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I urge all of you to call the US Capitol switch board, ask for
your representative(s) and urge him/her/them to take some personal
action to ensure the Montana Freemen situation doesn't turn into
another Ruby Ridge or Waco.

Here are toll free numbers to the US Capitol switch board:

Mention that you want to FAX them the North Carolina Justice
Report which may provide the key to resolving this tense
situation in a peaceful manner.  

Ask for their FAX number and then send them something similar
the message below.

You can send a free FAX via e-mail by going to the following URL:

FAXing is better, but you can also send e-mail to your representatives
by going to the following URL which provides e-mail addresses, phone
and FAX numbers indexed by your state:

Here's a sample message to FAX/e-mail:

Dear Congressman/Senator xxxxxxx,

The following is a copy of the North Carolina Justice report.  It
concerns a team presently in Montana and interested in a peaceful 
settlement to the present standoff between the Montana Freemen 
and the FBI that I recently read on the internet.  This team 
has met with FBI agent Tom Canady, but he has not allowed them to 
take any action.  We need a peaceful solution to the present 
standoff, and this group could accomplish just that.  

Please look over this report and RESPOND IMMEDIATELY as my 
representative and use your influence on Capitol Hill to
ensure this group is allowed on the site.  This will ensure a 
peaceful resolution which is what the American public wants.

After reading this, please respond in writing with your plans on how 
you intend to proceed and ensure this standoff is resolved peacefully.

Your Name
Your Address

MONTANA   SIEGE Update 06-03-96 / Released by :  Peter Kawaja

Submitted By  :   Peter Kay., Stern / Chief Justice & Foreman of the Grand
Jury, our one Supreme Court, Common Law Venue - General Jurisdiction - Macon
county, North Carolina state.

"It is our belief that the FBI has never intended a peaceful settlement, is
lying to the public about their intentions and intends to destroy the farm,
its inhabitants, and all of the evidence contained therein, no later than


A team of officers of Our One Supreme Court, Common Law Venue, of Macon
county, North Carolina state, and members of the Press, have concluded a
fact finding mission to Montana State.

The primary goal was to act as intermediaries and facilitators in creating a
set of circumstances whereby the political prisoners (known as "Freemen")
held hostage by the FBI in Brusett, Montana, would not be subjected to
ongoing government-sponsored terrorism.

Another goal diligently sought was to ward off what appeared to be an
impending repeat of the WACO murders and burning of innocent American
citizens under the sham of Law Enforcement.

The dedicated group went in good faith, and with open minds.  They were
hoping for forthright, truthful, and productive meetings with FBI agents and
the People on the Farm in Brusett.  The Common Law Court Officers were led
by the FBI  to believe that a peaceful solution could be brought about
through a non-partisan third party action as an alternative to Force, and
what the FBI supposedly wanted.

They met with FBI agent Tom Canady (leader of the Investigation and siege at
Brusett), and his associate for nearly two hours.  Initially, the meeting
seemed to be a frank, open, and a friendly exchange, with thoughts and ideas
presented by both sides. However, after a lengthy discussion in which the
FBI was probing for information(and the Common Law Court Officers were
offering assistance), it became apparent that something was amiss-that
perhaps the FBI was not being entirely candid and was not acting in
reciprocal "good faith".

This became apparent after some direct and pointed questions to the FBI.
Agent Canady stated that it was indeed he who had personally requested a
court order from a judge in order to move the press back from the ranch "for
safety reasons."  When  pressed for information as to who posed the threat
to the media, the Freemen or the FBI, Agent Canady's demeanor visibly
changed.  He became defensive and  stated that the siege area was "locked
down for an indeterminate cooling off period, and that no new people were
going to be brought in or allowed to talk with the hostages, and the FBI
wasn't going to do anything else confrontational."

Canady said that the Common Law Court Officers "could sit around as long as
they liked, but would not be allowed on the site at any time in the
foreseeable future."    The Officers volunteered assistance as could better
inform the FBI and others and/or assist to alleviate the situation without
violence. When the FBI was asked to provide access to Charging Documents,
the request was denied. 

The meeting concluded at about 4:30 P.M. with a blunt statement by Agent
Canady that "no other outside negotiators would be allowed in at this time".  

It was with shock, dismay,  and consternation that the Common Law Court
Officers heard on the  6:00 P.M. news that same day  that a  "religious
expert" was to be brought into Jordan, Montana, supposedly to assist the
FBI.  It was also reported in the  Denver Post that armor and helicopters
had been brought  into the area of the siege.  This was another direct
contradiction of Agent Canady's statements assuring the Common Law Court
Officers "that no action of any kind would be taking place" in the near
future ("for at least 3 weeks").

In addition to the meeting with the FBI, the team was also present in
Federal Court in Billings at 1:30 and witnessed Magistrate Anderson's
courtroom hearings for five Freemen already in  custody.  Subsequently, they
made several  attempts to obtain copies of  documents such as warrants,
affidavits, indictments, returns, etc.,  which are fundamental to due
process, and supposed to be public records, but were denied the release of
these documents by the Clerk of Federal  Court. Attempts to view or get a
copy of Magistrate Anderson's Oath of Office was refused !  The team members
also visited with incarcerated Freemen leader  Leroy  Schweitzer in
Yellowstone County Jail. Family members were also contacted, and the Team
Members performed other investigative work while in the area.   Leroy asks
that everybody pray for him. He is in good spirits and determined.  He says
the government is on the run !

To summarize the results of this goodwill, fact finding and assistance
endeavor, the team wishes to state that there is a definite credibility gap
between what is being said by government spokespersons and what is actually
being done by the FBI.   As a consequence of all of their above efforts, the
team members were able to formulate a series of opinions regarding what is
really happening in Montana.

There is an interesting and very frightening correlation between what is
happening in the Billings Federal Courtroom and at the site of the siege in

On Thursday, May 30, 1996 at 1:30 P.M., AUSA Toscas, a government hired gun
who was brought in from Washington, DC, especially to prosecute the Freemen,
trampled on the due process protections, and rights of prisoners Hansen,
Waterhouse, Clark, Schweitzer, and Peterson, with the obvious pre-planned
and well rehearsed collusion of Magistrate Anderson.  Five times in
succession, Magistrate Anderson, who was visibly and plainly reading from a
script  of two series of papers, recited the exact same litany in each case.
The outcome, of  course, was the same in all five cases - no speedy trial.
The government plead they did not have evidence and discovery ready to give
defense, and needed more time.   Even though several of the captives
OBJECTED and stated that they waived discovery and were ready for trial,
Anderson, with obvious bias and prejudice in favor of the government,  put
off all matters until July 1st or 6th.

Canady had stated  that nothing would be done at the ranch for three weeks.
Did he know  the outcome of those hearings even though they were still in
progress during the meeting with the Common Law Court Officers ? (He did
state he was aware of and had requested the delay hearings).  Did he let it
slip that the FBI would move on the hostages on the farm before July 1st ?
If he knew what was to occur, how did he know ?   Why would he lie to the
team about bringing in new people (Arnold) ?   Why would he lie about a
"cooling off period", knowing full well that he had already ordered up an
assortment of military armor, assault weapons, helicopters, and who knows
what else we don't know of ?  Why would he deliberately lie about a "cooling
off period", knowing that he had ordered the FBI to move the media back and
to move his storm troopers in closer ?

NOTE : Canady made it known that Leroy Schweitzer had placed a
$100,000,000.00 Lien on him, and he was  MAD about it !

What's the real time line ?  What is the real issue in this situation ? Does
FBI agent Canady want to move in with high tech weapons in order to burn
down the buildings and destroy the evidence that the Freemen are so
desperately trying to protect for ALL Americans ?  Is this also to destroy
the Lien on FBI agent Canady ?   What would happen if the Freemen were
successful in getting this evidence (that the FBI keeps confiscating) out to
the public?  What's the government so afraid of  ?

The government siege of a group of Americans on a farm in Brusett, Montana
gives us an opportunity to reflect on whether or not this country has a
caste system within its legal system.  Is there a double standard ?  Might
there be an elitist class favoritism of the rich politicians, judges,
attorneys, and bankers perpetrated by the judiciary and government agencies
upon the unsuspecting common man ?    Is the average working class American
simply run through the revolving door of the court system's  revenue
collection grinder and spit out of the courthouse door poorer, downtrodden,
confused, frustrated, intimidated, and angry, yet powerless to do anything
to change it ?

If we draw an analogy between the Montana siege and the now hushed-up
Congressional House Banking Scandal, we may find the answer to the above
questions.  In the House Banking Scandal, dozens of members of the highest
governmental body in the land wrote hundreds of fraudulent and bogus checks
totaling millions of dollars.  These were people in whom the American people
had placed an almost sacred trust.  These were people who had sworn an oath
to do right, yet perjured that oath.  These were the same people who passed
the laws on "bad checks" under which the average citizen is arrested,
brought into court and JAILED !

How many FBI and other government agents armed with assault weapons, high
tech electronic surveillance gear, armored vehicles, and battle helicopters
surrounded the Congressional Office Buildings in Washington for months ? How
many Congressmen  were arrested, thrown in jail, denied due process,
tortured, and threatened with violence and/or death ?   This delegation is
unable to recall any - can you?

Why not ask your  Senators and Congressmen these questions ?  While you are
at it, why not also ask the Governor of Montana why he allows armed Federal
government forces to invade the sovereign soil of Montana State.  All of the
recent court cases on this issue have made it clear that unless the Federal
Government owns the property, they have no police powers over it, no
jurisdiction on it. Not to mention, the FBI is UNchartered.

Careful analysis of the information gathered from a variety of sources,
coupled with a lot of compiled data, personal interviews, and mainstream
media stories points to a startling conclusion.  It appears that the real
issue for the government and FBI is to obtain possession of, and destroy or
hide the massive amount of evidence of government and banking fraud which
has been accumulated by the Freemen and archived in the buildings on the
farm currently under siege by the FBI.   Personal interviews with Leroy
Schweitzer and cellular phone conversations with others still on the farm
confirm this.

Further incontrovertible proof of this belief is provided by the FBI
themselves.  Their heavily armed forces have seized and confiscated almost
every paper and set of documents that the Freemen have given to visitors and
so-called intermediaries such as "Bo" Gritz and Charles Duke in their vain
attempts to put this information before the American public.  

The government apparatus is OBVIOUSLY in high gear, applying their
overwhelming force and resources, intimidation, and threats, to crush a
politically motivated class of people.  These  Freemen are patriots who dare
to exercise their First Amendment rights and protections, which are
supposedly guaranteed to them (as well as to all Americans) by our
Constitution.  They do not deserve to suffer this TERRORISM and to die for
exercising these rights.

It appears likely that there is a carefully orchestrated, pre-planned, and
practiced set of actions on the part of government agencies to perpetrate
this insidiously discriminatory, class-based plan with the animus behind the
conspirator's actions being to deprive the Freemen of equal protection of
the laws.   If this is the case,  each  and all of the Government people are
liable, personally as well as in their official capacity,  for action under
42 USC 1985, 1986, 1983, 1988, 1981, 1621, 18 USC 241, 242, 1621 (perjury)
28 USC 453, 454, (Oath of Office Violations) and a variety of others. If it
is shown that their intent all along was to define the Constitutionalists as
a "Class" of  anti-government people, and that the government people have
conspired and agreed to do these things and destroy that class, they are
also liable under the Geneva Convention and the Tenants of Nuremberg,
against which Hitler's Gestapo and SS were tried.    It appears that the
government is attempting to duplicate the Bosnian war criminals who are now
being tried for government sponsored  "ethnic cleansing". 


The "Real Issue" behind all of the Federal government's armed intrusion in
Brusett, Montana state, into that sovereign state's soil, without
jurisdiction, justification, and/or any authority ; is the seizure and
destruction of the massive collection of evidence contained on the ranch
that the FBI has surrounded, at any cost in life and property without regard
for Law, Truth, or Morality.  

The elitists in Federal and State government, along with those controlling
the banking and financial industry would be threatened if the American
Public knew the TRUTH about the Bankers' Secret "Money Creation System" and
all of the ongoing FRAUD that has been perpetrated for way too long against
the honest, hardworking, and UNSUSPECTING Americans. 

The collection of evidence being guarded with their lives by the Freemen at
the ranch, if exposed to the general Public, would be the Banker's "Worst
Nightmare Come True."  The pretenses of those alleged crimes are just that -
a big, carefully orchestrated illusion for the media and the public to focus
on while the FBI destroys the evidence,  which is the REAL ISSUE.     (Kahl,
Beckman, Weaver, Waco, Murrah - now Montana ! ) 

Conversely, if the evidence could be removed from the ranch (and protected)
by a trusted third party, the FBI would probably go away and stop the siege,
at least for the time being.  These are our personal beliefs, based on our
first hand knowledge obtained from meeting with FBI agents and from being in
the Federal Courthouse in Billings, Montana on May 30, 1996, and discovering
the other travesties and Government Sponsored Destruction of the American
Freedoms and way of life.   

Also obvious is that in this highly Politically Charged election year, with
the world wide attentions focused on the Montana situation, there can be
absolutely no doubt that each and every move of the FBI and other government
agents involved in this atrocious breach of the Constitution, Law, and
Public Trust, is being monitored by, submitted to, and approved by -
Clinton, through Reno.

Never forget - Clinton is the Commander in Chief of the Military Forces (is
there any doubt the FBI is military?) and ultimately responsible for
everything they do - He's the Boss..... he keeps saying so.... and Reno is
his mouthpiece and equally responsible since she is supposed to be the
highest Law Enforcement Officer and in control ?? of the FBI they brought in.

 If  you the public do not get involved NOW, we will see another WACO, and
more American men, women and children, who have yet to be proven guilty of
any crimes,  BURNED TO DEATH, without due process, without having an
opportunity to present their defense before the American people.    

What the Freemen are doing, they are doing for YOU - America. The evidence
they have acquired can get the entire Nation out of Debt, can get rid of the
money scam so you don't have to work two jobs just to scrape by, can allow
your wife to stay home if she so chooses, instead of HAVING to work because
you can't feed and cloth your children.   



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