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Greetings! We recieved this request to post and gather Information on Disgruntled Postal Workers...
You may remember a couple of the stories.. Postal worker goes Bezerk brings gun to work... opens fire on fellow workers... shoots self. And the report usually states that these were disgruntled (de-duh)...
Well we have an expostal worker who is Disgruntled.. but non violent!! Whose wife is trying to get court action... It has been frustrating for her...

I will put together a more detailed page regarding this but..I am so busy at this point... I need to ask for your Help on this one!..

If you have any Information or would like to help research... Please contact me.

May 4, 1996            18 Year Postal Employee fights for his rights

Ten years ago, in 1986, my husband was falsely accused of a theft while working for the Postal Service, in a small office, outside of Philadelphia, PA. As a clerk, one of his job duties, was to
verify the day's reciepts, and then sign that all the contents were in the bag en route to the section center.

On March 17, 1986, that bag never reached the sectional center. On the 18th, two Postal Inspectors walked into this Post Office, and escorted him out, taking him to a local police station. He voluntarily agreed to take a Polygraph test, because he knew he had nothing to do with this issue.
When he came home early that day, I knew that this was serious enough to hire an attorney. Even with this attorneys help, and the fact they did find the bag, the following day, they spitefully kept him under surveillance. They even discovered it was not his fingerprints on the bag recovered, but refused to clear his name. He had just started to work in this particular office 18 days prior. He had been in an office in Florida, for 15 years, but because my mother was ill, we had to relocate to PA. They informed the attorney, that one way or another they would get him.
They even went and defamed his name in Florida, to the last office he worked in, by telling them what he had been accused of. stealing the contents of the bag.

When he was hired into this office, he was told that he was not on probation. They had kept him
at the same level and step that he had been when he left Florida. He was originally supposed to return to Florida, and assume a Supervisors position there. I know they were disturbed to hear, he wasn't coming back, because after my mother started to get better, he went back down there to
get his position back. They threatened to either fire him, or told him to resign. I told him to resign, and we would try to get him a job up north.
That is when he got hired in PA. I always believed that office had something to do with this accusation, but could never prove it.

Being, that he was still the primary suspect, it was hard for him to do his job, on a daily basis, at this office. Everyone knew what had happened, and I guess they believed he had something to do with it.
Even, as today, in my possession, I have records from the Postal Inspection Service.
that specificeally say the Polygraphs' were inconclusive, as well, as a paper stating that it was not his fingerprints found on the bag, the USPS, fired him 5/22/86. The Union refused to help him, and the Postal Service attempted to claim he was a " probationary employee". He never received the required forms to back this "Probation" thing up, though, as required in the (Employee Labor Manual). He never received an "Initial Form 50", nor did he ever get a 30, 60, or 80 day evaluation!

At that time, we were residing at my mothers' house. The Postal Inspection Service had taken his (Official Personnel Folder), home with them, at the time of the investigation, (illegally of course), and removed his DD214 (Veterans papers). So, when they fired him, they never sent him appeal rights for the MSPB (Merit System Protection Board). By the time, we figured out, that that organization existed, and we attempted to submit the case, the board claimed it was "untimely", and for a "lack of jurisdiction". I was so new at his then, I was unable to proceed to higher courts. He remained out of work for 1 years. He was also being blackballed from getting other positions.

We believed that after this accusation that my mothers phone was tapped, and we were constantly
under surveillance. One time we came home, and found our answering machine on the floor of
the kitchen, and a glass jar had broken. No forced entry, nothing missing. We never had any
pets, so that idea is out. Made a police report, and told them we suspected that it had been
one of the Postal Inspectors.

Finally, after congressman, senator, and anyone else I could get a hold of, I was able to connect with someone on the "hill". After 6 months of dealing with this person, she finally realized that what we were telling her, was the truth. We discovered that the Postal Service had in their possession, a "black"file on him! (which I also have a copy of). She managed to get him his job back, and even kept his at the level he had left at. (Level 5, Step 12). But, would only return him back to the office where the problem had occurred. Even, after numerous transfer requests, they would never let him leave. He was an "excellent" employee. Tons of letters of accomodation in his Official Personnel Folder (have them) In this office, about 6 months into his employment, he was up for a Supervisor's position. They had to do a security clearance with the Postal Inspection Service (2 years after this incident occurred). The Postal Inspection Service informed him that he was still under investigation for the theft, and refused to give him clearance to get this position.

The question, I am sure you are asking yourself, is why didn't we hire an attorney to sue the Post Office. We did. We had an attorney, (not a very good one). Every time I would obtain information, or a black file, I would send it to him. He was taking the United States Postal Service to court for Federal Tort Claims. When it finally went to court, about 5 years after the incident, in 1991, the Judge stated that the attorney neglected to file an initial form #95, to the United States Postal Service allowing him to sue them. What fun! This District Court then stated it was not their jurisdiction, but the jurisdiction of the Merit System Protection Board! (Here we go round the mulberry tree). I had even hired an attorney, in an attempt to sue him for "Malpractice". I watched the first attorney buy off the second attorney.

At the time, that this occurred, he had been back in the Post Office. for 3 years, but had transferred out of this office to go just 2 miles away to another office. He changed job positions from a "Clerk" to a "Carrier", a position that he never held before. He had hoped that by switching to this position, and not having to deal with money, that it would be a "safe" position to have. He was wrong! After he started to carry his mail, he realized that he was delivering parcels, with contents of "gold" and
other valuable items. He would then overly protect his "jeep" while en route to make sure that the Postal Inspectors could not accuse him again, for anything. He would constantly keep his jeep in his sight at all times, even when he went into apartment bldgs. He would gehryrig the vehicle, to make sure, that if anyone did get into it, he would know about it.
Production was great for the Post Office, though. He would never take lunch breaks, nor would he take any other breaks, so he was always the first one back, and off the street. I guess they thought he was a "wonderful" employee, never realizing the problems, that existed within.

When the attorney disabled the possibility of ever having his name "cleared", and getting "restitiution" for the incident, everything started to crumble! He was experiencing physical symtoms, like breaking out into "sweats", while he was working. He would continue to watch to see if he was being followed. So, he went to the family physician, who then referred him to a Mental Health care doctor. In the 2 months he has been out sick, the supervisor at that office continued to call his physicians and threaten them, as well as advising them not to give him any more medical documentation. I know this, because I was at the primary physicians office when he
telephoned, and kept the nurse on for one half hour.

After being out from work, being paid annual and sick leave, for 2 months, I had gone into the Post Office to pick up his paycheck. I had a signed authorization allowing me to do so. The Postmaster there had only been there for a few months. She refused to give him advanced sick leave, because of the problem. She was a trip, though. She had a 10x10 office. When she first came there, instead of buying the employees a new refrigerator, which they desperately needed, she used her whole budget, on redecorating her office. Turquoise verticles, switchplate to match, new carpets! Anyway, I, like an idiot, sat down and tried to explain the problem he was having, to her. After listening to me for 15 minutes, she looked at me blankly and said, "I know what is good for him" "He should come back to work, he will feel a lot better"! I couldn't believe she said this.
Then, she refused to give me the paycheck. She stated she would only give it to him!
He was out in the car, waiting there with my 3 children. I was actually afraid to subject him into coming into that building, because of his condition. I had no choice, though. He came in, and I tried to stay there. Ranting and raving, she literally forced me out of the Post Office I went next to the Post Office, to a private residence, to call the police, in fear of what could happen. By the time I did this, he came out of the building. He told me the only way he could get his paycheck from her, was
to agree to return to work that Monday. (This occurred on a Friday afternoon, at 5:00pm).

The sectional center was unreachable. The Union was nowhere to be found. She did promise to keep him inside the building, and off the streets.

On Monday, he returned to work. After being inside for 3 hours, she turned around, and told him to go out and deliver Route 8. The next day, she did the same thing. He approached her, and reminded her of her promise.
She didn't care. She needed someone to deliver mail, and that was that. On Weds. she informed him, that he would return to "full duty" on Thursday. He couldn't handle that, and told his fellow workers, at the end of the workday on Weds. that the worker would never see him again. Tis was
the last day he worked for the Post Office. There are a few issues here. #1. He was taking a drug called "Klonopin" If you look this up in the PDR, or call a pharmacist, or even Roche laboratories, you will see under the description: WARNINGS: While administering this drug it is hazardous to drive a motor vehicle. So, when she allowed him back on this medication, and put him behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, she was putting the public in danger, as well as the employee! #2. In the Employee Labor Manual. it is a requirement that after 21 days of being out sick, it is mandatory to have the employee seen by a Post Office doctor, in allowing him back into the employing office, especially one that has a Psychiatric condition. This never occurred. Another thing that never occurred, is that neither one of the doctors that were treating him, ever said he was ready to
return. Instead, the family physician noted in his file, that the "check" had been allegedly impounded by the Post Office, and recommended further treatment. This occurred in Sept. 1991.

In Oct. 1991, he was offered a position in the Virgin Islands. He accepted this position verbally on the phone to the Postmaster there.
By the time, they called and asked for his Official Personnel Folder from this Post Office, he never heard from that Postmaster again! (have that letter)

Out of desperation, and a desire to feel safe from this situation, In January, 1992, our family left
the country to reside in Israel. Not knowing anyone there, or having any family, we just packed up everything and left. Four months later, after we left, a notice was sent to my mothers' house, informing him that he was fired. (March, 1992). Unfortunately, my mother packed this letter in
a package, and sent it by boat, so when we received it 2 months later, the time limit for appealing was over.

Before we left, he had started a disability claim for Civil Service Retirement under Disability medical retirement. The first turndown letter came in October, 1992. After writing a booklet, titled: "Forced
Into Exile", and sending it out to the states to quite a few senators, as well as to Janet Reno's office, a final turndown from Office of Personnel Mgt. came in August, 1994. This allowed us to put it back into the system, when we were able to obtain an Merit System Protection Board hearing. I was the designated Appellants representative, and the hearing, (believe it or not) took place on two pay telephones in a mall in Israel., the Judge in Va. and Office of Personnel Mgt. in Wash., the witnesses were called in PA.

The phone lines were atrocious! We could barely hear the witnesses answers. Being that they were my witnesses, even though, hostile, Office of Personnel Mgt. was able to contact them first, and only, and question them.
The stupid Judge also allowed the Office of Personnel Mgt.to call and schedule these witnesses for the hearing, instead of assuming responsibity from his own office. Being that we owned no telephone while living in Israel, it was difficult to question any of these people, prior to the hearing. The Judge, so kindly offered to have us call the embassy in Israel, and gave us the name of the person he was in contact with, to see if we could use the teleconference room, there. I did not want to do this, because it was two hours away from our home, and I did not want to leave our children for such a great deal of time, by themselves. He insisted I call him.
I found out after that telephone call, tha t this person was actually part of the management connected with the Office of Personnel Management back in the U.S., and this person informed me that there was a case going on with that Judge, in reference to an employee being fired from the embassy. I would assume this falls under "Ex-parte" communicaitions, because I had talked with this gentleman from the embassy for quite a while, and then learned, he would be speaking to the Judge that afernoon. He also said we would not be able to authorize the usage of that room, or that it would be difficult to to do so.

In the interim, I was able to write to the Psychiatrist who treated him in 1991, and asked if she would send all the records to the Judge, Office of Personnel Mgt. and to us. I wrote to the doctor, as well.
What happened was that she did send all the records. But, she sent them to the Judge, Office of Personnel Mgt, and only sent the appellant/appellants' representative(which was us) a 2 page evaluation, with a cover letter, stating if we had an attorney in the states, she could forward the rest to that person, also informing us that she had sent the rest to Office of Personnel Mgt. and the Judge. She wrote this letter on Jan. 25, 1995.
The hearing took place of Feb.6, 1995.

As we were waitning for this call on Feb.6, at the pay telephones, 4:00pm, our time, the call was finally put through at 4:20pm. We tried to inform the Judge, with Office of Personnel Mgt.on the line, that we had not received all of the med. documentation from the Psychiatrist. He kept trying to change the subject. I wanted him to tell me what he received, in order to establish that we had the same documents. The 2 page Evaluation was Phenomenal. It covered everything. That this illness started in 1986, after the accusation of theft. That the 3 page evaluation done by the Psychologist in 1986 was direct and applicable, and that the he still carried symptoms of this illness, in 1991, which disabled him from performing "useful and efficient" service for the USPS. Still and all, the Judge
continued to state that the only other information that he received from the Psychiatrist, was only "scribbled" notes, he was unable to read.
Convienently, after receiving the "tapes" of the hearing, he made sure that this particular conversation, was not recorded! He then, used this documentation that we had never received, to make up his 9 page "turndown" decision.
When he stated in this decision, that he went to this psychiatrist for "med. checks only, and his symptoms diminished", we had no idea what he was talking about! Taken out of context, is mild, if you saw the 61 pages of medical documentation that we have in our possession from 2 Psychologists, 2 Psychiatrists, and one regular physician. We learned of the "symptoms diminished" part, when the doc. finally showed up in the brief of the Dept. of Justice, when we appealed the case to the United States District Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The "symptoms
diminished" was written 8 months after he stopped treating, in a "Termination summary", to
close the case. The psychiatrist has recently written an explanation of this terminology, in a letter dated Dec.14, 1995, when she states that because he was out of work, his symptoms were slightly decreased because he was not working. The U.S.District Court has turned us down twice on Rule
#36, and we are in the process of going to the Supreme Court, Pro Se.
It is very difficult, because they are looking for CASE LAW, and I am lacking in this area of investigation. They have just given him a 30 day extention to submit this case, and it has caused a great deal of stress. I am deperate for help, with this issue. I bought this computer, solely for the
reason of going on line, and telling this story to the world. Of course, I can't even figure out how to send E-mail, so I don't know if I will accomplish this.

We lived in Israel for 3 years, and have come back to fight this case, just 8 months ago. He has put in 55 resumes, and still can't get a job. By God's grace, we, along with our children, are surviving. Unfortunately, we have been forced to collect welfare, a lifestyle I would like to change.

I need laws to support the following:

1. The law for Ex-parte communication where an Administrative Judge is concerned, from
the Merit System protection Board.
2. The Judge intentionally withholding medical documentation from the Appellant/Appellants
3. I need a law to back up the Postmaster blackmailing him with his paycheck to return to work, 4. Disallowing him to continue with his medical treatment.
5 Allowing him to come back to work, without medical proper medical documentation. .
6. Putting him back on the steet while under a medication that prohibits driving a motor vehicle.
7. Having no Independent Medical Examination which says he was able to perform "useful and
efficient" service for the United States Postal Service. in 1991, which would then put the
primae facie back to the Post Office for not accomodating him.

I have a list of 15 people who have committed crimes in the Postal Service, where innocent
lives were lost. These names were obtained by articles in the newspapers, over the years.
If you would like to investigate these to see if any of these people ever applied for disability,
I will be happy to supply them to you. These people were also "disgruntled" employees.

We, have chosen not to resort in violence, but instead try to have our justice served through
our court system. I know the problems within the USPS, and know how things can change. Can't do it alone, though. Postal Workers strongly need a "support group", and so do their spouses!
Help me set up this support group, for the purpose of making this a better place to live in.

If I can show the Supreme Court that these incidents occurred as a result of some of these employees applying for disability, and being denied, time and time again, for no reason, I can set a case precident, so that #1. The Supreme Court will "hear" our case, and #2. For the next person to
use our case, to bring theirs in, in a lot easier route than I have had to go.

I also have prepared questions for the brief to go to the Supreme Court. I would really love it, if someone could review them, and help me shorten them, or put them in the proper grammatical terms.

One of the things that was said to him, while working in the last office was: "If your wife would keep her mouth shut, in Washington, and stop trying to cause trouble, we would promote you, and then you would be able to obtain the money that is owed to you from the year and a half that way." We're not the type of people who can be bought off! What is right, is right!

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