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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 22:23:54 -0700
Subject: RE: OO - For Warned is For Armed
Real Patriots v False Patriots

>From the Oregon Observer:

For Warned is For Armed

by Thomas C. Maliha

Our government has a tendency to break things to us gently; not because it does not want to shock us, but so it never loses control over us. Things must be done slowly as not to tip a hand to the real issues or agendas.

The seeds of deceit are quietly planted into our subconscious so that we think the threats and rhetoric are real and the action of an aggressive and abusive government are fair and just. The parameters of freedom narrow to that of the scope of the media. Agent provocateurs within the mainstream media carefully steer the coverage of events and issues to give the appearance of a rational pre-determined logical conclusion.

Dishonest government and media, working in concert, manipulate the minds of unsuspecting American citizens in a methodical manner. It's the old scenario: If you set them up, I will knock 'em down. We are controlled and exploited from the womb to the grave. It's amazing to think that our future survival may depend upon our level of talent for accurately interpreting what the controlled media is telling everybody.

Who were the puppet masters behind all those patriotic John Wayne movies that motivated America's youth to an early death in the armed services? The American propaganda machine is well oiled with the blood of our most precious and valued possessions: Our children.

A hundred years of deceit and misinformation have clouded American minds and stifled the economy of the United States. We the people remain completely misinformed by the mainstream media.

I can only address simple issues for I am only a simple man. But even in these complex times even a simple man can have a memory. I sometimes say to people, "If you can't be brilliant, at least have a memory."

So now let us remember our involvement in the Viet Nam war. We will start at this point because, for some of us, Viet Nam is still fresh in our minds.
Hysterical headlines: "Communist Aggression," "Communist Invasion," "UN asks U.S. to Intervene." Goal of U.S involvement in Viet Nam? To stabilize the area, install democratic government.

1) U.S. military advisors are dispatched to the scene.
2) U.S. troops are dispatched to cover advisors.
3) U.S. fighter planes provide air support for ground troops.
4) U.S. bombs attack strategic enemy targets.

Never was a war fought for a more noble cause; God bless the Bravehearts who served. But, of course, by now you realize that we've been had.

The hidden agendas, the real reasons for the war were not noble at all. First, the U.S. government could give less that a soft bowel movement about communist aggression . If it did it would order an air strike on the White House.

Real reasons for the Viet Nam war: Queen of England fears loss of oil fields in Gulf of Tonkin. This came under the banner of Phillips, BP, British Petroleum.

Lord Carrionton feared the loss of the opium trade. The drug trade in Southeast Asia has been under British supervision for more than one hundred years and still is today.

The American industrial military complex wanted to sell its wares at any cost.
This greedy desire to sell weapons of war may have even gone so far as to justify the death of President John F. Kennedy as insurance to keep the war in Viet Nam going.

Try to explain that one to Johnny No Legs. Greed and the protection of the powerful are the real reasons behind Viet Nam and all of our other international conflicts. The truth is seldom spoken.

Sound familiar? Ever so slowly the media/government breaks the story. It reminds me of the two brothers who own a Candy Store in Brooklyn. For thirty years the brothers never took a day off or went on vacation. One day, Robert says to Paul, "Take a vacation in Miami."

Paul says, "I can't leave, who will take care of Mom and the cat? You know that if anything happened to them while I was gone, I could never forgive myself."

Robert assured Paul that he could take care of everything and, when he returned, Robert would go on vacation. Reluctantly, Paul left the store. After a few days of sun and fun he called home. The conversation sounded something like this:

"So how's everything?"

"OK, Paul," Robert said.

"So, how's the cat?" Paul asked.

"The cat died," Robert replied.

Paul returned to NY on the next flight. He returned to the store and confronted Robert. It sounded something like this: "Robert, you idiot, you almost gave me a heart attack. Don't you know how to give someone bad news?
You do it gently. You could have said the first time I called that the cat is on the roof. The next time I called you could have said, 'he hasn't eaten and looks a little weak.' After that, you could have said 'he got sick and fell into the driveway and died.' Do you understand? That's how you break bad news to someone.

"So where's Mom?" asked Paul.

"Mom's on the roof," answered Robert.

The government/media works much in the same manner. Low intensity programming or conditioning can be achieved over a long period of time with the introduction of appropriate stimulus for the desired effect. The media/government conditioning of the mid 1960s masses created the climate of
our social environment today.

Picture America as a vast petri dish or perhaps a patient in a hospital.

Bacteria (government) or viruses (legislation) feed off the host (America, freedom) until the host can no longer support the parasites. Once the host dies, freedom and America is dead. Of course, the propaganda machine relentlessly churns out cerebral sludge to stifle the public scrutiny of real
issues and fixate the masses on shallow issues of no importance. The media keeps the public preoccupied with the likes of OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson, or some other high profile individual while our freedom is being stolen out from under us.

Movies and TV are the government's favorite format for deceit. For years the television has brought an ever increasing level of violence and immorality into the American household amid the complaints of clergy, parents and teachers. The Ministry of Propaganda, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finds no fault with this kind of programming.

Our children are being pre-programmed for violence, immorality and failure.
You reap what you sow. Nightly on TV we see murder, rape and war. The reality of this horror is it is no longer screenplays, it's the NEWS.

Americans are no longer attuned to each other; they are plugged into their TV sets. If someone hears of a murder on a street corner instead of going down to the corner to see for himself what happened, he is programmed to run inside, turn on the TV and watch what happened. If nothing was mentioned on TV then nothing happened.

Americans have been conditioned run indoors to receive instructions from their propaganda boxes. These people will trip over that body on the street corner daily in total denial that it ever happened. It's sad to say, reality to millions of Americans is the illusion of truth provided by the government-
controlled media.

The technique of wordspeak is commonly used in the media. This gives an oxymoronic meaning to words or phrases. For example "rescue tanks" as used by Attorney General Brightlight (Janet Reno) when testifying in court about the Waco massacre. A rescue attempt of this kind on Treason Hill would bring a big grin to the faces of even the most conservative American.

A series of terrorist movies supplied a limited education for the salting of the subconscious. The goal: To instill within people a hysterical reaction to the news.

Then Clinton announces that there is a threat of terrorist bombings of government buildings (the cat is on the roof). The World Trade Center was bombed soon after. It makes us feel much better to know that the FBI was on the scene from the time the bomb was mixed and made in New Jersey to the time it was detonated in New York.

Prior knowledge did not save the lambs at the time of slaughter in the OK City bombing, either. The issue of the truck bomb should be secondary to the main issue. The main issue should be: "Why did the government store an arsenal of weapons, ammo, high-powered explosives and Stinger missiles in the same building which housed a child day care facility?" This issue is well eluded by the media (mom's on the roof).

Government agents are proud of the fact that they handle threat levels higher than that of a praying Christian or a nursing mother. Hysterical headlines yield unconstitutional, paranoid legislation, unjust laws and loss of freedom.
The weak-minded are used daily as a tool to enslave us all.

There has recently been a series of terrorist movies. The themes? Biological warfare. The education continues. Terrorists do not have access to weapons of this type, unless, of course, they are supplied by a government.

President Clinton warned us of the threat of "biological terrorism." He said chemical or biological weapons may be released into the subway systems of New York. Clinton added that they may also be used in Atlanta at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. I wonder if our president also knows the manufacturer and the shipment's lot number, too (the cat's on the roof).

With the investigation of Whitewater leading to Mena drugs for guns trade, Clinton's old friends are broken into two categories: Those waiting to go to jail, and those waiting to be suicided.

The spin doctors are working overtime to steer media in other directions while the hit teams relentlessly attempt to close doors on the Clintons' shady past.
Media will focus on the recent church burnings and manufacture racism as the cause. The media's goal is to create a racially tense atmosphere in America that can be triggered into violence at any time.

If there is even a slight chance of dethroning the Czar of America, we will never see an election in November. Clinton has many options: The shadow government (FEMA) can be used. Also: Operation Garden Plot or just plain martial law will keep him in office as a military dictator. I think he might like that one (he was never in the armed forces).

As I stated earlier in the article I am a simple man, so let's keep it Simple: Armed Mexican forces (gangs) inside our borders; the German Luftwaffe Air Base in New Mexico and; Russian troops in Atlanta to keep the peace during the Olympics: We've been invaded. America? Mom's on the roof. Sleep well and know that your elected public officials have well-planned your future.

Thomas C. Maliha
Correspondent for The Oregon Observer
15055 SE McLoughlin #312
Milwaukie, Oregon 97267-2800
(503) 786-8245  FAX (503) 786-7035

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>From the Oregon Observer:
   Real Patriots v False Patriots

Patriot defined: A person who loves his country, and zealously defends it and its interests.

"Such tears a patriot sheds for dying laws." ~American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828.

Why does it appear to be in the best interest of government, through the mouthpieces of its mainstream media, to alter the definition of the word Patriot--one of the most noble words in the English language?

Dateline June 1996, America...

The political temperature in the United States of America is rapidly going from simmer to boil as we approach the 21st century. Amid world strife, the inner rotting of the Soviet Union, the constant death and tension in the Middle East, Bosnia, Africa and Korea, the United States of America, greatest nation on earth, is facing a crisis which places its future in very grave and real danger.

The crisis will reach fruition when patriotic Americans reach the point where they see no chance of regaining control of a nation that has been taken over by those who control the money. These would include the large corporations and powerful labor unions. Further up the corrupted ladder called control you will find the international bankers.

The international bankers are the god-less and the gut-less who push their agendas on those (political parties, politicians and the entire judicial system) who pretend to govern "our" country with "our" Constitution. When a person is forced to open their eyes, usually after becoming a victim or
statistic of the current regime, they start yelling, "Constitution--what about my Constitutional rights," only to find that the Constitution is no longer in effect.

America, a country formed by Patriots out of their desperation to escape the tyranny of government, has fallen right back under the control of despots who dictate to, rather than represent, the millions of people who call themselves Americans. The system running America (into the ground), its media and those such as Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center who run damage control
for the corrupt, are desperately attempting to make the word Patriot synonymous with terrorist, racist and anarchist.

While getting filthy rich for preying upon peoples' fears as they undermine America, they, in fact, are merely succeeding at deceiving the populace for a time. Would it be fair to say that government, its media, Morris Dees and like creatures of habit, exemplify and perfect the definition of "False Patriot"?
Yes. They have polished and perfected their practice of calling the kettle black in their quest for absolute control.

Warned over and over by the founders of this nation as to what we should look out for and avoid in order to sustain a free Republic, Americans got lazy and trusted a few to look out for the many. Human nature, fueled by greed, began decades ago to feed its ravenous appetite and by 1996, we find ourselves in a much worse condition than those patriots of 1776.

Our leaders prescribe their own wages, benefits and lavish retirements without the taxpayer having any input whatsoever in these decisions, or any of the other governmental policies of America.

The condition existing today is that "we" will pay for the lifestyles of "our" leaders whether or not we can afford the same for ourselves and our families.
In other words, "we" taxpayers will provide "our" so-called leadership their life liberty and pursuit of happiness and to hell with our own.

To protect themselves, our leaders have, over many decades, used government (taxpayer) handouts and government jobs along with millions of bogus laws, rules and regulations to handcuff America.

Many citizens, including the elderly, think they have no choice but to sustain the current system, for without big government and all of its ridiculous, yet "legal" plunder, their government checks would not arrive at the beginning of each month.

It is true, we are not free, but we only have ourselves to blame. We sit back and allow a few contemptuous bureaucrats to take the fruits of our labor and re-distribute what we have earned to those (in part) who are lazy, irresponsible, immoral and worthless.

What a mentality, what an oxymoron: The slave gets beaten (lied to election after election) and then politely asks (votes the corrupt back into office) the master to beat him a little more. The American voter should be very proud of him or herself, and those that feel voting does no good should just go out and find a rock to hide under.

Parents cannot properly raise their children and families, for the most part, are a thing of the past as both husband and wife must struggle to provide for those who live like kings while they produce unconstitutional and perverted policy.

Crime is epidemic, the national debt, however phony it may be, is impossible to pay back. Government continues to send $billions overseas to support mass murderers without our consent. We continually hear the bureaucrats scream of a need for more prisons and more police officers even when the ones we have are not working.

I spent much time thinking while preparing this article about what positive things government has done for Americans...I am still thinking!

Same sex marriages, homosexual preachers, teenage pregnancies, late term abortions, millions of illegal immigrants (who we support), no due process of law, escalating taxation without representation, no accountability, a perverted educational system, controlled news-media, rampant child abuse (more so by the agencies in place to protect children), no American Dream ... Land
of the free, home of the brave; and people wonder why we don't write more on the positive issues. Definition concluded--Patriot: One who refuses to live under an unGodly and dictatorial leadership. One who requires freedom in order to exist.

Edward Snook
Head of Investigations, The Oregon Observer
15033 SE McLoughlin #312, Milwaukie, Oregon 97267-2800
(503) 786-8245 FAX (503) 786-7035

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