and you can just forget about Liberty and Justice for All... long gone BLUES!

* NWO - Please Read / Pass On * (1/30/97)


The following are old postings (summer-96) from the now defunct Patriots List prior to it's disappearance. That occured shortly after a Militia Alert was posted... the list that posted it went down (temporarily) There were other lists and websites that also went. Probably a COINCIDENCE... But it does seem directly related to the UN Troop Movements and tied in with.. Freemen (there were reports of heavy artillery moving into Jordan). I need more documentation.. I have pieced a sort of thread together.. Germans and Englishmen.... Olympics...

UPDATE: 12/12/98 German Sovereignty Established over Much of Southwest

Not the First Time!

from the book "Global Tyranny...Step by Step by William F. Jasper 
Dress Rehearsal?

        You may be surprised to learn that "it has already happened here."
No, not in the same manner (as in the TV series "Amerika") or on the same
scale, but in an alarming real-life parallel of that dramatic production.
The following is a true but little known story of the "invasion" of about a
dozen American cities by "UN forces," as told by economist/author Dr. V.
Orval Watts in his 1955 book, "The United Nations: Planned tyranny.

        At Fort MacArthur, California, and in other centers, considerable
numbers of American military forces went into training in 1951 as "Military
Government Reserve Units."  What they were for may appear from their
practice maneuvers during the two years, 1951-1952.

        Their first sally took place on July 31, 1951, when they simulated
an invasion and seizure of nine California cities:  Compton, Culver City,
Inglewood, Hawthorne, Huntington Park, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, South
Gate and Torrance.  The invading formces, however, did not fvly the
American Flag.  They came in under the flag of the United Nations.

        These forces arrested the mayors and police chiefs, and pictures
later appeared in the newspapers showing these men in jail.  The officers
issued manifestoes reading "by virtue of the authority vested in men by the
United Nations Security Council."  at Huntington Park they held a
flag-raising ceremony, taking down the American flag and running up in its
place the United Nations banner.

        On April 3, 1952, other units did the same thing at Lampasas,
Texas.  They took over the town, closed churches, strutted their authority
over the teachers and posted guards in classrooms, set up concentration
camps, and interned businessmen after holding brief one-sided treals
without "habeas corpus."

        Said a newspaper repost of that Texas invasion: "But the staged
action almost became actual drama when one student and two troopers forgot
it was only make-believe. 'Ain't nobody goiing to make me get up.' cried
John Snell, 17, his face beet-red.  One of the paratroopers shoved the butt
of his rifle within inches of Snell's face and snarled, 'You want this butt
placed in your teeth? Get up.'"

        The invaders put up posters listing many offenses for which
citizens would be punished.  One of them read: "25. Publishing or
circulating or having in his possession with intent to publish or
circulate, any printed or written matter...hostile, detrimental, or
disrespectful...to the Government of any  other of the United Nations."

        Think back to the foreedom-of-speech clause of the United States
Constitution which every American officer and official is swarn to support
and defend.  What was in the minds of those who prepared, approved and
posted these UN proclamations?

        The third practice seizure under the United Nations flag occurred
at Watertown, New York, August 20, 1952, more than a year later than the
first ones.  It followed the same pattern set in the earlier seizures in
California and Texas.

        Is this a foretaste of World Government, which so many Americans
seem to want?



Considering the way things are going, (environmental land grabs,
international biospheres, UN grab for full gold mining rights to all
coastal waters around the US, there are major gold deposits around and in a
number of our National Forests/Parks) and the proposed phased transfer of
US forces (by Kennedy in 1961) over to UN command, I would say that we are
seeing some more of the "dry run exercises" (probably to get public
reactions for analysis) or "testing the waters", so to speak.

Who, gave the authorization?

By What authority?
When was the authorization given to the authorizer?
Where did the authorization take place?
The following article is from The Times (the Tampa, Florida edition of the
St. Petersburg Times) of Thursday, May 2, 1996.
The Germans will learn to fly Tornado and F-4 Phantom fighters at Holloman
Air Force Base.


HOLLOMON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M.--Germany and the United States opened a German
air force tactical training center at a U.S. base in New Mexico on

    German Defense Minister Volker Ruehe, who attended the opening with U.S.
Secretary of Defense William Perry, said Germany will spend about
$160-million over the next three years to train pilots of Tornado and F-4
Phantom fighters at the Hollomon Air Force Base in southern New Mexico,
about 60 miles from the Mexican border.

   Twelve Tornadoes, 24 F-4 Phantoms and 300 German pilots will be stationed
at the base with an additional 560 military and civilian personnel added
over the next three years.

   The first 12 Tornadoes will fly a total of 2,500 sorties a year.  Perry
said both parties are negotiating an expansion for an extra 30 Tornadoes by

   He said this is the first time the U.S. government has allowed foreign
military aircraft to operate inside the United States under their own
commander and fly their own markings at all times.

    The German government will pay all costs of moving the aircraft and
personnel to New Mexico.

    Germany first began training its pilots on U.S. Air Force aircraft in 1955
and has since steadily built up its training programs in the United States.
It currently has a permanent air defense school at Fort Bliss in Texas.

    Ruehe said New Mexico is larger than Germany and is sparsely populated, so
it offers much better air space opportunities for training.


There is NO reason these people should be training here. They have their OWN
country to defend. We do NOT need foreign troops training on our soil. What
are they training for? Why do they need to "learn" our territory so well?

Who are they "all" going to eventually attack? These people should pack up
their bags and go home. We need no foreign troops to infiltrate our Republic.

Sounds like the "For Sale" sign is up on Amerika.

Why no debate in Congress on this? Because they just want the $$$ too, 
and will believe anything Pentagon tells them?


>Common Law Network

Tarheel reply:
Those who were not asleep just before the 1992 AD "election" George Bush
made a major media statement about the need to begin liquidation of national
assets into the private sector and local jurisdictions in order to reduce
the national debt.

the current defacto admistration seems to have performed flawlessly to carry
out this plan, and is ongoing to that end.

The public record research done by  John Nelson of Colorado, which we have
reported and made available on our web page has a lot of verifiable
documents on the Debt for Nature Swap.  We can't afford to ship free copies
of the hundreds of pages , but our web sight has infor on reproduction and
shiping costs.  It may be listed at moment under "Freeman documents"

I highly recommend >From: "kind sender">

Subject: Re: National Parks given to UN?< which is posted today on this Board

Everyone should consider the Debt of Nature Swap of the National Parks and
this German base as SOP.  Wake up and smell what is brewing.  People perish
for lack of knowlege on a lot of fronts, and the ostrich's head may be
protected, but the drumsticks are fully exposed.



Sovereign Citizen Resource Center


The British are Coming!! Allready here!

Today's (May 9) USA Today had an article entitled "Britain, U.S. ready for 'war'" and subtitled "Joint maneuvers begin Friday." These maneuvers involve fictitious counties drawn over Southern states. I will try to describe the "Gulf of Sabani" war map:

The war map involves four countries: Telari, Korona, Kartuna, and Sabani. The western border of "Telari" runs north starting in the Gulf of Mexico until it meets the northern border of Indiana (on the map USA Today has Indiana identified as Illinois...they can't get the real states right!). From there,
the northern border of "Telari" runs east until it hits the coast. The eastern border runs down along the coast until about half way along the coast of Virginia where it cuts back west until it hits the border with West Virginia.
The border then cuts southwest until it meets at the junction of the Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia borders. It then heads south until just before it meets the Florida border, cuts east until about 2/3 of the way through Georgia, swings back north a short distance, goes northeast and then a little after getting into Sout Carolina it turns southeast until it hits the cost. Except for the tip of Florida, "Telari's" border follows the coast until it returns to the border between Alabama and Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico. Whew!!

"Korona" is the sections of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia which are not included in "Telari", except for a small part of eastern North Carolina which includes Fort Bragg...this is "Kartuna". And the southern tip of Florida? Well, a band which runs northeast into the ocean starting with the tip of Florida forms the last country, "Sabani" and the "Gulf of Sabani" is
the waters of the coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Now, with that task out of the way, here's the article as written by Steve Komarow of USA Today, with personal commentary in braces:

    The largest British invasion since the War of 1812, or at least since 
the Beatles, hits the East Coast on Friday.

    The United Kingdom [or should that be Nations???] has sent 27 ships, 57
aircraft and more than 15,000 troops to join an even larger U.S. force for 
mock warfare.

    Their foe:  the fictitious land of Korona.

    The game:  Aggressive Korona has occupied northern Kartuna and the 

United Nations [hey what did I tell ya?] is really ticked off.

    Economic sanctions and diplomacy don't seem to have much affect on 
Korona resolve.  So the U.S. and British forces must kick them out.

    The scenario obviously simulates the Persian Gulf war.  But that's 
beside the point, which is to have troops from the two close allies sharpen 
their skills.  [Need I ask for what?]

    Today, Defense Secretary William Perry and his British counterpart, 
Michael Portillo, visit the USS Mount Whitney, a computer-laden command ship
tied electronically to the Pentagon's analysis and simulation center in 
Suffolk, Va.

     "You can train a general there without fielding an army," says Navy 
Capt. Craig Quigley, spokesman for the U.S. Atlantic Command.  But this time,
more than 53,000 troops are involved.

     The defense officials also will visit the Royal Navy flagship, HMS

    The Friday, the real pseudo-war begins.

    That's when the allies begin their offensive to drive out the Koronans 
with an amphibious landing at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

    Additional forces will be built up in nearby Telari.  [How comforting.]

    The Wednesday 8,000 paratroopers will darken the sky at Fort Bragg, N.C. 
--ahem, in Kartuna -- as the offensive reaches its peak.

     The aircraft carrier Enterprise and its battlegroup, operating off the
Virginia capes, will have its attack planes flying sorties.

     The British will fly Harrier "jump-jets" off the Royal Navy's small

     Assuming they are victorious, the forces will then engage in the
peacekeeping process before the exercise ends May 19.

     Marine Gen. John Sheehan, the U.S. Atlantic commander, is overseeing 
the exercise.  The British are welcome, he says, "so long as they don't burn
the Capitol."  [If that's the worst they do, we may be lucky]

*End of USA Today article

First German troops based in New Mexico, now war maneuvers in the South...
what the hell is going on?  Anybody else feeling paranoid yet?


300 German soldiers are (will be) stationed at the New Mexico base. I
can't remember how many GERMAN aircraft are presently stationed there, but
900 soldiers and some 66 GERMAN aircraft are supposed to be PERMANENTLY
STATIONED at the GERMAN BASE. It is NOT U.S. funded. It has been confirmed
through reliable Militia intelligence that the base is funded by the German

UNLESS THEY HAVE PLANS. *** Accept NO substitute. The US has its OWN forces.
German Force is just an EXTREMELY SMALL FRACTION of how many FOREIGN
OPERATIONS that are in existence within America. There are MANY MORE
"unconfirmed" (as far as the term "official" can extend) FOREIGN TROOP
LOCATIONS *** WITHIN *** the United States.

reported immediately. Location (exact), size of force, type of equipment
(exact), and activity should be reported IMMEDIATELY. Reply per latter to

I will make sure that the appropriate individuals receive the material.

   "The only thing that allows tyranny to triumph is for good men to do


ALoha Sir!

Thought you should see this immediately! This was posted "as is" and has been confirmed verbatim from the rpt. HOLD ON TO YER SEATBELTS...

* Original message :
Date: 12-Jul-95 20:12

From: - - - - - - -

To : Gabriel

Subj: Oh me oh my oh!

The following is an exerpt from an annex to an operation order for a training exercise that is to be conducted locally:

a. (U) The hate group, The Polynesian Militia (PM), is suspected to be occupying an area nearby. The size of the PM is estimated to be equivalent to that of a large platoon sized element, but could be larger. The PM has been known to be very aggressive. The group has persistent and non-persistent chemical weapons. They're also suspected to have sniper and indirect fire potential. The uniform of the PM is not yet known. They have, however, been known to imitate the U.S. Army. This group is insistent on the removal of the military from their homeland. [end]

Interesting training scenario with implications that I need not lecture you about. If this message is quoted, please leave my name out for obvious reasons. God bless, keep your knees loose, and knock 'em on their ass when you can!!! [END]


BeWISE Comments: (We thank the courageous brother who has volunteered the above rpt.)

Well, we knew this was coming. Here at BeWISE our efforts deal quite a bit with the education of the U.S. Military. Its like a huge RACE. So many military personnel are coming awake and at the same time the NWO controlled HQ's is coming down with all these "training" exercises. We must continue in our efforts as they are definitely having EFFECT!
Yah Bless You and your efforts!


P.S. This "training exercise" will be conducted at Schofield and it begins Monday, 17 July 1995. Also, BeWISE has CONFIRMED the presence of RUSSIAN OFFICERS that are meeting with U.S. Army officers on Schofield. That makes it very possible that this training exercise will be JOINTLY CONDUCTED with Russian and U.S. troops! ALERT! We have just confirmed the sighting in Pearl City of approx (30) WHITE military (equipment) vehicles with RED "U.N." ensignias on them. They were heading out of the Lehua pennisula, where they turned left toward the Schofield area. At this time we don't have a list of exact type of vehicles. BeWISE will attempt to gain more intelligence on this and update this information as we can . . .

10,000 Troops Confirmed for Atlanta Security

>Just saw this on CNN around 10:30 p.m. on 5/8/96:

CNN just reported that they are now establishing a "beachhead" in Atlanta for the many U.S. troops that will soon be there for the Olympics in July. They have confirmed that 10,000 troops will be policing the Games, and will be doing such things as driving buses and directing traffic. They also mentioned the possibility of infiltration by terrorists.

>I do not know if there will be foreign troops involved (the German troops in New Mexico perhaps?).

News from Down Under

At the recent Australian State Police Ministers meeting, they decided to ban all automatic and semi automatic rifles. Apparently though Australian gun dealers have reported that they have had a run on ammunition for these type of weapons, most likely by private citizens who have such weapons.

Re: the folk at Justus Township, Very little coverage about it in Australia.

A segment on it when "bo Gritz" visited there a little while ago, but I expect that we will get the same media coverage here as you will get their when the s..t hits the fan, as I have little dought it will.

You folk aren't the only ones who have a government that traditionally have the arrogance of knowing what is good for the people, no matter what sheep skin political party they belong to.

We have a series of super computers here that are in buildings of very interesting architecture. Bloody big holes under them a lot bigger than foundation works required for the upper structure.

Neither are you the only folk with foreign troops on their soil, but in our case. these foreign troops control the areas, and no Australian is permitted within miles of there compounds located in Central Australia. You may be interested to know that these foreign troops are in fact your country men.

We not only have the "smart Card" but effectively have a national I.D. card(the original i.d. card, the Australia Card, was rejected by the Australian people, But the government have still got it in a defacto form.

Also back around 1980 The Australian Airforce took possession of special personel indentifying equipment for use on living human bodies.(Service Personel) This to my knowledge has not been implemented, because at the time it was supposed to go into service, there was quite a lot of political agitation in a related matter.

The burden of the people is great when evil governs
Phil from Australia


FEMA --Must READ!! 

The Council on Foreign Relations
The New World Order


Even Yet Another