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The Bi-Weekly News and Comment of the Ascension Movement

2221 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 241-7981 and FAX

August 21, 1995


Dark Conspiracies Part 2

"Operation Blue Beam"

by Jason


Just as newsletter 18 went out where I mentioned how things seemed a little

slow, things picked up big time! More and more, I am receiving information

from varied sources, regarding the workings of the "secret government" and

such. Some of the stuff I get is so astounding and unbelievable, I

consider it irrelevant to present at this time. However, from different

sources, I am getting a similar story regarding Project Blue Beam. This,

too, is pretty unbelievable, but I present it in order to make you aware

enough to give profound thought if any of it becomes a reality. This is a

summary of the information and much of the data and proof to back up the

story has been excluded because it's like 20 pages. Most of it comes from

an interview with Serge Monast, a credible author, and researcher, on

U.S.A. Patriot Radio Network, and was sent to us from New Zealand.


Project Blue Beam is reported to be a NASA project that is designed to

counterfeit the second coming of the Messiah by projecting laser holograms

of an alien invasion, and supernatural occurrences. In this way, the

foundation will be laid for those that are intent on implementing a plan

for world domination and the creation of a world wide dictator ship. If it

is true that it is a NASA pro ject, I must believe that the part of NASA

that is involved is a super secret section of NASA that finds ways of

keeping their satellites and activities completely secret from the public

leaders of NASA. Otherwise, I'd have to believe that the thousands of

people involved in launches and planning of NASA activities are part of a

larger conspiracy. I doubt that. As you shall see, there is much more to

this plan and it develops into such a deceitful and devious plot to control

humanity, that it boggles t he mind, yet is plausible enough to work.


Project Blue Beam is only a small part of the larger plan that is highly

psychological in nature and follows a step by step plan to undermine all

the basic premises of our belief systems, no matter what they are. It

follows a sound principle, too. If y ou can get everyone to believe what

you want them to, then you are on your way to manipulating everything and

everybody. How do you do that?


Step one is to cause everyone to doubt their fundamental beliefs about t he

origin of man, religious doctrines, and philosophy of living. Sounds like a

tall order until you see how they intend to do it. Rumor has it, that the

government can cause earthquakes at strategic locations, that will uncover

ancient, lost, archaeolog ical evidence that contradicts the

interpretations of all major religious doctrines. The ground work for this

has already been laid through dis-information campaigns and suggestions

from all our science-fiction movies about alien civilizations and techno lo

gies. Planted and falsified evidence will be uncovered by archaeologist

that suggests whatever your religion is, is wrong and you have been slyly

deceived over millennia. This will cause most people to doubt their

fundamental spiritual beliefs about God , and the biblical and other

versions of the "End Game Scenario" I've often spoken of. Exactly, what the

details are, I don't know.


Step two is Project Blue Beam, where laser light and sound will be used to

project a dazzling show of an alien invasion wh ich will be defeated by our

governments in order to give our allegiance to our new hero's! There's

more, though. This is not far-fetched at all. There's a company in Southern

California that will set up a laser light show against cloud cover in order

to advertise whatever you want in 3D.


Step three, is where visions will be projected into peoples minds in such a

way as to cause them to see and hear each persons idea of what it would be

like to be contacted by God. This is possible by using advanced EL F, VLF,

LF waves (and scalar waves!), which affect a persons brain activity in such

a way as to convince that person that he is hearing his own God talking to

him. There is a vast inter-active computer system designed to interweave

"their" ideas into you r natural thinking so that you can't tell the

difference. At this point, most people will "know within their heart" what

God wants them to believe.


Step Four concerns electronically induced supernatural manifestations that

will make mankind believe that alien invasion is about to strike each major

city of the Earth in order to push each major nation to use its nuclear

power to strike back. The world will be on the edge of nuclear

annihilation, but the attack will not come. However, this, being an extre

mely dangerous situation will set the premise that all nations must unite

and totally disarm in front of the United Nations. Next, all the Christians

will made to believe that the reason the attack did not come is because

there is a benevolent alien forc e coming to save the "good" people of

Earth from a brutal Satanic attack. The goal is to get rid of all

opposition to the New World Order by creating the belief that it is

sanctioned by these benevolent aliens and that the rapture is at hand. All

those wh o would stand in the way of the New World Order, will be picked

up, killed or hidden away, under the guise of the expected Rapture, as

spoken about in the Bible. But wait, there's more!


Just because our saviors have arrived doesn't mean the battle is won . Not

at all, we must all be united in order to survive. In a period of just one

or two nights, psychotronic and other devices will be used to project

supernatural, satanic images into peoples minds; hallucinations of ghosts

and poltergeists and insanity can be induced, which will cause global

panic, suicide, killing, rioting, etc. After "The night of the thousandth

star", humanity will be ready to implore any new "Messiah" to re-establish

peace and order even at the cost of personal freedom! In other words, the

majority will be willing to give up their rights in the interest of saving

civilization. Anyone who would take issue with this will be seen as one of

the "affected ones", or possessed, or just plain dangerously uncooperative.


How soon may all this take place? Very soon, according Serge Monast, as

early as late 1995. However, there are some other preliminaries that have

to be set into place. Changing the money system is one of their primary

goals. When you see this taking place, you can be sure, things will begin

to occur, one after the other. Changing the money is really quite simple.

This will happen in two stages. "They" will create some economic crisis

that will make it necessary to change the money, "for our own protection".

The fir st change will be to change to new currency. One to be used

domestically, and another "world wide" currency. Then another crisis will

be created that will fix the problems. The problems will involve

corruption, cheating, and counterfeiting. These problems will be resolved

by getting rid of money altogether and putting everyone on the computer. In

this way the New World Order will be able to track all money transactions

and know anything they want to know. "Follow the money", will indeed end up

being t he solution to seeking and finding anyone who is a problem and the

means to stop them. You see, anonymous cash means freedom and that's what

must be stopped in order to control the world.


All of this is quite abbreviated. Much of the information I have supports

the reality of the technology to make it happen, the organizational

structure and how it works, etc. One thing important to consider......

these guys that are at the top, do not believe in God, or spirituality, and

believe they are taking advant age of the foolish religious and

superstitious beliefs of the masses. It didn't take a rocket scientist to

know that they could easily pull off world domination if they could only

duplicate the Apocalyptic vision from the Bible. In no way, do these peop

le believe that they are the anti-christs and satanic minions they intend

to trick us into believing. It might be interesting if the Federation

decided that our shadow government's laser show would be a perfect

opportunity to actually start the mass landings. Think about it. What

would they do, when they start destroying their phony holographic space

ships and a bunch of real space ships start showing up, only they don't

fall out of the sky like they're suppose to? M-m-m-m?


How do we discern the truth?


Is Project Blue Beam true? It sounds pretty outrageous to me, but you must

remember that back in the days of Hitler, rumors of death camps, and

atrocity fell on deaf ears, mainly, because most people just could not

believe men were capable of such heino us acts, or that the government was

incapable of getting enough cooperation and organizing in order to pull it

off. Is that why you doubt now? When you add into the equation the alien

technology that we undoubtedly possess, the motives of power-hungry men,

and their Will to make it happen, it doesn't sound impossible. In fact, I

believe that if God, or the Federation or some other outside force fails to

stop such a plot, it could, indeed succeed.


Can you see that regardless of what you might believe is right or of the

light, you still find yourself in a position of not knowing what to

believe? If they start doing this stuff, you won't be sure if the

information you are channeling is coming from God or them. You might think

you would, but somehow I don't think they are so stupid as to not have

thought of that. You can be as deceived as the next guy. For all we know,

much of what we now believe is just preliminary tests run on a small part

of the population to see if they can make us believe ridicu lous things. I

have stressed in the past, (and some still don't get it!) that COA and

myself, personally, do not believe most of the stuff we tell you about is

TRUE. We recognize that we can't tell if it is or not! We believe it out of

choice, and will wait to see if it is true or not. Most people cannot

fathom the notion of believing something that is not true so they think

everything they believe is true. It's not! Believing doesn't have

anything to do with being true or false. It is merely a premise to base

your behavior and goals around. If you are stuck with the idea that all

your beliefs must be true, then when you find out to the contrary, you will

tend to deny and refuse to face the facts. Lighten up!



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