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FROM: DotHB@aol.com

From: livingtr@texemarrs.com  (Living Truth Ministries)

[COMMENT:  This letter is in answer to a "disbeliever" who did not like the first posting on the internet from Texe Marrs on this subject. This is a good letter and might "clear up" some doubting minds - some of whom asked me to send them "documentation" (???) ...D. Bibee]


  I do not know whether you are a disinformation agent of the IRS or whether you simply are totally oblivious to the horrible dangers now facing Christian Churches and groups. Are you really serious in claiming that suffering churches are not being abused by the IRS?

  I beg you to immediately contact Pastor Greg Dixon of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Brother Dixon's church has just been sacked with a tax levy of 5.1 million dollars by the IRS.  You see, Pastor Dixon and the good people of that historic, old church have long refused the IRS's 501(c)3 status.  They know exactly what it means -- control by the federal government of God's Church.  In retaliation, the IRS has audited the pastor and most church members.  They have seized some church property and sold it at a government "auction" to a fictitious, IRS proprietary corporation.

  As a result of this and similar infractions committed by the IRS against churches, Pastor Dixon and scores of other pastors have founded the Unregistered Church Coalition, made up of churches who refuse to register as 501(c)3 entities with the IRS and federal government.

  The goal of the IRS is to shut the mouths of Bible-believing Christian pastors and church leaders. Please also read THE SANCTUARY OF SILENCE, by Peter Kershaw and you'll understand why obtaining 501(c)3 status is the kiss of death for America's churches.

  Please also write the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), PO Box 64429, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467.  Ask for a copy of their Sept. 1998 CASE NOTES newsletter.  In it, they present voluminous evidence of an outrageous campaign by the IRS to clamp down on Bible- believing churches. The ACLJ documents how the IRS has used secret photographic surveillance and other unconstitutional methods. Further, the ACLJ was able to got to court and force the IRS to "reveal their agenda to monitor churches and censor any speech they deem to be too political."

  According to the  ACLJ., in its audits and investigations of churches, the IRS looks for what the agency contends are "secret code words" from the pulpit -- words like "pro-life" and "conservative."

  Pastor Greg Dixon can tell you about much this same thing.
For example, the Pastor recounts how the IRS and Department of Justice attempted to recruit church members as spies.  The IRS's own files on the Indianapolis Church included reports by agents who attended church services and took copious notes.  None of what they heard was anything other than Godly preaching!

  Please, research this matter and join those of us who want the govern- ment to comply fully with the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Do you agree with us that churches and Christian ministries should enjoy the unfettered right to free speech and freedom of religion?

  Contrary to what you say, even Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are not immune from IRS harassment.  Falwell's group was recently forced by the IRS to pay a stiff fine.   Robertson's Christian Coalition is now hobbling through an IRS audit.  The Rutherford Institute, the Christian foundation that supported Paula Jones in her lawsuit against Bill Clinton, is also being audited.  Sadly, the IRS threat is only too real, and our religious and speech freedoms are in dire jeopardy.

  Also, you strangely defend the IRS by saying that you are "personally involved with at least four ministries that do at least half of those things ("35 Things Prohibited by the IRS") on an active basis and are audited by the IRS for compliance EVERY SINGLE YEAR and have never been cited yet, much less lost their rating." You contend this is proof the IRS are good guys.

  But, read your own words:  These four ministries are audited EVERY SINGLE YEAR, year in and year out -- and you don't think that's harass- ment?! According to the IRS Nonprofit Division, there are 900,000 non- profit churches and organizations in the U.S.A.  Each year, less than one-half percent -- a tiny, insignificant number -- are subjected to an audit. Yet, the four ministries you mention are all audited regularly for compliance EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

  That's not fair treatment.  Those Christian groups are being singled out for repeated harassment and intimidation.  Audits cost time and expense -- CPA's must be paid etc.  IRS audits are aggravating and morale-destroying. It is wrong to go after the same ministries year after year. Even if they are allowed for now to keep their tax exempt status, the IRS is, by its repeated audits, letting these four groups know that at any time the feds want, the plug can be pulled, and the ministries are in big trouble. That is the reason for the repeated audits, over and over.

  Please, call up 20 of your local churches and organizations that are liberal, pro-Bill Clinton, and anti-Bible. Contact Planned Parenthood, an Episcopal Church, a feminist organization, or a homosexual group, and you'll find out they are NEVER audited!   WHY?

  So, by your own testimony, the IRS is unfairly singling out these four conservative Christian ministries.  If you truly care for what Christianity and the U.S. Constitution stand for, please help us work to make sure that this unfair intimidation campaign by the IRS ceases immediately.

  Does the IRS hate the Gospel and despise Bible-believing Christians? Has the IRS become a police-state agency that regularly persecutes churches, pastors, and ministries that still believe in old-fashioned patriotism? Listed below are 35 things the IRS contends are prohibited of churches and ministries. A pastor or ministry leader who violates the guidelines of the IRS on these 35 prohibitions can have his church or group's tax exemption revoked and be dealt with harshly by the IRS.
  These 35 prohibitions on churches and ministries demonstrate how the IRS and the federal government now control churches and insure politically and religiously "correct" behavior. Liberal Christian churches and false religions such as Hunduism, Witchcraft, and Scientology are not affected by these rules--only Bible-believing, Christian ministries and churches. Also, keep in mind: These 35 things are not prohibited by law nor by the Constitution. The IRS considers itself above the law and the Constitution.
  According to the IRS, Christian churches, ministries, and organizations may not:

1. Expose conspiracies.

2. Criticize the New World Order.

3. Say or publish anything negative about any politician, Republican or Democrat.

4. Criticize government agencies and bureaus--the IRS, FBI, BATF, CIA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, DOJ, etc.

5. Criticize an institution of government such as the White House, the Congress, the Federal Reserve Board, or the Supreme Court.

6. Encourage citizens to call or write their congressman, senator, governor, mayor, or other public official.

7. Criticize any proposed or pending bill or legislation that would take away the rights and freedoms of the people.

8. Make disparaging remarks about, or criticize, any other faith group, cult, or religion.

9. Expose or ciriticize the New Age Movement.

10. Support or encourage a law-abiding citizen's militia.

11. Support or encourage the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

12. Discourage young women from getting an abortion, or endorse the pro-life movement.

13. Teach that abortion, especially partial birth abortion, is murder and is the killing of innocent babies.

14.  Identify homosexuality as a sin and an abomination to God.

15. Express an opinion on any subject or issue.

16. Appeal to peoples' emotions by employing an evangelization method (such as "fire and brimstone" preaching) not considered a "reasoned approach" by the IRS.

17. Discuss or identify threats to Christianity.

18. Discuss subjects or topics the IRS deems "sensationalist."

19. Criticize well-known public figures or institutions the IRS deems "worthy", such as the super-rich elite, international bankers, the Hollywood movie industry, etc.

20.  Publish or broadcast information on any topic without giving credence to the opposing viewpoints of Christ's enemies.

21. Publish and offer books, tapes, or products that expose the elitist plot against humanity and God.

22. Criticize the Pope or the Vatican, or contrast the New Catholic Catechism with the tuths found in the Holy Bible.
  (Note: only liberal churches are permitted by the IRS to criticize the Catholic Church).

23. Criticize the United Nations or such globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission.

24. Criticize the Masonic Lodge, the Order of Skull & Bones, or other Secret societies.

25. Highlight or otherwise bring attention to immorality of public officials or corruption in government.

26. Complain of government wrongdoing or injustice, such as happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and elsewhere.

27. Criticize the Jewish ADL or other Jewish lobby groups.

28. Say anything positive about the "religious right" or the "patriot movement."

29.  Support home schooling, home churches, or unregistered churches.

30. Spend money on missionary projects or charitable causes not approved by the IRS.

31. Promote or encourage alternative healthcare (herbs, vitamins, etc.).

32. Expose false teachings of any kind by anyone.

33. Support or encourage persecuted Christians suffering under anti-Christian regimes in Red China, Cuba, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and elsewhere.

34. Ordain a pastor whose training or qualifications are not approved by the IRS.

35. Advocate or teach any Bible doctrine that is politically or religiously incorrect, or is inconsistent with any "public policy" (abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc.) currently being enforced by the IRS.

  [IMAGE] Please examine the above list of 35 prohibitions on Christian free speech and activity by the IRS, and decide for yourself: Are conservative Christian ministries and churches being selectively persecuted? Is the IRS willfully violating the civil rights of Christian believers? Are Christian believers receiving the equal protection of the law? What does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution say?

  How the IRS Controls Churches
  "Mr. Marrs, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is exploring whether Living Truth Ministries has violated its 501(c)3 tax exempt status."

        Those were the words of the IRS agent conducting an examination of our ministry's "philosophy and viewpoints" which began some nine months ago. The agent said that we may have violated IRS policies by making disparaging remarks about faith groups and cults that oppose Christianity. We may also be subjected to penalties and fines because we have exposed the "Catholic Pope, the United Nations, the Masonic Order, the Skull and Bones Society, the Illuminati," and other organizations deemed worthy by the IRS. The IRS also found objectionable our stand against the sexual immorality and pro-abortion views of President Bill Clinton.

        The IRS warned us that Christian churches and ministries that identify "threats to Christianity" may be at risk of violating IRS guidelines. We were even told that if anything we publish does not appear reasonable to the IRS we can be punished.

        I have enclosed a list of 35 things the IRS contends are prohibited conduct for tax exempt Christian churches and ministries. Do you agree with me that the IRS and the federal thought police have gone horribly off the deep-end in dictating what Bible-believing preachers and Christians can and cannot preach or discuss? Whatever happened to freedom of religion and freedom of speech?

        Please pray with us that the IRS and the enemies of Christ will fail in their blatant attempt to silence the true Church of the Living God and our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  --Texe Marrs
  How the IRS Controls Christian Churches
  60 Minute Audiotape by Texe Marrs - For Your Gift of $10
  You may order this tape by phoning toll free: 1-800-234-9673

  or writing to Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson Road,
  Austin, TX 78733.  Also check out our Online Order Form.

All God's Best,

Texe Marrs
The Living Truth Ministries
    Your sins were paid for with the blood of Christ,
    Your freedom was paid for with the blood of Patriots, and
    Your silence is paid for with the blood of the UNBORN.

Dot Bibee (DotHB@aol.com)
Knoxville, TN  Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011

                      Write to:  ConstCoal@aol.com
        "To Deny the Constitution is to Provoke Revolution"                  

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