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TORONTO, May 30th.-- The veil of secrecy which usually surrounds annual meetings of the Bilderberg, the highest level of the global and financial elite, was torn apart this morning by a front-page story in one of Canada's most widely-read and influential newspapers, the TORONTO STAR.

Under the headline BLACK PLAYS HOST TO WORLD LEADERS, John Deverell, a business reporter for the newspaper, noted that not only had Canadian publisher Conrad Black offered $295 million to gain control of Canada's largest newspaper chain and weathered the subsequent annual meeting of his Hollinger Inc, but that - to cap his week - "...he's now the host for a four-day closely guarded meeting of world leaders and royalty just north of Toronto."

The TORONTO STAR, and other major Toronto media, had previously received a detailed news release from the Toronto-based NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE alerting them to this well-concealed gathering. The UPDATE's Web page address is

Deverell listed some of the more than 100 hand-picked attendees from around the world as "U.S. Defence Secretary William Perry, Prime Minister Jean Chretien, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the queens of the Netherlands and Spain as well as other business, political and academic elite." He also noted that Conrad Black, a media magnate, is a permanent member of the Bilderberg, and added "For 42 years the secretive organization has devoted itself to strengthening the Atlantic military alliance and economies."

The elite group is meeting May 30th to June 2nd at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's luxuriously-appointed $60 million King Ranch top management and leadership centre outside King City, just north of Toronto.

Deverell concluded by reporting that "The guest list and agenda for the four-day conference are secret. A ban on reporters 'makes discussion more intimate and candid', Black said yesterday. 'There are no massive indiscretions, but the exchanges can be quite heated.'"

Bilderberger meetings are normally not even mentioned in the Press. The TORONTO STAR, a liberal paper with a long tradition of award- winning journalism, is one of the few remaining independent newspapers in Canada.

In his 1993 biography, A LIFE IN PROGRESS, Conrad Black had this to say about the Bilderberg, which he first attended in May, 1981:

"This group was set up in the mid-fifties by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and was designed to strengthen understanding between prominent people in the North Atlantic community. It met at the Dutch resort hotel that gave the group its name. About 120 or so people meet from every full-fledged traditionally non-communist European country, as well as Canada and the United States. They normally include senior officials of the governments of all the countries represented, with a wide swath of enlightened business, academic, media and military leaders. There was always a group of international officials, led by the NATO Secretary-General and military commander and the head of the OECD [Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development]

The key to the unique success of the Bilderberg meetings has been to hold them in remote places almost entirely without spouses or aides, to discourage prepared texts, and to confine discussion as much as possible to English.

Although I had first met Henry Kissinger in Palm Beach in 1979, and then at a luncheon in Toronto, jointly hosted by the ECONOMIST magazine and our company in 1980, and later socially in New York, it was at Bilderberg that I got to know him and a number of our other, future, directors and advisory board members. These included Gianni Agnelli of Fiat, Dwayne Andreas [controlling shareholder of the giant agri-business Archer-Daniels, Midland], Zbigniew Brzezinski [former national security advisor in the Carter administration], Lord Carrington [former British foreign and defence secretary and secretary-general of NATO], Andrew Knight [editor of the ECONOMIST], Richard Perle [former U.S. assistant secretary of National Defence and one of the champions of the Strategic Defence Initiative ("Star Wars") and Euro-missile deployment], Paul Volker [former Federal Reserve chairman], and George Will [U.S. conservative columnist and commentator], as well as many other interesting people.

Not having very satisfactory recollections of schooldays, nor being a very enthusiastic or obsevant university alumnus, Bilderberg has been the closest I have known to that sort of comaraderie. The animated social sessions, as much as the cut and thrust on the principal strategic and economic issues faced by the Atlantic community, have given me, and many other regular participants, a powerful and entirely agreeable sense of community with some very talented and prominent people. After 1986, I became the co-leader of the Canadian group and effectively chose most of the Canadian participants.

Providentially, the world became more accessible for me as Canada became less commodious. It was from Bilderberg that our company's eventual vocation as an international newspaper organization arose."

Others have a different view of Bilderberg. In his superbly-researched 1995 book, CLINTON CONFIDENTIAL: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON, George Carposi Jr. had this to say of this powerful organization of which President Clinton is also a member, and which "anointed" him for the Presidency at its private June, 1991, meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany:

"The organization claims 'secrecy is demanded so as to encourage frank discussions by persons whose positions otherwise wotuld restrict full expressions of their personal views'. Consequently, the identities of those attending the gatherings are never made known. They are referred to only by their own press releases or by reporters camped at a distance from the meeting sites, always off-limits to both press and public.

Over the years, the Bilderberg Conference has attracted many highly-placed critics who protest that the organization

* sets itself above governments
* manipulates global finances and imperiously establishes rigid and binding monetary rates around the world.
* selects political figures whom the conference decrees should become rulers - and also targets those whom it wants removed from power.
* decides which countries shall wage war on others.

"The Bilderbergers are powerful enough to pull the rug out [from under] one nation and to pave the way for the rise of another", said a scholar intimately aquainted with the Bilderberger modus operandi.

"An example is the way the conferees decreed the impoverishment of South American countries for many years. Now they've done an about-face, and are building up those lands.

"They are above government. They dictate terms and run the world the way the Bilderberger brains trust decides it should be.

"It is incomprehensible how so many highly placed people of influence can be sucked into this secret society's orbit to participate in their closed-door planning sessions that ordain drastic and historic changes to create a new world order to be controlled by the most powerful of global bankers", says the scholar.

A partial roster of infuential Americans who have attended Bilderberg Conferences includes Arthur Hayes Sulzberger, president and publisher of the NEW YORK TIMES; C.D. Jackman, vice-president of TIME, Inc; George F. Kennan, former ambassador to the Soviet Union; Eugene R. Black, president of the International Bank; Gabriel Howe, economic advisor to President Dwight D. Eisenhower; David I. McDonald, president of the United Steel Workers; David Rockefeller, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank; and former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger.

Meetings are generally held semi-annually and participants, as some of the aforementioned names indicate, represent selected public officials, economists, professionals, publishers, industrialists, labor leaders, and people of influence from virtually all walks of life....

Meetings are always held in an atmosphere of utmost security. Each delegate is sworn to secrecy, pledging never to divulge what is discussed or to identify others who attend."

As reported in yesterday's Press Release, however, the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE has learned that a planned 1997 Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Quebec's Premier Bouchard, resulting in the breakup of Canada and its eventual absorbtion into Continental Union with the United States by the year 2005, will be high on the agenda.

Other items to be discussed include the sweeping and Draconian recommendations of the elite's 1995 Commission on Global Governance Report, OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. The multi-billion dollar privatization of Ontario Hydro, the province's massive publicly-owned electricity generator and distributor will also be on the agenda. Such privatization sales in England have led to a "pure money machine" flow of profits for top investors.

The standard Bilderberger response to queries concerning their agenda, the identities of participants, and the decisions reached is that "secrecy encourages frank discussion." In his 1967 book, THE NEW UNHAPPY LORDS: AN EXPOSURE OF POWER POLITICS, British author A.K. Chesterton responded directly to that excuse by commenting that "Men pursuing purposes which will bear the light of day do not hold secret meetings in different parts of the world."

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