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Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 09:49:04 -0700 (MST)
Subject: [FreeSpeech-NewsWire] Bilderberg Meeting in TORONTO  5/30-6/2/96

A-albionic Research Weekly Up-date of 5-25-96


1.  Toronto Bilderberger Meeting Coming-up!

2.  Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D. -- Chronicles the New World Order


1.  Toronto Bilderberger Meeting Coming-up!
Editor:  We cannot endorse a great deal of the underlying philosophy at
the Liberty Lobby's _Spotlight_, but they certainly lead the pack
reporting on the Bilderberges [Pretty Small Pack!]

THE SPOTLIGHT                           300 lNDEPENDENCE AVENUE S.E.
                                        WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003

                 BILDERBERG -- THE FINANCIAL
                    SECRETLY IN TORONTO


                                  CONTACT: Trisha Katson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE             202-546-3645/Fax:202-546-4583

WASHINGTON -- The highest level of the global financial and political
elite, the Bilderberg, will meet May 30-June 2 to secretly make economic
and political plans profoundly impacting the future of Americans and the
worldwide population. The major media in the U.S. is expected to black out
the event as it has In the past.

     The Bilderberg, named after the hotel in Holland where the powerful
group has deliberated, will meet at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Leadership Center on the outskirts of King City, a Toronto suburb. The
CIBC Center has been dubbed "the Bohemian Grove of Canada" after the
California retreat frequented by financial and political elites.

     Global control of the air, water and public health will be discussed
at the meeting, as well as the possible multi billion dollar sale of the
Canadian government-owned utility Ontario Hydro, producer and distributor
of electricity, according to informed sources.

     A primary subject of concern is expected to be the escalating attack
on world planning organizations by liberals, an entirely unwelcome
development for Bilderberg. About 50 leftist groups held a conference in
Washington May 10-12 directed against international banks and economic
globalization.  Leading liberal environmentalists, economists and
activists from around the world spoke.

     High officials of the White House. State and Defense Departments,
former heads of state, and bankers and industrialists involved in
international finance capitalism, attend Bilderberg meetings each year.
Decisions are later implemented as economic and political policy by world

Bilderberg meeting                    Contact: Trisha Katson
page 2                                202-546-3945/Fax:202-546-4583

     Each year the mainstream press blacks out news of Bilderberg
conferences. Prominent representatives of the electronic and newsprint
media, including the major TV networks, The New York Times, and Katharine
Graham of The Washington Post, have attended past meetings but have been
sworn to secrecy.

     Since 1976 only one national newspaper -- the populist newsweekly,
The SPOTLIGHT -- has annually reported on Bilderberg meetings.

     "If 120 film stars or sports celebrities were to spend three days
behind locked, guarded closed doors, members of the press would break
their necks trying to find out what was going on," said investigative
reporter Jim Tucker, who has covered Bilderberg meetings for The SPOTLIGHT
for the last 20 years.  "Why then no curiosity when 120 of world's most
powerful men and women gather under cover of darkness and in secret?"

     "If Bilderberg is doing good, and not evil, it should enjoy the
sunshine instead of seeking out the dark corners of the world in which to
hide," said Vince Ryan, chairman of the Board of Policy of Liberty

Lobby, publisher of The SPOTLIGHT.

     In 1995, Bilderberg attendees met atop a high mountain containing
three huge luxury hotels in Burgenstock, Switzerland, arriving and
departing by helicopter from the Zurich airport. Participants were guarded
by the Swiss army, police, their private security and attack dogs.

     The Trilateral Commission, which shares interlocking leadership with
the Bilderbergers, recently met in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Both groups oppose the rising tide of nationalism In the U.S. and Europe,
and are working to complete a common currency for the European Union. This
will help establish a European superstate to gain momentum for an American
Union and Asian-Pacific Union. These steps are critical to the groups'
goal of world government.

     In 1991, Bilderberg threw its support behind Bill Clinton -- a member
of both groups -- for president. Clinton attended the 1991 Bilderberg
conference (held in Baden-Baden, Germany) when he was then a little-known
governor of Arkansas.

2. Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D -- Chronicles the New World Order

        Many will find the works of Dr. Cuddy unecessarily marred, as I
do, by the Christian Fundamentalist paradigm in which he presents his
findings.  He could just as well have presented the results of his
research in a neutral, scholarly framework and thereby reached a much
larger and diverse audience with the often denied reality of the NWO
promoting global elite.

        However, nowhere else can one find a better chronicle and
precise documentation of the evolving New World Order ideas of the world
elite quoted straight from the mouths of the conspirators and their
Foundation funded flunkies, themselves.  Here are his titles now available
from A-albionic Research.  To order by credit card:
3.  _Now is the Dawning of the New Age New World Order_
        by Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D.

Catalog #01060  1991 pp 440 Paperback  price $18.00

This book is a chronology covering events and characters having
dramatic consequences in history.  In their own words the gradual
unfoldment of the New Age New World Order is presented here in a
manner which holds the readers' attention throughout.
2.  _New World Order, Chronology and Commentary Part I_
See The Network of Power for Part II
               By Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D. Robert Goldsborough

Catalog #00901 1992 pp 55  Paperback  price $5.00

Publisher's blurb:  "a singular service...'must' reading for anyone
who wants to know the true background of historical events...full of
irrefutable quotes from the mouths of plotters and planners of the New
World Order and the New Age Movement.  This unique Chronology and
Commentary with its invaluable index reveals the sinister origins and
development of the New World Order from 1902 to 1992.
3.  _Network of Power/The New World Order Part II_
                By Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D. & Robert Goldsborough

Catalog #00902 1993 pp 70 Paperback price $6.00

The Network of Power:  "This is a fast reading story of money
manipulations and political intrigue which exposes plans that have already
cost Americans trillions of dollars and will cost trillions
more...Revealed for the first time is the handful of powerful unelected
men who secretly rule America.  Through interlocking directorates, they
control the debt and destiny of America -- they elect and tell Presidents
what to do.  They are above the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral
Commission, and Federal Reserve System!  This is a five-star blockbuster
        Reviewed by William Gill author of The Ordeal of Otto Opteka.

The New World Order Part II:  "This eye-opening chronology details the
century-long effort to promote the New World Order and its socialist
totalitarian one-world government.  This book is a brilliant piece of
research exposing the planners all the way into the year 2000."
        Reviewed by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Dept. of Ed Official in
                                                 Reagan Administration.
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From majordom  Mon May 27 11:47:15 1996
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This is right in our backyard, so to speak, and we're keeping
tabs on it.

The *real* topic for discussion will be implementation of the
recommendations of the 1995 Report of the Commission On Global
Governance, entitled OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. The items mentioned
in the Press Release below are drawn from that document. I
did circulate an outline of the Report around the Net two months

We also have some journalistic friends well clued in on 
this: it will be interesting to see what they manage to 

The two major local papers are:

   THE TORONTO STAR - independent and owned by a foundation,
     the Chairman of which is Dr. John Evans, ex-head of the
     Rockefeller Foundation

   THE GLOBE AND MAIL - the last publisher of which, Norman Webster,
     was also a Bilderberg attendee.

Conrad Black, Bilderberger "secretary/doorkeeper" for Canada, has recently
bought up the Southam chain of newspapers which, together with his 
existing holdings, gives him tremendous media power in Canada. We can
assume that it's unlikely that *any* of these papers will be
delving too deeply into this meeting or even mentioning that it's

King City, by the way, is not a suburb of Toronto. It's an expensive
little country community outside the city. The CIBC retreat resort
is actually outside King City, in King Township - a region of large,
expensive horse farms, etc. where members of the Royal Family are hosted
on their private visits to Canada. I believe that its the old
Union Carbide top management retreat, since bought by the CIBC - I 
spent a weekend there some years ago when I was consulting to
Union Carbide. It's *extremely* luxurious, very private, and easy
to isolate for security purposes. It's also very close - a helicopter 
ride away - to Toronto's Pearson International Airport, so its
easy to whisk key personages out there quickly, securely, and

You'll note that a meeting including various ex-heads of state from 
around the world [Helmut Schmidt, Pierre Trudeau, etc.] has been in 
progress in Vancouver to discuss the impacts of globalism. No doubt
many of those participants will be proceeding directly from 
Vancouver to King City, too!

                          Best wishes,



The Council on Foreign Relations
The New World Order


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