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"Carol Moore has done more research on Waco than anyone else. Her book pulls together many of the most shocking details of government abuses that a reader cannot find anywhere else. Anyone interested in Waco should learn much from her book." James Bovard, author of "Lost Rights," writing in Laissez- Faire book catalogue.

"Of the four books reviewed here, [The Davidian Massacre] is the most thickly packed with details, complete with emotive characterizations and imputation of sinister motives to government agents. But the author is not just a polemicist. She rejects some allegations as unlikely. . .If one reads this volume with a critical eye, one can learn a lot from it that is not available elsewhere. . ." Dean M. Kelley, Counselor on Religious Liberty for the National Counsel of Churches, writing in "First Things" magazine.

About the Book: Congress, the Clinton White House, Attorney General Janet Reno and the press still promote the lies that the Branch Davidians "ambushed" federal agents, refused to cooperate with negotiators, and killed themselves and their children. Why does the U.S. government continue to demonize the victims of its incompetence and wrath?

Does the "Waco incident" leave you with the uncomfortable feeling that the federal government cares more about the reputation of federal law enforcement than the protection of the American people? Then you must read this just-published mass market paperback by longtime libertarian pacifist activist and writer, Carol Moore. The book draws on government and news sources, trial and congressional transcripts, and interviews with experts and participants, including Davidian survivors and prisoners.

In 487 pages of text and 20 pages of graphics and photographs, including photos newly available from the FBI, the book systematically analyzes evidence that agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) committed real crimes against the Branch Davidians. It details how these agencies, as well officials of the Justice and Treasury Departments and the Clinton White House, covered up these crimes. It provides compelling evidence that:

** BATF investigators ignored local law enforcement advice, even as it heeded that of "cult busters" committed to the destruction of the group. The government knows it never had sufficient evidence of child abuse or sexual abuse to indict David Koresh.

** David Koresh invited BATF investigators to inspect his guns six months before the BATF raid. On February 28, 1993 Koresh came to the front door unarmed and tried to comply with the warrant, crying, "Let's talk! There's women and children here!" BATF agents panicked after an agent shot a dog and shot first at Koresh, hitting him and mortally wounding his unarmed father-in-law who stood behind him.

** BATF agents in one or more helicopters fired down on the Davidians, killing four people and leaving more than a hundred bullet holes in the roof and walls of the Mount Carmel Center. BATF agents consistently have lied to cover up their acts, falsely claiming Davidians ambushed them with machineguns, grenades and .50 caliber weapons.

** BATF and FBI agents purposely sabotaged negotiations by punishing the Davidians whenever they cooperated and continually harassing and insulting them. In a "cover your butt" conspiracy, FBI agents attempted to destroy evidence of illegal gunfire that would have sent BATF agents to prison. The building itself was the most incriminating evidence.

** FBI agents lied to Attorney General Janet Reno about David Koresh's April 14, 1993 promise-to-surrender letter, the safety of CS gas, FBI agent fatigue, child abuse, the rules of engagement and their plan to demolish the building in order to coerce her into approving their dangerous gas and tank assault.

** April 19, 1993 tank attacks collapsed half the gymnasium, as well as stairwells and exits. Tanks trapped most Davidians on the second floor or inside the concrete room. The tank which ripped out the first floor, southeast corner, knocked over a lamp on the second floor, starting a fire. The wind- whipped fire, fed by flammable CS gas and stored flammable fuels, zapped through the building in seconds.

** Janet Reno's Justice Department promoted and condoned obvious judicial and prosecutorial misconduct--especially missing and withheld evidence--during the 1994 trial of eleven Branch Davidians. Jurors found eight Davidians guilty of what they thought were "minor charges" which would result in only time served. However, the judge sentenced them to a total of 243 years. Congressional hearings demonized Davidians and ignored evidence of crimes by federal agents. Find out the truth about these crimes. Help prevent another Waco!


Order autographed copies from Carol Moore. Price includes postage and handling: $11.00 book rate $13.00 first class and Canada $16.00 U.S. cash or 22 international coupons for International. 5 or more copies, $8.00 each book rate in United States (write for non-US prices) Checks to: Carol Moore, Box 65518, Washington, D.C. 20035 202/635-3739 (Will mail immediately if payment by money order.) For trade discount rates contact the publisher: Gun Owners Foundation, 1-800-417-1486.

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