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The Third Temple?

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Note: I received the following query on.. 01/22/97

Dear Sir(s):

Are you familiar with a plan to transport 50K red heifers from U.S. to Israel? Is this a project sponsored by, or involving the Temple Institute?

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News From The Temple Mt. 12/4/98

Also we did receive A link to information concerning a plan for:

A Peaceful Solution To Building The Next TEMPLE
In Yerusalem

We will keep looking..

There is some information.. at: BOB's WORLD!


I never found more concerning the alleged 50K red heifers being imported but I did receive the following information (from the Mikdash Build mailing List) about the one in Israel that the above article mentions. 2/15/98

Residents of the northern community of Kfar Hassidim announced with sorrow recently that the red heifer that they had been raising had become unfit for ritual use. Hairs on its tail were found to be whitening, rendering it not totally red, and therefore unfit to be used in the purification process for service in a future Holy Temple. The residents are hopeful that the cow will bear red calves that will be able to be used for this purpose.

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I found an interesting Thread at the Higher-Fire Mailing List Archive ..even names a Christian that is helping.. and why.. follow the thread..

There is more Red Heifer info at:

HaTenu'ah LeChinun HaMikdash

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem


A Temple WILL BE BUILT in Jerusalem Before Messiah Returns

SNS News Service "The Temple Institute"
January 26, 1996..5 Shvat 5756..Number 890..Update from Israel

This Supplemental Update is a translation of an article which appeared in the "Today" section of Ma'ariv Newspaper on January 21, 1996.

The Temple Institute (Machon HaMikdash) in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City has been involved in the research and restoration of the vessels of the Holy Temple for many years. The garments worn by the priests who served and the musical instruments they played are among the items that are being restored. This is the only institution in Israel today that is involved in this project only. As the institute policy states, "to prepare the groundwork for the building of the Third Temple."

In the eyes of Minister of Education (Meretz) Professor Amnon Rubenstein, who relies on a report prepared by the General Security Service (GSS), the institute is problematic, even dangerous. Dangerous to the point that the Minister is doing his utmost not to cooperate with the institute and is planning to cut off the NIS 40,000 that is received annually by the institute from the State budget.

According to Rubenstein, the publications of the institute and its leaders preach racism, call for breaking the law, and in actuality, promote violent acts and possibly terrorism. The persons involved in the Temple Institute state that they deny allegations of their breaking the law. They go on to attack Professor Rubenstein, stating that he is violating their basic rights of free speech and is working towards smearing the institute's good name.

The disagreement has reached the Israel Supreme Court. The petition was brought by the Temple Institute against Minister Rubenstein.

Rabbi Ariel's eulogy for Dr. Baruch Goldstein brought about the explosion.

Last week, Professor Rubenstein presented the High Court with evidence that was given to him by the GSS and is classified as "privileged information" concerning the institute's leaders, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel and Rabbi Mordechai Karpel.

Rubenstein: "Based on the information received from the GSS, I am more certain in my belief and therefore carried out a thorough investigation which revealed thorough complete and definitive results - government funding should not be allocated to the Temple Institute. I am convinced of the information that was gathered regarding the institute's heads that painted a negative security profile."

The information presented to the High Court makes a connection between the institute's leadership and an old plan that was connected to [members of] the Jewish Underground. "To cleanse the Temple Mount and to blow up the Dome of the Rock." There is also a connection to the "extremist" group Chai Vekaiyam, whose members have engaged in illegal attempts to pray on the Temple Mount and have been involved in skirmishes with police. The privileged information is so extremely sensitive that it received the signature of Prime Minister /Defense Minister Peres ordering it to remain hidden by the High Court in order to not reveal its source and those informants that assisted the GSS in building the case.

The Minister of Education did not keep this information to himself. He shared it with the Ministers of Tourism and Religious Affairs. They too allocate funding from their respective budgets to the institute.

"From the discussion that I had with the two Ministers regarding the institute, even though they did not see all the privileged material that tied the leaders to the Jewish Underground, they too decided to freeze financial aid for the time being" added Rubenstein. We are dealing with a sum in the area of NIS 100,000. IT is no secret that the institute is also suffering from financial difficulties. The leaders admit to this publicly.

"Identifying with the mass killing which was based on racism"

It appears to me that the difference of opinions between the parties involved stemmed from the eulogy delivered for the late Dr. Baruch Goldstein. The eulogy was delivered by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel. In his eulogy, among other statements made, Rabbi Ariel called Dr. Goldstein, "a holy martyr" who is sitting above with the righteous of our nation. According to the state's version, Rabbi Ariel stated: "Baruch Goldstein will be an advocate for us in the heavens. This was not the act of a single man (referring to the killing of 29 Arabs in the Maarat Hamachpelah {cave of the Patriarchs} in Hevron). He heard the shouts from the earth and did what he had to reduce this cry. The cries were not put to rest by peace accords - but rather by bloodshed."

The Education Minister explained to the High Court: "With his statements, he (Rabbi Ariel) in essence, identifies with the actions of Baruch Goldstein. It is doubtful if money from the state treasury can be allocated to organizations whose leaders are of the views, and conduct themselves in such a way that is contrary to the acceptable moral standards of the state and the goals of the national education."

Rubenstein added that the institute published an article entitled Tzivia, which includes in it articles that would be classified as inciteful and advocate racism. Actually, the writings support violent acts and terrorism. The authors who contributed to the written work were among the founders of the institute. Some of the names mentioned were; Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, Rabbi Dov Leor (Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba), Rabbi Moshe Asher, and past members of the Jewish Underground. Some of the statements made in the publication, according to the Minister, imply that the authors align themselves with the outlawed Kach Party. In the past, Rabbi Ariel held the number two position on the Kach list for the Knesset.

"Must the Ministry of Education and Culture sponsor the distribution of literature which supports the past members of the Jewish Underground which stated their intentions of blowing up the Dome of the Rock (Al-Aksa Mosque)? Is there a connection with this and the institute's goal of erecting the Third Temple? Should the Ministry of Education fund a publication that speaks of 'removing Christians from the land and doing away with the democratic system' and decides that in the war between us and the Arabs it is permissible to cause their death even if they do not endanger us?," the Minister asked the High Court.

They published cries to kill gentiles and drive them out of the land

According to the Minister, articles that appeared in the first three publications of the institute, include identifying with the actions of the Jewish Underground and their just actions. "The attack against [Arab] mayors and the Islamic College as well as the bombs are acts that should enlist a public outcry." In the publications of the institute they speak of cries to kill gentiles and drive them out of the land, and to break the law if it violates Torah Law (Jewish Law).

Minister Rubenstein to the High Court: "I have been unable to separate the institute's mission to speedily rebuild the Temple and the support given to the violent acts and praise for acts such as the calling for the blowing up of the Dome of the Rock. These are ideals that coincide with those of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane."

Now with this new information provided by the GSS, the Minister informed the High Court that his position is strengthened.

The GSS Non-Arab Investigations Unit Head called "Ehud" stated that for a long period, Rabbi Ariel served as Rabbis Kahane's "right hand." He called for IDF soldiers to refuse orders to evict Jews from Yamit (Sinai). He supported violent acts against Arabs. The GSS has acquired information painting a negative security profile regarding Ariel's activities.

The GSS also warned that the General Director of the institute, Rabbi Mordechai Karpel, was among the leaders of Chai Vekaiyam until recently. Chai Vekaiyam is headed by Yehuda Etzion (of the Jewish Underground). In Rubenstein's own words, "Chai Vekaiyam is an organization that denies the legitimacy of the government and calls for a revolution by provocative actions on the Temple Mount. A restraining order has been issued to Karpel prohibiting his going up to the Mount for a period of six months.

"We are investigating the Chilazon and the Red Heifer. "

According to the case presented by attorney Moshe Drori, who represents the institute in the case brought before the High Court, the picture is entirely different from the facts presented by Professor Rubenstein.

They describe the institute's activities as investigation into the Temple's role from a Halachic (Jewish Law), historical, and archeological perspective.

"Our studies have received international recognition. Representatives from universities around the world come to meet with us. To date, we have received some 300,000 visitors. Approximately 50% of them students. In 1994, 34 students participated in our activities and not one of them spoke of the so-called anti-democratic views."

In their words they continue their research into the priestly garments, the Techelet (blue dye taken from the Chilazon {species of shell fish} used in religious practice) and the Red Heifer.

Actually, points out Drori, the allegations against Rabbi Ariel have not been proven. Even if he did say what he has been alleged to have said, he spoke in the capacity of a private individual and therefore it is not relevant for the High Court. Drori added that the statements were made in accordance with free speech which make provisions for "dangerous points of view." For his calling Dr. Goldstein "Holy", there are provisions in Jewish law which state anyone dying because of being Jewish is termed "Holy", and this was the case with Dr. Goldstein.

Drrori adds that they do not violate Israeli law but stress the important role and necessity of the Temple. "Can the State withhold funding from an institution because the so-called ideals of its leader may contradict the what are being called the democratic and Jewish values of the State? Would we deny funding to a museum whose director advocates transfer?" stated Drori.

In a Supreme Court hearing last week, the High Court granted Drori an extension to prepare additional evidence which relates to Professor Rubenstein's recent statements. Once this evidence is presented, the Justices will review the "privileged evidence" presented by the GSS and reach their decision regarding the State's withholding funding to the Temple Institute.


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