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Subj: SAFAN NO. 318. Connecting the Dots.......by Col. Jim Ammerman
Date: 97-02-27 17:51:52 EST
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S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, NO. 318, February 27, 1997

CONNECTING THE DOTS.. Notes from Jim Ammerman's Seminar held in Knoxville, TN, February 27, 1997 by Dot Bibee (DotHB@aol.com) or (SafanNews@aol.com)

There has been a lack of credible Americans coming forth and telling us what is happening to us and being able to piece all of the information about it into one big ugly picture. Col. Jim Ammerman, whose topic was "Imminent Takeover of the American Military" did that. It was an information-packed evening and if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do go!! He mentioned that he did not want to scare anyone and that what he was telling us was really "Good News"since the scriptures states that there will be a one world government before Christ comes. He is definitely a man of God!

Col. Ammerman is a retired Army Chaplain who remains in charge of the Chaplain program for the Army. He appears on the Prophecy Club Radio Network.

All of the information on his radio shows and in his seminars are all unclassified and that all information presented has been given to the American people but dispersed very carefully so that they do have trouble "connecting the dots".

The CIA does censor the major news media - and makes certain that the news that you digest is carefully controlled. I thought that it was interesting that some of the people (or patriots) that I talked to afterwards said, "I've heard all of this before". So have I - but noone had ever "connected" it for me quite as well before.

Our Constitution is gone. There is no more balance of power since the President (and Presidents for many years now) rules by Executive Order (a Dictatorship); the Judicial System makes the Laws - since the Courts are based on "case law"; and Congress is caught between the other two branches and a Congress too gutless to impeach President Clinton. Read on The New World Order is in place and has been for several years now. Watch during the next few weeks since the G-7 Nations will be meeting in Phoenix Spring 1997. The G-7 Nations are the seven most powerful nations in the world.

EXECUTIVE ORDERS: All Executive Orders issued by the President become law in 30 days if not challenged by Congress; and are entered into the Federal Register and become Public Law.

FEDERAL RESERVE: It is NOT a government agency but a private corporation controlled by bankers all over the world (IMF and World Bank) and only three live in the U.S. (all three in NY) with the others in England, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. They control the world's economy - and our Congress!!


F.E.M.A. - is the controlling Agency for MJTF (National Police Force of federal officers - FBI, ATF, BLM, and other federal agencies) with HQ. in Ft. Monroe, VA. The MJTF holds joint operations with the Military and have been conducting exercises over major cities in this country call M.O.U.T. (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) - i.e. Pittsburgh, Houston, St. Petersburg, Mobile, and New Orleans (aborted in Ft. Launderdale thanks to a coalition of citizens!!!).

The MJTF has been cross training with foreign troops at Ft Polk, LA. The MJTF has 3,000 Black Helicopters to use in these exercises. The M.O.U.T. operations are coordinated out of 29 Palms Marine Corps base (remember the infamous questionnaire from 29 Palms: "Would you fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government?). One of the exercises conducted by the MOUT operations has been to disable a major telephone switching station. Since there are only 5 major switching stations, the whole country could be immobilized in a very short period!). Gun Grabs are already taking place across the country - beginning with police and military personnel under the Domestic Violence Act passed under the cover of the Omnibous Budget Bill - the beginning [these guys have to practice!].

Roadblocks are being set up in school zones checking vehicles for firearms.

FEMA has many underground operations, the largest of which is in Mt. Weather, VA, just outside Washington, D.C.

FEMA is under the control of of the many detention centers being built in every area of the United States - 43 in all. These will be operated by the MJTF who are now "practicing" house-to-house searches and seizures when martial law is declared. The largest of these (videotaped by Linda Thompson and shown all over the world in "America Under Siege" is located in Beech Grove near Indianapolis, IN).

The RESERVE Forces of the United States, have been under F.E.M.A. Command since 1995 when they were placed under 11 Regional Commands.

These ARCOM Commands have been reduced by many closings (Willow Grove, PA; East Point, GA; Columbus, OH; Forest Park, IL; Ft Meads, MD; St Louis, MO; and Nashville, TN. Many have been reduced in size: San Antonio, TX; Ft. Jackson, SC; and Harrison, IN. Since the National Guards (under our State Governors) have been cross training with the MJTF, it is obvious that they too are under FEMA command.

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is now part of the "National Police Force" and has its own police force and swat teams and the authority to seize property from "violators". The Forest Services is being equipped with APC's (Armoured Personnel Carriers) painted White?? (UN color) Mr. Ammerman knows the contractor who is painting these vehicles in Texas.

The MJTF is now in place in our major cities and working with local police and Sheriff's Depts. The units are equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, including black helicopters enabled to see into houses and see guns, etc., can disable cars by scrambling their computers, and can strip search you naked without touching you!

FOREIGN TROOPS: It is estimated that anywhere from 400,000 to one million foreign troops are now in the United States. They are located on our military installations and in our National Parks. Any pilot will tell you that we now have Restricted Airspace over all of our National Parks (now U.N. controlled). That is because there are already foreign troops there or soon will be there. Biospheres are also being created so that these troops will have more places for facilities and will be under the control of the United Nations.

These forces now cross-train with our Active Duty Miitary Forces - presumably under the guise of "peacekeeping operations. Germany has an official Air Force Base in New Mexico and a Command HQ in Reston, VA - both flying the German flag. German troops also train at Ft Hood, TX and Shephards AFB - and other bases across the country. The Russians are at Ft. Drum, NY. Many come in and out and have trained at nearly major military facility of the U.S.

THE KURDS - 15,000 Iraqi Kurds are now in Guam and to be moved soon (if not already) to Michigan. Will they join this force already training in America? Probably.


The Long Beach Naval Station (closed in the BRAC of 1991 and 1994) has been sold to Red China in 1996 and is to become a cargo port in late 1997. (See Safan 317).

1.7 million acres of private land in Utah was seized by President Clinton last year without prior notification to the Governor, the Legislators, or the People of Utah, and no notification to the Congress of the United States.

The Presidio is now the HQ of the Gorbachev Foundation and is the home of Mikhail Gorbachev (who is NOT in exile) with offices around the world with HQ. in Moscow. There is a lawsuit filed against Pres. Bush and Clinton that the base was illegally closed.

BOSNIA - President Clinton LIED to Congress about the number of troops sent to Bosnia - supposedly 20,000. However, 52,000 were sent initially.

When 15,000 troops were sent home late last year, over 5,000 troops were sent over from Ft Hood, TX - and now it is estimated that over 42,000 troops remain in Bosnia. It was recently discovered that the remaining troops are not allowed bullets or ammunition for their weapons. This is especially disturbing to many of them since the Muslims in their midst rape and gang rape their own Muslim women and are now raping the women in our military - and the American men have no bullets to stop them.

The U.N. Organizations are already in control of the World through N.A.T.O. and S.E.A.T.O. and L.O.S.T. (Law of the Sea) Treaties which controls all waters - oceans and inland waterways. The NWO held a dinner at the Gorbachev Foundation last year (over $8,000 a plate) with Ted Turner as Moderator.

Present were Bush, Thatcher, and other "former" world leaders. It was stated at that dinner that over 40% of the world's population must be eliminated!


Anyone who doubts that the U.S. has not been taken over by the NWO, does not have a child in school (Goals 2000 a U.N. Mandate) who has already rewritten the history books in our Public Libraries and Schools and have removed important events in our history, such as Pearl Harbor, and stating that our Revolutionary heroes (writers of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution) were criminals.

AIDS - Created to destroy "people" - evidenced by the fact that AIDS patients should have been quarantined on the onset of the disease in this country if the standards had been followed since Aids is 100 times more dangerous than the diseases now requiring quarantine.

THE JUDICIARY: U.S. Judge Advocate School at Maxwell AFB, AL, (all military) held a mock trial and found George Washington guilty and shot him.

THE CHURCHES: Are all illegal - except for the churches whose religion is nature. Clinton declared implemented in an Executive Order. (I didn't get all the information on this....so please help).

HEALTH INSURANCE BILL (S 1028) and (HR 3103) passed in April 1996 had a rider which originated with the World Health Organization (CODEX) to control food supplements (herbs and vitamins) - and part of the GATT Treaty. This gives the FDA authority to close down health food stores since vitamins and herbs and other food supplements can only be dispensed by a physician's prescription.

TWA-800 CRASH - Pierre Sallinger risked his life in his revelation that the French Government knew that there were two men on the plane carrying documents "that would bring down the Clinton administration". These particular "stories" are not carried by the CIA-controlled U.S. press, so it is common for individuals to fly information to London, Paris, and Luxembourg for publication.

DRUG trafficking is controlled by the CIA and the Mafia. Only intruders are arrested.

TRAITORS in our own government did carry on two wars that we could not win causing the deaths of our soldiers in the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts.

OKC BOMBING - The Fire Chief of OKC was notified prior to the bombing that it was going to happen and bomb squads were on the scene at the time of the blast. Gen. Partin said that there were definitely TWO blasts - as confirmed by seismographs taken by the Oklahoma Geological Survey. At the present time,

Gen. Partin will NOT be a witness at the trial of McVeigh or Nichols.

HOWEVER, we do have our heroes. Gov. Fob James of Alabama is now standing up to the Federal Government to prevent the Ten Commandments from being removed from a Court Building in Alabama. Col Ammerman is from Texas and personally knows several Sheriffs in Texas who are deputizing Civilians and vow their counties will NOT be federalized!!! (Need those stories!!!)

So CONNECT THE DOTS and draw your own conclusions!! Are you still going to be criticizing each other in the Patriot Movement instead of our own government officials who have betrayed our Constitution and the American people??

One of the most interesting things Col. Ammerman said was - "Take this scenario: If the President is indicted, he will declare martial law. Nixon was getting ready to declare martial law but was talked into resigning instead by the Generals and Admirals of his time. Will the present military officers stop Clinton? Or if Gore takes office, he will just forgive Clinton - and nothing has changed. The real question for all of us - will the military protect the American people? So far very few have stepped forward. Only Michael New (and a few others) have declared his open allegiance to his Country).

(These notes were quickly taken at this meeting and are not verbatim by any means. Col Ammerman talked about a lot more things than this - and I probably missed a lot of it since I was sitting on next the the last row! I wrote as fast as I could. I have a package of documents (some that I already had and some that I didn't) which I bought for $10. I am making a few copies to take with me to Murray, KY this weekend. .........Dot Bibee)

Eph. 6:13
"Wherefore, take unto you the whole army of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, TO STAND."

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