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A Call to Prayer!

Public Notice

    The FIGJA Special Reports on the Montana Freemen Trials are news reports within the scope of the protections for freedom of speech and freedom of the press declared by the First Article in Amendment of the Constitution of the united States: of America. The reports are posted on this website for the purposes of documenting information for the public that has become common knowledge. The reports are the opinions of those providing the information and not the opinions or policies of the administrator of the FIGJA website except where explicitly stated being the opinions and policies of the FIGJA National Administrator. The FIGJA National Administrator realizes that very sensational information is being presented in these reports, however, it should be emphasized that all who read these reports conduct themselves in a lawful manner in redressing the issues raised. You are encouraged to do your lawful duties as upright, competent and knowledgeable Americans in Good Faith. You are encouraged to obtain and study the educational information endorsed by FIGJA on the Study Materials webpage.

    For the record, the affidavits and reports posted on the FIGJA website are posted at the request of family and friends of the "Freemen" prisoners, and with their explicit authorization to avoid dis-information.

    Furthermore, it is my personal opinion that the "Freemen" have been unjustly treated to cruel and unusual punishment due the testimonials and affidavits we have received. It is sincerely requested that precatory prayers are said on behalf of these men and everyone involved. It is further suggested that we all put this matter in the hands of Our Heavenly Father, for it is His Will that things are as they are and it is His Will that will change them. We all sincerely pray for Blessings that will result in better circumstances for all concerned.

Things to consider:

"No suit can be sustained against a state; but an unconstitutional law affords no justification to a state officer for an act injurious to an individual. The officer is not the state, and can set up no exemption under it, unless he act within the authority of law." Astrom v Hammond (1842), 2 Fed.Cas, 71, Fed.Cas.No. 596, 3 Mclean 107.

"Invito beneficium non datur- No one is obliged to accept a benefit against his consent." Bouvier's Law Dictionary (1914), "Maxim," p, 2140). [No officer can compel any Good and Lawful Christian Man to get a license, benefit, or privilege in commerce.]

"No officer can acquire jurisdiction by deciding he has it. The officer, whether judicial or ministerial, decides at his own peril." Middleton v. Low (1866), 30 C. 596, citing Prosser v. Secor (1849), 5 Barb.(N.Y) 607, 608.

"Non dat qui non habet---He gives nothing who has nothing." Bouvier's Law Dictionary (1914),"Maxim,"p.2149, [No legislative body or man can convey any authority or jurisdiction he does not possess over common Rights vested by God to another. Because legislative powers are limited, all powers derived from legislative acts are limited.]

" ...If one individual does not possess such a right over the conduct of another [Good and Lawful Christian Man], no number of individuals [in a deliberative body] can possess such a right. All combinations, therefore, to effect such an object, are injurious, not only to the individuals particularly oppressed, but to the public at large." People v. Fisher, 14 Wend.(N.Y.) 9, 28 Am.Dec. 501. [Individual Christians who are oppressed are not the only Persons affected by such oppression. All Christians are oppressed.]

    It should be also noted that the "Freemen" were promised a Common Law grand jury as a stipulation of their surrender to federal officials at the end of the "Montana Standoff." FIGJA supporters would like to see the evidence of the U.S. government's Good Faith by complying with their promises. If we are to put trust in their government, then they should comply with their promises and oaths of office. In Good Faith, we pray that these officials will stand up and support the Law of the Land that they have sworn to uphold, and give the "Freemen" the justice that is due them.

    Remember, FIGJA is a peaceful alliance endeavoring to provide educational information that makes us all responsible Americans actively involved in maintaining good government. The grand jury is a body specifically instituted to avoid trial by combat. FIGJA does not encourage violence and lawlessness from the public or the public servants. We encourage using the grand jury to address all offenses where lawful, de jure grand juries exist, and FIGJA also encourages Lawfully established jural societies where civil government has been abandoned. It is up to you and your neighbors to maintain Lawful government. If We the People fail in our duties in this regard, we are then left with the consequences of our omission and we have no standing to complain about those consequences. Therefore, let us act responsibly and Lawfully in our governmental endeavors and duties as Americans. For a better understanding of your liberties see Facts You Should Be Aware OF.

Burk Elder, Third
FIGJA National Administrator

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Documents From Clinton A. Cain

Gallatin county court
Montana republic
Common law venue supreme Court

Bozeman court #1} Documents From Clinton A. Cain

This Court has received documents concerning allegations of mistreatment of certain men known to be incarcerated in the YELLOWSTONE COUNTY DETENTION FACILITY, located in or near Billings, Montana.

The documents: one affidavit dated 'June 26, 1998' ; one certified mail address card and one certified mail receipt both addressed to American Civil Liberties Union, P.O. Box 3012 Billings, Montana 59103; two U. S. Postal mailing receipts dated '06-04-98'.

The documents were submitted by Clinton A. Cain of Bozeman, Montana on the twenty seventh day of the sixth month of nineteen hundred ninety eight.

Justice William David, Junior., Sullivan

Bozeman court#1
c/o Christine, Ballinger
General Delivery
Bozeman, Montana state
united States of America


Public Notice / Bozeman court #1

Gallatin county court
Montana republic
Common law venue supreme Court


Steven L., McNeil.........................}
William David, Junior., Sullivan......} ss Bozeman court #1
Peter R Gibeau..............................}
Christine, Ballinger.........................}
(self- appointed by Necessity)


This Court being in receipt of several documents from Kamala Susan on the eighteenth and twenty first day, sixth month of nineteen hundred ninety eight, does issue the following finding:

These documents show consistent evidence of mistreatment to inmates incarcerated in the YELLOWSTONE COUNTY JAIL, aka the 'YCDF', located in or near Billings, Montana.

A quorum being present, this Court now Orders that further investigation be conducted.

Copies of the Original Affidavits submitted by Kamala Susan to this Court shall be mailed to Rupert Randall near BIllings, Montana; YELLOWSTONE COUNTY COMMISION; YELLOWSTONE COUNTY SHERIFF; GOVERNOR MARC RACICOT, The Billings Gazette; The Bozeman Daily Chronicle; KTVQ-TV in or near Billings, Montana and the Internet FIGJA website.

So sayeth all:

Justice- Steven L, McNeil

Justice- William David, Junior., Sullivan

Justice- Peter R Gibeau

Justice- Christine, Ballinger

Bozeman court #1
c/o Christine, Ballinger
General Delivery
Bozeman, Montana state
united States of America



Sunday June 21,1998 an immediate family member and spouse, living approximately 100 miles from Springfield, Missouri, traveled to the “Medical Center” with the anticipated and tacit understanding they would be allowed to visit LeRoy Michael.

A prior phone call with Bob Harris (case worker for LeRoy and all the freemen there) lead the potential visitors to believe they would be allowed inside to visit LeRoy. A visit was not granted. The potential visitors were informed that their name(s) must first be on a list, which list is established based upon submitting numerous personal answers concerning one’s history etc.

Since Bob Harris was not at the prison on the weekend another person determined that there would be no visit. An ensuing phone call today with Bob Harris generally confirmed that assurances given in the previous call were no longer applicable.

There appears to be evidence of giving information in riddles.

In my own visits with LeRoy which occurred more than two years ago, my name was not on a list (to the best of my knowledge) and I was granted visits on Saturday and Sunday.

The recent information I received is that the prisoner must first sign a form which grants a potential visitor the opportunity to visit, after, in turn, completing their own form including their personal data. Bob Harris indicated that none of the freemen had signed any forms.

Bob Harris gave the persons, denied the visit, permission to contact the state Representatives/Senators concerning more clarification on the situation, which was the plan prior to the permission being granted.

A call to the Warden will be occurring forthwith. In 1996 the Warden’s name was Pat W. Keohene (sp). Phone # (417) 862-7041.

May those called to serve, rise up to the great honor of servants of We the People, so help us God.

Len Schweitzer

Prayer Continues From Concerned Americans

Dear Friends,

We are all trying to fight a Goliath in every way that we can. Since we all know that prayer is most powerful many of us joined together on June 17, 1998 at 7PM Central Time and Prayed the Psalms below.

The response to our prayers have been overwhelming and the desire to continue spreading the idea of praying these Psalms has been expressed by many. The desire seems to be that we continue to pray these Psalms every Wednesday evening. We ask that you join with us and other and set a special time.

With so many people in jail as political prisoners and many friends becoming sick all of a sudden we need to keep the prayers strong.

The following are additions we would like to add to our prayers: On the new moon pray Psalms 119. (June 24 is the new moon this month, but pray for more than one day so that we are sure of praying this on the new moon, reference Psalms 81:3 ..Blow up the trumpet on the new moon.) Then on every Wednesday pray the below Psalms again! (If you meet with a prayer group on Wednesday, please ask them to join.)

The evil we are fighting may be coming to you in many forms, please join us in prayer. Let us pray these Psalms in this order: 35, 52, 55, 58, 59, 70, 73, 79, 91, 109, 137.

Your friend in Christ,
Carolyn Carney
(830) 438-2904

Gary's Affidavit For June 19th, 1998 A.D.

On Tuesday, the 26th day of May, 1998 before NOON, Ralph Edwin Clark called on the phone from Yellowstone County Detention Center and explained how he had just been roughed up. He aslo said that they had placed the leg chains on his legs so tightly that the blood was cut off to his feet -- they also put cuffs on his wrists in the same manner, as tight as they could get them which also caused great pain. Keep in mind that all of this occurred in a very secure jail and was simply down the corridor to the so-called TV room from their cells. The TV room being where the FreeMen are able to watch the so called court proceedings in the governments Kangaroo Court.

Dated this 19th day of June, 1998
"Without Recourse"
U.C.C. 1-207

Gary L. Clark

A FreeMan and Member of the Crow Indian Tribe of Montana

Call John Bryant's radio show called "Truth Radio" at 970-284-9216 and tune in to S4 Channel 19 Audio 7.58, from 7 - 9pm EDT.

Call Stephanie Birmingham's radio show called "Birmingham Show" at 1-888-779-TALK, 102.3 FM from 1 - 3 pm EDT.

Recent "Freemen" Affidavits

thirteenth day, sixth month, nineteen hundred ninety-eight

Dear Kamala Susan,

Your letter arrived last night with the questions about our treatment inside gulag Yellowstone. Confusion set in big time against the sorcerers since we refuse to bow to their Baal enterprise. It seems their greatest concern is hiding the other prisoners are seeing through the fraud. One prisoner said he received an extra thirty days since he would not retaliate against us.

The goons now use the food as a mental torture. I was given eight 16.9 fl. oz. of water and about four days later six of those bottles were removed from this cell and no more has been delivered. In the last week I have taken in two bottles of water @ 16.9 fl. oz. each. They stopped bringing the vegetable tray and fruit. I do not answer to "Mr. Schweitzer" and for refusing to do so the fruit juice and food tray are taken back. This morning the so-called nurse said "Mr. Schweitzer, do you want juice?" I refused to speak and she left without leaving any juice. A short time later this same so-called nurse came to this cell and said "LeRoy, do you want juice?" I replied "You must know what you are suppose to do". She said "I am suppose to ask". I told her she must be following orders and I do not know what those orders are. She left without laving the juice. Some of the other jail guards play this same scenario. Their guilt is running all over themselves. Your question about Charles and his request we drink water came through a letter from Leonard Joseph. I told Leonard via phone call that I do not take orders from Charles. His court mistakes should be sufficient evidence for all to see.

As to the "Carol" situation, let it be known nearly all my lead in direction for our cause was ignored and further thrown back upon me as your stuff doesn't work. Instant security was not my goal under the pretenses of mammon. We have taken a larger step and it's results are now becoming clear. There is only one truth and we have found a goodly portion of it to carry us through all adversity. The evil doers curse us but can not destroy this righteous cause. their sins are piled high upon their rotten souls.

Brandy Le relayed to me the test results concerning a certain child now nearly three years old and my children. Pictures were left at gulag Yellowstone confirming suspicions.

Kristin writes with transfer messages by Henry of T.T.C. So far I do not have his proofs to see if he is on track. It leaves the situation open similar to theater command.

A sorcery letter arrived from the liaryers who wanted to know where the special private securities were sold. Damage control reaches out to all levels. But the U.C.C. good faith was broken by the private federal reserve itself and started the world wide economic collapse. Japan will soon follow and it will bring down the federal corporation United States.

Many predictions say July or August of this year could be the time. Signs are building in many areas to show this trend.

If you can get in for a visit I'll talk to you, but the insurgents are not likely to assist. Russell Dean was told by Neitor there will be no visits with the press. The traitors are hiding all truths as their Babylon whore dies in our country of Montana.

The prayer I heard was short, but forceful, no words- just praying. I feel it was a signal our Nation turned back. You can see the confusion destroying the Beast. We need a few good men outside to carry out our Orders. Are there any? Can any of them spell mandamus?

I did not mean to get a closer look at participants in the show trial- - I meant certain people at our B.B.Q.

Why is it that over two years in gulag Yellowstone cures a need for smoking? The workings in ones mind are cleared up on a priority scale based upon reality vs fiction. Oxygen is a great healer. Why do people "drag" on a cigarette?

We issued the lawful Order for the habeas corpus session at Yellowstone county court. Where and when will the posse obey? Do they believe it will happen without anyone taking part in it? We laid the groundwork for immunity. Will slaves be the result? Henry Plummer did not hang himself.

Freedom is not sucking on a public trough. Who will turn in their Baal allegiance cards? If 1,000 did so in unison we could find a posse of fifty men. Will it take another fifty years of slavery to realize the time is right?

with love, and thanksgiving for our Victory in Yahshua,
LeRoy Michael- chief Justice

+ + + + + + +

Yellowstone county supreme Court
Declaration in Law by Affidavit
Religious persecution

I, LeRoy Michael chief Justice, accuse the satanic foreign agents of the federal corporation United States of crimes against our House of Israel whereby said satanic agents are using food as a tool for mental ad physical torture against our Justices' to further their acts of treason against our self-governing Republic in our country of Montana.

On this fifteenth day of the sixth month in the year nineteen hundred ninety eight, anno domini, the satanic agents forced our Justices' to be examined before the sorcery agent purporting to be a doctor. I was forcibly handcuffed behind my back and dragged out of cell CB-11 at Yellowstone county jail before I could eat the food which had been delivered only a few minutes earlier.

We will not worship their Baal god Lucifer and are therefore punished daily at the whim of each satanic guard. May the judgement of Yahweh be upon their satanic souls immediately as we obey our only law-giver, the Alpha and Omega in Genesis,


An elisor's grand jure presentment being true, correct, certain complete before Yahweh.

Seal per curiam: [signature] chief Justice

fellow Justices'

Justice Richard Emmett

Justice Casey John

Justice Daniel E., Petersen

Justice Rodney Owen

+ + + + + + +

Yellowstone county supreme Court
Declaration in Law by Affidavit

I, LeRoy Michael chief Justice, accuse jail guard Dubois of additional counts of religious persecution to wit: At noon on the fourteenth day of the sixth month, nineteen hundred ninety eight jail guard Dubois said- - "Mr. Schweitzer, do you want a tray?".

"Mr. Schweitzer is not in ccell CB-11, so I said- - "Mr. Schweitzer is not in this cell". Dubois did not respond and did not leave a food tray.

These events mental and physical torture using food as a tool are ongoing on a daily basis at Yellowstone county jail. country of Montana, witnessed by our Justices' undersigned.

This Affidavit is true, correct, certain, complete before our law-giver Yahweh.

Seal per curiam: [signature]- chief Justice

fellow Justices'

Justice Richard Emmett

Justice Casey John

Justice Daniel E., Petersen

Justice Rodney Owen

+ + + + + + +

Yellowstone county supremeCourt
Declaration in Law

By Affidavit, I, LeRoy Michael chief Justice, hereby testify concerning religious persecution caused by jail guards Dubois and Romero on this fourteenth day of the sixth month, nineteen hundred ninety eight, anno domini to wit:

Early this forenoon Dubois asked a "Mr. Schweitzer" if he wanted a tray. "Mr. Schweitzer" did not answer since I am alone in cell CB-11. due to the non-answer by "Mr. Schweitzer" the food hatch was slammed shut and I did not receive food.

Later, Dubois and the so-called nurse with bag eyes came into cell CB-11. The female bag-eye said- - - "Leroy, do you want juice?". I took four 4 oz. juice cups and poured them into two plastic cups.

I have repeatedly noticed the jail guards I do not answer to the nom de gurre presentment. The acts prove the jail guards are using food as a tool to force our House of Israel into Baal worship forbidden by our Creator Yahweh.

I, LeRoy Michael, accuse Dubois, Romero, Davis, Hardcastle, McCave, Neiter, Maxwell of criminal acts of religious persecution committed at Yellowstone county jail against me and our Justices' who must obey our only law-giver Yahweh.

This Affidavit is true, correct, certain witnessed before Justices Richard Emmett; Casey John; Daniel E., Petersen.

Teste [signature], chief Justice.

Justice Richard Emmett

Justice Casey John

Justice Daniel E., Petersen

[signature] seal: [thumbprint]
clerk Rodney Owen


Pattern For Abuse Evidence Continues

Dear Elder, If you want to post this whole thing, this is fine or part of it what ever you want to do. Attached is also an affidavit of Gary Clark who received a call from Ralph Clark just shortly after the abuse, he notified all of us immediately.

I received a call from Ralph Clark on May 30th, 1998. I talked with Ralph for about 2 1/2 hours and about 45 minutes May 31st, 1998. He told me about the abuses to himself and the other FreeMen that had occured in the few days before his call.

He gave me detailed descriptions of the burises on his body, and the shackle marks on his legs. He told me about the Marshals using the key and applying pressure under LeRoy's nose and hitting LeRoy so hard across the nose that it knocked him to the floor. He told me about Casey Veldhuizen collapsing and grabbing his chest after he had been brutalized, and how they beat Rodney so bad he defacated in his pants. Ralph said all the men were abused. Ralph said that after he had been shoved around, he collapsed on the floor and they accused him of resisting so they drug him, by the cuffs on his arms. Ralph said they picked him up and threw him on a stretcher and injured his back. He said "I believe they messed up the surgery I had on my back".

This is not the first abuse we had heard of. We had received several call earlier about the jailers and Marshals mistreating all of them. Another prisoner told us about the Marshals beating on John Berry Nelson and the Hances. One story was that they drug one of them off their bunk and stood on his neck and ankles while they pulled the other off the bunk and worked him over. That was the reason some of them were taken to court in wheelchairs, because of the abuse.

Edwin Clark was acquitted, but the Marshals, shackled and handcuffed him and threw him back in the cell. He told me that they held him in the cell like that for awhile, then took him to the Marshals office, where they proceeded to tell him that there had been death threats made against him (while laughing) then told him he had better watch his back. He said the shackles and cuffs were tighter then ,than they had ever been. They took him still shackled and cuffed, back to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility. Stuck him in a holding cell and left him there. A jailer found him there later and tried to return him to his cell. When he told the jailers he had been acquitted, they did not believe him. The jailer finally called the Marshals office and got a confirmation about the acquittal. I visited Edwin sometime later and he still had some bruising and indentations on his wrists.

The name that keeps coming up everytime there is abuse reported is Rodney Ostermiller. I can personally tell you that if they are saying Ostermiller is abusing them, he is doing it.

About the so called food they serve in the jail. It is not fit for human consumption!!!!!!!!!!!I was there in YCDF myself for being associated with these gentlemen. The prisoners started a petition and one of the jailers took it from cell block to cell block getting signatures demanding edible food.

During my unlawful stay there, certain so called public servants attempted to take my children, using the excuse I was neglecting them.

Because of the garbage spread through the media by Nick Murnion and his associates, our family have been ridiculed, our children mistreated and Denton, Montana held a meeting to have us run out of town, (the county sheriff Eugene Couch was reported to have been there) all on the word of the media, Nick Murnion and others.

My stepson told me he wanted nothing to do with us, because of all the lies that have been spread through the media. And never wants anything to do with his own brothers because of the media lies.

Our 11 year old son was brutily attacked by the deputy of Petroleum County. Monte Mlekush, the deputy was at a basketball game, wearing a pistol. His daughter took a licorice rope from our son, when he took it back the girl told her father. Monte Mlekush grabbed our son, slammed him up against the wall, pinned him by his throat with one arm and held on to the pistol with the other. He threatened to take him outside and jerk his pants off and beat him with his belt. Monte then told him that he would see to it that our son was kicked out of every school in Montana. He then tried to coerce our son into saying his father beat him all the time. When my husband tried to find out what had happened, he asked the Superintendant of the school, why he had allowed this to happen and why he allowed Monte to wear a pistol in the school. His comment was "He is the law and he can do what ever he wants." When my husband tried to talk to Monte Mlekush about the incident, Monte called our other son very filthy names and called him a liar. There were many witnesses to these incidences. We called the County Attorney, he told us to take it to the Attorney Generals office. We wrote a complaint about this incident and about a teacher who had threatened to break the necks of our son and 3 other boys. The teacher then told the boys that if he lost his job because of what he said, he would come back and kill all of them. This is the response we got from the Attorney Generals office:

February 28, 1996

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kramlich
P.O. Box 85
Winnett, Montana 59087

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kramlich

I have reviewed your letter of February 15, 1996 to Attorney General Mazurek, in which you requested this office to investigate various allegations of misconduct by members of the Petroleum County Sheriff's Department and your local school district. While this office has a limited authority to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by local officials, such investigations may only be initiated by your county attorney or your local law enforcement agency. Accordingly, this office cannot conduct the investigation which you have requested.

I regret that this office cannot assist you further in this matter. Sincerely,

[his signature]
Joseph E. Thaggard
Assistant Attorney General.

The day after the incident at the school and before we received this letter, Robert Busenbark, the sheriff at that time came to our home and demanded to see the boy. When we asked him what he wanted him for, his reply was "I have a complaint against him for assult" We told him our boy had not assaulted anyone and told him to leave, he refused, we told him that his deputy had assulted our boy and that we had already called the county attorney and sent a letter to the Attorney General about his deputy. He laughed and said "they will not do anything unless I ask them to, and that will never happen." He told us that our boy would have to do community service and whatever else the youth division of the court decided. (Convicted by the sheriff and his deputy and the boy was the victim) We told him we wanted to see his complaint he refused to show it to us. We told him that his deputies story was a big lie and we would not allow this to continue. All the time we were telling him he was trespassing and until he produced a legitimate complaint he had to leave. He wanted to talk to us at the courthouse, we said no. We did go to a local cafe to talk and when he was confronted with the truth he left the boy alone.

A couple days later my husband got a letter from the county attorney William Berger from Lewistown, Fergus County, Montana, threating to bring charges on him for assault and misconduct because he questioned the Superintendant of the school about what happened to our boy. Anyone who wants copies of these letters and the complaint sent to the Montana Attorney General, Joseph Mazurek is welcome to them. This is just one of the many incidents, that I believe resulted from the lies of Nick Murnion, who by the way threatened to arrest me for Criminal Syndicalism for filing papers, and the media who spread the lies for him.

If you want to read more about the abuses get a copy of CV-97-090-GF filed in the Federal district court in Great Falls, Montana.

This affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Anna Kramlich
Without recourse UCC-1-207

FIGJA Public Notice to All Grand Juries

FIGJA has accumulated numerous amounts of evidence that justice is not being served in Montana regarding the "Freemen". Two men in two separate federal trials have been acquitted for much the same charges as those being "tried" now in Billings. The affidavits and testimonies stand unchallenged, and it has given rise to the certainty that the "Freemen" have been severely abused emotionally and physically with malice and prejudice even though they have not committed any offense that has not already be adjudicated. The monetary instruments are not fraudulent, according to all the evidence presented to FIGJA.

If anyone has evidence that supports facts that show that the "Freemen" are guilty of violating the law with their monetary instruments you are herein requested to bring it to our attention immediately. We all, in Good Faith, want to know where the error exists by emailing FIGJA. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

And if you are aware of any offenses against these prisoners as posted on this website you are noticed herein to do your duty as a grand juror and witness.

Burk Elder, Third: Hale
FIGJA National Administrator

"Freemen" Web Pages

Thanks, Brent James for your work. I'm honored and so are many others. This is what FIGJA is all about, learning and sharing what we learn, and taking notice. Your effort is greatly appreciated by all the family and friends of the "Montana Freemen".-Elder

Hello, my name is Brent James: Bushardt. I have read the web pages at your FIGJA web site, and wish to distribute them to the public at large.

I have copied them whole and un-altered to my hard drive. I realize that I have done this without you consent, and I give my word that if you ask, I will delete them. I wish to print them out, and hand them out to anyone I can. I must alter the text color so it will be black, this is one reason I have saved them to my hard drive.

The other reason is that I fear the Federal government will do anything to supress information about their tyranny. I would like to keep them, again un-altered and whole, so that the information contained will not be lost if anything happens to your web site. I ask for your permission to do this.

Thank you,
Brent James: Bushardt, fellow Patriot and American

More "Freemen" Mailing Locations

I suggest using brackets around the name to separate the Christian apellation and Family name from the foreign mailing location. Everything in brackets is extraneous and irrelavent information in regards to the other information on the paper/envelope. Please be sure to write or send a postcard to the prisoners to let them know you care. -Elder

Dear Elder,

I have just gotten these addresses to add along with LeRoy Michael's. The numbers behind their names has to be on the envelope, or they will not receive their mail.

[Daniel E.; Petersen] 050860-046
[Russell Dean; Landers] 05177-046
[Dale Martin; Jacobi] 05181-046
[Cornelius John: "Casey" Veldhuizen] 05185-046
[Richard Emmett; Clark] 05087-046

Same address as is listed for LeRoy Michael

A Friend

LeRoy is in Springfield

I Called at 7:45 A.M.6-18-98 (western time) and spoke with the secretary of LeRoy Michael's case manager (Bob Harris) who said he was in the Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri. He is not allowed to call out. The secretary said he is allowed to write. However, during his previous stay in that place it was very difficult to finally make those basic, simple and fundamentally essential arrangements. I will write to him immediately and I hope to receive the most minor cooperation from the servants there that he might receive financial help to purchase stamps.

The address is:

[LeRoy Michael; Schweitzer] #02144-046
Medical Center For Federal Prisoners
P.O. Box 4000
1900 West Sunshine St.
Springfield, Missouri [65808]

Len Schweitzer

Important Observations:

The following is a letter I (Len Schweitzer) received to which the following response was prompted as a correction to a Billlings Gazette article which appreared on October 26,1997 entitled “Freemen’s anti-governemt legal giberish infecting fellow prisoners”.

November 20,1997

Dear Len:

I just sent the enclosed editorial reply to and article published in the Grand Island (Nebraska) Daily Independent originally taken from the Associated Press wire. I thought you might be interested. Please feel free to show a copy to LeRoy and the others, if appropriate.

Call me if you have any comments; or if there is anything further I can do in support of the “Freemen.”

Patriotically yours,
Brent Johnson

C/o 2101 Main Street, Unit 18-1776
Baker City, Oregon state usA
Toll Free 1-888-385-FREE (3733)

Montana Freemen Understand the Law of the Land

To the Editor: Your October 26 edition published an article entitled Freemen’s anti-government legal gibberish infecting fellow prisoners which contains erroneous information and false characterizations on LeRoy Schweitzer and the so-called “Montana Freemen.” In the interest of accuracy in reporting I feel it necessary to correct these mistakes.

American Law is based on certain timeless principles. Foremost among these is that each of us is endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable (i.e. unalterable) rights, and that to secure these rights governments are instituted...(Declaration of Independence, 1776). In other words, the primary purpose of our federal and state governments is to protect and secure our unalienable rights gifted to us by our God.

The federal and state constitutions were written to enforce limitations on the government. These documents provide that all government activities must follow due process. The Bill of Rights guarantees that no branch of government shall obstruct or otherwise encroach upon the natural rights of an American Citizen. This includes the Judiciary Branch.

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that in all criminal trials the accused parties shall be allowed to face their accusers and be guaranteed a speedy trail. The October 26 article accurately reported that the Montana Freemen have been incarcerated since June 13,1996 and that their trial is not scheduled to start before spring of 1998. This represents a clear violation by the government of the rights of the accused. Where is their speedy trial? Have they not been allowed to face their accusers?

Further, regarding the so-called “bogus liens” which LeRoy Schweitzer is accused of filing, the governor of Florida asked Alan T. Diamond, president of the Florida BAR Association, an attorney practicing law for over 40 years, with special expertise in commercial lien to investigate and report whether filing liens against government officials under the Uniform Commercial Code was valid legal strategy or not. I have read Mr. Diamond’s; report, in which he could not find anything wrong with the process used and taught by Schweitzer. As a matter of fact, the lien process taught by Schweitzer is the same process which the Internal Revenue Service uses to impose liens and levies. Remember, a lien is simply a legal devise used to ensure that an obligation is met. All government officials have an obligation to protect your rights and obey the Constitution; when they fall to do so, an un-met obligation exists, justifying the imposition of a commercial lien.

The article also claims that the Freemen’s “legal philosophy is a jumble of odds and ends from the Bible, the U.S. Constitution, the Magna Charta and the Uniform Commercial Code.” The truth is that all of our laws are based on common law, which itself come from British Ecclesiastical law, the Magna Charta (1215 A.D.) and the Holy Bible. This is not “legal philosophy” but rather the Law of the Land.

American law was established to protect the innocent from frivolous accusations by the government. It was designed to let 1,000 criminals go free rather than incarcerating one innocent Citizen. It was never intended that our court system become a revenue generation machine under corporate law, yet that is precisely what we have allowed to occur. Under our system of law - which I believe to be the best in the world - all government officials are public servants to their rightful masters, We the People. We did not get our rights from the government (how many of you were Created by the government?) and so no government can ever take away our rights.

LeRoy Schweitzer and the so-called Montana Freemen are American heroes, American patriots who have stood firmly on principles of law and justice. They have not succumbed to the pressure to comply with government regulations but rather have insisted that all public official honor their oaths of office, diligently follow the rules of due process - no matter how inconvenient they may be - and bravely resisted any and all efforts by government officials to circumvent the true Law of the Land, the land of the Free. Further, they are educating their fellow Americans who have been incarcerated as to how to assert their own rights (it matters not whether an inmate was accused of murder or other violent crimes, everyone is entitled to due process of law under our system of jurisprudence).

The Montana Freemen are truly Modern American Heroes and should be regarded as such. Their example reflects the sacred principles on which our great country was founded. Their legacy is one of freedom and liberty. Our Founding Fathers would be proud of these Real Americans. So should you.

Brent Johnson is Director of Freedom Bound International and host of a national radio show The American Sovereign.


June sixteenth nineteen hundred ninety- eight

I spoke on the phone Thursday, June eleventh and Friday morning June twelfth with Ralph Clark . He talked to me about several things including his own experience at Springfield Federal Medical Facility in Missouri. In his conversation with me he said that when he arrived there a Dr. examined him and asked him why he was there, because there was nothing apparently wrong with him. The doctor had made a comment that he couldn't stay there so they put him in a solitary cell down in a dungeon for thirty days. This all was very small. He also had a lot of company that were of the rat and mice family. There were very bright fluorescent lights on at all times so that at nighttime you would have to cover your head with a blanket. He told me that after twenty days of being in there he developed an eye infection which worsened with time.

He said that every few days a guard would rap on his cell door and tell him he needed to call home. He didn't know how he was going to do that since he wasn't allowed out.

Ralph Clark was in Springfield approximately thirty days.

Kamala Susan; Webb

Prayers For The "Freemen"

Please join us in prayer this evening. I received your address from a forwarded message about the Freemen. This prayers request is spread across the nation, again I ask that you join us, and please read the note at the bottom. Thank you and God Bless you and all others as we try to gain our freedom. -Carolyn

Dear Friends,

We are all trying to fight a Goliath in every way that we can. Since we all know that prayer is the most powerful I would like to propose that everyone join on June 17, 1998 at 7PM Central Time and Pray these Psalms. If you are in jail you may have to keep asking the guards for the time, just tell them it is a special prayer time for you. I have set this date so that you will have time to ask other friends to join.

The evil we are fighting may be coming to you in many forms, please join us in prayer.

Let us pray these Psalms in this order: 35, 52, 55, 58, 59, 70, 73, 79, 91, 109 137.

Your friend in Christ,
Carolyn Carney

PS: On the new moon pray Psalms 119. (June 24 is the new moon, but pray for more than one day so that we are sure of praying this on the new moon, reference Psalms 81:3 ..Blow up the trumpet on the new moon.) Then on every full moon pray the above Psalms again!

LeRoy's First "Trip"

The following is a vicarious account of some actions rendered upon one innocent-until-proven-guilty person who was condemned to receive "medical treatment' in Springfield.This was what LeRoy witnessed while subjected to torture in "that place" a couple years ago. While he describes what befell another man; it is a vicarious description of the fate he also suffered. I pray, as we all might, that those who are commissioned to engage in this savagery may be freed of the forces that drive them to conduct this insanity.

May they be protected by an Amighty Shield, with greatest concern. -Len

The Following letter was received by Len Schweitzer 5-18-96 pm.

Yellowstone County Detention Center

Dear Leonard Joseph,

Early this morning I received notice to put all my papers and belongs into my pillow case, as I was moving out. Then I was taken to the Springfield airport, waited out a thunderstorm and was flown back here (Billings, Mont.) on a small jet with another prisoner from Livingston.

So, your twenty dollars is still back at Springfield prison. They put me in the medical watch area here and said it would be about a week before I could see the other guys from the township. The guard here apologized for the beating they did while I was here the first few days. For some reason the Springfield guards were treating me like Americas No. one criminal. Spent all but two nights under the bright lights.

About the line in my last letter concerning the ongoing torture, there was a small black man, about one hundred-fifty pounds, maybe thirty years old who was tied to his steel bunk with leather restraints for six days and nights in a row. My cell window looked right in on his from across the narrow hall way. He was forced to vomit, shit, and piss on himself for that length of time. The guards would dress up in their Swat team garb, hermits, vests arm pads and four at a time would jump him on his mattress, pin his arms on to each side of the bed and his two legs pinned together at the foot of the bed. This way he could partially roll over. Then they would run the tube down his nose and fill him up with “ensure”. They did this to me three times a day, three cans of ensure followed by a partial can of water. It took about forty-five minutes per feeding and they joked saying “We’ll know when he is full when it comes out of his ears”.

The black man was vomiting up much of the liquid and they would pour it back in. He had spit gobs of blood on the wall and after the second week started they finally had put cotton plugs in his nose since it was obvious they had torn his nasal passage. He was one tough guy and never screamed, just moaned. One day he looked over at me, held up his hands and smiled. The few other prisoners I talked to at “rec” in the wire cages told me about treatments in the “medical” lab. Springfield is Satan’s furnace. Now you might know as I do why the X-ray machine blew a fuse the last time they tried to do me! And God also knows, You must know why I did not write this down there. Why oh why do the American People sit back in their comfort shell and let this process continue? But it will be hidden from your eyes unless you become a participant as some of us have had the close encounter. Springfield is despair!

While I was in the booking area I called “Carol’s” number, got through, and told her to call you for me. I believe I will be allowed calls from here, not sure yet. Much can be said in the letter as well. I surely miss my computer where I could run these off all day, but then I have much spare time to do it this way.

You will be surprised at this one. Just before I left Springfield prison I received a short one page letter from Gewen Melton, Klock, Ed Melton’s** daughter. She expressed a certain sadness, but did say they might not agree with my thoughts or actions. How could they know, all they have heard is public news. The guard here said we get out of the room about four different periods during the day. There is a T.V. set, tables and chairs plus magazines to read. Somewhat easier then the solitary at Springfield. And I hope they turn the lights down at night. I’ll cut this short and see if it gets mailed right away. Keep the Faith, your brother in battle.

LeRoy Michael

**a fellow high school friend.


Common Law Affidavit by Rodney Owen


Justus township       }
Yellowstone county } ss. Common Law Affidavit by Rodney Owen
Montana state          }

I, Rodney Owen, a private free white Man jus sol; being of sound mind and age of majority, do hereby attest to the following facts:

On this twelfth day, sixth month, at about 6:00 am o'clock, I was taken, under duress/protest, with the other Justices of Justus township, to the gym to be checked for weight, blood pressure etc; by both an alleged nurse and doctor.

In talking to Justice Leroy Michael, and Daniel E; I was informed by Leroy Michael that the YCDF guards are now asking (freemen) if one wants his food tray, whereby they have never asked this before, and if one does not answer, they don't leave the tray, whereby they are now wilfully inciting a riot, on false pretence to deny one meals (if you call this a meal). They have no Lawful authority to compel one to answer them nor to ask any questions by their own by-laws of their own charter/ corporation! (Contrary to "their duties"!!).

So, if one exercises his absolute God given unalienable Right not to say anything, they, the Y.C.D.F. guards, will not leave a meal!

In fact they haven't been doing this to me till last night, so either the U.S. marshals and/or the Capt McCave; Lt. Neiter and/or Sgt's of Y.C.D.F. are now instructing the guards to ask if we want a meal and if no answer is given, etc., one does not receave the meals!!

Upon, the above information and facts, and being checked by the alleged nurse and doctor; we are all returned to our cell at about 7:00 o'clock a.m., I asked for meal, newspaper and lights, being they had already fed class C that I'm illegally held in, and paper and light was acknowledged but no meal was presented. I will not ask again!

This clearly shows that the Y.C.D.F. and/or U.S. marshals are knowingly, wilfully and intentionally trying to incite a riot and misinformation to protect themselves and to misinform their legislative tribunal and press! How sad, that they have no honor. Yet they did bring the juice!

The above stated facts are true, correct, certain and complet in Law and presented in "good faith" in the interest of Justice! Further I saith naught! James 5:12; Matt. 5:33-37; Acts 5:29; Ex. 20: 2-5!

teste meipso this twelfth day, sixth month, nineteen hundred ninety-eight before my only Law giver and Almighty God "Yahweh"!

Seal:[ink thumbprint-sig] a dejure notary in our country, Montana

Rodney Owen

"without the United States"

per curiam: Coram Ipso Rege/Rex Rev. 1:6
Prothonotary/clerk ex-officio
of necessity in Law

Witness: per Matthew 18:16-20! If possible or by self-authentication, of necessity in Law!!

Witness: Bruce Hanly

Witness: William Irons

Editorial by a Freeman

With the news media gleefully mouthing the script of the day about the Freemen, the real story goes untold. The hand that is up the backside of these newspuppets is the very same hand that is choking the life out of the American Dream. Many believe that the news media is the protector of the Posterity of the American Revolution, in reality, the media only protects the king (actually the Queen) and his corrupt proctors of Admiralty. A recent example of this jaw jacking by the puppeteers came to us through the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on the 15th of June, 1998 A.D. Bozeman resident and 'national syndicated columnist' Todd Wilkerson, is a typical example of these media liars. Wilkerson wrote a piece under the 'Commentary' column which attacks the Montana Freemen:

"With three fourths of the Freemen defendants now exiled to jail cells for exhibiting unruly behavior in the courtroom, [Judge] Coughenour found himself confronting an existential question".

Todd Wilkerson, were you in that courtroom? I was, and I guarantee you that none of the incarcerated Freemen even appeared in that courtroom, let alone being "unruly". The Judge didn't exile these Men, they chose not to volunteer. This debate about being in the courtroom is the crux of the whole issue. If Todd Wilkerson was a protector of the People, he would investigate the Freemen's claim that 'jurisdiction is gained by the voluntary appearance of the accused'.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Chuck Maxwell was a guest on a KMMS radio show on June 12th, 1998 A.D. Maxwell was asked about this jurisdiction issue and his response was:

"Well, they[Federal Court] have jurisdiction eh, from the time that the uh, the uh Judge starts the trial proceedings and they are under their jurisdiction at that particular time until the end of the trial day, when they go back under my control."

Todd Wilkerson complains that the Freemen have "outbursts of unintelligible Latin phrases" apparently in some previous proceedings, although I don't know which proceeding. While I agree that those who don't understand law are non compos mentis, I do not agree that studying law somehow makes a man worthy of a verbal spanking from the average news reporter. Perhaps Wilkerson hasn't noticed that the lawyers and judges use Latin phrases frequently in court.

These words appear in Wilkerson's article:

"If you rule against me, I'll blow your family up." This sentence is not attributed to any Freemen, yet it is taken to be coming from the Montana Freemen. This word twisting is nothing but dishonest journalism. Wilkerson should apologize immediately or document exactly which of the Montana Freemen made this ridiculous statement. He'll do neither.

The untold story is that the Freemen have cracked the corporate system of 'law', the crooked banking system and have exposed the head bobbing lackeys of the puppeteers, known as the news media.

It is no wonder that they march in lock-step to crush the Freemen. 'Our' government has gone mad, and when we confront them with this, they get worse. We pay 50% of our 'income' to the government and they want more. The only 'right' still intact from Our Bill of Rights is the right of the media to tell lies. But the truth will one day be known to all:

The Freemen in the Billings jail have donated their lives so that you and I might have a better life. Please don't be angry if you think this last sentence is false, merely wait for the facts to come out and then you can lay the blame where it belongs.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana state

NEWS FLASH / June 16th KTVQ TV news reported at 5:30 PM, Mountain time that the six "Freemen" were taken to the airport at 3:30 pm and put on a plane for the Springfield, Missouri prison hospital. This is yet to be confirmed by the YCDF.

I talked with Senator Coverdell's offices today, and the staff has indicated an interest in doing an investigation into the abuse of the "Freemen". Please call the Senator's office and urge his assistance in this matter. His number is 1-202-224-3643 or FAX 1-202-228-3783. I will be contacting Senator Bob Barr's office next. Bob Barr's office number is 1-202-225-2931 or FAX 1-102-225-2944.

We are very concerned about this move to Springfield. Family of the prisoners have been very distraught over this latest developments. It is known that some of the men were eating, while others were not because of the "tainted" food being served them and the symptoms developing afterwards. It is safe to assume that this newest form of torture has served to get the men further from public view and endeavors to check on their mental and physical well-being, as well as make their health worse. The comments made by Judge Coughenour that the Yellowstone facility medical care is inadequate is true (marshalls wrecklessly jabbing needles and over-doing IV's), but highly suspected as deliberate and an excuse to move the men to Springfield. Anyone with half of a brain would know that the men would resist eating the trash being served to them and that they would rather go without than be "poisoned to death". You can be assured that the Montana authorities would expect the same. This is an atrocity that should have Americans calling upon all government officials responsible and demanding a stop to this madness.

Family has expressed sincere thanks to everyone helping to see the truth is made known and justice is served. They have requested that everyone use caution in their discussions with others about this matter so that detrimental consequences are avoided. It has been suspected that the earlier incident regarding the juror who was tampered with but left on the jury was planned to cause problems for the "Freemen trial". This matter is being investigated further, but it is highly unusual if not down-right prejudicial to have that juror remain after being tampered with. One asks themselves: "Why hasn't the rancher been arrested who tampered with the juror?"

Please act within lawful means and conduct yourselves accordingly, but by all means, please act soon. Contact as many people as possible, especially government officials, urge them to act and refer them to this webpage for information and news. -Elder

News from the Freedom Center
Sunday, June 14th, 1998 A.D.

NEWS FLASH June 15th - The KTVQ news report at 5:30 PM mountain time said Judge Cogenhour has ordered Richard Clark, Casey Valdheuizen, Daniel E. Petersen, LeRoy Schweitzer, Dale Jacobi and Russell Landers be removed from the Yellowstone County Jail and taken to Springfield, Missouri prison hospital. Ralph Clark, William Stanton John McGuire and Rodney Skurdal will remain in Billings. -Elder

These are links to the story in which Judge Coghenour ordered the Freemen moved:

The Story from KULR

KULR Home Page


A phone call was received from Russell on Sunday. Russell stated that the diets of at least some of the Freemen had been altered. Russell's normal vegetable diet had been replaced with what Russell called "pig crap". Some type of margarine is now being given to the Men, causing at least some of prisoners to break out with sores over their bodies. Russel is "bound up". This change in diet has caused at least some of the Men to restart their hunger strike, water included. Russell stated 'if doing myself in is what it takes to wake people up, that's what I'll do'.

Casey, Richard, Daniel, Rod and LeRoy are now in 23 hour lock-down. LeRoy and Rod have been in 23 hour lock-down since the beginning.

John Pat has been calling out regularly. John Pat is busy attempting to defend himself by relaying messages to the F.C. and filing papers by the same method.

At least one visitor has been allowed in to see some of the Freemen this week.

People around the country are trying to help the Freemen through the radio shows, the internet, mail, phones and fax. Supporters in Montana are convinced that this help, especially the phone calls to the appropriate officials, have greatly reduced the torture that these Men have been subjected to.

Some have been concerned that communication to the Center is less than adequate. Financial restrictions limit the Center to a single phone line, which handles all communications. We are having difficulty keeping even that one line going, partly due to the exorbitant charge put on out-going calls from the jail. There is no computer on line at the Center, as the only computer capable gets disconnected after only 10 to 30 seconds of use. The reason for this is unknown. The regular mail address is:

Freedom Center
POB 80446
Billings, Montana state
zip code exempt

The voice and fax number is 406-652-1813. E-mailers can go to the FIGJA site and these messages will eventually come to Montana.

A copy of the FIGJA website from June 14th, 1998 A.D. is currently being mailed to most of the incarcerated Freemen.

This affidavit is true, complete, correct, certain, relevant and not deceptive; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana state

Montana Sheriffs Quized On Radio Lock-Step
Claim "Freemen" Not Abused Despite Evidence

Bozeman, Montana June 12th, 1998 A.D. KMMS radio had guests Sheriff Chuck Maxwell of Yellowstone County and Sheriff Bill Slaughter of Gallatin County talking about the 150 law enforcement officers currently meeting in Bozeman. Phone lines were opened and a frequent caller, Clint Cain, addressed Maxwell about the Freemen.

Clinton Cain (hereby referred to as C.C.): "I got all the written complaints that come out of there [Billings jail]. I am not a 'Freemen supporter' so to speak. Now, I want to ask you a question. Has the Federal Government, or the Federal marshals have a, have jurisdiction over these prisoners within your Yellowstone County Jail?"

Maxwell: "Well, they have jurisdiction eh, from the time that the uh, the uh Judge starts the trial proceedings and they are under their jurisdiction at that particular time until the end of the trial day, then they go back under my control."

C.C.: " I want you to tell me in your own words were they or were they not abused."

Maxwell: " They were not."

C.C.: "OK, now why, is it then that these lawyers have brought out these ah, complaints, say that they were?"

Maxwell: " I have no idea why the lawyers are doing that, sir."

C.C. "Len Schweitzer, Leonard, the brother, told me right flat out that they were."

Maxwell: "..anybody can say anything that they want in this country."

C.C.: "I would like to visit your jail and I would like to talk to these people."

Maxwell: "...why don't you come to see me at my office prior to going to the jail.... I can personally take care of that for you."

Sheriff Slaughter: " Hey Clinton, these people are lawyers, you mean a lawyer wouldn't say something that wasn't true, I mean come on, they get something started and... ah I've known Chuck for years.... you'll get your tour."

The show concluded with Slaughter talking about needing a bigger jail, more money, more officers and the possibility that the sheriff's departments and the highway patrols might merge. There was talk about 'jail link', which is apparently a process of linking all jails together, electronically.

This affidavit is true, correct, certain, relevant and not deceptive; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana state

Controlled-Media Cries Foul
Admits Guilt But Continues Cover-Up
Previous Controlled-Media Lies Recalled

Speaking of abuses of the media, Allison Sessnon testified recently, and according to KTVQ and KULR TV news, KTVQ reported that Allison Sesnon was crying while she testified. Most people do not have any sympathy for Allison. She was told repeatedly not to go down there. She was asked why she would go down there after she claimed to them that her crew was told to leave the property of Rodney Skurdal. They supposedly were part way up the driveway when they were told to leave. They had to have passed the no tresspass signs on the entrance, they took footage of them. They refused to give her a story and she wanted them to call and ask if she could come down. They refused. She also couldn't understand why they would not do a story without a contract and they explained to her that too many people had promised to do a full unedited story and it never happened. When they asked her how she knew about a contract she said she had talked to one of them on the phone and they said no, unless she signed a contract. They asked her again why if she had been told no, why was she going down there.

When Allison Sessnon stopped in there were three people there. One worked for a radio station at the time and challanged Allison about the type of work she does. Allison made it clear that she was going to get a story no matter what. Another drew a map of the property so that Allison understood very clearly where the boundries were, then told her to call first. What was reported later, two "Freemen" ran them off of their place when they caught them standing by the house with the camera shoved up against the window filming inside the house.

Testimony at the other trial stated that Allison was told not to go down there. There was a note from her and her business card entered as evidence that she had visited the group and was warned earlier not to go. Attorney Scott Bowman knew that Allison was told not to go. You would think that after ABC Primetime has been sued for false and damaging reporting they would get the message. Interestingly, ABC Primetime may have been the same outfit that interviewed Gordon Selner just before he was shot on his own property. They tried to coax him out to the road, probably to get him arrested. Allison and her crew fit the description of Paparazzi to a tee.

After reading the Billings Gazette recently we see that the stand-by lawyers really hammered her. But she was hiding out so that she would not have to admit she was the cause of this whole mess, and she was forced to admit she had trespassed.

The following just in from William David, Junior. Thanks to William David, Junior for helping to keep us posted on events in Montana. This affidavit focuses on the fact that the "Freemen" were not going to use deadly force to remove the trespassers from the controlled-media who seem to think that they have the right to get in your face whenever it suits them to get a story to spin-doctor for their masters. The "Freemen" were well within their rights to have privacy from those who too often take bits and pieces of an interview and create a skewed report that gives the false impression that those interviewed are getting fair coverage from the media. It is no wonder that the "Freemen" have been very reluctant to talk to media persons because their story never gets out, just the spin on their story that the controlled-media wants to spoon-feed the public. FIGJA continues to see this pattern from the controlled-media, and too often we see that people are defamed, tried and convicted in the press by them without any concern for truth and justice. The previous lies posted below confirm their bias, defamation and wrecklessness in reportnig. -Elder

Billings, Montana Federal Court-June 11, 1998 A.D. FOX and CBS are reporting that ABC TV sound technician Hal Bowers testified today that he was warned before setting foot on the land now known as 'Justus Township' that the Freemen " would make a lot of noise but probably wouldn't hurt anyone".

The video footage, which is shared by all news services in Montana, showed Freemen Daniel Petersen stepping off of a pick-up truck and apparently taking the news camera, all through the lens of this same camera. The camera is still running as it is placed into the bed of the pick-up truck. Viewers can hear a female voice saying "we are leaving".

In the summer of 1995 the same news service, ABC TV, in a 'Primetime' news special about the Freemen of Mussellshell county, sent Chris Wallace to interview LeRoy Michael. With cameras rolling we see LeRoy and Rodney Owen coming out of a log cabin as Wallace is identifying himself. Leroy and Rod are heard saying "get off the land or you'll be arrested." The warning was repeated. Wallace replied "Alright" and the footage was terminated.

Jordan, Montana March 26th, 1996 A.D. - KTVQ TV (CBS) reporter Frank Field:

"Some people think the Freemen had a money making scam going, where followers would come here and attend some classes. They were taught how to avoid paying their bills and how to bilk other people out of money with fake money orders and checks."

Jordan, Montana March 26th, 1996 A.D.- A female CBS -TV reporter on the Freemen:

"and these self-proclaimed masters are heavily armed. They believe in violence, whatever it takes to achieve their political aims."

About June 17th, 1996 A.D. ABC TV show 'Nightline' host Ted Koppel: "to their neighbors, at least the leaders of the group are a bunch of racist hustlers whose bullying was tolerated far too long. They cloak their Ponzi scheme and tax evasion in such a blizzard of legalistic gibberish that it would have been laughed out of any court in the land, except that, of course the Freemen do not recognize any court but their own." [the viewer is left wondering what 'neighbor' constructed this ubiquitous statement]

May 2nd, 1996 A.D. CBS TV news anchor Dan Rather on the Freemen:

"the anti-government hate group calling itself the 'Freemen'….."

This affidavit is true, correct, certain and relevant; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana

More Media Abuse in Montana
Bozeman, Montana

KMMS radio 6-10-98 at 9:57 a.m. Host George Carter:

[about the Freemen] " I'm kinda curious as to eh, eh-exactly what happened to the uh, uh to the people uh, that were, hoossssssshhhh, oh, the, the people that accepted those millions worth of uh, worth of uh, well, what has been proven to be bad checks written, written by our Freemen.

The listener is left wondering 'where do you get your proof, that these instruments were "bad checks"?'

Carter asks: "What happened to the people that took the checks?"

In July of 1996, after the 'Freemen Standoff,' LeRoy Greathouse, 54, of Walsh, Colorado gave a Montana Freemen draft for $33,800 to a Hutchinson, Kansas Ford dealer. Greathouse received a new truck and a check from the dealer for a $2700 overpayment. Greathouse cashed the check at Bank IV of Hutchinson and went home with his new truck.

Four days later the FBI arrested Greathouse, took the 2700 cash and the new truck.

In December of 1996 a Wichita, Kansas Federal Jury found nothing 'bogus' about the lien draft used to purchase the truck and acquitted Greathouse of the charge. The truck and the cash were returned.

In April of 1998 a Montana Federal Jury acquitted Ed Clark of all charges stemming from the Freemen activities. Clark was accused of depositing a 100 million dollar 'bogus Freemen warrant' in the Garfield Bank.

All the Freemen paperwork, literally a truck load of it, was stolen and is now controlled by the FBI. Even though Montana Rep.Karl Ohs guaranteed the Freemen this paperwork would be secured for the 1998 trial (as evidence for the Freemen), Ohs turned this truckload over to the FBI immediately after the Freemen surrendered. Part of the deal negotiated by Ohs was that the Freemen would surrender as long as Ohs secured the truck. Ohs broke his promise.

Prior to the March 1996 Freemen Standoff Belgrade Freeman Warren Stone assembled a 'proof package'. This 'proof package' was a collection of correspondence records between the IRS and several Freemen around the country. The Package contained photo copies of checks issued to various Freemen who had overpaid the IRS with Freemen warrants and had received a refund from the IRS. Warren stated that this Package was proof that the IRS honored the Freemen instruments.

No one wanted to look at the Proof Package, let alone publish it. So Warren paid the Bozeman Daily Chronicle to publish an entire page on the Freemen instruments, citing a few of the examples in the Proof Package. On April 1st, 1996 A.D. this Affiant personally handed copies of the Proof Package to at least five of the most well known news corporations near Lewistown, Montana. The event was the 'Lewistown Freemen Rally' and the news people out-numbered the Freemen supporters by 8 to 1.

This Affiant scanned the news continually for the report of these proofs, no such report was ever found. Readers may verify this claim through Randall Pinkston of CBS News or any of the other 100+ news people at Lewistown.

Today, George Carter makes the claim the that the 'Freemen checks are "bad". This Affiant now claims that the IRS and at least one Kansas truck dealer know the instruments to be valid.

This affidavit is true, correct, certain and relevant; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

furthermore, I sayeth naught

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana state

Tom Laceky, Associated Press Writer Avoids Evidence

This just came in from Len. Thanks, Len. It appears that Tom Laceky is going to avoid checking into the evidence that has been presented about the cruel and unusual punishment that the "Freemen" have been dealt, and it is a foregone conclusion that evidence supporting their innocence will definately remain swept underneath the rug. (Imagine our suprise, Tom!) We suspect that Tom will take the governments word hook, line and sinker, and be giving America the "approved coverage" from the perspective of the accused lien-debtors, or he may be needing to find new employment. But thirty pieces of silver doesn't go far these days. (Prove us wrong, Tom!)

As a side note, it has been noted by another health care professional that putting the reported large amounts of IV fluids into the body as was done to the "Freemen" is very dangerous. -Elder

A short time ago (7:15 a.m. western time zone) I received a phone call from Tom Laceky, Associated Press Writer, who has been writing accounts of the Freemen Trial in Billings. He said that he believes the freemen are not being tortured. When I asked, he said that he does not believe the affidavit descriptions of what the freemen have written are true.

A summary of some of what Tom Laceky communicated to me:

-that two Doctor’s are on full standby to check the condition of the men twice daily.

-an ambulance is stationed at the jail full time.

-that he believed all the freemen, expect possibly two, were drinking fluids and consuming food.

-that he believed Judge Coughenour is an honest man.

-that he believed Judge Coughenour was doing the best possible job under the circumstances.

-that the Judge had gone to the jail Friday 5-29-98 after the earlier visit prompted by the request made to the County Commisioner that some objective outsiders be allowed inside to visit and speak with the Freemen. (That visit lasted approximately 5 minutes).

-that he, Tom Laceky, has been granted visits with the freemen.

-that he had not yet visited with any of the freemen.

-that he would be visiting with Russel Dean today.

I was very surprised that Tom Laceky, as an apparent ‘objective’ journalist held such strong beliefs that what the freemen were saying and communicating about the torturous treatment was basically false. He offered no corroboration of his opinions to the contrary which might refute the varacity of the affidavits.

He ending the conversation, in the interest of his urgent schedule, rather than address the question why , if it was necessary to inflict extreme pain on the freeman to force them to ‘consent’ to enter the in-the-jail-monitor-courtroom a few days earlier, then why are they now allowed to remain in their cells? Also, he gave no credence to the proposition that using evil means (torture) to achieve a just end (Justice) was an issue here.

Information which I learned from LeRoy in the surprise phone from him Saturday morning May 6,1998, seemed not to bring any change in Tom Laceky’s opinions. Some of which were:

-that LeRoy had recieved IV’s in the gymn of the jail adminstered by the marshals.

-that LeRoy weighed an additional 8 lbs after the treatment.

-that that morning LeRoy have received two cups of frozen orange juice, something that had never before been granted him in the entire duration in the jail.

-that LeRoy’s weight had gone from 204 to 162 during the time he has been jailed.

-that LeRoy believed that the freemen in the jail had lost, on average, 40 lbs each.

-that some of the freemen have been experiencing dental problems, tooth decay, from the excessive sugar content of the foods and poor diet.

-that the freemen have constantly been denied the opportunity to explain their position and what they have come to know and understand.

The above information which I have written I hereby declare and attest to be true, correct and certain so help me God, this ninth day of June, 1998.

Leonard Schweitzer

Freemen update from Bozeman June 9th, 1998 A.D.

Kamala, Susan received two letters from the YCDF, one from Rod and one from LeRoy. This is a summary of Rod's letter:

" Regardless of what may be on the radio/ T.V, etc., I feel fine! And, after the forced I.V. of 2 bags of fluids- I even still feel fine."

Rod retells the story of five Freemen being forced to take fluids. He also says that all but one marshal is acting "different" and that only this one is "Mr. Badass". "We had another victory" - Burns and Coughenour stated "they could not compel us into their court." Rod reminds us that Judge Coughenour stated that "he had no authority to compel us to watch the T.V." Rod said "he has 'no jurisdiction' !"

This is a summary of LeRoy's letter:

"We prayed for the confusion of Babylon and you are a witness." " The physical torture has slacked off"…. "Yesterday, one so-called marshal stuck Rodney Owen seven times trying to enter a vein and threatened Rodney he would do so until they ran out of needles." " I have told the gulag guards I will not respond to 'Mr. Schweitzer' and since I remain silent they have held back my meals for the past two days." [4th and 5th of June]. " Our fast was a great cleaning of toxic bodies tied to impure foods and drink."

LeRoy's letter had his usual upbeat, positive attitude and was the first letter out in 13 days.

We may have a further update from Billings later today.

This transcription is true, correct, certain and relevant, to the best of my knowledge.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Bozeman, Montana


 "Freemen Trials" Update For 6-9-98 A.D.

    While I consider how great it would be to be in Montana again, close to the mountains and loved ones there, it would be very interesting to be in Billings to see the total disgust on the faces of the jurors and the stand-by defense attorneys as they all become increasingly irritated at Judge Coughenour's horse and pony show. But the real truth of what is going on in Judge Coughenour's courtroom is jetting out like the air in a punctured balloon.

    Even Judge Coughenour takes the fact that he has a major conflict of interest in stride, though he is a lien-debtor to the defendants. Its borderline ludicrous. Judge Coughenour doesn't acknowledge that he is implicated in the heart of one of the most ironic sting operations in modern history. Judge Coughenour is tip-toeing around The King's Bench. He must defend the integrity of his" judicial" system, a system that uses duck-tape and torture for a defense. And god forbid that anyone cries out for help.

    The jurors and the attorneys for the defendants show signs of great dissatisfaction from the regular "handling" of the testimony and the noticeable management of time that each of the stand-by attorneys sustain. It is an obvious struggle for Judge Coughenour to keep control over the facts.

    The jurors may very well acquit the defendants because the cover-up of the facts is so blatantly obvious. The best thing that could happen for Judge Coughenour is for the defendants to plea for a deal. But all efforts to cause the defendants to cave in with confessions has failed with the salty pioneers among the accused who resist the torture. Some of them have had to struggle with very bad health problems, and have had to endure missing healthy food and medication. The temptation to confess at any cost has been overwhelming.

    And what the controlled-media, and I say "controlled" with easily verifiable proof, is constantly forgetting about is a truck load of evidence and one man already acquitted by a jury for the same things that the defendants are on trial for today. Yet they continue to use the term "bogus." The only thing truly bogus is the un-biased content of their reporting.

    Be assured, if this ridiculous "trial" continues as it is the jury is very likely to acquit, and if a conviction does come through, the stand-by attorneys will not just stand by, they already appear provoked to appeal this rail-roaded display of in-justice.

    America is beginning to take another hard look at an issue that the controlled-media struggled to make boring two years ago. Government officials are upset that the treatment that the defendants have sustained has caused such a public outcry, and the atmosphere in Judge Coughenour's courtroom is hot with righteous indignation as one sees the countenances of the jurors faces each time they are treated like an incompetent. But Americans are taking a look at Judge Coughenour's "judicial" system all across America, and they wonder if the same treatment is in store for them. Bravely, they have been rallying together, because the issues in this matter are of great historical significance. And we are all beginning to see who is truly anti-government and malicious. We are beginning to see that someone has pushed the forbidden button to open the the door that has been exclusive to monopolies. In this instance, it has stung deeply into the weak underbelly of the monetary monopoly that Judge Coughenour must struggle to defend with the other accused lien-debtors.

    Our Heavenly Father's hand has been seen in confusing the corrupt and gracefully giving wisdom to those seeking the truth and real justice. Even in this system that has endeavored to suppress the facts, one man has already been acquitted. Judge Coughenour's desperate attempt to forbid this from happening with the present defendants has been too obvious, everyone is noticing it. It is beginning to make for an increasingly tense situation. While the heavy-handed treatment of the defendants continues, it is not as bad as it was.

    Our prayers have been answered, and we must continue to pray even more, and see this through together with thankfulness that there is One that we can call on for Justus.

Burk Elder, Third
FIGJA National Administrator

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