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Howdy Folks,

This is a note concerning Roberta Blackgoat, a Dineh grandmother, Big Mountain Az., who Gathered with other individuals from all over the Earth, at Painted (Indian) Prairie Meadows, Oregon, at the 26th Annual Gathering of the Tribes, sponsored by Individuals of the Rainbow Family, July 1-7, 1997.

Roberta Blackgoat, and other individuals involved in the (Spiritual) People's Land Rights struggle, Big Mountain, were Welcomed Home, food and shelter offered and accepted, encamping with Montana family, others.

On July 5th, after the Silence for Peace on the 4th, in the afternoon, in Tipi Circle, individuals in support of Big Mountain, listened as Roberta Blackgoat, spoke of the Struggle for Freedom for the Dineh, against the corporations etc. who want Dineh traditional lands for minerals etc.. In agreement with Roberta Blackgoat, this Circle in Support of Big Mountain, with Roberta Blackgoat speaking, was Video-taped. Hopefully with enough sound quality for the message to be clearly heard. This Video is being processed and a copy will be sent to Roberta Blackgoat, to be used, if she/others involved in the Big Mountain struggle, deem it to be useful. Also, this video, will be sent worldwide on the internet, by all concerned in support. Roberta Blackgoat expressed her hope this message can be heard everywhere on Earth. As an individual, of the Rainbow People, who supports Roberta Blackgoat/other Dineh/folks, I agreed to help with processing this video and 'getting it out' worldwide.

This video will contain Roberta Blackgoat speaking, her grandson Randy speaking, and a song by Windsong, a woman of the Rainbow, "Dineh...Hopi", and a Prayer/petition by Individuals of the Rainbow People, in Circle, in Support of Big Mountain. Donations were given, Roberta Blackgoat/family left in Peace, with good vibrations.

As a Hipstorian, storyteller, for the Rainbow People, in our Gatherings, for many years, I have told the Story of David Monogye (sp.), a Hopi grandfather, who Gathered with the Rainbow Family Tribe, in New Mexico in 1977. David was known to Rainbow People (among others), as "Grandfather David". Every year, in the Hipstory of the Rainbow Gatherings, the story of Grandfather David coming and greeting Gathered folks, is shared...with respect, honor, good will. For Rainbow People, who gathered in 1977, and those folks who have gathered since and heard the Story, the visit by Grandfather David is a very good, a high moment, a blessed moment. Generation after generation of Our People, will honor this simple, waycool Hopi, a peace person, who came to say " Hopi and Hippie are alike, peace people are Hopi, Hopi is Peace, you are all Hopi"(as some of us remember).

Next year, 27th Annual Gathering, Arizona July 1-7. '98, in the HipStory, will be Shared, of the Welcome Home, to the Gathering, of "Grandmother Roberta Blackgoat", shared as a blessed moment, a moment of Peace and Freedom, a high moment in Our Gathering HipStory. Grandmother Roberta is waycool.

For me, personally, I give thanks, I was at the Welcome Home, and greeted Roberta Blackgoat. I held Kasha Rose Montana, 9 months old, (daughter). I chanced to be at the Gate, looked around and saw a Dineh. I said, "Welcome Home, Grandmother, can we offer you food, do you need anything?" She said she was fine, and she pointed out the folks she was with, and she walked into the Gathering. I Welcomed Home Randy/others, who asked for Feather, who I know well, Montana family, and these Dineh entered the Gathering.

I hope more Sharing, at Circles, in Gathering Arizona '98, will Open the Way, Further the Cause of Peace and Freedom. Individuals/Folks in support of Big Mountain Relocation Resistance, in Gathering, are seeking to share knowledge, gainsay support, educate people, who come to the Gatherings, about Big Mountain. Please "tune in, turn on"... help out!

thank you,

Barry E. Adams, "Plunker", individual, Montana family, Rainbow Tribe

Kasha Rose Montana, Sue et al


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