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West Coast Big Mountain Speaking Tour Update:

To: All Big Mountain Support Groups
and Supporters of the Resistance at Black Mesa

From:  The Twin Cities Dineh Defense Alliance

This is an update on the West Coast speaking tour of Big Mountain resistor, Lawrence Altsisi, and Chris Interpreter that just ended.  This communique is in the spirit of increasing the sharing of information between support groups nationally, that is a necessary part of building a more cohesive and effective movement to stop the relocation at Black Mesa.

Lawrence Altsisi and Chris Interpreter spoke at the Headwaters Rally for the Redwoods that took place September 14th, in Stafford, California.

  Approximately 6,000 people attended this rally, and Lawrence and Chris spoke after Bonnie Raitt sang a few songs. The crowd was very receptive and supportive, and after their speeches, the Big Mountain Support table was swamped with people asking questions, taking literature, and giving donations to the resistance.  Many important connections were solidified the evening before the rally, and a meeting of represetatives from different Big Mountain support groups and representatives of different Earth First! groups decided, amongst other things, that a national convention of support groups will take place in Flagstaff, Arizona this coming April to hopefully strengthen the support for the resistors at Big Mountain. A sub-group of this meeting will be sending out a packet to support groups to elicit responses and to set the process in motion.

Lawrence and Chris spoke in Arcata, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and San Franciso, at events that were all well attended. They also spoke at the Bonnie Raitt concert that happened in Eureka before the Headwaters Rally. 

This tour was successful in that it got a lot of people interested in and concerned about helping the stuggle at Big Mountain, and reminding them that, yes, it is still going on.

  The only major critique is of the seeming lack of emphasis on the importance of land support, and getting people down to the land immediately, and to make this a critical role of every support group, but that is a discussion for the National Conference in April

In solidarity,
The Twin Cities Dineh Defense Alliance.

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