The Jewish Agency Murders Jewish Refugees

If there is any doubt that Zionists were prepared to collaborate with Nazism, and that they always put their aim for a Jewish state before the survival of the Jews, let us remember that it is on the public record that the Zionist 'Haganah', the Jewish defence force in Palestine, not only joined the Gestapo in organising forced emigration of Jews from Germany to Palestine, but also did its share of directly murdering Jews, when this proved unsuccessful.

Let us examine the case of the S.S. Patria, full of Jewish refugees from Hitler, which was blown up on November 25, 1940 [off the coast of Palestine] supposedly in a mass suicide protest against the British decision to transfer them to Mauritius instead of admitting them to Palestine.

On the 18th anniversary of their deaths, the Zionist leader Sharett together with Ben Gurion declared that they were martyrs to the cause and admitted complicity saying 'It is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a few in order to save the many' (Shonfeld, Holocaust Victims Accuse, p.62)

Later the memoirs of Herzl Rosenblum, a member of the Central Zionist leadership, the so-called 'Small Action Committee', were published:

A session of the Small Actions Committee, of which I was a member, met in Jerusalem. At the table opposite me sat the commander of the Patria project, A. Golamb, Haganah spokesman in the Zionist shadow cabinet. When my turn came to speak, I rose and told the meeting openly everything I thought about this act; namely, that this was not a blow against England, but an irresponsible, aimless mass-murder of Jews who had been saved from the European catastrophe. I added that if any of us believed that we had to fight the British by committing hara-kiri, let him commit hara-kiri, for hara-kiri is suicide and not an act of murder. I stated plainly that this road was open to Mr. Golamb, but that he could not sacrifice other Jews for his policy without first asking them, and particularly the children among them - a crime which I openly protested. At this point Mr. Golamb jumped up and attacked me with his fists. But the people next to him at the table held him back. I must add that Mr. Golamb's fists, which I will never forget, did not annoy me as much as the servility of all the committee members, none of whom supported. me." (ibid., p.62)

As Rabbi Shonfeld comments, this incident:

Served on a small scale as a tragic symbol of what the Zionists did to tens of thousands, in accordance with their rule that says: the merit to be saved belongs to a Jew only when in Eretz Yisroel, and if that is impossible, it is better that his death and great suffering be joined to the building of the future state." (ibid., p. 63)

(excerpted from Nazi-Zionist Collaboration, pamphlet issued by BAZO-PS - British Anti-Zionist Organisation/Palestine Solidarity, London, 1981)