Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 23:25:46 -0800
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To: dixielee@yournet.com
Subject: Re: Ft. Davis, R.O.T.

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Don wrote:

--------------------------- NATIONWIDE ALERT----------------------------------



The time has come to put away the petty little differences, and help out ourfellow americans. The feds have decided to move against the men at Ft. Davis, Republic of Texas.

There is a confirmed HRT (federal Hostage Rescue Team), in the area by Ft. Davis. These are the same folks who shot and killed Mrs. Weaver at Ruby Ridge. Unknown if it is the same team of people.

Rumors of the team being there is true. They are camped by Ft. Davis with orders to terminate all Leaders and member of the Repulic of Texas.

Folks we have all said we are frogs, well now it is time to prove that we are frogs and jump.

All units should go to maximun alert status, with a short callout time.

For those of you who will not belive that this is true, I have gotten permission from the folks at Ft. Davis to put out their number there at Ft. Davis so you can call for yourself. 915-426-2210


Patriots and militiamen, time to unite is now. The time has come for us to stand against the tyranny of the federal government. Lets not have another Waco, Rudby Ridge, or any other similar situation happen. Lets show the feds that we are free and shall do all in our power to remain free men and women.

Donald K. Rudolph, Commander
San Joaquin County Militia

Open Letter from the Republic of Texas
March 20, 1997


1. Pray that this confrontation will come to the fruitation that our Heavenly Father wishes. Please pray for the brave patriots in the Republic of Texas.

2. Anyone who is in the area and can help, please call the phone number listed.

3. Pass this message on to any who need to read it.

Dixie and Mike

dixerose@yournet.com & livefree@mobbs.com

[Not to be confused with Dixie Rose of We Hold These Truths.}

"Tyranny cannot come to the door of any American unless it comes in uniform."

Order Operation Vampire Killer 2000 and pass it on to law enforcement officers/soldiers.

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Inch by inch it's a cinch!

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 11:14:51 -0800
minutemn@pcl.net (W. M. Kemp)
Organization: Minute Men
Subject: HRT-ROT

References: <TCPSMTP.>

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Hostage Rescue Team is setting up a command post in the vicinity of the Republic of Texas headquarters. These reports also indicate that a large amount of military hardware will be employed in whatever effort the feds have in mind.

I repeat-- these reports are unconfirmed, and no action is called for at this time, but watch closely for developments.

In watchful Liberty,
Mike Kemp


At 11:24 PM 3/12/97 -0500,
Forward from the Mississippi Militia and Col Drew Raynor.
This is a follow up to the first Alert.

Date: 97-03-12 00:39:46 EST


The Task Force that was in Montana to reign in the Freemen, has left Washington D.C. and is now in Texas, preparing to move against Richard McClaren and the Republic of Texas Embassy in the Davis Mountains, in West Texas near Fort Davis.

Information obtained this evening from a reliable source, states that a move against the Republic will occur on Tuesday, March 18th, when the Ex-President of the Republic of Texas will go to the Embassy to offer Amnesty to McClaren and his followers. If McClaren does not leave the Embassy at that time, the Sheriff of the county will be sent in to get McClaren. It is known and widely publicized that McClaren has warned of a war starting should they try to arrest him.

The Question to you all is this .... Can We Afford Another Waco or afford to lose another Soul to the armies of Satan and his minions? Must the innocent die for what they truely believe? Is there none among you who lay his or her life down for what you believe in your hearts and souls? Is your word as good as gold? Will you keep your word and Defend McClaren and his followers from the Baal Worshiping Minions of Satan?

The time to plan our response and defensive measures is NOW !

Time is of the essence. Now is the time to show what we are made of ... either we stand together or we fall together. This is it !

Those who will support the Republic of Texas Embassador McClaren and his followers, please send e-mail to : abean@juno.com A.S.A.P.


At 10:05 PM 3/13/97 -0800, Bill Utterback wrote:

Attention: This is almost an alert to defend the Republic of Texas from the feds.

This is only 'almost' an alert because I'm not yet sure which Republic needs to be defended. Let's see, there was the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas number one under President Van Kirk but he seems to have dropped out of the picture and quit making claims after Texas Attorney General Morales started getting serious.

Then there's the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas number two under President Lowe. He doesn't recognize any other 'government' and recently fired McLaren.

And there's also the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas number three under President Johnson. He doesn't recognize any other 'government' and recently fired Lowe.

And finally there's the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas number four under President Crear. This guy is new; apparently he was just appointed President by McLaren. McLaren fired Lowe after Lowe fired Johnson.

All three of these guys (Lowe, Johnson, and Crear) claim to be the President of the only lawful government of all the land and all the people of Texas. None of them recognize the other two; nobody recognizes Van Kirk; and only Crear recognizes McLaren. McLaren was the driving force all along and now he's virtually the driving force all alone as he has been abandoned by all the officers of the General Council who split up to form governments two and three.

Then we have press releases put out by the Secretary of This and the Secretary of That who don't even have the common courtesy to inform us if they are with Republic of Texas one, two, three, or four. How can you tell the players without a scorecard?

I've got it! It must be a master plan to keep the feds hopelessly confused. I'm confused and I've been following this Republic of Texas nonsense since before it got started.

The goal of these 'governments' is to write a new constitution for the 'Republic of Texas' so the people of Texas can choose to change their constitution and government if they so desire.

That's all well and good, but when they claim to be currently the only lawful government of Texas, they seem to overlook the fact that the people of Texas voted to enact a new state constitution in 1876, the same Texas Constitution under which the present Texas State Government exists - as determined by the free vote of the people of Texas.

Bill Utterback
President, Republic of Texana
Two acres in the Texas hill country

This information was all sent via ACLA...

Dixie and Mike

dixerose@yournet.com & livefree@mobbs.com

[Not to be confused with Dixie Rose of We Hold These Truths.}


"Tyranny cannot come to the door of any American unless it comes in uniform."

Order Operation Vampire Killer 2000 and pass it on to law enforcement officers/soldiers.

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Inch by inch it's a cinch!

April 27, 1997


It has come to the attention of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas that a situation has arisen in the Davis Mountains, near Fort Davis. It is with great regret and sadness that the following information is posted:

It appears that Richard McLaren and those acting with him have gone completely off the deep end, disregarding the very laws he claims to uphold. According to reports by witnesses in the Davis Mountain Resort (including Mr. McLaren's wife), and further confirmed by our contacts in law enforcement, both state and federal, there have been shots fired between Mr. McLaren's supporters and law enforcement officials.

These actions are another in a long chain of unlawful acts by Mr. McLaren, culminating today in the *kidnaping* of a Texas Citizen on nothing but hearsay. This morning, a captain in McLaren's security team left McLaren's property and proceeded out of the Davis Mountains resort. On his way out, it is believed that he stopped by one of the neighbors' houses (the purpose of that stop is unknown at this time).
After leaving the neighbor's house, the man proceeded out of the resort. As he left the resort, he was stopped by someone from the Sheriff's department. The van the man was driving was "loaded" according to witnesses (loaded with what is uncertain), and he was arrested. It is not clear whether shots were fired at this point or not.

As word of this arrest made it back to McLaren's property, apparently the assumption was made that the neighbor must have "set up" the van's driver. Based on nothing more than this supposition and rumor, two men from McLaren's security detail went to the neighbor's house and *kidnaped* the neighbor. It is not known whether shots were fired at this point.

This blatantly unlawful act by Mr. McLaren illustrates his contempt for the common law process he claims to love. The neighbor was kidnaped by force of arms based on nothing more than a rumor -- no evidence, no grand jury, no indictment, no hearing, no due process of any sort. It is not known at this time whether the neighbor is still being unlawfully held.

Area law enforcement officials have responded, and are well within their rights to do so. Citizens and supporters of the Republic of Texas are strongly cautioned and advised to be wary lest they be pulled into this situation.

After the impeachment of Mr. McLaren on March 22, he attempted to perpetrate a coup and install himself as the only member of the General Council. When this failed, he attempted to convene a special election by direct-mailing a small subset of Texas, and using the fifty or so people who cast a ballot as being "proof" that he could not be impeached, and was the sole charge of the question of Texas independence. Mr. McLaren has subsequently decided to declare war against the United States, the State of Texas, and the United Nations.

The lawful Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas remains committed to a peaceful solution to Texas independence. We reserve the right to defend ourselves if attacked, but we cannot and will not support unlawful actions such as kidnaping without lawful process. The man who was kidnaped is a Texan and deserves every bit as much respect as any other Texan. It is this blatant disregard for law and due process that has caused the Republic of Texas to seek its independence. We will not condone more unlawful government under a different name, nor will we support the actions of a madman, no matter what his contributions may have been in the past.

Again, all Citizens and supporters of the Republic of Texas are strongly cautioned *NOT* to involve themselves in this conflict.
There is absolutely no justification for placing life and limb in jeopardy over the political ambitions of one man.

Robert Kesterson Republic of Texas Information
robertk@flash.net by web: http://Texas.by.net
EMail me for my PGP public key
Republic of Texas EMail list: Send a message with the subject

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SAFAN ALERT: RED ALERT - Embassy ROT Being Fired On!!! Date: 97-04-27 13:52:40 EDT

One wounded, couple held hostage at Texas separatist compound

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