, but is also an external thought organization process as I also am still trying to figure it all out!

 I am beginning the process of reorganization and structuring of the site to make it easier to navigate. I will also endeavor to update to include new insights and adjust the content to incorporate the lessons learned in this process of understanding.

I will use a different font and color for the annotations.

The main topics covered on this site include: *

Also included are many links to other sources of information and opinion.

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Praying for Blessings of WellBeing.. Past OverFlowing.. to you and those Dear ones!! 



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