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The fateful Russian election will be held on Sunday, with consequences that will affect us all.

The following item is taken from a lengthy article entitled...

in the May, 1996, issue of the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE



"...the Soviet Union is not "on the verge of collapse". Western defence, on the other hand, is."

Since British General Sir Walter Walker penned that warning, some four-and-a-half years ago, Olivia Ward, the TORONTO STAR's extremely able Moscow bureau chief revealed last year that an unnamed reformist member of the Russian government, worried about the future prospects for a free-market democracy in his country, had confided in her that his government was now spending
60 per cent of its GNP on Russia's military buildup!

General Walker also warned:

"The West is so ignorant of Gorbachev and the intentions of this evil man. The real story of the last ten years goes something like this: the rise of Gorbachev is the result of a KGB "coup" which took place in the early 1980's during the dotage of Leonid Brezhnev.

This coup was executed by Yuri Andropov - the chairman of the KGB. The helter-skelter of perestroika is an attempt by the clever men in the KGB to parlay the country's weakness into a winning position, vis-a-vis the West. With our attention focused on the Soviet Union's current weaknesses and Third World economic status, we will lower our guard and let the Russian wolf into the European home."

Have the Western democracies been listening? Suicidally, the British have chopped troop strengths and merged or laid up the colours of old and experienced line Regiments; beset by the financial strains of merging East and West Germany, the German government has cut back its Army size and expenditures, also; the Canadian Armed Forces are slated to total a paltry 60,000, after all current
and projected cuts take effect - few of whom will actually be at the "sharp end", as combat personnel; the Pentagon recently announced a massive cut in the number of U.S. military reservists - and this on top of the previous sweeping cuts and base closings mandated by President Bush.

Throughout NATO, politicians have fallen for the Russian ruse and pressed on with disarmament, urged on by a public hungry to share the benefits of the non- materializing promised "peace dividend."

The Russians, on the other hand, have been wiser than to listen to their own propaganda. Prior to the signing of the 1990 Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe, the Soviets moved some 20,000 of their most modern main battle tanks east of the Ural Mountains, out of Europe, and thus beyond the slashing effects of the Treaty.
Railway rolling stock throughout Eastern Europe was commandeered for the move, which took approximately two weeks - all it will take to bring them back into Europe again, if necessary!

Meanwhile, the Western Alliance was converting its tanks wholesale for "peaceful uses", selling them to Third World nations, or scrapping huge numbers, leaving a vastly shrunken armoured component to NATO. It takes months to build a modern battle tank - it would be impossible to rapidly replace the numbers thus scrapped under the Treaty were circumstances to rapidly change.

Even worse, and equally little- known, is the fact that the Soviets kept their most advanced armoured fighting vehicles in huge reserve depots in the U.S.S.R. itself - the most modern ones in Eastern Europe, subsequently withdrawn as described above, were actually *second-level*
equipment. So, since the Russians never threw military equipment away, but always passed it down, the tanks that *they* ended up scrapping in Europe were actually largely *third level*, obsolete armoured vehicles!

NATO, of course, cut deeply into its most current, modern armour to meet the terms of the Treaty.

The best advice, long ignored, comes to us from an unlikely source:

"There is only one way to deal with a power like Russia, and that is the fearless way." - Karl Marx [1853]

The coup and counter-coup, which took place a few years ago involving Rutskoi, the Parliament, Yeltsin and a Gorbachev "held hostage" at his Black Sea villa were all superb political "theatre" designed to alarm the Western masses, persuade them that "democracy" was in danger in Russia, and to permit Western politicians a free hand in loaning or giving billions more in credits and food to prop up Yeltsin, the "reformer".

>From the Russian perspective, that freed up more of their domestic capital and resources for their massive arms build-up - one which you, as a Western taxpayer, have thus been helping to finance!

Refresh your memory for a moment. You'll recollect the vivid 24-hour TV coverage from Moscow - the defiant Parliament, the columns of rumbling tanks, the sound of gunfire all over the city. And you'll remember the thrill of excitement and hope when nine or so "democratic" tanks broke away from their column to present themselves at the Parliament Building, which their crews swore - on worldwide TV - to defend "with their lives."

Just think about that. Those tanks came from an elite division of heavily indoctrinated troops whose
permanent mission it is to guard the Kremlin. The chances of nine such tank crews conspiring with their officer in the privacy of their tank to disobey military orders and make a mad dash for the Parliament building to "defend democracy", and of those tanks just happening to be the last nine in that rumbling column are astronomical!

Just in case you doubt that, recollect the way they were positioned once they arrived at the Parliament. CNN kept a camera trained over two of them, as it peered across a long, broad empty bridge, looking for the "assault column" that never came. You'll remember those two tanks.
They were parked facing each other at the end of the bridge. Parked right alongside and in front of each of them, between them and the bridge, was a bus - parked so close that it would have been impossible for either tank crew to traverse their gun turret and engage any armoured vehicle coming across the bridge!

No chances were being taken with the script - its authors didn't want a real shooting war to break out inadvertently and accidentally! But it looked realistic to Western TV observers, most of who - lacking any kind of military experience - would never have noticed such a small but crucial and telling point.

Those gunshots in the city, by the way, were later reported by Moscow residents to have been fired by uniformed KGB officers, emptying their magazines into the air out of sight of Western TV cameras.

But it worked - we panicked, and our politicians sent them our money and food.

Those who have read Professor Carroll Quigley's and Professor Anthony Sutton's books on the topic, outstanding examples of a myriad of similar but not widely-known works, already know of the strange connections between London, Geneva and Wall Street [the international banking centres] and their financing of the Bolshevik Revolution, and subsequent extension of vast amounts of credit to the Communist regime for over 70 years.

Less well known is the concealed but steady transfer of military and other technology and information via the highest levels of the U.S. and other governments, as well as of food and equipment, in order to enable the huge and inefficient U.S.S.R. to continue to present the Cold War threat which - under the ominous and ever-present shadow of nuclear war - would finally make some form of World Government "necessary".

Gorbachev, in his constant references to the building of "a common European home" - which, of course, will include Russia - may have given the game away. A "democratized" collection of "ex-Soviet" and "independent" states, each complete with its own "political parties" and "Parliament", would be far less threatening to a Europe whose vigilance had relaxed than the hulking menace projected by the monolithic Soviet Union. If such an illusion could be temporarily created, therefore, the disarmament of Western Europe, its military uncoupling from North America, its absorbtion - neutralized - into "a common European home" dominated by Russia, could then be realized all the more readily.

And the final merger of such a federated union into the ultimate collectivist World State would thereafter require only one further short step.

It is to this socialist Global Neighbourhood, New World Order, World Federation, or whatever descriptive tag is the current fashion, that Western politicians and those who finance them are - by their own admission - eagerly shepherding us also.

The following amazing revelations are abstracted from William T. Still's remarkable and detailed book, NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ANCIENT PLAN OF SECRET SOCIETIES [ordering
information is given at the end of this extracted item].
It's well worth buying and reading! Still was a sceptical former newspaper editor and publisher when he first began, because of an interest sparked by some incredible confidences shared with him by his father [a senior U.S. Air Force officer], to seriously research this book. For those who are unaware of the importance of the two men introduced below, Mazzini and Pike were, respectively, the most influential men of their time in European and world Masonry:

Although they had finally united Italy, Mazzini and Pike realized that the unification of all Europe under the banner of Illuminism would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Nationalism runs strongly in the human spirit and is very difficult to erase, especially on a continent divided by warfare for many centuries. Therefore, they set to work on their greatest plan, a plan so vast in scope that only a reader familiar with the great power wielded by the secret societies could begin to believe it.
In 1871, Mazzini issued a letter in which he outlined the final three-part plan of the Illuminati: their grand design for ridding not just Europe, but the entire world of Christianity, and bringing it under the "Illuminated" dictatorship of Luciferianism. This remarkable letter was for many years on display in the British Museum Library in London.
Mazzini proposed a series of world wars. These wars were to embroil every nation in a conflict so bloody and chaotic that eventually every nation would surrender its national sovereignty to an international government, like the League of Nations, or the second attempt - current United Nations - in order to prevent subsequent global bloodletting. One Masonic scholar wrote in 1987:

"The true birth of World Democracy from its prenatal national confinement is even now in progress. A war-torn, bleeding World is in the midst of labour-pains, preceding the ordeal of birth. Labor-pains in the birth of a New Age!"

However, knowing that national sovereignty would certainly die hard, three of these world wars were proposed by Mazzini and Pike in their original plan. The first of these world wars, they hoped, would topple the Czarist government of Russia and establish an Illuminized dictatorship - a new level in the game of control of populations. This would give the Illuminists a secure base from which to operate, with a large population and vast natural resources to fuel the new engine of Illuminism.
The second World War would allow the new Soviet Russia to capture Europe - or as it turned out, half of it. The third World War would be in the Middle East between the Moslems and the Jews, and would bring about the Biblical Armageddon.
Certainly by the end of the Third World War, the battle-wearied nations would be ready to accept any proposal as long as it promised peace, uniting the entire world under the fatal banner of the Luciferian New World Order. Pike wrote to Mazzini about the consequences of the Third World
War in 1871:

Mazzini and Pike may have planned three World Wars in 1871, but the two authors of the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels, both spoke of the First World War twenty-three years before that. Karl Marx wrote in 1848 that the "Slavic riffraff," referring to the Russian people, as well as the Czechs, and Croats, were "retrograde" races whose only function in the world history of the future was to be cannon fodder. Marx said, "The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress."
As though merely repeating Marx's lead, co-author Friedrich Engels wrote in the same year:

How can this be misconstrued? What "next world war" ? At this point in history, there had never been a "world war."

In his riveting 1994 book PLANET EARTH - 2000 A.D. [see below for ordering information], best-selling author Hal Lindsay quotes an then-recent edition of the respected INTELLIGENCE DIGEST as revealing evidence of a startling secret 1993 agreement between Russia and German. As the U.S. disengages militarily from that continent, the Russians are already secretly being given a free hand by the Germans, the dominant European power, in exchange for a share of the spoils. Lindsey cites this agreement's provisions:

This is not a prescription for peace. It's a cold-blooded, calculatingly real-politik preparation for future dismemberment, bloodshed and strife."

And for those who find it unbelievable that senior US officials could sell or give US military information [including nuclear secrets and drawings, materials, supplies and parts secretly to another, "hostile", country, we recommend that you read William Still's NEW WORLD ORDER in full. He devotes a chapter in that book to THE DIARIES OF MAJOR JORDAN, wherein Jordan, the US officer responsible for lend-lease air shipments to Russia, documented the constant flow of nuclear bomb plans, parts and fissionable material, together with maps marking key US military and industrial locations, to Russia via his opposite number, Russian Colonel Kotikov [whenever Kotikov wanted something or was displeased, he called someone in Washington, and an hour later he had it or it was on its way. Jordan identifies that "someone" as Harry Hopkins]. General Groves, the security head for the US A-bomb project managed to stem the flow of vital thorium shipments to Russia when he discovered them, but that was all he was able to stop!

If any reader still doubts Major Jordan, we suggest that you consult the chapter entitled "Super Lend-Lease" in BLACK SUN: THE MAKING OF THE HYDROGEN BOMB, by Richard Rhodes [1995, Simon and Shuster].
Rhodes confirms Jordan in every detail.

We cannot plead ignorance as an excuse. Urgent warnings were voiced as far back as 1981 that the Russians were planning their current glasnost/perestroika strategy and that it would either lead to a desperate war in which the West would be out-gunned, out-manoeuvred, and rapidly defeated or that it would lead to our humiliating capitulation without a fight.

In that year, Anatoly Golitsyn, a Soviet KGB major, defected to the United States. In 1984 he published a book, NEW LIES FOR OLD, which sought to warn the U.S. public of that which he had already shared with his sceptical U.S. intelligence debriefers - that the Soviets were about to embark on the greatest planned deception ever, aimed at finally bringing the Western capitalist nations to their knees by the end of this century without a shot having been fired. Golitsyn wrote:

"Political 'liberalization' and 'democratization' would follow the general lines of the Czechoslovakian rehearsal in 1968. 'The 'liberalization' would be spectacular and impressive. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party's role; its monopoly would be apparently curtailed. An ostensible separation of powers between the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary might be introduced. The Supreme Soviet would be given greater apparent power and the President and Deputies greater apparent independence...The KGB would be 'reformed'.
Dissidents at home would be amnestied; those in exile abroad would be allowed to return, and some would take up positions of leadership in government ...A Soviet-socialist European coalition, acting in concert with the non-aligned movement in the United Nations, would create favourable conditions for communist strategy on disarmament. The American military-industrial complex would come under heavy fire. 'Liberalization' in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe would provide additional stimulus to disarmament. A massive U.S. defence budget might be found no longer justified.."

"It is more likely that these cosmetic steps will be taken as genuine by the West and trigger a reunification and neutralization of West Germany and further the collapse of NATO. The pressure on the United States for concessions on disarmament and accommodation with the Soviets will increase.
During this period there might be an extensive display of the fictitious struggle for power in the Soviet Union."

Those words - prophetic in their nature - were given scant credence in 1984. Today, looking back retrospectively, they've become recorded history!

Still, however, Western analysts and leaders persist in accepting what, in our opinion, is the current illusion as though it were reality. For example, the Russian military sent a Brigade of newly-recruited, poorly-trained troops, into action in the assault on Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya. The Chechnyans killed virtually all of them, and wiped out the Brigade in fierce street fighting. Western analysts then concluded, based on this poor performance, that this Brigade was typical of the current training, skills and performance level of the Russian Army as a whole.

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