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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 16:42:12 -0600
Subject: Re: please post far and wide
FROM Oral Deckard,

Greetings all:

   I just received this from Helen Johnson via snail mail,
and thought I'd type it up and share it for the benefit of
those who have been wondering what happened with E. Pluribus
Unum and who may not have gotten a copy in the mail.

As many of you are aware, my husband J.J. Johnson, has been
'on location' in Georgia for the past six weeks,
investigating the ATF set-up of Bob Starr, Jimmy McCranie,
and Troy Spain.

Two weeks ago, J.J. informed me that he believes our
marriage of 14 years has encountered 'irreconcilable
differences', and has subsequently relocated to Georgia ...
permanently.  J.J. has publicly resigned his affiliation
with and position in the organizations known as E Pluribus
Unum and The Ohio Unorganized Militia.

This decision has left my family, myself, and E Pluribus in
an extremely tenuous position.  Many of you know that J.J.
had a weekly Wednesday evening short-wave broadcast on WWCR,
called "Arming You With Knowledge".  Much of our funding was
generated via this program.  Due to his personal decisions,
his program has been canceled, along with the funding it
generated.  Other funding was generated through his numerous
speaking engagements.  He has canceled and/or groups have
canceled his scheduled engagements.

Due to these occurrences, I have been forced to close down
our operation in Columbus, and relocate to Stockport, Ohio.
My three children and I are currently sharing living space
with my 'adopted mom', who has graciously consented to
support us as much as she can, for as long as she can.

On June 11, 1996, we held an emergency, reorganizational
meeting of E. Pluribus Unum, and it was determined that E.
Pluribus Unum must survive; the Newsletter must survive; the
email, internet, and fax network must survive.  We need your
help to make that happen!  I was left with some $3000 in
unpaid bills, no inventory, no cash, and no functional
vehicle.  Because I am now living in a rural community, I no
longer have local internet access through my current service
provider, therefore, all of my connection time incurs toll
charges.  Although I will be switching to AT&T World Net,
which affords an 800 number, that will not occur for at
least two weeks and the toll charges I will incur in the
interim could easily add up to several hundred dollars.
Producing the newsletter costs approximately $550 a month.

I have ordered two phone lines, which should be functional
by June 23rd.  They are: Office(614 559-3468 and Fax (614)
559-3469.  I have also opened a new P.O. Box in Stockport.
No mail should be sent to the old address.  The new address

                      E Pluribus Unum
                       P.O. Box 477
                Stockport, Ohio 43787-0477

I know how financially strapped everyone is, and I am truly
embarrassed that I am forced to ask for your help.  But if
E. Pluribus Unum is to survive, I must ask.  If you can each
contribute anything at all, even as little as a dollar, we
will be able to get back on our feet, functioning as we once

Contributions should be in the form of cash or U.S. Postal
Money Orders only, and ONLY made payable to:
                    > Helen M. Johnson <

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6
An html version of this can be found on my web page,
http://www.holli.com/~deckard, for those who wish to post
this on their pages.  I am certainly going to send her
something, and as she said, if we will send even just a
little, weAEll get her back on her feet.

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