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This is forwarded from a News list... I have since been satisfied as to the Authenticity..
Mostly by the Following Silence... for instance the List this was posted to soon after disappeared.. (III)

This is an unverified lead, it could be true, it could be nonsense.  I 
have subscribed to the caji mailing list that this allegedly came from, 
to see what it is about (info at the end of the story), and I have asked 
the source (confidential) of this message for any additional details.

If there is anyone in the vicinity of Montana who can verify this 
information please post the information as a lead, or as information.  
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The federal government is moving heavy armor, artillary, and ambulances into the Jordan/Justus Township area of Montana. The Highway Patrol has begun to turn automobiles away from the area. TROJAN HORSE operative Lt. Col. James Gritz has announced on his radio after confering with Mitchel, Freeh, and Reno that a dynamic entry will be conducted shortly.

The Command Staff does not anticipate actual confrontation between government forces and the Militia. However, due to the unprecedented number of foreign troops on American soil for the announced joint training excercise with British forces which coincides with the assault upon the Freemen, all units of the Second Continental Army of the Republic are ordered to disperse according to the SIOP in preparation for war.

Commanding officers are instructed to remember that our purpose is to enforce the Laws of the Union, repel Invasion, and supress Insurrection. This order has nothing to do with the plight of the Freemen but with the possibility that Montana affair is a diversion for an attack upon the Constitutional and Lawful Militia by combined British and American new world order forces.

Commanders are ordered to stage their units in preparation to attack primary targets.

Confrontation with law enforcement or military is to be avoided at all costs.

Commanding officers are ordered to maintain strict discipline at all times.

Units of the Second Continental Army are ordered NOT to fire unless first fired upon and then NOT to fire unless specifically ordered to do so by their commanding officer or senior non commissioned officer in the field.

Commanding officers are ordered NOT to attack primary targets unless an order to do so is received from the Commanding General or his designated successor.

On the occassion that a unit finds itself cut off from communications from higher authority the commanding officer of that unit will proceed according to SIOP SOP governing such situations.
Due to the possibility of capture all individual copies of the SIOP are ordered destroyed immediately.

This order will expire on at 0700 on May 14, 1996 if no order to the contrary has been received by unit commanders.

Commanding General
Second Continental Army of the Republic

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