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Can anyone in the Southwest verify this?

  German Sovereignty Established over Much of Southwest

The Vigo Examiner

When Texas cattleman filed suit against the German Luftwaffe for flying practices in violation of federal law which frightened their cattle into tangles of barbed wire, they got a big surprise. 

As reported in the Lubock Independent, the German Luftwaffe simply informed the court that it's pilots have diplomatic immunity, and are therefore not subject to the jurisdiction of American courts.

German aircraft flying out of Holloman Air Force Base have been filmed flying as low as 100 feet, well below the 500 foot ceiling, frightening cattle into fences and vehicles off the road.  Ranchers were very offended by the arrogance of the German military, which made no attempt to deny any of the charges, explain any action, or make any suggestion that they would conduct themselves differently in the future, but simply announced that they have diplomatic immunity to American law.

With sovereignty considered to be the highest authority under God, if America has no authority over the foreign military power operating out of Holloman Air Force Base, the German Luftwaffe legally has sovereignty over much of the southwestern United States where they make their illegal flying runs.

Noting the callous disregard for American Citizens, as well as the law, many now fear what further abuse might come about if the Luftwaffe has diplomatic immunity.  Those who hold diplomatic immunity are legally above all law, just as Judge Lodge has ruled that federal agents are above state laws such as those against murder.  In the event of a crime, the most than can legally be done is to deport the offender.  Families of UN diplomats have routinely violated laws against drug trafficking and shoplifting. 
In some cases individuals have been sent home for murder.

American military personnel operating in foreign countries, including Germany, do not have diplomatic immunity.  Historically, no country hosting a foreign military force has granted diplomatic immunity because the condition of being above the law has historically been enjoyed only by a conquering or occupying power.

Some find it rather galling that foreigners enjoy rights they can only dream of, while Americans are subject to not only the law but the whim of law enforcement and the courts.   They point to what they allege to be a huge gap between the freedom of Americans and foreigners on American soil.

Some have insisted since the Germans took control of Holloman in 1991 that they had too much autonomy.  After being dismissed as paranoid these many years, they may at last be proven right.

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