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LEARY continued from Part 1

as any good CIA patriot should. He said, 'We would never have given
anything to him!'"

Larkin said the man's name was Dr. Robert Lashbrook who was number two in
the MKULTRA experiments which consumed tens of thousands of unwitting
human guinea pigs, causing at least one known death to a non-volunteer
victim. Lashbrook was given immunity to testify before Kennedy's
congressional committee investigating the CIA's mind control operations.

I relayed to Larkin the details of my interview with Leary. If what Leary
had told me was true, it looked like the CIA, then, had made a large
contribution to the creation of the Psychedelic Sixties. 

"Let me ask you a couple of questions which really shouldn't be
repeated," Larkin said. "What is Leary's financial condition right now?"

"I haven't the slightest idea. Why?

"The reason I raised it, he mentioned, two months ago, that he was
writing a piece for The New York Times on this topic. He said that he
hoped to sell it to The Times on the MKULTRA project.

"I never saw the piece, and I talked to him a few weeks ago and he said,
he was talking to someone at Esquire about it. He said, 'I think I'm
going to write a piece for them on this, cause I need the money..."

"Then it occurred to me," Larkin said, "that Timothy Leary, who had very
little interest in my initial questions about his involvement, suddenly
had become interested and may have seen it as a way to establish some
credibility for his writing about this. In other words, he realized when
The Times didn't want his piece, so he had to enhance his credibility
somehow and maybe do it by dropping a hint to you, and then suggesting
that you call me. I have a message here that says that I am to call him.
He may be wanting to tell me to call you. You see what I'm driving at?'

I told Larkin that I'd played my interview with Leary to several of his
friends who all concluded that, because of the contradictions,  Leary
was not telling the truth.  One of the things he said on the tape was
"FBI" when he clearly meant to say "CIA."

"He said that you (Larkin) found out that this doctor named Herb Kelman
had been responsible for him getting thrown out of Harvard. Leary said
that you found out Kelman was a CIA man. Is that true?"

"No. No.,," Larkin said. "He's misinterpreting what I said. Leary told me
that Kelman led the fight to get him thrown out of Harvard. I found out
that Kelman got a thousand dollars from the Human Ecology Fund, a CIA
fund. So, I called Kelman and said to him 'what was your role in the
removal of Leary?' He admitted that he played a role in it and he said,
'I didn't like what Leary was doing. I was opposed to human
experimentation. I was opposed to giving drugs to undergraduates and I
knew that he was doing it.'

"Kelman said, 'I was a young researcher then, and I didn't carry a lot of
weight but I was outspoken. And when the furor died down somewhat I
continued to argue for it to reemerge.'

So I said to Kelman, "What about this money?'"

Kelman said that he didn't know the Human Ecology Fund was a fund set up
by the CIA and  he was very up-front about it -- he said that he had
been editing a book for a small private organization and before it could
go to print he had to bring the authors together in Cambridge and the
organization which was sponsoring the book didn't have any more money
and he needed the thousand dollars and he went to talk to a guy named
Edgar Schein..."

Schein was one of the leading investigators during the Korean war into
the 'brainwashing' hoax. Schein knowingly worked for the CIA. 

"He'd told Kelman to go to the Human Ecology Fund and he wrote a letter
for him... but no one ever asked Kelman to do anything. According to him,
the book had nothing to do with the areas which would interest the CIA,
it seems to me to be obviously one of those small cover projects they had
to do to maintain their credibility in academia... So Leary's
interpretation of the thing is a little bit more... hardcore..."

For some months that's where this story stood -- unfinished, in limbo. I
didn't even bother to transcribe the interviews. Then the first
coincidence -- certain proof of  the cryptocracy's ongoing Agit Prop
operation: A cell mate of Leary's was located. He said that when Leary
came back from his escape he was very frightened.

"In Vacaville, he had one of the best positions. He was working in the
education wing. He was making it with a pretty little blonde nurse... He
was writing and doing meditation, but he was running scared. He was
scared behind the Panthers in there... The way the CIA got Tim out of
Algeria was they told him that Eldridge Cleaver wanted to kill him,
that's why Tim left..."

This cell mate of Leary's wanted to be identified only as Yogi. He said
that Leary had some "heavy" friends in prison who protected him.

"But he let everyone down. It's a well known fact that they took him out
at night -- the Feds did. Before he was testifying, they had Federal
guards with him at all times. In the end he was in protective custody...
When he was in prison no one knew he was a stool pigeon. He was a hero.
He was living on his rep that he was the head Boo-Hoo of the acid
freaks. That was enough to protect him by the heavy hippies who looked
up to him.

"All of a sudden they took Timmy out at night.

"Usually, when you go somewhere, you go by bus, but the Feds took him by
car. They stayed with him at all  times. That's when we began to suspect
that he was working with the Feds... 

"He still was Chief Boo-Hoo to most in prison. But then the word came
down that he was testifying on Weathermen, and he even gave up his own
lawyer and turned over the people who helped him get out of the country.
He was giving out who was who in the groups, what they were doing,
smuggling and narcotics... He gave up all that... they'd take him down
to custody and they'd talk to him. Obviously, they told him, 'If you
want to get out of here... if you don't give us what we want to know,
we're going to make sure that you die in prison!'

"It was too much for him. I know that they were coming regularly to make
him turn over on his own daughter. He could have gone out in style. He
could have helped a lot of people... Then everybody found out he was a
fucking weak punk.

"I don't know anyone who really respects him. That's why I told  you the
other night, I told you to tell him about me and see how he reacts.  He
knows me as Yogi, the guy who brought him the note from Nick (Sands?) in
San Francisco. He used to go to the 3HO Yoga classes there...

"That was a beautiful day. Ram Das came and all of us was there. Tim
didn't even have enough class to show up. He said that Ram Das was a
child molester and he didn't even want to talk to him..."

"Could Leary have been working with the CIA or FBI during the whole 6time
he was in prison," I asked Yogi. "Before his escape, and before he came
back to prison?"

"He sure could," Yogi said. "He had to be something because to turn over
like that, with the rep he had with all the beautiful people... I know he
got a lot of people started on the spiritual path. He helped a lot of
people get into meditation and yoga... He gained a lot of good karma for
that, but he's going to need it.

"I really felt bad that someone who got so many people on the spiritual
path was so weak in the end. I can't judge. I still got that joint
consciousness. He's a rat and that's that. Let God take care of him. He
had to do it the weak way. All my partners and all the people I knew in
the joint, everyone felt the same way..."

I transcribed no tapes. Yogi's testimony was just hearsay -- the talk of
a convict. The  second coincidence came: I was introduced to Leary's
cell mate in Folsom.
Again this man doesn't want to be identified. Both men said that they
would, however, come forth to back me up if I ever needed them.

This second former convict has also gone straight and wants to protect
his name. He was then the head of his own construction company and was
making more money honestly, than he ever made at crime.

This man, we'll call him Ray, spoke of the period when Tim could not be
found by his wife, Joanna. He said that one day Leary was returned to
their cell with his head shaved and blue lines painted on it.

"Tim got just about the whole works. He was a different type of case than
I was. They felt that they could use him a lot more than someone like me.
I was an unknown, but if they could turn someone like Leary around and get
him to do what he's doing right now, in fact, he'd be very useful to the
government... the high priest had to be de-throned.

"Tim is a very fascinating person. There is only a handful of people who
did what he did -- who took a whole generation and turned them on. That
was the challenge to the Feds, if they could find out how his mind
worked, and use him...

"Well, one day he comes back to the cell with lines on his head. They
were actually very precise measurement lines. His head was shaved and it
was marked with  all these careful, precise blue lines.

"I asked him what the lines were for. He told me that they were going to
give him a lobotomy. They were going to stick ice picks into his brain.
He told me that it was really going to be great. They had him completely
brainwashed. He said, 'this is going to be the greatest thing. All my life
I've been going through this, you get up, you get down, but now, ' he
said, 'I'll be just as smart as I am, but I won't have to feel emotions
any  more. Wow!'"

"You think they broke him?" I asked.

"Totally controlled him. They gave him a lot of those fright drugs. They
kept him in solitary. They did everything they could to break his mind,
and they succeeded. Look at him now..."

"Suddenly he tells me he worked for the CIA for years," I said.

"Well, that may be one of their defenses. In other words, by admitting
what you did, nobody believes it and it makes you look ridiculous. When
they're done with you -- and I've been through a lot of their drugs and
tortures -- at a certain state, you're really like a zombie. You're so
conditioned chemically that a guy isn't even aware of what's happened.
Leary bought the whole thing. They really have gotten good at it. You
know, nobody is going to believe us..."

Then they didn't, but will they now?

"Leary never would have gotten out of prison," Ray said. "He'd either
bend or they'd break him. No matter how sympathetic you may be, to really
understand the situation, you have to go through it yourself. You say,
well they couldn't break me. I wouldn't do it. It just couldn't happen.

"But believe me, we are like just so much putty and clay and we can just
stand so much, and when they're finished with the mind control, it's
almost impossible to tell..."

Still Ray's was just the testimony of another ex-con. While the testimony
of his prisonmates was merely hearsay, at least they appeared to believed
what they said. Leary, it seemed, believed nothing.

Even after 20 years these questions remain: Did Leary work for the CIA in
the 1960's. If he did, why did he admit it? Was he proselytizing LSD
during the '60's under CIA direction? Was Leary's escape from Vacaville,
allegedly with the help of Cubans and Weather Underground, encouraged by
the U.S. government so that Leary could later 'finger' those who helped
him? Was his sojourn in Algeria with Cleaver, and in Switzerland, then
Afghanistan also CIA directed.

One CIA document was dated 1 November 1963. It was headed:" MEMORANDUM
FOR THE RECORD. SUBJECT: International Federation for Internal Freedom
(IFIF), ALPERT, Richard, Ph.D., LEARY, Timothy F., Ph.D., Drugs, Mind
Affecting, Agency Policy Regarding."

The last two paragraphs of that memo, now thirty-three years old, remain
unanswered: The CIA Security Office (OS) "has not been able to determine
whether any staff employees of the Agency have engaged in the unauthorized
taking of any of these drugs, but there is information that some
nonagency groups, particularly on the West Coast, have taken these drugs
in a type of religious experimentation. While as previously mentioned
there are no staff employees involved, some individuals known to have
taken the drugs have sensitive security clearances and are engaged in
classified work.

"Any information concerning the use of this type of drug for experimental
or personal reasons should be reported immediately to Chief/SRS/OS
(Office of Security) with all specific details furnished. In addition,
any information of Agency personnel involved with the International
Federation for Internal Freedom, or with Drs. ALPERT or LEARY, or with
any group engaging in this type of activity should also be reported."

The memo was signed, "Chief/SRS/OS."

No follow-up was furnished in the CIA MKULTRA documents. This document is
clearly an in-house query from the security division chief who was worried
about what the other divisions of the CIA might be doing. Non-Agency
groups meant contract agents or front groups. Staff employees are
high-ranking CIA personnel who take their orders, usually, direct from
Langley. The CIA operates on a "need to know" basis, with no individual
knowing anything more than the minimum he or she needs to know to perform
his or her job. Various agencies within the CIA, often the Office of the
Deputy Director of Plans, then Richard Helms, were taking matters into
their own hands with direction from above. Since the Chief of Security was
so concerned, there must have been good reason. And what about Leary's
own statement's that he wittingly followed the directions of the CIA in
the 1960's?
When former CIA Director, Admiral Stansfield Turner was asked whether or
not the CIA supported Timothy Leary or gave Leary LSD, he replied only,
"The CIA gave it to those who were doing the research."

Was Leary's involvement with  promoting private enterprise in outer
space, and especially his involvement with the L-5 Society also CIA
A phone call to an old friend who'd once been a director of the L-5
Society revealed that it been about to fold for lack of subscriptions in
1080, when a retired military officer with known intelligence connections
sent an unsolicited donation of $10,000 to save it from failure. He said
he's wondered himself about the L-5 Society's Director, Carolyn Hanson
who'd been with Leary when he visited me.
I asked Ms. Hanson to tell me what her political ideas were and she
evaded my question. I asked her another question and she was very
cryptic. Leary had introduced her as "the smartest woman in the world,"
and she blushed and demurred, "Well, one of the smartest." 

A few years later, in the mid 80's, Leary was writing books dictated by
voices he heard, he said, coming from outer space.

Now knowing what we know about mind control, one has to ask if Timothy
Leary was himself a victim of the same cryptocracy  he once owed his
allegiance to, like so many other government employees.

While LSD was banned by the federal government on October 6, 1966, it has
made its comeback among the young as the recreational drug of choice. As
if to prove its own failure in the "War on Drugs" a 1993 survey made by
the federal government showed a substantial upswing in the use of acid
by the nation's eighth-graders. The report recorded the highest level of
LSD use by high school seniors since 1985 and it said the teen-agers
perferred LSD to cocaine.

In 1966, most of the significant  legal research projects into
psychedelic drugs were officially closed. Only a small band of researchers
continued to inch forward in their research, hoping to regain the
government's blessing -- and grants -- to use it on human subjects. In
1991 they won approval from the Food and Drug Administration for the study
of LSD's effect on 60 drug addicts.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Richard Yensen, one of the
researchers who was about to conduct  an officially sanctioned study,
said he believes that using humans to assesss LSD is essential because,
"it is very hard to ask a rat what is happening in its consciousness."


Luis Angel Castillo Returns to The Headlines

Open Secrets,  newsletter of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
carried more news of "programmed assassin" Luis Angel Castillo in the
April 1996 issue. Under the headline "Coincidental Incredibility"  the
newsletter,  read almost entirely by Kennedy Assassination investigators

"And what about President John Kennedy's assassin?'

"It was a flash report across the teletype," said Lipka. "It gave the
name and 'flight location,'" meaning the country where the assassin had
fled. But "it was a message not compled," he said.

"And the assassin's name?"

"Luis Angel Castillo," who went to the Phillipines, :ipka said, without
This unusual exchange, reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, took place
during a bail hearing for Robert Stephen Lipka, a former clerk at the
National Security Agency accused of spying for the Soviet Union during
his employment there in the 1960''s. His attorney, Ronald F. Kidd,
dismissed the story, and several others Lipka had told an undercover
federal investigator in 1993, as "fantasy" and "Exaggeration." Lipka also
claimed that Richard Nixon had been suspected of spying for the Soviets
during his presidency, and that he had access to the NSA file on the
Presidnet. He recanted a story that he had told about helping Oliver
North launder $500,000 U.S.  District Judge Charles Weiner ordered Lipka
to undergo psychiatric examination for 30 days before ruling on the case.

The story adds yet another layer of mystery to the tale of Luis Angel
Castillo, an allegedly self-confessed conspirator and gunman in the JFK
assassination. His name appears in some of the more obscure literature
about the murder, where he is commonly identified as "Zombie killer," or
a programmed assassin.

Arrested for an alleged plot to kill President Marcos in the Phillipines,
Castillo underwent extensive examination and interrogation by their
national security police, NBI, and a trained psychiatrist. He displayed
what appeared to be four separate identities, names and personal
historeis, and exhibited both homicidal and suicidal behavior on command
certain trance states. His case was also examined by the FBI and files
exist on the interrogations at the Gerald Ford Library.
During his interrogations in the 1970s, Castillo claimed to have been
flown to Dallas on November 22, 1963, taken to the second floor of a
building overlooking Dealey Plaza, handed a rifle, and told to shoot at
a man in a motorcade upon a signal, which never came. As ins the case
with nemerous canaries that have sung since, it is sometimes hard to sort
out dis-informants, who can effect verismilitude by using published
research as a songbook.

Curiously, he appears to be identical to Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera, the
brother-in-law of Eddie "Bayo" perez , who was part of a joint CIA/Mafia
plot to kill Castro in 1963, coordinated by John Martino, a close friend
to Johnny Roselli,  
Martino worked wtih "JIMWAVE," the CIA's Miami station, to "exfiltrate"
Castillo from Cuba as part of the plot. Castillo is mentioned in the CIA
Inspector General's Report on the CIA/Mafia operatons. He is the
original source of the story, repeated by Martino, Roselli , and Jack
Anderson, that Kennedy was killed "in retaliation for an anti-Castro
polot," byt he same team taht was sent to cuba. The incident, known as
the "Bayo-Pawley, Richard Billings from Life magazine, Loran Eugene Hall
( who also implicated Sam Giancana and Santos Trafficante), the
disaffected CIA operative William Robertson, Eddie "Bayo," a verteran of
Alpha 66, a Cuban exile group, and Rolando Martinez, later arrested int
he infamous burglary of the Watergate offices.

The unnamed researcher for OPEN SECRETS,  did not mention the Luis Angel
Castillo, at least the one arrested in the Phillipines, was photographed
by the United Press. That photo shows a man who could double for Sirhan
Beshara Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. The full
story of Castillo's hypno-debriefing  and his photo appear in W.H.
Operation Mind Control. 
You can obtain Open Secrets by sending $35 to: Coalition on Political
Assassinations, P.O. Box 772, Washington, D.C. 20044. Phone: (202)

March 23, 1996 -- During an interview with W.H. Bowart, author of
OPERATION MIND CONTROL on the satellite-linked American Freedom Network,
talk radio host John Bryant took a  surprise call from  Freemen while
they were surrounded by Federal agents at their farm in Jordan, Justice
Township,  Montana. It was the first time the Freemen had been able to
call from the compound without getting jammed.

When the call came, the so-called Freemen "standoff " with the feds was
in its 60th day. The story was being poorly covered by the media -- so
poorly covered in fact that Patriots  had reason to be convinced that
there was federal manipulation and control of the media in place. 

What the "standoff" was  apparently really all about was  that the
Freemen, who, to their way of thinking , have legally severed all
contracts with the federal government, seek protection under the common
law which  they believe takes precedence over federal law. Under common
law, the Freemen maintain, among other things, the FBI  has no right to
operate in the State of Montana. 

There are other points of common law which might create a powerful motive
for the Freemen's side of the story to get suppressed -- points of law
which would make the Federal Reserve Act and the National Security Act
illegal and unconstitutional. These and other points of common law have
made for an ever-widening gap between the federal government and Freemen
whose stand represents a growing number of  individuals who have severed
their individual ties  with federal authority to claim human rights
provided under common law since the Magna Carta and before.

 Shortly before the program was aired ( at 8 p.m. M.S.T) the computer
service, America On Line, carried the following report from REUTER  
"...the FBI said Thursday it set up equipment to sever power to the
remote Montana ranch were the group is holed up.

"The activity came a few days after talks broke down and the mediator,
Colorado state Sen. Charles Duke, flew home, saying "the time for
negotiation is over."
"Agents trucked in generators late Wednesday, which would allow other
farms in the region to receive electricity fi the Freemen were cut off.
In Washington, Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick told reporters
that FBI agents have not yet decided whether to cut off power.

During the three-way conversation Russell Landers said, "Right now we're
living with a threat of loss of power. That is a frivolous move on their
part because frankly we have more than adequate supplies and knowledge to
remain ont he ranch for the next several years without power. So, that's
really a silly ploy."

After the show, Bowart suggested to Bryant that perhaps the "generators"
the FBI were moving up were "E.M. generators" or "psychotronic gener-
ators",  some of the new "non-lethal weapons" which could "turn the
Freeman's minds to jelly."
Acquaintances of State Senator Duke said they believe he could be a
victim of mind control. A  well known supporter of the patriort
movement, Duke's  statements against the Freemen were damning.
Supporters claim that he is not himself.
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