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"We massacred them until our souls left our bodies." Col. Danny Wolf, 890 Battalion, Israeli Army

"We were waiting for a link-up with Division 202 when Ariel Sharon assumed command. There were 20 or 25 Egyptian road workers, poor guys who whinned from thirst and hunger. We camped there at Ras Sudar (in the Sinai) and had not confronted any unit willing to battle us. Killing these guys was a way of venting the tensions and anxiety of those seeing war for the first time."

"The truck loaded with people appeared from a bend in the road. My rifle-fired anti-tank grenade blew away the head of the driver and the people hanging on the sides or sitting on the hood were thrown several meters onto the sand. The huge round of fire shook the desert as Biro gave the order to fire; the people in the truck remained standing absorbing hundreds of our bullets without moving. Only later did I realize that they were packed so tightly that they were forced to die standing and when we opened the back door bodies tumbled out one on top the other leaving blood running from every crevice of the truck. I estimate 50 people were there and about 20 were somehow still alive. We tied the 20 in the truck - suddenly K. and H. climbed into the drivers compartment and fired barrage after barrage into the bond prisoners. One of their bullets went directly into the main artery of a man's neck and spewed a fountain of blood onto the clothes of K. and H. who then fired until their arms got tired."

THE ROAD TO SHARM al-SHELKH "We met them first in small groups, seven soldiers, then ten, once fifteen; they had no water and had already lost human dignity - we stopped counting and started mowing them down. Marcel Tobias (regarded as a legendary hero) at one point ran ahead, stripped a group of their weapons and then shot them. They took watches, rings, wallets and continued to the next group. With each kilometer advanced the process became more sophisticated - stripping the Egyptians of everything they had before killing them because it was easier as we could collect more booty in less time without having to handle the bodies. Even their underpants were taken."

"We found a cell from which we took an officer and two sergeants; they could only beg for water, water, water. I took out my canteen and slowly spilled the contents on the floor in front of the Egyptian officer's face and then I gave each of them a bullet in the head." "A RED BANNER TO TELL EGYPTIANS NOT TO MESS WITH US" "I happened to again command the Sharm al-Sheikh area and everytime I would pass by the main road I would look aside to the crevices high up at the many skeletons which were mine - I knew they were mine because I was the good-guy who let them throw down their weapons and escape as far as they could before I mowed them down." from Maariv, Aug. 8, 1995, Ronal Fisher, Tel Aviv

CLINTON, YOU SORRY SON OF A BITCH, STOP USING MY NAME When you say to the world that the "American people" stand by Israel, you lie. Only the uninformed, the 'amen corner' and their media propagandist here condone the depraved conduct of these beastly little people - their war crimes, their vile 'collective punishments"; their hands remain forever sullied with the blood of thousands of Palestine's babies and you disgrace us all with your endless pandering. The thugs around you invented terrorism; Israel is terrorism! AIPAC is ecstatic but history will not be at all kind to you for your attempt to legitimize this uncivilized and inhumane conduct.

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A National SHAME Part Two

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