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A Rebuttal by: W. K. Gorman

> Subject: ANA -- "Militias pose rising threat to United States"
> _Militias pose rising threat to United States_ (Reuter Information Service)

> MIAMI (Apr 11, 1996 6:24 p.m. EDT) - The threat of terrorism from anti- government "Patriot" groups in the
>United States has increased sharply in the past year and paramilitary units are preparing for war, the Southern
>Poverty Law Center said in a report released on Thursday.

Is that the same outfit that is run by accused child-molester Morris Dees?

> The 72-page report, prepared by the center's Militia Task Force, identified more than 800 Patriot organizations
>including 441 so-called militia groups and said they have a new strategy for underground terror cells that will
>wage war with the support of a broad, extreme-right coalition.

Let's see - they are supposedly fringe wackos, yet they are supported by a "broad coalition." Kind of a contradiction there.

> It said the movement, which includes white supremacist groups and armed state militias, poses a "clear and
>present danger" and called on the U.S. Justice Department to create a joint federal-state task force on domestic terrorism.

> "People like the Oklahoma City bombers are not alone. They will fail to achieve their goal of overthrowing the
>federal government but in the process they will do much harm," said the center, a non-profit organization that
>monitors hate groups, promotes tolerance and defends civil rights in courts.

Let's see - if they are a non-profit group, that means they are funded by DONATIONS. If they are funded by donations, that means that it is in their financial interest to issue phony SCARE HEADLINES to drum up money from the gullible, yes?

Also, if memory serves, hasn't it been many years since Dees did anything in court? Wasn't his one claim to fame an archaic court case where he sued a local KKK group and managed to seize their garage (all they owned under the KKK name) as settlement of the suit?

> The report, "False Patriots: The Threat of Antigovernment Extremists," resulted from two years of
>investigation and intelligence gathering, task force director Joe Roy said.

Let's see - I would translate that to mean that they scanned newspaper clippings over the past two years before writing the "report."

> The center said Patriot groups are well-financed, have access to explosives, biochemical agents and
>military-style assault rifles and follow a strategy of leaderless resistance by forming secret cells and training
>for terrorism.

Wow, they sound like they're describing the feds!

> No one knows how big the movement is but its members likely number in the millions, Roy said. The Militia
>Task Force identified armed militias in all 50 states.

Another contradictory "Deesism." Once again they are shrilling about these "lunatic fringe, right-wing wackos" and in the next breath they claim that they number in the MILLIONS. Sounds like the SPLC spin doctors are trying to demonize everyone in America except themselves.

> "The vast majority of that movement is not that much of a threat. It's the 10 percent underbelly that poses the
>threat," Roy said. "People who will go out and do things like derail trains, blow up buildings."

Gotta keep an eye on those "underbellies."

> Many involved in the Patriot movement believe Americans are being systematically oppressed by an "illegal,
>totalitarian government intent on disarming its citizens and creating a 'One World' government," the center

Gee, you mean they didn't learn it by reading the publicly available UN documents?

> The report said many adherents -- like the Montana Freemen currently involved in a lengthy standoff with
>federal authorities -- subscribe to "bizarre Christian Identity beliefs" in which whites are "true Israelites,"
>blacks are "subhuman" and Jews are "children of Satan."

Could this be propaganda invented by the SPLC to boost donations from those groups? Would they do that, just to gain a measly 100 million dollars or so? Check for yourself.

If they are non-profit they must disclose their assets. Write to them and get their financial disclosure documents. By law they must make them available, or lose their tax-exempt status.

> The report profiled more than 100 prominent members of the Patriot movement including William Pierce, head
>of the National Alliance, said to be the fastest growing neo-Nazi organisation in the country.

Translation: that group added a new member, doubling their size. SEND IN THOSE DONATIONS SO WE CAN FIGHT THIS GROWING NAZI MENACE.

> The Patriot press is filled with "wild tales of government conspiracies" such as " ... the government is using
>black helicopters to spy on its citizens ... and implanting electronic monitoring devices in newborn babies," it

How many of those "wild tales" are bullshit and disinformation sowed by the likes of the SPLC and their ilk, as a means of erecting a "straw man" which they can then "struggle against" in their fund-raising campaigns?

> Patriot groups have no unified leadership but are linked "like no rebel force has ever been" by the Internet
>and by fax, sharing tips on avoiding tax laws and fighting government regulations. They arm themselves at
>gun shows and learn how to build bombs through mail-order manuals, the report said.

Translation: They talk to one another in person and via electronic means, they freely associate with whomever hey choose, they lawfully purchase firearms of their own choosing, and worst of all (gasp!) THEY READ BOOKS. Can't have them sheep doin' THAT!

> It noted that seven months after the Oklahoma City federal building bombing, which killed 168 people,
>anti-government extremists were caught making a bomb intended to blow up the Montgomery,
>Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, headquarters of the Militia Task Force.

Translation: Undocumented. Who would benefit the most, financially, from such a "foiled attempt?" How much would news of such an attempt increase donations to the SPLC? Would they have a financial incentive to falsify such reports, or stage the attempt themselves as a "made for TV" event? Would they do that? For a measly 100 million dollars or so?

W. K. Gorman Copyright (C) 1996 by W. K. Gorman. All Rights Reserved.

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