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Howdy re: permits and such
please post and pass along

my name is barry plunker...I am one of "earlys" of the Gatherings...in fact, colorado 1972 was a gathering (the) Spirit of Jesus Christ, of the Great Spirit "seeded" in me as Vision/dream when I was a small child, which path I followed as an adult....this is my Faith.

For some who know I have always been against the Government trying to force me and other individuals to be licensed before I can Pray/worship/Free Speech in the National Forest...I have been Ticketed several times, and am currently suing the Forest Service in a Court case in Oregon over that issue...however, for the record...over the years "permits' have been signed by various Individuals, and in 1976,Montana, New Mexico '77, Oregon '78, and Arizona '79...whole Councils of People agreed to "sign" a "permit" (i.e. treaty).....I did not agree...In West Virginia '80, a 'permit' was signed under duress and protest, by Whole Councils of people...all of these "permits', plus others that have been signed by various Individuals at different times through the years for Annual and Regional Gatherings, HAVE ALL BEEN SIGNED UNDER DURESS...(none of which are legal or binding because they were signed under duress)..

I DO NOT condemn any Individual or even Council which may UNDER DURESS, at the point of the GOVERNMENT GUN, sign a "permit' (treaty)... the Government has made or appointed many "paper chiefs" in various Tribes, and have used these treaties "permits" to force other Individuals onto "reservations" i.e. prison camps... similarily the Government has forced many Individuals to 'plea bargain" in cases involving marijuana etc... thereby denying these Individuals the Right to their Beliefs i.e. sacraments etc....

The government forces Individuals at the point of a GUN or ARREST or BY THREATS TO the INDIVIDUALS, THE PEOPLE AND/OR THE CHILDREN...to be 'paper chiefs' - Lincoln Schuble Missouri '96, Aleta Ward, oregon '97....the government does this knowing that according to the established, traditional CREED/culture/beliefs of Rainbow Way that there are no "leaders", 'organizers' or indivudals who have the Right to sign a treaty'permit on the behalf of all the other individuals on the Earth i.e. Family is folks with a belly button...

Whether someone claims to be 'organizers', 'keeper of the sacred sacraments", and/or 'elders"... I do not agree there are any of these, tho there are 'older" and/or "early' people.... OR whether because the Government puts a GUN in their face, or because they themselves believe this...does not matter much to me... nor do I condemn Individuals who either because of an "act of consicience or belief' or because of threats/under duress do things they feel they need to do because of circumstances....if I did I would have to condemn everyone I have ever met and/or myself...I "judge not lest I be judged"...I may disagree, I may not like it...I may become angry, but I know Individuals 'do their own thing, as responsibly as they can"....and I place the blame for 'paper chiefs' where it belongs..ON THE GOVERNMENT, NOT ON MY BROTHER OR SISTER OF PEACE. i know the Government creates/chooses "paper chiefs' so as to divide the Peoples...and I would rather younger brothers and sisters with belly buttons learn and understand that the "True Nature" of Rainbow is one of Love for individuals, for each other, and this means Compassion and Understanding... at the California Regional Garry, who I know and love, signed, in his name, and the name of the Universal Life Church, NOT IN MY NAME OR THE RAINBOW, AND UNDER DURESS. Garry did what he felt he had to do... NO CONDEMNATION ON MY PART OF HIM OR OTHERS WHO DO SIMILAR...

Also, I am a Vietnam Veteran, with P.T.S.D. - military induced.... AND I LOVE THIS COUNTRY...I do not seek to destroy this Country, and I do not seek to destroy Whitey etc... I am seeking peace, with others of peace... this is how and why I, with others, formed the Rainbow in this day and age... as a Peace Alternative to the War Alternative.... I wrote the First Invitation, and many of the 'early' writings of the Rainbow... all centered on Peace, Healing, Love thy Neighbor as thyself, and Seeking the Vision... When Individuals of the Rainbow "put down', "condemn" other Individuals Not because they have physically harmed etc..(Rainbow has processes for this kind of behavior i.e. Shanti Sena (peace scenes, Circles).... Rather because they are FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT INTO SIGNING TREATIES "PERMITS" ...THE Government reckons it is DIVIDING AND CONQUERING the PEOPLE...

Please, folks, brothers and sisters, A PEOPLE UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED... some folks can do with being "ticketed', "arrested" etc... and some can't... no matter whoever is UNDER THE GUN... I would hope other brothers and sisters would be compassionate and exhibit "love one another'..... I hope at Home this year... "Early" brother and sister will share this Ideal with others... I believe and will live my life knowing that in my Faith, whether the government is able to force others to do what they would not do otherwise, I will NOT...instead I hope that i will Love, Forgive, and have Compassion...thank you
barry e. adams, plunker,
Montana Family,
Rainbow tribe

...harriet Tubman lives!

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