"To seek out that which was lost..."

A MAJOR Dilemna!

Just a point of clarification...
We are not Fighting against the Government or the New World Order!
We are not Even Fighting for the Constitution! or Human Rights!!

We are simply Living for the CREATOR ...
according to the Understanding He gave us Concerning the WORD of LIFE.

In the course of events it becomes necessary to explain to our Neighbors the reason for our actions...
which can not be done without Proclaiming the Truth of the GOOD NEWS of IaHUeH's SALVATION!

When we do this the BEAST Exposes ITSELF!

It is really NOTHING Personal!! We don't want to hurt your Feelings...
you see this is not against you! We LOVE You... but deplore the Acts of Death and Destruction and Domination... which all Develops into its very Own Damnation... (DeDuh!)
Hell on Earth Created by man... do you really want to go through with it?
You know it's perfectly allright to change your mind!

FACT: There is much confusion in the world.

Confusion comes from not Understanding.
Understanding Comes from the WORD of IaHUeH!
This WORD has been Mis-represented... its meaning Obscured.
Thus the World perpetuates its' own Confusion!!!
Especially by Hating and Destroying.. those servants of IaHUeH, who are given this Understanding to Share with the World!

If you will check the records, contained in Scripture, you will find that this has been the situation for a long time! ..."Israel" has (almost) always Murdered IaHUeH's Prophets.. who were sent with Understanding to Share.

Our experience so far in the World, the Internet, and on the WWW... has been quite similar...
"Ye shall be Hated of all men for My Names Sake!" --IaHUShUA

We have brought on the Hatred of People from Every direction!
Contrary to what some of you may think... This is not deliberate.. It is not our Desire to be Hated and Murdered!

Is this BRAGGING? Are we to be ACCUSED of EXALTING ourselves...
Simply because we obey IaHUeH? Do you think it is Evil to Obey IaHUeH?
You would be amazed at how many do think so!
as it is written ..
"Isa 5:20 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! "

The world is tuned around BACKWARDS!

If we did not Love you... we wouldn't even try to tell you the Truth!
We would make it a Secret... keep Totally to ourselves... and Pray for your Swift Destruction!
If we did not LOVE you ... we would *NOT* be IaHUeH's Children!

It is mostly out of our Consideration for our Neighbors... that we introduce ourselves.. Explaining why we live as we do. Giving account of our Hope and Faith in the "Messiah", IaHUShUA.

And *NOT* (as most of you suspect) to Condemn you. Or to point out how wrong you are...
or even how right we are...
But rather to point out how
RIGHT IaHUeH is!!!

This is also not an APOLOGY... or a DEFENCE! We have no need to defend ourselves.. IaHUeH is our Defence! And He certainly has no need to be defended!!

The reactions we have recieved.. are not Surprising. People, especially in Amerika... are programmed from their youth up to not *EVEN* discuss Politics or Religion... ("HOW CONVENIENT!! I wonder where that comes from... hmmm... lets see.... could it be..SATAN?!")

Well these are Perilous times... it is only now possible to begin to see the connection...
We are already ACCUSED of being (Well you know)... But we are also ACCUSED of being (You Know that too!) and EVEN (___).. And are NONE of Those (or most others you may come up with)....
And to tell you the Truth Favor not One of Those Above another!!!!
But the TRUTH Favours us!!! So we want to give something back.. other than lies. So we GOTTA dig... since the Truth has not been apparent for a while...

The real information will help people make Better Choices... and the Best Choice is seeing the *NEED* and Turning to IaHUeH with ALL OF OUR HEART, MIND, SOUL AND STRENGTH... (oops shouting again) That is 100% !!!!! rather than 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% or any thing less!!
Why don't people Understand this *Simple* Truth!!??!


The Whole World against IaHUeH and His Authority...Ha-MaShIaCh IaHUShUA... it is time to REPENT!! And start following the instructions better. Not even that big a deal!!! When you look at it... as long as it is *REAL* and not some Pretentious Mumbo Jumbo filled Act!!!

My interest is one of Concern for the People... All people! that are being Lied to and sucked dry by the Beast and its Servants! That are Locked into patterns of Error.. Turning away from Keeping the Commandments... I desire to make Information available.. much of this information is painful to bear! But in service to IaHUeH and for His people I am called.

Be Ye EXCELLENT .. One unto another!!
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Once on the Web.. I discovered information both shocking and perplexing.. from the area of "Christian Identity"... some people even think we are!!! the following is a copy of such a query and our response...

>I have just been perusing your web page, and am a bit confused. You appear to be innocuous >enough, however, you were linked to an Identity web page. Where do you stand(ie. Jews, Christ, >White National Socialism, etc.)?

GREETINGS!!! Thankyou for visiting... and your response... We certainly do not intend to confuse any one... our purpose is to help clear... The reason that the world is in such a state of confusion is because they have Rejected IaHUeH's LAW... (which He gave because He Loves us)... IaHUShUA is Ha-MaShIaCh (Anointed of IaHUeH). He has been Given the Authority by IaHUeH to be our King... He is Righteous and Leads us in Obedience to IaHUeH (even to the laying down of His Life).

The "Jews" were Blamed for Murdering IaHUShUA... The story has been Erroneously transmitted. It was ROME! It was the Fear of Rome (a Transgression of the first Commandment)... that caused the"Jews" to cooperate... also Caiphas in the office of the Priest "knew" that it was somehow part of the plan.

For two thousand years ROMAN Christians have been Persecuting and murdering "Jews"...

Note: As New Information surfaces... we need to adjust our understanding... Of course it was ROME that did it.. But it were these Talmudic Pharisees that wanted Him Dead!

There is Still time to REPENT! of This and many other SINS!!

The mainstream Christians have made this very subtle and concealed... Pretending Love and tolerance... but inward......

The "Neo-Nazi White supremist Identity" groups... are at least more Honest and upfront about it.

That is why the Christians don't like them... it blows their cover!

This is a simplified explaination. It goes way deep. It is a lot about action and reaction.... Example... When a pendulum is moved to one extreme it will have the tendency to go to the opposite extreme before eventually coming to REST.

There are many Points raised that bear more investigation... And I am still in the process of fathoming these depths... I have many questions.. Questions tend to lead to answers.... Questions Must be allowed!!!

Information is the Key to Better Choices... Lets keep it FREE!!!

=============================== end of quote =========================

Not all of these pages are about Hate... and though many of them will not respond to our eMail (They must think we are "Jews")... we have recieved a Loving and Caring response from the folks at =========BeWise========== ... Many of these people are simply trying to Understand and find out what isReal... Why do they meet with such opposition?

What I encountered on these pages.. was Horrible... that the Holocaust was a lie made up (or possibly perpetrated) by the Jewish Multinational "Learned Elders of Zion" Bankers to gain sympathy and keep people from asking questions about who Owns the banks and who really controls the governments of the world?

Natural Sciences and Technology under National Socialism:
The First Electronic "Holocaust" Rebuttal

A GLOBAL Witch-Hunt!

I am witnessing The New World Order / One World Government (or in Prophetic terms BEAST) rising up... Looks like headquarters will be Jerusalem! Is this all just a coincidence? or has the oppressed become the oppressor? I honestly don't know what to think right now... But am driven to find out... I have recieved via email reports... derived from Dr. Israel Shahak's translations of the Hebrew Press... which are confessions of seriously brutal ugly Murder/torture war crimes commited by Col. Danny Wolf, 890 Battalion, Israeli Army and his Comrades. And a list of "Jewish" top level aids and advisors to President Clinton... as well as the stories from SNS... and Freeman Center for Strategic Studies articles.. concerning Israels Nuclear capabilities... and the "Samson Option"... and the clock is ticking... ... ... It is not my intention to save the world... or to get in the way of prophecies unfoldment! But we were advised to be on The Watch and Commanded to lift up the Voice... Cry out the Warning!

This is our Voice Calling on the World to Repent! to Call on IaHUeH the ONLY source of Salvation!

It is not the People it is the Government and the powers behind them... In the history recorded in the Scriptures when the king was wicked the people not only suffered but became wicked as well. But the people Do have a CHOICE! to not partake, to not comply, to come out and be Separate... Of course this will cause the Beast to Hate us and Persecute us (this happens on many levels =but oh so subtly= already in Christian America!!!) Pretty soon not so subtle ... Murder us... From my perspective it would be those same Christian Police that are already "Protecting" us...

The Christian Identity people say that it is going to be "them Jews"! that they will Kill the Christians and it will be Illegal to be a Christian... I think it will probably be, more like, the other way around... or at least that is the tendencies I have been observing here... the situation will get so bad crime etc... that the Christians will say "see what happens when you tolerate other Religions" (or something) and "We wouldn't be having this problem if we made everybody be Christians"...

And this new twist the Vatican in Jerusalem! maybe they will build a scaled down version of the Temple.. put it inside the Dome of the Rock so the Pope can sit in the Qodesh Qodeshim and declare that he is god... or will it be someone else?

See.. "http://www.efn.org/~iahu/jew.htm"

I have set-up a WWWBoard for threaded discussion of these and other Topics... and want to have as much information as possible readily available... Let's Talk it Over!


"Don't point out the Differences... Focus on the Similarities!"

This "advise" is echoed from almost every quarter! It can be paraphrased as "united we stand"...

But we say UNITED WITH IaHUeH We STAND! If you will seek UNITY with the CREATOR... then we may stand together!
Death and Destruction
will one day come to an end... Everyone that is United (or even connected) with Death and Destruction will also Die. Why Choose Death... when Life is so Freely offered!

It was looking at Similarities that brought me to a particular "Constitution, militia, patriotic," mailing list... after checking it for over a week, and feeling sort of at home... I actually posted responses..
That I still believe were quite relevant to the Subject Thread.. but concerning Distinctions out of the LAW.

There is a very big difference between mans law and IaHUeH's LAW! Actually by IaHUeH's LAW mans law is Illegal!! For He said... (in the LAW) to not add anything to or take anything from His LAW! But to Obey it and we would Live.. and have Shalom.

Of course you will hear all kinds of things about people.. and conclusions jumped to, not necessarily based in fact...

Most of the labels are designed to discredit the bearer.. to somehow justify Hatred... and intolerance.. Ironically one such label is "Intolerant".
Any way besides fueling a fire on the list.. because I wasn't clear enough communicating our perspective... I recieved jeers and insults.. a couple of Kind queries... which were posted to the list bringing more anger down on me.. and many notices that my postings were off subject and that this was a list for discussing CONSTITUTIONAL  issues to study Issues related to our RIGHTS... and there was no place for the discussion of the CREATORS LAW.. or any of that "Religious Garbage".

IaHUShUA said... "You will know them by their Fruits!!"

Maybe when some people say "CONSTITUTION" ... they don't include the "AMMENDMENTS" ... (except the second by gum!) and only white Christian male property owners are supposed to have rights.
And so therefore First Ammendment violations are not a Constitutional Issue... and should Never be Discussed!!!

I am not sure yet... I did meet a couple of friends... and others seemed sensible.

(As a matter of fairness to the "List" I must state... that other peoples postings of queries (to me) to the list were Off subject... and should have been sent to me privately.)

I have found that We have nothing in common with the prince of this world.....
And since mans law *IS* contrary to the Creators' LAW... we found that we had to choose one or the other.

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