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This information was provided to me by Allan Gillespie's brother-in-law, 
with whom I am aquainted.

At approximately 8:00 am, July 9, 1996, Allen Gillespie, of 435 10th 
Place SW, Vero Beach, Florida was visited at his home by either 2 or 3 
BATF agents.

It appears that Allen sold an illegal firearm to an undercover 
agent/informant. It is not clear if the BATF agents had a warrant as 
Allan was alone in his home when the agents arrived. According to BATF 
reports, Allan allowed entry to the agents and as they proceeded to 
search the house ... with an agent on either side of him ... Allen sat 
down on the kitchen floor and blew his brains out.

A neighbor reported that the ATF later backed up a trailer to Al's garage 
and began taking items out. No one knows what was taken out as more BATF 
arrived and stood guard at the end of the driveway.

Allen's body was removed at about noon by the local coroner. Cindy 
Gillespie, Allen's wife, has retained unidentified legal council and a 
grand jury will be convened. Allen was former Special Forces Air Force; 
had no history of suicidal of behavior; and was the father of a beautiful 
little girl.

Anyone living in or around the Vero Beach, Florida area, please get to 
work and get to the bottom of this!

Any information obtained may be emailed directly to myself at: 


or to Allen's brother-in-law, Larry, at: 


Thanx in advance...

Helen Reed-Johnson - E Pluribus Unum & The Ohio Unorganized Militia
PO Box 477; Stockport, Ohio 43787; Voice: 614-559-3468 Fax: 614-559-3469
E Pluribus Unum - http://home.megalinx.net/~eplurib/home.html
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

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(S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, No. 39, July 5, 1996

had Motive to Attack Family
(Forwarded Message George Eaton, The Present Truth Ministry, P. O. Box 437,
Uniontown, AR 72955)
  The bodies of Bill, Nancy and Sarah Mueller were found June 29, 1996, in
the Illinois Bayou River north of Russellville, Arkansas. They had been
missing since January 10, 1996; over five months. Bill, 53, was an
ex-Special Forces veteran and sold guns for a living a gun shows. They were
dedicated Christian patriots who believed in American values and liberty,and
they openly displayed patriotic materials on their tables during the shows.
 They were well-liked in their community and deeply admired and respected by
their friends. They had no known enemies.
  However, after the Oklahoma City bombing, ATF agents approached gun show
promoters and told them to forbid the display or sale of any written
materials, cassettes or videos that were not gun-related. The promoters
resisted this at first, but the ATF threatened them with unknown tactics
until the promoters were pressured to submit to ATF orders. This upset Mr.
Mueller because he believed it was his Constitutional right to display and
offer patriotic and Christian materials. Among the articles banned were
bumper stickers, many books, and the Patriot Report. A few weeks before
their deaths,Bill had sent a written formal complaint to the head of the ATF
concerning the illegal strong arming of the gun show organizers. Also, a few
months before their disappearance their home was broken into while the
Mueller's were at a gun show. Only gun-related items and a few coins were
taken. The loss was estimated at $40,000. There were no leads and no
suspects. Then two months before their deaths Bill was approached by an
ex-military man who told him that Bill's name was on a secret "observation"
list at the Pentagon. It was discovered that others named on the list had
been killed, and their guns stolen. This greatly concerned Mr. Mueller and
he expressed his concern for the safety of his family.
  January 10, 1996, at 9:00 p.m. was the last time the Mueller family was
seen alive. Several days later their friends found their house door ajar and
their Jeep Cherokee and luggage trailer, which they kept loaded with all
their gun show wares, gone. Nothing was stolen from the house, no overturned
furniture or signs of a struggle. Three weeks later their vehicle and
trailer were found several miles away, empty of the guns and their savings.
 Nancy's purse, containing her credit cards, was found in the vehicle.
  Five months later, their bodies were discovered when a fisherman snagged
one of them in 20 feet of water on the Illinois Bayou River. All three had
plastic bags over their heads, secured with duct tape. Bill and Nancy had
handcuffs on their legs and wrists.
  The bodies were discovered 27 miles from where the vehicles were found.
 The vehicle and trailer were found about 10 miles from the Mueller's home.
 Highway 27 that connects all three locations is extremely winding and takes
at least an hour to drive.
  Friends of the Mueller's believe, without any doubt, that the family was
murdered by professionals. They also believe that those with the motive for
silencing Bill are federal agencies who are enforcing gun control.
  The tactic of killing an ex-military man and stealing his weapons is not
new in America. What is shocking is the massacre of an entire family. It is
know in patriot circles that ex-military men with special training and high
clearances are listed,targeted, and being systematically hit by professional
assassins. This program is of such a secret nature that the FBI, CIA and
Pentagon are not fully aware of its existence and are not, for the most part,
in the command structure. A few years ago, after multiple assassinations of
ex-military men, patriots tracked down the source to a rogue group. But with
new information surfacing concerning lists seen in the Pentagon, no one can
be sure where the leadership originates. A few things are certain, however.
The professional hit squads have no fear of being stopped by authorities and
they often use foreign soldiers - - particularly Belgian, Soviet Bloc and
Spanish-speaking soldiers.
  Patriot intelligence analysts have concluded that these assassin squads
are targeting ex-military, special forces, ex-CIA and ex-FBI who are
considered patriotic and gun enthusiasists or collectors. They try to make
the hits look like accidents or health problems. If that is not possible,
the targets are simply murdered by any means necessary. The common thread
between these murders is the theft of the veteran's guns. The assassins then
take the guns and get them into the hands of minority gangs in the major
cities. According to reliable sources in a government agency, the goal of
the covert agents is to eliminate militarily-skilled individuals who could
train others to defend America during a crisis. Then to get the stolen
weapons into the hands of gangs to further violence and gun-related crime in
the cities. This tactic helps justify the need for crime bills,
anti-terrorist bills, and the eventual seizure of private firearms.
  (Parts of Message omitted)
  There is no place at the New World Order table for American Christian
patriots. Resist or die. Slavery is not an option. Accepting serfdom in a
declining U.S. economy and remaining quiet is not a viable option either - -
you will eventually be singled out and dealt with accordingly.
  The only chance we have is to stop the inevitable destruction of our
American Republic is to educate the nation to our common peril, and prepare
to survive. We must try to win the hearts and minds of the people. After we
have done that, we must be able to survive economic and political upheavals.
 The enemy will not willingly let go of the reins of power. The conspirators
will unleash every weapon at their disposal to prevent real Americans from
regaining power in this nation.
  If the conspirators for a New World Order are willing to murder entire
families they must be afraid of patriotism, and are ready and willing to
eliminate more patriots.
  Highly decorated and qualified military veterans have determined who is
at risk of being targeted next. This is a generalized, brief list:
1) Ex-military who had secret security clearances.
2) Ex-military who had electronic warfare training.
3) Ex-military who were trained in anti-submarine and surface warfare.
4) All specially training military from Vietnam era and up.
5) Ex-military that are involved in militias.
6) Gun dealers who are ex-military or patriotic.
7) Militiamen, patriots, ex-CIA, ex-FBI, ex-Secret Service, retired military
officers, active and retired conservative politicians and their aides,
patriotic sheriffs and law enforcement officers, publishers of conservative
newsletters and the patriot press.
8) Families of the above-mentioned.
  There are no survivors of the family to console or protect. But we will
not forget them. They will be remembered and appreciated as long as we live.
 And we will tell the story of who they were and what they believed in and
how they loved God, country and liberty. In doing this, they will live on in

Farewell, good friends.
George Eaton
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