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Unaware of the Cruise Missile Defense (CMD) protocol, many people can't believe that the Navy would conduct CMD tests off Long Island, where witnesses saw a rocket intercept TWA  800, because it is so close to  inhabited areas where such testing could hurt civilians. In other words: the military wouldn't endanger the people because the military respects people's boundaries. If you think that's true, think again.

Research revealed by INSIGHT magazine (8/7/97) indicates that the military conducted involuntary drug experimentation on Gulf War soldiers -- a.k.a., human guinea pigs --with a drug unapproved for human use. [1] As CNN reportedlast year (9/26/96), the Pentagon has already admitted to having dosed Gulf War soldiers with the drug pyridostigmine bromide without the consent or knowledge of those soldiers http://www.cnn.com/US/9609/26/gulf.illness/index.html.

So it seems that not only will the U.S. military conduct dangerous tests near your body, but, if it can get away with it, the military will also conduct dangerous tests INSIDE your body. Far from respecting the boundaries of The People, it would more accurate to say: The People are cannonfodder and guinea pigs for military masters.


The latest drug found in "Gulf War guinea pigs" is squalene, an unapproved synthetic adjuvant compound believed to boost the effect of immunizations. Many Gulf War soldiers (including those who did not see action)  who are suffering from "Gulf War syndrome" and were given inoculations during the war, have tested positive for squalene antibodies, proving that they were somehow exposed to this synthetic compound. There also appears to be a correlation between the level of squalene exposure and severity of "Gulf War syndrome" symptomology, such that more squalene = more illness.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES reports (08/15/97) that in response to the INSIGHT article on involuntary drug experimentation, the Pentagon came forward to deny the charges. Speaking for the Pentagon, retired Lt. Gen. Dale Vesser told reporters:

 I've been told that recently there's been a small use of squalene as an adjuvant that some 50 test volunteers have been exposed to. None of this happened at the time of the Gulf war. That's all I can say on the subject.

What he's saying is that all he's allowed to tell us is that the voluntary tests were not happening at the time of the Gulf war. Well, I suspect that is true, but what about involuntary tests? Seems he can't talk about that.

Is this part of a conspiracy to violate the consent of soldiers and conduct top-secret drug tests? We should be able to get to the bottom of this by simply acquiring the appropriate  military records to see if squalene was used in innoculations?
Gee, sorry, the records disappeared! As INSIGHT reports, as many as 700,000 service-related immunization records have completely vanished. So that's it, "the bottom" of this case has simply been erased.


It seems that whenever the military runs into trouble, the files just disappear [2]. Such is the opposite of a military that is accountable to The People, and it's the opposite of a military that is the servant of The People. Since the opposite of a servant is a master, it follows from military actions that the military is the master, not the servant, of The People.

Let's face it, while our military may be an adjunct of a democratic society, within itself it is a fascistic dictatorship by design. It's an organization where by design the will of the individual is crushed and subordinated to the unswerving and unquestioning service of a master plan dictated by an elite central command.

The military is as dangerous to a society as it can be necessary. Just as effectively and swiftly as a military can defend the liberty of a society, it can take it away. Just like Thomas Jefferson's analogy of government and fire, if the military is not kept small and in a limited area, like a raging fire it quickly spreads, destroying all good in its path.

Indeed, 230 passengers aboard TWA Flight 800 were quickly destroyed by a raging fire that shot upwards from an area occupied by military assets engaged in military operations. I believe the 230 people aboard TWA 800 and hundreds of Gulf War veterans have beenforced to learn Jefferson's lesson the hard way.

The Question is, will we as a society be allowed to learn from these lessons or will our military government continue to test the outer limits of tyranny by suppressing the truth in these and in other cases?
[1] INSIGHT: Sickness and Secrecy. By Paul M. Rodriguez,August 7, 1997. Find excerpt of the INSIGHT article here:
Other Gulf War Syndrome military cover-ups: http://members.tripod.com/~AmazonFox/GWS.html GWS Covered Up: http://caq.com/caq53.gws.html
[2] Yet another example of vanishing military files:
(see?? iii couldn't find them either :)

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