"To Seek out that which was Lost..."

A Press Release.. From the Assembly of the Body of IaHUShUA Ha-MaShIaCh.


PLEASE REPOST FAR AND WIDE!! You may not agree with our Religious Beliefs.. but if you have any of your own, they are also severely Threatened.. the State Officially Recognizes no Religion but its OWN.. and you will be forced to Worship on pain of Cruel and Inhuman PUNISHMENT, and possible Death.

Regardless of the Constitution.. or the Peoples wishes. The Official Definition of a Citizen.. is a SLAVE.. for a Citizen OWES ALLEGIANCE to the State (Their Liege LORD).

The State of Oregon Has just declared war upon the Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH..

Talks broke down yesterday in trying to reach a LAWFUL AGREEMENT With the State of Oregon represented by Jim Hunt Assistant D.A. Lane County Oregon. We were speaking of compromise.. which we in good faith were willing to do.. only if LAWFUL for us by the Ten Commandments, the LAW of our (and your) CREATOR.

Mr. Hunt revealed his true Adversarial Stance.. and that he had Lied to us when stating that he wanted to help find a way to not Cause us to Transgress the LAW, when he refused to even listen to our reasons.. But stated that We ARE under the State's Jurisdiction that we ARE its Subjects.. and that the State would ENFORCE its law AGAINST us (the Assembly).. regardless of our beliefs...

This is in DIRECT VIOLATION of Oregon State Constitution and united States Constitution.. A direct Infringement on our Religious and Scriptural Beliefs and Free excercise thereof.. Because we OBEY THE LAW!!! (10 Commandments)

He also told us that our Beliefs were BOGUS and that our assertions from the Scripture were Incorrect. I suppose we need to find out what the STATE's "Correct" Interpretation is.. and adjust the Scriptures Accordingly?

Do the State's laws Really Supercede the LAW of the CREATOR?
Did "We the People" Really give the State the Power to FORCE THEM TO SIN AGAINST THEIR CREATOR?
Does the STATE have the Power to Command the People to DESTROY THE CREATOR'S CREATION?
Can they really Prohibit PRAYER and the way an Assembly or its members OBEDIENTLY WORSHIP the CREATOR?

According to the STATE OF OREGON COUNTY OF LANE and its minister the Assistant D.A. it not only can and does... but also Intends to FULLY ENFORCE this Power in a VINDICTIVE MANNER. The hardest part to swallow is that it is the People.. our neighbors (who we are on good terms with..) and the People of the United States.. who Alledgedly want them to do this. We had thought that these were Basically DECENT FOLK. But now they are seemingly becoming MURDERERS.

The basis of our problem with the State is that we cannot enter into an Agreement that we Disagree with.. it goes very much against our CONSCIENCE to be FORCED to WORSHIP THE STATE and its very Real.. Totally OPPRESSIVE and WELL ESTABLISHED RELIGION!

in short:

We are being Persecuted for Obeying IaHUeH rather than men.
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The FINAL Outcome

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This base symbol can be found in almost every American wallet.
Its inscription can easily be translated:
If a picture is worth a thousand words.. this graphic Animation will say much..
to all those who oppose the New World Order; and the bankers'
fraudulent claim of massive debt upon the peoples of the world.
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No - New World Order!!


Please Pray For the ShaLOM of IeRUShaLeM! It must be preserved for the lost sheep of the Scattered Tribes.
Both Houses of The Twelve Tribes of the Scattered Sheep of the Children of IeShRaEL

Terrorism is EVIL - Counter Terrorism is Oppressive - We Support Neither!!
But Rather Encourage Love.

This Page is Brought to you by:
The Assembly of IaHUShUA' MaShIaChaH

Because you need to know about these things
Please feel Free to GRAZE our Sight!
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