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WRIT OF MANDAMUS - LeRoy Michael., Schweitzer et alii

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In the district court of the united States of America
sitting with the powers of a national circuit Court
in and for Yellowstone county, country of Montana

Montana ex rel.

Randy Parsons, Keven Entzel, Rudy Stanko, Lyle Chamberlin, Richard Earl, Warren Stone, A. Jack Bolls, Pete Stern, Richard Dwight, Randy Scott, Marc Basque, Bill Ellwood et.al., Plaintiff


Sherry Scheel Matteucci, James E. Seykora, George Z. Toscas, Tommie R Canady, Richard W. Anderson and Jane and John Doe one through one thousand.


In Common Law venue Docket no. CL-JT-0096-07-13 original exclusive jurisdiction served by Letter Rogatory upon the United States jurisdiction through writ of praecipe upon office of sheriff of Yellowstone county Charles Maxwell and duly recorded through office of clerk and recorder in and for Yellowstone county, our one supreme Court by Article XX section six constitution of Montana.

Extra judicial writ of mandamus by Affidavit of "State in fact" wherein a State shall be a party.

In the name and by the authority of Montana we hereby command you, our public officers, namely every member of congress in our united States of America to immediately summon a national grand jury in matters of crimes of forcible detainer, libel, slander, trespass, criminal conversion, tampering with elisor's grand jury caused by the named defendants herein, said crimes being against Justice Township public officers in our country of Montana, our one supreme Court.

Failure of members of congress to immediately summon national grand jury of peers constitutes a willful, knowing aiding and abetting the named defendants herein of the above stated crimes as well as a total denial of redress grievance guarantee by Article of amendment the First in our national Constitution. You, members of congress, will become subject to subpoena by our one supreme Court in our division of the Court as expert witness to the willful, knowing overthrow of our one supreme Court in direct violation of the protection and quarantee under Article of amendment the Eleventh in our national Constitution.

Remedy in Law

This extra judicial Common Law writ of mandamus by our one supreme Court will be placed on the Internet for nation-wide review and notice, further served by writ of praecipe by our elisors, our prothonotary, our supreme Court marshall and our supreme Court justices:

Affidavit of prerogative writ of mandamus and Affidavit of service signed by our justices to wit:

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This affidavit is true correct and certain: as in James 5:12 "Holy Scriptures" from our one supreme Court original, exclusive jurisdiction, Common Law venue.

Teste meipso this second day of the sixth month nineteen hundred ninety six Anno Domini.

Leroy Michael., Schweitzer

Daniel E.; Petersen

Richard Emmet

Randy Parsons

Keven Entzel

Rudy Stanko

Lyle Chamberlin

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