from this world...we must all...WALK TALL
part 2
the cure

to my youthful brothers and sisters

HO! my brother, the already know the truths...and it has looked pretty bad for the side of truth...this is the world you have inherited...bummer dudes!...i have notice that some of you are angry at your older feel we did not do enough to stop the greedy from damaging our MOTHER so badly...that we allowed predigest to exist...well not judge those who were not awakened to what you have seen...and do not judge the forrunners who came to help awaken the people...they sometimes fell weary talking to what seem to be deaf ears...
but those times have is time for the awakening are the new forrunners...and the old forerunners could use some back is time for you to speak up in is time for you to take some responsibility for your say we want a better way...focus all your attention on a world that is kind to all the creations of the CREATOR... until this law is removed that calls a plant bad... our MOTHER cannot is that simple...when we return to the simple laws our FATHER gave us... we will see a better way... this only works if you have kind people in tune with their SPIRIT to oversee that everyone is treated fairly... and equally...we will need kind healers...they will use the SPIRIT and the plants to heal and guide the people... just as our brother JESUS did... there is a better way...and all it takes is that you vision it... and then live it...

in raising my children i often found that our children were our best teachers...i love their honesty...and their ability to keep things in simple perspectives...and their boundless energy... and no...we never did figure out how to bottle that energy...that is why it is up to have the high energy needed to help this uniting must do all you can to bring all our brothers and sisters together on febuary 19, 1996...spread the word!!!!!!!

to all the are my greatest hope...HO!

listen and understand all people