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The historic premise of the banking system did not take off until after
the death of the prophets Moses & Solomon, thousands of years ago.
That was in the form of the "Money Exchangers". These were your
basic bankers, all of whom were  the elite of the Jews, the Wise Men.
Nevertheless, they were not the Fed Reserve of yesteryear. The
governing body of the "money exchanging" was a secret society known as
the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar members were less that 15, they were the 'elite of
the elite'. Their knowledge of secret arts, enlightenment of the inner
religious mysteries, granted them power over Jews & Arabs. On top of
all that, they were the richest people on earth, their wealth made them
a power to be reckoned with, even to the Pharaoh.

Moses, on the other hand, persuaded the people to destroy them. Those
are the same group referred to in the Muslim's Quran as the Shameri or
Samiri, and in the Bible, he's the Shomer. They're also the ones who
built the Calf when Moses went to the Mount to receive God's Book -
the Ten Commandments. They're the ones who corrupted the half-
faithed Jews and turned them against Moses. And, they're the ones who,
until this day, want to acquire Moses' Arch, for it has Power.

When Jesus was born, his mother Mary motioned to him when people
asked how she'd had him without being married, the Knights Templar
were scared. They planned to steal him, kill him, get rid of him,
anything. But he grew up and gathered more support than Moses did,
basically through his God-given miracles. Finally, they gave up on
taming him after numerous visits to him as the Wise Men and Men in
Black Robes, and persuaded the King to crucify him.

Immediately after Jesus left the scene, they confiscated all books,
scriptures and documents of what was to be the 'True' Bible. The little
that was left in circulation was either hidden with Monks or was in the
minds of the people Jesus taught. Knights Templar did not want to risk
an atom worth of faith of people in a Godly figure, and since the Ten
Commandments never showed up, they were able hundreds of years later
to cover their tracks. You see, these are men who are very, very
cautious. Through spying, power, influence and arcane occult knowledge,
they knew all. They rarely made a mistake or had attention brought to
                        *   *  *  *  *

Almost all of God's prophets, apostles and messengers warned the
people about a "deceiver or Dajjal", down to the last of the apostles
Mohammad- who told the world that the "deceiver" would come out after
his death.

Between Moses and Jesus, Knight Templars' power accumulated, but still
no more than about 15 members, in all. Their money was growing at
astronomical rates, having acquired mounds of gold, silver, precious
metals, and of course, through the economic breakthrough of "Usury".
Because of the enormous knowledge that only they knew (basically
databases of knowledge in toady's terms), they could influence people
(or corrupt them if necessary) and acquire their resources. They also
were the ones who financed Christopher Columbus in 1492, who was looking
for new resources (gold, etc..) and found it in America later on.

Throughout their existence, no one knew any of their names, and other
than descriptions about their work, methods of evil planning, the Bible
as well as the Quran never mentioned more. Meantime, people knew that
every once in a while, a secret society would pop up from nowhere, the
king, leader or Caliph would suppress them, then either the king would
die or another society would pop up under a different name. Commonalty-
same banking procedures, debt of people, disappearance of gold and other
resources, and loss of control to something as slick an unseen as a Iblis

Hundreds of years after Jesus and after Mohammad's deaths, Knights Templar
set up shop in Europe. But, for about 1,000 years after Mohammad's death,
there was relative peace in the world. The Templars were silent, same as
before- secretly  financing covert operations, killing off or buying off
leaders, springing up conflicts and financing terrorists.

They started with the Muslims- financed influential minority groups with
little or no Islam and lots of propaganda against honest Caliph's and
Muslims at large. They financed the Assassins (Hashasheen) to cover their
tracks, financed and started the Crusades (indirect reason was to look for
the Arch), and most importantly, kept establishing secret society after
another from Australia to China to the Middle East and of course,
Europe. No wars or large scale conflicts took place until mid 1600, when
the Civil War erupted in England (King vs. Mason Parliament). Mohammad died
around 632AD.

About 1,000 year of "relative" peace...

                        *   *  *  *  *

Hell broke loose thereafter. Wars, civil wars, coups, assassinations,
devil worship, takeover of countries, anti-everything movements, and what
have you (look up a history book).

To make the long story short, starting in early 1700, they started wide
scale marketing of Illuminism or the Enlightenment. Through art, history,
music, religion, clubs and of course the Pope & various corrupt kings,
they started to leak little about their occult power and initiated the
building of circles upon circles of protective layers through establishing
hundreds of secret societies, mainly in Europe. You won't believe the
sheer numbers, societies like Cathari, Hospitallers, White Lotus,
Rosicrucian Order, Alambrados, Freemasons, Tammany, Knights of Malta,
Knights of Benficience, Order of the Brotherhood, Order of Odd Fellows,
Order of New Templars, Germanen Order, Swindenborg Order, Masonic Order,
and hundreds more.

The perpetuation of these movement picked up in the 18th century in
America. Americans in several states back then repudiated those
societies, and almost immediately those societies disappeared, only to
re-appear under different names, in different cities. Wisdom Lodge in
Virginia, was followed by the Swedenborgian Order (later Church),
followed by Lodge of Jupiter and National Freemasonry... all the way to
the League of Nations (the parent of the United Nations).

The Knights Templar and the whole banking business started with
goldsmiths issuing receipts for gold they received from people who were
penny pinchers. For long times, the goldsmiths remained honest, never
looting anyone's Gold, as money was never their real goal, rather a
means to obtain power, manipulate nations, control markets, sell
weapons & start wars, exercise monopoly and corrupt souls. By doing
so, they're able to obtain even more power, control, etc.. It's an
endless CIRCLE, you don't know where it starts or ends...

Still, their "secret of success", can be summed up as follows:

        - The few, the proud, the privileged- The Wealthiest
        - Never reveal Secrets
        - Knowledge of secret arts, mysteries and religions
        - Appearance of modesty, humanity, charity
        - Protective Circles within Circles

basic deceiving methods..

                        *   *  *  *  *

The Middle East is a place of peace. Strange as it sounds, one feels a
certain degree of spirituality when walking the markets and roaming the
streets- despite every thing you hear. But it is also a place of
struggle-  Good vs. Evil. Everyone knows how the "deceiver" i.e. Dajjal
(in Arabic) Anti-Christ (in English) fits into the scheme of things-
Money is his language. They know money+power is behind it, yet no one
can pinpoint a him (person, individual). They also resent intellectuals
in the West who still think it's all about Arab vs. Jews, peace vs. war,
economic prosperity against mass destruction. They've been deceived
more than any other nation/race by the conner, they're not fooled by him
any more. They know it's about submission (peace as we call it out here).

It is that submission to Son of Light they all refuse to accept. By the
start of this past century, the Circle owned (literally) more than half
of the world's resources. Their database of knowledge had gotten much

And through archeology trips, Crusades, invasions, wars and occupation,
they knew there was something out there. Once they found it (oil), they
convinced tribe leaders in the Middle East (wealthy Sheiks)- to explore,
dig, and extract oil on their behalf, gave them more money than they
knew what to do with and started setting up shop in Arabia. The desert
Arabs did not know a thing about the civilizations these people
descended from, let alone financial formulas and economic indicators.
So, the bankers took their money, deposited it in their banks
(Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Schroder, Lazard, etc..), basically
the 13 owners of today's Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Deutsche
Reichsbank and other central bank franchises around the globe. The
Arab money from that oil was more than the wealth of all these
individuals, combined. That's a threat they can't allow to exist.

Once Arab money went to their banks, they were in control to basically
declare oil countries corrupt. After all who's going to listen to Arabs
whose media images was already faked, portraying them as bad guys.
What do you think the Stock Market crash of 1988 was all about? Or
the S&L Bank scandals? A lot of people in this country lost all. But,
where did the money go? When someone looses, another always wins,

Major part of the money that was lost (mostly in the stock market crash)
was the Arabs'- Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller's Bank) was the Arabs'
investment banker. Chase did lose- Fed Reserve Won. But that was not
important. The important thing is a lot of the Arab's money was lost,
while bad fate was awaiting the other half...

Go back to basics- Bible, Quran and read how this Dajjal/Anti-Christ is
depicted- The deceiver, man with many clothes and faces, One Eyed
(One Order- One Currency- One Son of Light). That is it's MANIFESTO.

We get to the United States. This country as we all know, is the only
country on the face of earth where people still have few more freedoms,
privileges and some rights left. It is not in the Fed, Dajjal, Anti-
Christ interest that people UNITE. Division always works- It worked
between Arabs and Jews, didn't it? Anti-Christ is Anti-religion, for
in religion nations are empowered. Money is power also, therefore, it
must not stay in people's hands. Sane minds are dangerous, so corrupt
people with drugs. Propagandas about abortion, taxes, blacks, homeless,
violence, crimes, etc.. are thus necessary. But unlike other countries,
there's a wide open press here (I won't call it free), thus, events must
be timed very accurately and people orchestrated. That's where this Liar,
the Dajjal system comes in.

The U.S. inarguably is the leader of technology in the world today,
much like the Chinese, Pharaoh, Arabs and others were. But technology
without knowledge is like a pen without ink. And if you read between
the lines, you can extract some knowledge. You should always listen to
what the Feds/government/elite DOESN'T say.

We all know that the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA, Customs,
Secret Service watch dope coming in this country like hawks. Yet, they
tell us, it's only the tip of the iceberg. How come? All AWAKS planes
and sophisticated radars don't work against the 'Cartel', right?.
In a sense, they don't. Because the Cartel is the TOP of the ladder. One
phone call will tell all those agencies to "stay off", we're watching
this op.


You have to understand that dope trade today knocks many birds with one
        - Far better returns on investment than any other trade
          (stocks, bonds, even gold & diamond)
        - Corrupts society
        - On going problem that comes up in news when needed, and
        - Justification for new money

However, the real reason for currency change is not dope, tax cheaters
or counterfeiters. The sole purpose is world control. As you know, the
dollar is the only currency on this planet that all nations economies
and currencies are based on. If the dollar falls on the Japanese market,
it falls elsewhere. So far so good?

Now, when two versions of the dollar are introduced (downplayed as
they were at Greenspan's announcement), one for overseas the other for
U.S., the U.S. can still stay on top (for as long as necessary), when
the rest of the world collapses- that collapse, brothers & sisters, has
already started, beginning with the deflation of the Middle East economy.

When I say that the U.S. economy still stays on top, I'm not referring
to your personal economy or mine, rather the Fed's position, control and
power, which goes parallel with its Establishment. It was never meant
to regulate banking, but rather gather power by taking it (the gold) out
of our hands.

Now that all gold's gone, notes are left around. The devaluation of the
dollar is going to come this time around through an event (war, big
scandal, loan default..) on a major scale. However, it is going to be
much easier to accomplish this in the U.S. than anywhere else.


You see, the global banking system (incl. the U.S.) revolves around a
major issue: Borrowing, Lending, Loans, Usury (interest). I would not be
exaggerating if I said that 80% of the population in the U.S. have houses,
businesses, cars, schools, whole life on debt.

Now, let's jump to Fractional Reserve. Created by the goldsmiths
thousands of years ago, this economic formula states that, in essence,
if you deposit X amount into your account, the economy gets 20 times
that amount (X*20 ).

In other words, the bank only keeps 5% and loans 95% out. At any one
time, 95% is out hopping from bank to bank to Fed Reserve, and back.
So, if you deposit $2,000 in your account (checking, savings, CDs,
mutual funds, stock portfolio, whatever) the bank keeps 5% $(100) and
loans $1,900. The recipient of the loan deposits/spends $1,900, bank
keeps 5% ($95), loans $1,805, etc.. At the end of the day, the $2,000
has become $40,000 (excluding interest) all of the sudden-

That's Virtual Money..

To correct this inconsistency, the Feds creates the difference
(40,000-2,000) $38,000 from a note signed by Greenspan to keep from
inflation, deflation, deficit, etc.. But they don't really have to.
Because fractional reserve works in reverse too. It only takes 5% of the
loans to become bad (we're talking on international level-Fed, World
bank, IMF) for the entire system to collapse.

1995 and 1996 are preparations for this to happen. Look around, how many
people do you know who are broke or unemployed, how many are in debt,
afraid of loosing their home, car, or are barely surviving paycheck-to-
paycheck? You're talking almost 70% of the population of earth.

Like I said, banks don't keep money- they don't have to, they can always
print it, but why not loan what you have, say, to third world countries.
They did. Starting in 1970, World Bank, IMF, Morgan and other large
banks, loaned huge amounts to 3rd world countries whom they knew
can't pay back the loans- heck they can't even pay the interest. Now, no
one has announced it yet, but at last count, the banks need a couple of
more countries with huge debts (Russia, Iran, Philippines, Mexico) to
default on their loans to declare a major banking disaster (and you'll
know it when you hear it). That money was the other half of the Arab oil
money, not the Feds.

The banks have been buying each other out (since 1992) in massive
mergers & acquisitions. Thus, the collapse of any of these banks, spells
collapse of all.

What's the point?

The Fed Reserve is the orchestrator, right? He'll have to come up with a
plan to "Save the World" from imminent starvation and danger of fast
deflation after a crisis of that kind. So he buys all the banks along with
their debts (your house, wife's car, credit cards, etc..).

He (a Beast) now owns you!

Is it any wonder they came so hard on the Freemen (Montana), who were
trying to break out of their system? As long as you don't challenge the
Feds in any way, shape, or form, you can debate politics, call Clinton
names, talk about conspiracies, and the Fed won't care one way or the
other. But, the minute you challenge their 'very being', you're dead!

Simple Economics- because of all the debt Mr. Fed Reserve acquired,
he's going to have to liquidate and/or collect. Since most of the country
is in debt, he can't kick every one out on the street, so he'd settle for
second best.

Just as chief economists have come up with new "deceiving tactics" to
wash money, launder it (i.e. invest it), they've also devised methods to
devalue it. Remember what Einstein said, that everything is relative.

Well, this is no different. Devaluation is going to be relative to the
time and space we live in and the factors that control that time and
space. In 1930's there were physical money (gold), we came off of it, we
had physical depression. Today, there's virtual money, so there will be
virtual depression. There's virtual reality for you- Real yet not, the
U.S. is rich, yet almost broke.

They would really have no alternative but to devalue the dollar and
extend the loans to people and businesses. So now you owe $40,000
instead of the $2,000 you had on your Visa. And who're you going to
complain to? And, complain about what, it is happening, isn't it?
It happened overseas first, and you were warned.

And in order to put order back into the chaos, the Arabs, third world
countries, dope dealers, tax evaders and money counterfeiters have
caused, a new system will have to be implanted. Well, guess what, it's
already here. It's called e-Cash: Global 2000; Phoenix.

"If you agree, rather than risk new counterfeit operation or new dope
scams, we can institute an electronic cash system, thereby eliminating
ALL dope trafficking, counterfeiting and what not, and you will only
owe us $25,000, not $40,000". If that was the choice, and, really, you
had to chose, you would chose the lesser of two evils, right? In fact,
you' demand it, wouldn't you?

Brother & sisters, this is how it's going to happen, and it will happen.
Look around, isn't every thing almost in place for that? The new dollars
can, through satellites, IR and laser scanners be electronically detected,
why have it at all?

The One Eye in space is watching everybody, the One Eye on earth is
controlling everybody.

True Believers- Muslims and Christians around the world see this all too
clear. Those who worship their money (i.e. swagger about their $7,000
paycheck) can not.

The Bible and Quran say so: "They Are Blinded".

The One Eyed is the Dajjal, is the Anti-Christ, is the deceiver, the
Liar- The Fed Reserve, the guy who's going to leave people with no
clothes.. Simple economics and relative conjecture.

Don't say this hasn't or will never happen. Yes it will. Their goal to
bring it about MUST be achieved before 2000, for Lord Maitreya, the One
Son of Light (Lucifer) will descend (somehow), to officially claim
Godship (i.e. control of chaos) and also to inaugurate 13 Sons of Light
as the Inheritors of Earth, George Bush is one of them.

>From hundreds of books, speeches, dates, religion & history, evidence
indicate this is to happen before 1998 ends, for 1999 is the year hell
will break loose and the Temple Guardians will gather in Egypt to receive
"Final Illumination"- What do you think the pampering of Egypt is all

The Site..

It all started in the Middle East,

It all starts to end in the Middle East.

Remember, all is relative. You won't hear about someone calling himself
Lord, or claiming to be Allah, coming from the Kalium Galaxy. You won't
see a One Eyed Beast roaming around the Earth talking to humans either.

Rather something like: "The Chinese have aggressed against the United
States and its interests and are threatening to take over the Asian

Or, Iraq has refused to become part of the peace process
(submission) and we found that it has 5,000 nuclear warheads and missile
launchers hidden in the mountains.

Or, a new CIA study based on satellite photos over the last 4 years proves
beyond the shadow of a doubt that 200-tons of Uranium are hidden in-and-
around Tehran".

The rest will just have to be based on the factors of human actions &
reactions, but that is trivial. Isn't it?

(c) Copyright 1996 by Sam Farra. All rights reserved.

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The First Crusade

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