From: (Rule of Law Committee)

Subject: ROLC: 1st National Common Law Court Since 1861!!

Note: This has been confirmed by Keven E., Entzel - The Freedom Center --ROLC




From: Juliet


>From the Freedom Center, Billings:

Judge Burns yesterday entered the U.S. District Court in Billings,

Montana without a robe--and openly acknowledged the divisions of the

court. Judge Burns adressed the court, discussing his personal history,

his missing robe, the Dred Scott Case, Abraham Lincoln, and the

"slumber" that the nation has been in since the 14th amendment! Later

Burns acknowledged the Freemen as Justices and heard Cheif Justice LeRoy

Michael; Schweitzer hold a deportation hearing whereby the six Freemen

Justices' were extradicted out of the U.S. District Court and into the

Disctrict Court of the United States (National side). Burns is waiting

for written orders from the Common Law Supreme Court.

LeRoy thanked Judge Burns for his courage.


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