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FORWARDED MESSAGE - Orig: 10-Apr-97 11:33
    From: Randy Solomon INTERNET:afn39378@afn.org
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  With the various militias recent saber rattling over the so called Republic of Texas among other things I am compelled to offer this admonition. While I share their distaste for corrupt, unconstitutional government at all levels I can't support any armed action such militias take independent of civil authority which the militias are under biblically and constitutionally. Too many of them sadly have a flawed view of biblical doctrine on civil authority and the proper response to it. The founding fathers understood it well in putting the  military/militias under civil authority. Otherwise you have anarchy or military/police state.

  The call of God to resist evil (tyranny) is NOT proper grounds to take up arms nor is the right to keep and bear arms. The Bible only gives govt the duty to raise the sword of justice as its divine instrument of vengeance. Christ didn't permit his followers to take up arms against govt officials EVEN to defend innocent life nor did He do so. Look at David who never used violence against King Saul for all his abuses of power & attacks even when he had the chance to kill Saul. Our scriptural response to corrupt govt is only the following:

1)disobey unjust/unconstitutional laws
2)flee or hide from govt
3)Appeal to another level of govt to use force as intermediary to protect people from persecuting officials(which is NOT being done that I can see)
4)defend themselves in court and appeal to higher courts
5)pray for Gods judgement to come upon them

  Govt is the ONLY biblically sanctioned agent to raise the sword of justice and vengeance. If govt is derelict in doing so then consider it as divine judgement on that nation. The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord to turn it however He will. The militias are NOT magistrates and no amount of wishful thinking will make them such nor will God honor any such attempts.
Any armed response by militias without being activated/called out by civil authority amounts to insurrection and is biblically and constitutionally illegitimate. Anarchy is worse than tyranny. Only another civil authority can use force against tyrannical govt.   This should motivate sincere patriots to repent, pray, reprove bad govt, appeal to other authorities to use force of arms to protect them etc.
The frustrations in Americans must not lead to anarchy or rebellion which is sin against God.I nstead it should lead people to raise up magistrates (elected officials) who will resist in a godly way. There are only 2 godly methods of vengeance, directly from God or indirectly thru govt. Doing so privately is counterproductive and leads to more tyranny. Don't do that.

  I urge you all to contact your elected officials and appeal to them to stand in the gap as Moses and execute judgement (ex. to protect unborn). Don't take my word on this. Do your homework. Go to your pastor and prayer.
We can only restore this country the way the founding fathers showed us, by the Good Book. TAKE BACK AMERICA NOW.