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Services Held at Seized Church.. 02/09/97

Timothy Lee wrote:

The first service was great. The spirit of the Lord was present with us. We arrived about 11 am as planned and by 11:30 we had walked from the road to the buildings at the creek. The peace of the Church as it used to be is still shattered by the violence left in the air. You can hardly believe how stripped the house and other buildings are, but after seeing them bare, its easy to believe the stories about some 9 full-sized moving vans full of stuff comming out of there.

Fortunately, Pastor Paul and family are being warmly cared for by the Basl's just up the road -- people we also were fortunate to meet today.

They are some of the salt of the earth folk who obviously love freedom and the Lord. We held an impromptu service of our own, sang some songs and left after a while. When we got back up to the road, Christian Livingstone, one of those arrested, was there and told us that Pastor Paul was going to be conducting a service there at the entrance at 2pm.

We all trooped off to a nearby town and got some lunch and by 2 were back. Paul, family, friends and close associates arrived as promised and though I didn't do a head-count, my guess is we were about 25-30 strong. Good words, good feelings, good singing and some follow-on fellowshipping up at the Basl's farm afterwards. Paul, Rachel, the children and other Church members arrested are all Ok -- not pleased of course, but in good health and their spirits are strong...no anger, but a sense of renewed dedication is quickly detected, even in the face of the fact that the Marion County crud stole literally EVERYTHING they owned, including their underwear! Clothes, supplies, food, pots, pans, computers, bedding, etc., not to mention 600lb printing press, fax-back machines and other computer equipment all donated to and belonging to the Church.

We'll be back next Sunday for another service at 2pm -- and the next, and the next with our goal being for this comming Sunday to try to double our number. Paul mentioned that he'd called the media about today's service, but GEE, guess what!(?) But then what would you expect. As time goes on however, we will gain numbers and attention and I think that soon, the media, though probably under some "orders" to ignore the place and people, won't be able to, since their greed for stories to sell their wares will overcome all other restraints.

There were people from south of Roseburg, Creswell, Springfield, Portland, Salem, and some other places; next week even more... and we REALLY hope to see you there.

If you can come, bring some friends, and if you can't, tell some friends; continue to pray for victory in this battle for Paul, the Church, and all of us in this Kingdom. Today it was quite peaceful and each time we gather up there it will continue to be so; reassure those more timid -- if there is any "fighting" to do, let God kick some butt!

He has the Power to restore the property stolen from the Church, restore the people and as my wife and I sit here composing this message to you, we both sincerely feel that He will -- but He wants our help and committment.

There is a news bulletin which details the events of the arrest which I will scan, and post tonight or tomorrow. I'll be sure to send you a copy directly for further re-posting. The men and women can use donations of clothing or some cash from those who have it to give.

Please do not let anyone send equipment like computers and stuff --Pastor Revere does not want that kind of help at this time... but food and clothing would be appreciated. Men's sizes are:

Pants 32-30/32-32/36-36
Shirts Small and X-Large

For the Women:

Blouses and Skirts, sizes 6-10

See ya, and as always, God Bless you all.

We are waiting to hear from Pastor Revere before we send anything. We don't have an address.

(541) 895-4417 voice
(541) 895-4681 FAX

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