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Postal Inspectors On The Rampage: THE POSTAL JUSTICE PROJECT

re: harassment, electronic weapons, chemical assaults: the story of a whistleblower.

This web-site is dedicated to all postal workers, past and present, who have been subjected to criminal harassment at the hands of the postal inspectors. Also, if you know of a friend or relative who has made complaints about their employer, the U.S. Postal Service, that you dismissed as crazy, this web-site is also for you. I would suggest that you print this web-site and give this friend or relative a copy, for what they have alleged is NOT crazy. Also, if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of the abuses described on this web-site, I urge you to "do the right thing" and report what you know to the authorities. At the end of this web-site, I will provide you with a list of addresses and FAX numbers where you should send your complaints, but I should warn you that the postal service is obstructing mail communications relating to this matter and I strongly suggest that you FAX your communications or find some alternate means of delivery.

First, a word about the postal inspectors and their tactics: the postal service has it's own police force, known as the postal inspectors or the inspection service. While their stated mission is to "safe-guard the mails", all too often, their activities are decidedly less noble. They are the "enforcers" and they carry out the dirty work of the postal service. Their tactics are shiftless and reprehensible. When an employee is targetted for harassment, the postal inspectors entice and entrap, in wrongdoing, co-workers and friends who associate with the targetted employee, and threaten and coerce these others into participating in harassment activities against that employee, as the price they must pay to save their own necks. For example, an employee would be enticed into misconduct for which he could be fired; then the postal inspectors would threaten to have that employee fired, unless he participates in harassment activities against the targetted co-worker. And so the targetted employee finds himself besieged by an army of co-workers participating in harassment activities against him, while the postal inspectors sit back and watch their handiwork. These tactics of threats and coercion are not confined to the work-floor, but expand to include friends and associates of the targetted employee, outside of his employment. The use of threats and coercion by the postal inspectors is a matter that is well documented by my union, the American Postal Workers Union.

Then there is the matter of the NATURE of the harassment the targetted employee is subjected to: the postal service intentionally harasses the targetted employee in a bizarre manner so as to make his complaints unbelievable, and to portray him as mentally unbalanced. At times, the postal inspectors engage in elaborately staged "head-games", calculated to lead the targetted employee to come to mistaken, delusional conclusions. And so the besieged employee has a difficult time in differentiating between what is actual harassment, and what is just a bogus head-game. What the inspectors are most interested in, is to get the targetted employee to utter complaints that mimic the type of complaints made by a mentally ill person.

Now, I would like to describe the cicumstances that precipitated this campaign of harassment against me. It was in early 1994 that I had discovered information that led me to believe that the U.S. Postal Service, in collusion with the Dept. of Labor, had been systematically defrauding job-injured employees out of their federal health insurance benefits. They were intentionally concealing any official record of their enrollment in FEHB, which would make them ineligible to continue their health insurance benefits, if they should go off the job, either through retirement or disability. I had written a letter to a mid-level official in the Department of Labor concerning my fraud alegations. The initial response to this letter was dead silence..........And then there followed a response, of a nature I did not anticipate: in the form of a vicious and protracted campaign of harassment, both on the job, and around my home.

Now, I will itemize the harassment activities I have been subjected to. Before reading this list of harassment activities, I would suggest that you get the book, "Virtual Government" by Alex Constantine, and read the chapter, "CIA Mind Control and the U.S. Postal Service". While there was no "mind-control" in my specific case (although there was an extensive amount of "psychological manipulation"), virtually everything else this author states in this chapter is reflected in my "journal of harassment". I am not a big believer in conspiracies and I, frankly, have my doubts about this mind control business, but this author is uncannily accurate in ALL of his other assertions.

-Veiled death threats and threats to burn down my house.
-The use of a device around my house that generates the smell of smoke, to reinforce their veiled threats to burn down my house.
-Bombarding my mail-box with pornigraphic materials, and solicitations to buy pornography (materials not requested by me and which I find to be offensive) for the purpose of besmirching my reputation.
-Continuous, illegal wire-tap on my phone since 1994. The snitches at work had openly taunted me about this, repeating verbatim, the specific content of my private phone conversations.
-Continuous ringing of my telephone and hanging up.
-Threatening and coercing the neighbors on each side of me into participating in harassment activities against me around my home.
-Threatening and coercing a union steward I had filed a grievance with concerning this harassment, into destroying the papers concerning this grievance, and denying that any such grievance had been filed.
-Snitches at work spell out the word "CAT", 6 inches tall, on my letter-case, with white stickers. Come home from work to find all three of my cats vomitting and extremely ill. (My cats are left outdoors in the summer months when I am away at work). Two weeks later, I come home from work at 2:00am. to discover, tucked away in the far corner of my porch, a soiled, fast-food paper tray with cat-food in it.
-Besieged by an army of co-workers at work, participating in harassment activities against me, evidently having been threatened and coerced into these activities by the postal inspectors.
-Postal inspectors enter my locker and mess with my personal possessions; removing batteries from an open bulk-pack (used for my radio) and replacing them with dead ones.
-Interference with and obstruction of my mail communications. My mail is held at the local post-office, where it is pawed through by the postal inspectors. I have records of having mailed thirty certified letters, and on no occasion was the green reply card returned to me. The inspectors simply tear these up and dispose of them, preventing me from knowing if my letters ever reached their destination.
-The postal service assigns the most vicious, abusive supervisor in the building into our unit (replacing my old supervisor) at the commencement of harassment activities, who gleefully collaborates with the postal inspectors in harassment activities against me. Instead of weeding out bad supervisors, the postal service uses them as "weapons".
-A persistent habit of setting off strong chemical odors, both around my letter-case at work, and around my house, for the purpose of portraying me as delusional.
-Day after day, reporting to work to be told by my supervisor that my time-card is "lost", and that she will insert my time manually. On each occasion, my time-card is "found" a half hour later. Paychecks begin to reflect non-existent latenesses, my leave being used up to cover these fraudulent "latenesses". In effect, my time-card is withheld from me, this vicious supervisor then clocks me in late, and then takes away my leave to cover these bogus latenesses. Not only does this supervisor refuse to correct these "errors", she subjects me to a "diciplinary discussion" concerning my attendance (which encompasses absences and tardinesses).
-Day after day, my letter-ledge being loaded with "head-game mail"i.e., mail tainted with strange, splotchy substances on it; mail salted with fiberglass particles intended to irritate the hands; mail laced with taunts and veiled threats. This mail is usually unfaced, unreadable (nixie) mail. And their calculated intent is to induce paranoia.
-Directing a resonating, humming device at the house each night when I get home from work (2:00am.). Ran from 10-17-94 thru 11-9-94 and resumed at a later date. Again, their intention is to portray me as crazy in order to discredit my fraud allegations.
-A persistent habit of isolating me from my co-workers; isolated seating harassment. Both supervisors running the unit intentionally keep the seats around me vacant so as to ostracise me from my co-workers.
-Driven to the point of nervous-breakdown due to harassment activities. Attempts to file claim for worker's compensation are obstructed by the postal inspectors: postal inspectors destroy and dispose of all of the green reply cards concerning this claim (mailed by certified letter), while the USPS adamantly denies the reciept of this claim. Eventually, forced to have a union rep. hand-deliver this claim to my supervisor. Of course, this entire effort proves quite futile: it is the Labor Department (OWCP) that rules on federal compensation claims, one of the named co-conspirators in my fraud allegations.
-Vandalism to my car.
-Repeatedly, setting off loud car alarms and sirens at the places I usually drive to, so as to "advertise" their incessant surveillance of me.
-Being tail-gated to work, day after day, by white car marked "POLICE" with U.S. Government licence plates on it, driving in an aggressive manner, with it's brights on in the middle of the day.

I could go on and on; this abuse has gone on non-stop, ever since my fraud allegations back in early 1994, but now I will cut to those harassment activities of a more serious nature, that can only be characterized as criminal conduct. For this list you will definitely need to refer back to the chapter, "CIA Mind Control and the U.S. Postal Service" by Alex Constantine.

- The use of toxic, chemical, and infectious materials as harassment weapons. I have lost count of the number of times they have made me ill by means of toxic, chemical, and infectious materials. They had even entered my house, while I was away at work, and tampered with food products in my refrigerator. Since there was no sign of forced entry, one can only infer that they entered the house with a key. This tactic serves two aims: it is a brutal and potent harassment weapon; it furthers the aim of portraying the "whistleblower" as mentally ill.
-The use of electronic weapons as harassment weapons: since December of 1994 I have been assaulted continuously, both on the job, and at home, with electronic devices that have caused me a great deal of pain and distress; physical discomfort and distressing physiological effects. I could never have believed that such devices existed until I was on the recieving end of them. The postal inspectors are a federal police force that evidently have access to high-tech gadgetry of which the general public is ignorant. From 1994 to 1997, I had only one device to contend with, which was a device that left a sweep of scortching pain across the left side of my neck and collarbone; prolonged exposure causing extreme headache. But, for the inspectors, this device had one drawback: it was not highly "focussable". So long as I stayed in close proximity to my co-workers, this hindered their capacity to assault me.

In the spring of 1998, there was a mysterious lull in the harassment, and I asked myself if it could possibly be true that the campaign of harassment was over. Little did I know that they were re-grouping and gearing up for a new offensive, for in the summer of that year they came at me with a NEW breed of electronic weapon, that was certain to succeed in their goal of driving me off the job. For one thing, it WAS highly focussable and enabled them to assault me even when in close proximity to my co-workers. And then there were the devastating physical effects: it induced episodes of ataxia, dizziness, and incoordination so severe that on several occasions, I was on the verge of collapsing on the work-floor. Add to this, extreme discomfort in the head, extreme pain in the heart, limpness and weakness in the arms, episodes of feeling extremely hot, labored breathing, intense boring sensation in the right ear, a dull boring pain on the left temple....I could go on and on; this device was the mother of all electronic weapons, against which, I could not possibly prevail. It ended my career.

When this harassment first started back in 94, the snitches at work kept asking me if I owned a computer. I always answered, "no, I'm an old-fashioned low-tech kind of guy". But I could not fathom WHY the postal inspectors wanted to know if I owned a computer. Why would my owning a computer be of interest to the postal inspectors? Of course, in hindsight, it makes perfect sense: the postal inspectors KNEW that this information concerning electronic weapons was on the Internet. If I owned a computer, I would have access to the Internet. Of course, with the advent of "web-tv", computer ownership is irrelavent. The book, "Virtual Government", is no myth: I am a living example that what this author is asserting is true.

If you are a postal worker, past or present, who has experienced any of the above, or if you know of a friend or relative who has made similar complaints about their empoyer, the postal service, or if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of any of the abuses described above, I would very much like to communicate with you by e-mail. If you have relavent information concerning these matters, you will certainly get a reply from me. But I should warn you that the inspection service is obstructing my e-mail communications: I have had this Internet terminal for a few months now and I have sent out e-mail messages to web-sites who have complaints similar to mine, with information that would be of much use to them, and I have requested a reply from them. On no occasion, have I ever recieved a response. They are obstructing my incoming my incoming phone calls as well, so that avenue of contacting me is also not possible.

Then I should forwarn you that the postal inspectors are the great "imposters" and disseminators of disinformation. If you SHOULD get a reply from me, it may in fact be THEM posing as me. If you recieve a reply from me, ask yourself these two questions: "Is the writing-style of this e-mail reply consistent with my own?" and, "Does the reply you recieve sound like something I would say, or is it intended to put you off?". In any event, it is a problem that neither the Internet provider, nor the phone company can remedy: it is an injustice that must stand unaddressed.

While they can stop you from contacting me, they can not stop you from communicating to others. If you have relavent information concerning this matter, I urge you to print this web-site, add to it, your own personal letter or papers, and then mail and FAX this information to the addresses listed:

Department of Justice, 10th St. and Constitution Ave.,NW, Washington D.C., 20530, FAX:202-514-4371
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington D.C. 20535 FAX:202-324-4705
National Public Radio, 635 Massachusetts Ave.,NW, Washington D.C. 20001 FAX:202-414-3329
ABC News, Inc., 77 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023 FAX:212-456-2795
CNN,Attn:Letter s, 100 International Blvd., 1 CNN Center, Atlanta, GA 30303 FAX:404-827-1784
CBS Enterprises, 51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019 FAX:212-975-9387
NBC News, Inc, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 FAX:212-664-5830
New York Times, 229 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 FAX:212-556-4188
Washington Post, 1150 15th Street NW, Washington D.C. 20071 FAX:202-334-4344
Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053 FAX:213-237-4712
Chicago Sun Times, 401 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 FAX:312-321-3084
Washington Times, 3600 New York Ave. NE, Washington D.C. 20002 FAX:202-529-4074
New York Daily News, 450 West 33rd Street, New York NY 10001 FAX:212-682-4953
The Boston Globe, PO Box 2378, Boston, MA 02107 FAX:617-929-3192
Amnesty International of the USA, 322 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, FAX: 212-627-1451
American Civil Liberties Union, 132 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036, FAX: 212-869-9065

While you can mail your letters if you must, I would strongly suggest that you FAX them, send them by UPS, or by Federal Express. In this way, the postal inspectors will be less capable of obstructing their delivery.

So let the word go out, that terrible injustices have been committed here. To those of you who care about our Constitution, and the civil liberties that are guaranteed us, therein, do whatever you can to help this cause, if you are able. I can not accept that this is an injustice for which there is no known remedy. Divided we can do nothing; United, we will surely prevail.

I wish you all courage and determination, Ronald Roose, phone:810-775-0363

(*full permission is granted to reprint and distribute all or part of this web-site. My e-mail address is X959@webtv.net).

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