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According to an Associated Press story today, President Clinton released a bald eagle named "Freedom" at Patuxent Naval Air Station on the Fourth of July. The bird was ATTACKED in the air by two other birds (either osprey or sea hawks), causing it to fall from the sky into the ocean!!!! It was rescued with broken bones.

You figure this one out!


a reply:

I heard it was knocked out of the sky by a Canada Goose! As we
'balkanize' Canada to liberate the various sub-cultures here, starting
with Free French and some of the Indian Nations, we will reserve a site
for American Culture. However, don't forget that we have one million
Chinese in Canada. We have China Towns now. I look forward to seeing a
complete China City, indeed a City State located on the 49 th. parallel
of Anglophone Chinese.Facing south I expect the Free Chinese to welcome
the Americans with a statue of Liberty of the kind erected at U.B.C.
after Tiananmen Square, and on the statue a brass sign will read "Send us
your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the
wretched refuse of your teeming shores."Canada's Chinese liberating the
Americans. Ah, the poetic justice of it! FWP.

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