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As National Director of the Fully Informed Grand Jurors Alliance, FIGJA supports the stance stated below.

Burk Elder; Hale, Third.
FIGJA National Director

During a Jural Society meeting this evening the discussion reverted to the common subject, the "Freemen at Justus Township" and their refusal to "come out". Our views of their refusals are defined in the following:

1. The act of surrendering to the F.B.I. or affiliiate agency would be an acknowledgement of jurisdiction of the arresting agency. (The Montana Legislature during the 1995 Session passed a statute that restricts the authority of any federal agency to act within the state of Montana without
permission and jurisdiction granted by this state, to the knowledge of the public (which is by no means complete) this has not happened.)

2. The "Freemen of Justus Township" are 'common-law" citizens and are thus protected by the United States Constitution, the variation of this is a statutory citizen or one that is controlled by legislative actions called statutes, ie: man-made laws. Through this statement the need for protection of their rights become paramount.

3. The "Freemen of Justus Township" have steadily stated their willingness to "come out" if they would be allowed to proceed before a "Citizen's Grand Jury", however, such need meet basic Constitutional prerequisites, the jury be composed of their peers, this not only includes locale based
citizens but includes the need for citizens that are fully informed of their powers and rights while on a jury. The right and ability to nullify wrongful laws, the right to disregard "proposed jury instructions", the right to act "Godly" in the face of persecution and prosecution.

4. Finally, the need to protect their documents. The "Freemen of Justus Township" have a limited faith in the Government's thugs to not destroy their evidence, their records, their cause for existence. The many Patriots throughout this country and this world are concerned that more people will die to protect the secrets of corporate America while the politicians earn their "30 pieces of silver" at the cost of average citizens' rights and needs.

The RULE OF LAW COMMITTEE reiterates their original stand and verbage, whether or not the citizens under siege at Justus Township are guilty or not is not relevant to the right to a jury. We stand united in the concern that all citizens have inalienable rights, among these, the Fourth
Amendment warranties to the right to be secure in their homes, their possessions, and their families, however, the security we hold dear is not enforced through siege.

Rule of Law Committee
"Qui Mecum Non Est Contra Me Est"

Note from IaHU-NaTaN: For What it's Worth...
We also agree with the Views expressed above.
We wonder why the Gummint is So Reluctant to meet this *SIMPLE* Request for a Constitutional "Citizen's Grand Jury" ... I mean it is Constitutional (The Law of the Land)... Didn't those "elected Officials" also take an Oath to uphold and Defend the Same Constitution on entering office?

Could they be afraid??? of a small group of people and a Mountain of Legal Records?

("Quick get the matches and gasoline! Call the Reserves... These folks have LEGAL CLAIMS and Records to Back them!!!")

HOWEVER We of the newly forming UNARMED MILITIA are Opposed to Fighting and Killing or Threats of Violent Force.. We View Hate as Murder.. and Maintain that there IS NO GOOD REASON to break even one of IaHUeH's COMMANDMENTS.
(OK... a life threatening emergency on Shabbat, perhaps... but thats it)... These are times of Desperation... and maybe you have heard the saying "when the times get desperate... the Desperate get time"
(sorry!couldn't resist) more below.


Please Pray For the ShaLOM of IeRUShaLeM! It must be preserved for the lost sheep of the Scattered Tribes.
Both Houses of The Twelve Tribes of the Scattered Sheep of the Children of IeShRaEL

Terrorism is EVIL - Counter Terrorism is Oppressive - We Support Neither!!
But Rather Encourage Love.

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The Assembly of IaHUShUA' MaShIaChaH

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We appreciate Racial Diversity and think it important to understand our Roots.. We can learn much from our Past... Like what we want to do from here on out... "history repeats". The big problem is most of it is concealed... and a good portion of the rest is falsified! The Remnant is a Terrible tale of Wrong doings and Evils, perpetrated by parts of all people everywhere without regard to Race or Religion... leaving the others to grasp and cling to what little good they could attain in their lives... it is alot easier to pretend that there is no problem.. live a simple Regulated peaceful life mind your own business, Do as you are Told.. but you can only do that if you have no Care for others!! and Love not the Creator who gave us ALL Life.

Thank you for reading my sermon.