The Assembly of the Body of IaHUShUA Ha-MaShIaCh
TO: the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Lane County

This MaTiTIAHU is appearing in your Court.. as a Representative of the Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH and in the Behalf of DaUID DaNIaHU, IeShRaEL.. DaUID is Forbidden by our LAW from Worshipping the "mighty-ones" of this world. Worship = Fear = Bow down to = OBEY= Serve = Revere = Showing Respect of Persons!

When DaUID appeared last time thirty-five days ago... to inform you of our ROCK SOLID Resolve to Serve ONLY IaHUeH.. and to deliver the included RELEASE (which was recieved) defining JURISDICTION, and otherwise (out of Courtesy) to inform you of the Particular Facts surrounding the case.. he was merely shuttled through your overworked court, without really being given the opportunity. At that time he was COMMANDED by the Court to appear in 35 days... hopefully it was inclusive of that day and we are here at the right time. He will not Transgress the First Commandment for you...

We do not mean to cause you trouble.. we know that it is an already impossible task to Deal with the Real Criminals in the world.. it is an Immense undertaking, as the world is filled with Wickedness. People have forgotten the difference between right and wrong.. and have Abandoned the LAW Given by our CREATOR. For this reason we would think that you would be Overjoyed to know that there were people in your city who were actually Living by that only Righteous LAW.. the Ten Commandments of IaHUeH and followers of "the Messiah" our Righteous King.

In the earlier RELEASE.. we informed you of Jurisdiction. You have *NO* JURISDICTION over the Kingdom of IaHUeH! Your court does not even have the Authority, granted by Constitution, to even hear this case.. as we are Ministers and Ambassadors of a Foreign Kingdom. It should not be up to us to inform you of your own law. You really should obey your law if you really want anyone to take it seriously! Even your tragically Twisted monstrousity.. the RFRA of 1993 tells you that you have to first show compelling interest.. and then that you must use the least restrictive means of enforcing a LAW that VIOLATES RELIGIOUS LIBERTY!

For more detail see the included CONTROVERT.. and an update from the last court episode.. this is a copy from our WebSite where we Publish the GOOD NEWS of IaHUeH's SALVATION.. We also Publish Information regarding this Persecution we suffer for our Belief in the WORD of IaHUeH.. at the hands of often well meaning people.. ""

Also we will be more than happy to Schedule an Appointment to discuss the Matter.

MaTiTIaHU... Servant of IaHUeH ..Minister to the Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH


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