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A Call to Prayer!

Congressman Jack Metcalf Agrees To Investigate Claims Of Abuse

    This just in From Kevin Lee. Thanks, Kevin. We pray that this matter really will beinvestigated by the congressmen and that there will be an end to the cruel and unusual punishment that the prisoners have suffered for the last two years. Send a cordial email to the congressman below thanking for taking an interest in this matter, please. -Elder

    I talked with congressmen Jack Metcalf today.  I explained what was going on in Billings, and he said he would immediatly visit with the congress people for Montana.  To email him and let him know what is going on here is his email address.

john.anderson2@mail.house.gov Sincerely yours
Kevin Lee,
South Dakota

Who Is Justus?

This just came in from a humble friend. Remember, Beloved friends, we are never alone...those who walk in the Light. Allelu IA. -Elder

Dear Elder,

I thought I should send you this info, the prosecutors have emphasized Justus Township as just us.

Jesus is Justus, that is where Justus Township got it's name.

Colossians 4:11:

And Jesus, which is called Justus, who are of the circumcision. These only are my fellow workers unto the kingdom of God, which have been a comfort unto me.

Report From Len Schweitzer

This report was received this Sunday morning from Len Schweitzer. Thanks, Len, and our prayer are with you and your family. Indeed, it is precatory prayers that is greatly needed at this time. Lets all agree in The Hallowed Name, and with humble hearts, we need Our Heavenly Father's guidance and covering; that we learn from our mistakes and correct them; that we come to understand the height and depth of His Love for us and we display its wholsomeness to all in our daily lives, heaping coals upon the heads of those who oppress us for walking in the Light; and a special request for those in prison suffering for doing those things which they intended to do in Good Faith, that they are kept firmly in the hands of Our Heavenly Father and under His covering; Bless Us, all. Allelu IA. -Elder

Thank you for your commitment, effort and prayers, the latter always being the most difficult to measure, perhaps also the most powerful.

We've not been able to log on all day and a few minutes ago have gotten re-connected.

This morning I called the jail in Billings and spoke with an officer to which I made the request to speak with my brother LeRoy. I explained that it has been approximately two years since this has been allowed. After some brief conversation the man indicated that this could be allowed, and that this message would be passed along to LeRoy. Possibly a half hour later he returned a collect call in which we were allowed to talk twenty minutes. To my considerable surprise his voice was very strong and it was supported by a tone of confidence and determination, something that was not a part of the visit I had with him at noon 5-29-98. Some of the information he relayed: He was given iv's in the gymn of the jail, (administered by the marshalls) enough fuids to increase his weight 8 lbs. (I assume others were treated the same way and in the same place). His weight has changed from 204 to 162 lbs. Another of the men (not sure of the name) had gone from 224 to 135 Lbs. On average they lost approximately 40 lbs.

This morning LeRoy said was the first time since being held in that place that he has ever received orange juice - two cups of frozen juice. Throughout his stay he has never drank milk. He has refused to drink the distilled water for its lack of minerals.

He said he has received chicken marked with 'unfit for human consumption.'

He spent much of the time speaking in legal terms, so I was not able to get more specific answers concerning diet, and when or if the hunger strike has been changed. However, I get the impression that some of the rules for the men have changed, I hope for the better. He spoke of the poor nutrition that has been on-going in the jail. With those limited details I got the general impression that some form of policy change may have occurred.

Something markedly different from every other call or visit I had had with him since the kidnapping was that he more or less got on my case for not doing certain things that should have been done a long time ago. Some, and many of which, are beyond my abilities and capablities. My wife thought it was good that he got after me. She said, "It sounds like more of his old self." I/we were left with the general impression that he has regained strength, (I presume also the others) and certainly resolve and determination. He said something to the effect, we in here are free. It is people out there who are not, and continuing to lose their freedoms.

He confirmed that they were allowed to remain in their cells instead of being tortured into the 'monitored court room' and then back again. The prior need to subject torture upon them for proper trial procedures now becomes ever more problematic than ever....? At the beginning of the call he said one man who had been damaging them looked like a rat. They called him a rat; and now he is no longer around.

It is my sincere hope I will be able to receive many more phone calls from him.

Freemen update June 6, 1998 2:44 pm.

    Rod called out from the jail last night. He is still sending out paperwork. Leroy was seen waving at J.P. We have confirmation that Ralph was walking around yesterday.
    Dan called out this morning and said that he was eating. We believe that John Pat is also eating. This is about all we have from the inside in the last 24 hours. Once again, we are reduced to copying the local newspapers:

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Saturday, June 6th:
'Four Freemen get prison for standoff'.
Four North Carolina Freemen, three Hances and
Jon Nelson, were forcibly wheeled into court Friday
to receive their sentences for their part in the
1996 Standoff.

The longest sentence, 78 months, was handed to
Steven Hance, who entered the court room shouting
that he is not a U.S. citizen and that the court
had no jurisdiction over him. Hance stabbed his finger
at Judge Coughenhour saying "And you are still under

Jon Barry Nelson, who ran the roadblock after the
standoff began, received 71 months. John Hance
received 63 months and James Hance received 67
months. The Hances were convicted of being fugitives
in possession of firearms and accessories in the
holdup of NBC television crews. A fifth defendant,
Elwin Ward, was convicted of submitting a false claim
to the IRS and using a bogus Freemen check. He
received a sentence of 'time served', which equaled
21 months. The five were convicted in April.

    This Chronicle article went on further saying that
Judge Coughenour called the 'checks' "junk".

    As a witness to these events here in Montana,
I must point out that this Chronicle article left out some important facts:

    The main thrust of this 'trial' is bank fraud. The validity of the instruments is the central question for the jury to consider. This Chronicle article uses the term 'bogus' and 'junk' in referring to these instruments, but never tells the reader that the validity of these instruments is what the trial is about. Another interesting omission in this report is the fact that there were actually 6 defendants in the April trial. Ed Clark was acquitted of all charges including the charge of depositing a 100 million dollar 'worthless Freemen warrant' in the Garfield Bank.

    The information in this affidavit is true, correct, certain and relevant to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I sayeth naught

William David, Junior., Sullivan
Montana state
where 'justus' covers a lot of People

"Freemen" Affidavits From The Freedom Center

Photos Of A Tortured "Freeman"

Contact Information For The "Freemen"

News-Flash From FIGJA Western Regional Administrator, Kamala Susan

Rod is weak and it took six probes to enter a vein for intravenous injections. The prisoners are being force-fed.

A grand juror has requested information after having visited the FIGJA website and may become involved in resolving the controversial issues noted

Freemen update June 5th, 1998 A.D.

    Word was received that William Stanton, Leroy and either Ralph or Richard were seen walking around today. If true, this is fantastic news! With John Patrick still in jail for 'calling out the militia' and Bette now banned from the court room, we are reduced to reading the paper and watching the one-eyed monster.

    According to local CBS affiliates "most of the Freemen are eating again". The threat that Judge Coughenhour made yesterday about sending them all to Springfield seems to have played a part in their break of the hunger strike. [this CBS piece was very short]

    Today's Billings Gazette reported that the Billings Deaconess Hospital will provide a 'round-the-clock' ambulance at the jail in case the Freemen need one.

    In court news the Gazette reports that Norwest banker Parker testified that the "Freemen attempted to use a $100 federal court savings account" for their "bogus checks".

    Judge Coughenhour said the Freemen affidavits of torture are "frustrating". Judge Coughenhour went to the jail to see the Freemen for himself. He said the allegations are "hard to accept". The Judge also said the Freemen could return to their cells instead of watching the trial in the video cell, which they did.

    My personal apologies to everyone for not having a better source for this info, all we have left around here is just-us.

    This transcription is true, correct, certain and relevant, to the best of my knowledge.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
Near Billings, Montana

"Freemen" Near Death
Show Trial Continues Without Defendants
Springfield Federal Hospital Prison Looms

Freemen Update June 4th,1998 A.D. *:30 p.m.

Word has been slow in coming from the Freedom Center in Billings. We have an unconfirmed report that LeRoy was taken from the jail to a Billings hospital in a wheelchair. He was reportedly slumped over.

Local CBS TV affiliates are currently reporting that yesterday's court proceedings had a U.S. Public Health nurse testifying about the health of the Freemen. The nurse, Marsha Wilson, stated that four of the Freemen are now so weak that they could die. They are dehydrated with blood pressure so low that they risk heart attack.

The four: LeRoy, Russell, Richard and Dale. LeRoy is reportedly in the worst condition, said the nurse. Russell was given fluid intravenously because he was so weak that he couldn't stop the "sorcery", said CBS TV. According to the report : Judge Coughenhour said he would not stop the trial, and that he would send the Freemen to Springfield Federal Hospital Prison to 'protect their health'.

This affidavit is true, correct, complete and certain to the best of my knowledge, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
Near Bozeman, Montana state.


Veldhuizen Call Confirmed,
John Patrick Arrested,
Judge Coughenour Embraces Jurors(?)

Update 6-2-98 8:00 p.m. Montana

    This just came in from William David, Junior. It appears that the earlier call out from Casey was confirmed regarding removals. Kamala Susan visited the jail today to try and see the prisoners and see if it was still closed, which it was, and it caused quit a stir. It appears that now that the standby defense attorneys are getting a chance to speak to the validity of the "Freemen" monetary instruments that the judge is going to tamper with the jury and instruct them to disregard crucial evidence that supports the "Freemen." Thanks to William David, Junior for passing on this report. -Elder

    The computer is again off line, pieces of news are coming out slowly. The phone call this morning from the jail is confirmed and local TV is now saying Russell Landers is hospitalized due to dehydration. The CBS affiliates are reporting that Judge Coughenour (pronounced 'koon-hour') had removed the jury today after a defense lawyer was giving the impression that the instruments used to purchase various items by Freemen were legitimate. The Judge went on to say that if the lawyer kept this up the Judge would tell the jury the instrument was "junk". The TV also reported that some of the Freemen were on a "fast". The proper phrase would be 'food and water hunger strike'.

    This just in 8:30 pm local time:John Patrick was arrested this afternoon for 'calling out the militia'. He has made two calls to the Freedom Center for help.

    CBS television news woman Julie Kerber of KTVQ received word from some of the defense attorneys that all of the incarcerated Freemen will be moved to some hospital, possibly tonight. This word came to the Center in the last few minutes.

    This morning Kamala, Susan confirmed that the YCDF is still closed to the public.

    The only voice We had from the lawyer's side was John Patrick. He is now in jail.

    This is a true and accurate transciption of information received Tuesday night June 2, 1998 A.D.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
near Billings, Montana

Casey Veldhuizen Calls Out From Jail

    Casey Veldhuizen called out today (A.M.) and made the following statements:

1- He or they(?) believe that Ralph Clark is gone, that is he has been removed from Y.C.D.F.

2- Russel Dean is being forced to take water against his will.

3- Casey also stated that he feared that they would be killed in the hospital.

4- He also stated that they believe that Russel Dean has been drugged!

5- They continue to abstain from food or drink of any kind.

6- McCave said that there would be no visitors for a week or maybe two, because there were too many Militia people around.



12:00 noon

    The freeman are supposedly back in trial today. Don’t yet have word if they are still there in the Yellowstone Correctional Detention Facility, where they are on video trial.

    It has now been over 5 days on their fast and no word on their condition. The jail is closed for public visitors as of 7pm yesterday.

    Jim Gilmore, of the united States Theater Command will give a “Writ of Assistance”, under authority of Justus Township, to the county Sheriff and the U.S. Marshal today.

    If Jim Gillmore and company are arrested, all you patriots out there take note. We will keep you posted.

    Just got word one of our men was pulled over by the local gestapo. Questioned and released.

The Freedom Center

Americans Continue To Join The Effort

Request for full investigation
Abusive behavior

    This request by JoAnn is accompanied by a report by Len Schweitzer, and it is yet another example of what is beginning to happen all over America in response to the brutality upon the "Freemen" and the arrogance of the foreign un-registered agents in Billings, Montana. Thanks to JoAnn. - Elder

Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 09:58:03 -0700
From: JoAnn Hunwardsen

To: chuck_grassley@grassley.senate.gov and blind copies to several others:

To All: In regard to the below, I request that a full investigation be made as to the abusive behavior of jail personnel on the detainees named below. This is an outrage! What is happening in our country today--Have these beasts(jail personnel) forgotten that this is supposed to be the United States of America? Who gives (or gave) them the authority to treat these detainees the way described. I want answers. This is terrible. I cannot even imagine if my son or husband was one of these jail personnel doing these outrageous acts on detainees. I request full inquiry into the reason Judge Coughenour made a statement in open court, as stated in the Billings Gazette by Lorna Thackeray "that given the defendants' behavior, he would not be surprised if they had a scratch or two.". Does he mean that when one simply challenges the venue and jurisdiction of an agency (Dept. of Justice and other agencies) that were clearly outside their venue per Title 4, Section 72? I would ask of him to define the basis of acts of brutal, cruel and unusual punishment by jail personnel just to get the detainees to go to a room where a video camera is in place identified as a court room. Isn't this unusual. Why is it soooooo necessary for these detainees to be brought to this room? Could it be that the court personnel, the agencies involved are outside their venue and know it, but hope that the detainees do some sort of consent, even to the act of force, threats, gunpoint and cruel and unusual punishment? Remember, a person has the right to challenge "venue and jurisdiction" at all times and the fact is, it appears as though the federal government acted and is acting outside the venue; ie., they are outside the District of Columbia as provided under your copyright law, Title 4, section 72. I request you make inquiry and investigate as to why the U.S. attorney and the assistant U.S. attorney have come outside their venue of the District of Columbia? By whose authority was this done? Also, make inquiry as to who the "client" is for the Department of Justice to initiate the matter in the first place.

    And I request you make inquiry as to why jail personnel are forcing people to enter a room with a video to make the appearance of being in a court room? Are attorneys behind this scheme of things? And if so, who are they? Is it the U.S. attorney Sherri Metteucci(?) or some assistant U.S. attorney contracted to prosecute these people? Just who is giving these orders? I'm sure the jail personnel are getting orders from somewhere!!! I request inquiry as to who it is and get all reports on these actions. I request a status and a copy of all information you receive regarding the inquiry. I demand a Grand Jury be called to investigate these same matters (the cruel and unusual punishment brought against the detainees in the Billings jail).

    Also, I request inquiry as to the authority the particular judge on the case. Is his compensation diminished? Does he get benefits such as health care, retirement and others; is he subject to filing tax returns? I state that his compensation is diminished; therefore, make inquiry as to how he is considered an Article III judge.

    Make inquiry as to whether the "freemen" initially appeared before the "magistrate". If so, make inquiry as to whether or not the magistrate judge is an "Article III judge"? I state that the magistrate judge is nothing more than a "park commissioner" and a "Non-Article III judge" (as shown from "A Constitutional Analysis of a Magistrate Judge's Authority" put out be the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and the Notes of Decision of 28 USC, s. 636); therefore, without one's consent, the magistrate judge is barred from entering the matter. Were the detainees given notice and apprised of this fact? Make inquiry as to whether these detainees were given notice of this fact.

    Did the magistrate call for a "plea"? Make inquiry into why (in the event the magistrate judge called for a "plea") the call for a plea was made when the copyright rule/law, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure in Title 18, United States Code, Rule 5 specifically states:

"(c) Offenses Not Triable by the United States Magistrate. If the charge against the defendant is not triable by the United States magistrate, the defendant shall not be called upon to plead. ... ."

    That doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. It is simple reading. So why is it that the "Non-Article III magistrate judge" is the one person that the detainees were brought before? I request inquiry be made as to the above named matters and that a full investigation be made into these atrocities by employees of the people. Remember, we the people are the boss.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these crucial matters.

Please send response to:

JoAnn Hunwardsen
C/O P.O. Box 821
Galt, California

JoAnn Hunwardsen

+ + + + + + +

From: Len Schweitzer
Good morning ______

    I returned from Billings, Montana state late friday night. Yesterday our phones were very busy, and there is still much information coming in and out involving the events in Billings.

    There have been many restrictions placed on LeRoy and many of the others, many of which having to do with communications in and out of the Jail. But most recently there seems to be an established campaign of brutality and torture. Dispite our queries of various officials, concerning these activities, there seemed to be a general disregard that such activities would be going on inside those “walls”.

    Two very capable young women and myself were able to prevail upon one county commissioner that some outside, objective observation, of the inner activities in that jail is absolutely necessary vis-a-vis these alleged activities coming from personal visits with the inmates and from the affidavits these same inmates were sending out via the paralegal who is able to get inside with her client without the normal restrictions.

    It is a long story with the details included, but, in short, through the skillful efforts of these two young women the three of us were able to arrange ‘outsiders’ to get inside. These included Zegie Zigler(sp) the county commissioner, Sheriff Maxwell, one of his Deputes, Jim Gilmore Theatre Commander of the Northwest Militia, and Julie (?) of QVC T.V., as a reporter. We were all to meet at the Jail at 11:45 am Friday 5-29-98, after which the above named people would be allowed inside with the so called freemen, for a period of five to ten minutes. Capt. Dennis McCave, the person in charge of the jail, accompanied the chosen ones inside. Immediate after, I was allowed to visit LeRoy for approx. twenty minutes via phone separated by a glass wall. This was our second visit of the week I was in Billings.

    He was hand cuffed to a belly chain and, I understand also leg shakled, which I was not able to observe under the desk/table separating us. Because of this condition he had to stoop down to hold the phone to his ear. The scab on the bridge of his nose from the previous day’s alleged mis-treatment was clearly visible.

    He appeared considerably weaken from the earlier visit two days earlier. But his resolve was not.

    What outsiders are not being told, despite what the officials are insisting to the contrary, to the world outside, is that the T.V. monitors inside (the alleged extension of the alleged court where the prisoners are being forced to attend each day of the trial) clearly do not show to the outside world what all is happening inside. After walking out of the jail after visiting LeRoy where the others had gathered and where the T.V. crew was interviewing the various other people, I was asking if I too would allow an interview to which I consented. What I attempted to communicate was that we are faced with resolving a “complex” controversy (an oft used media term)and that in order to move the process to a just resolution there seems to be among us some people who believe it is necessary to inflict torture upon certain other fellow citizens so that this process can continue to move forward. I suggested that insofar as this process continues that, by virtue of these actions, We the People can be guaranteed that it will never come to a just conclusion, and further that this very process will bring a condemnation upon us as a people, and that this condemnation will guarantee that if a bond of trust exists among us that it will be further destroyed (something not one of us can escape) thereby guaranteeing further destruction of justice and truth among us. In short, if these barbaric and savage means are essential to resolve this conflicit then you, I, and all of us, collectively are bracted downward, we become less, we become less human, more inhumane and we are caught up in setting new values which, if we do not resist are the values which we hand on to those who follow in us and are then condemned by the values we pass on to our children.

    Much of the same I also attempted to communicate to the Sheriff when he approached me after the T.V. crew moved to others. In this conversation the Sheriff insisted again that the monitors were clear evidence to the oustide world that this brutality is not occuring. To this I countered: First, Sheriff we are not able to witness what is being inflicited upon the prisoners as they are forceable moved from their cells to the the “court monitor room” and secondly the return trip to their cells. This, I insisted, we need to be able to observe. The sheriff’s response was some vague suggestion about verifing this possibility, to which I assured him I would gladly volunteer to be that person inside to observe the move to and from. Being caught off guard, the Sheriff responded that then everyone would what to get inside.

    Relaying this to Peter Stern in a call to North Carolina, yesterday morning , he said, “That’s the point, everyone whats to get inside to see what is going on.”

    I am happy and sincerely grateful for the help and support, the full meanings of which I can not begin to express for my brother LeRoy. Peter Stern said yesterday, “I love him, he is a man of steel.”

    Yesterday morning I recieved a call from Vanessa, one of the two very helpful young women that Daniel E. Peterson and Rodney Owen, Skurdal had called out and indicated that the treatment they were receveiving had improved.

    The efforts seems to have made some difference. In the same message there are more concerted efforts now to convene a grand jury to investigate the allegation, or possible get a miss trial, or a trial postponement.

    I think a letter writing campaign, phone calls, e-mails needs to be itensified, so those running the freight train through Billings, fueled by their paranoia can be brought to understand that they themselves are very likely to be caught in this wreck if it is not stopped quickly.



Trial in Absentia,
Torture in Reality

Update of Freemen 'trials' in Billings, Montana May 29th, 1998A.D. :

    The Freedom Center near Billings has received several affidavits from the incarcerated Freemen in the YCDF. Kamala, Susan also received an affidavit from Rodney, Owen and a letter from LeRoy Michael. The Rodney Owen affidavit has been transcribed and should be on the FIGJA website today.

    The affidavits from the Freemen and the letter from LeRoy all say basically the same thing: These men are being tortured daily in an attempt to force them into the corporate tribunal (Federal Court).

Here are some examples:

LeRoy- bent fingers, swelling, handcuff key under nose causing nose bleed, cuts, right ankle bleeding from ankle cuffs that were left on tightly all day, left wrist wrenched causing cuts and bruises and a head mask was put over his face so the others wouldn't see his face.

Dale Martin- physically abused, jerked him off his bunk, shackled feet and was forced to sit in a hard plastic chair from 7:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. while fully chained and shackled.

Russell Dean- brutally dragged in undershorts to the dorm, slammed down face first into the concrete while someone was stepping on his head. Placed in a room where the cold was unbearable, also had a hood placed over his head.

Ralph Emmett (age 68)- dragged by his arms in handcuffs on his back into the video room, injured to the point where he could not even sit in a chair and Wednesday had to be hauled on a guerney to the video cell. Ralph was forced to sit backwards in a chair, due to pain. Ralph was thrown a mattress upon which he would sit on his hands and knees, like a dog. "He trembles with weakness and could hardly talk tonight. I pray we have no martyrs here, we are close." -(Wednesday)

    The Bozeman and Billings supporters are currently making the hand written copies of these affidavits available by fax. Please contact Elder, Kamala or Steve McNeil if want to see the copies.

    This affidavit is true, correct, complete and certain, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore We sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
Steven L, McNeil


May 27 1998 A.D.

    Doors opened at 07:53 local, 08:00 role call started for the attorneys. Judge Coughenour took the bench in full Robe. The Judge called a U.S. marshal to the stand. The Marshal testified that the Freemen 'defendants' would not volunteer to attend yesterday's or today's court session. The Judge asked if any of the Freemen were unruly during the process. The Marshal replied that nine 'defendants' had to be dragged from their cells to a "video holding cell" and that Russ Landers had 'spat' in the face of one of the marshals as he was 'falling down'.

    The Judge then appeared to be staring at some video monitor and claimed that nine defendants were in this "video cell'. The Judge asked that someone, or anyone, on the other end of this video system could raise their hand or simply stand up and that would be a sign of entering the court. Judge Coughenour stated that no one stood or raised his hand. Coughenour claimed that these men were in the video cell, which is about two miles from the Billing Federal Court: Ralph; Casey; Leroy; Rod; Richard; Russ; Dale; William Stanton; and Dan. Then the Judge issued this amazing statement: "The law requires that you be present at all stages of the trial, if you do not disrupt the proceeding I will guarantee you that by coming here you will not wave venue or jurisdiction."

    About fifteen lawyers in the court moved up to the bench to view this video screen and then returned to their seats . Apparently their was no action on this screen. The spectators in this courtroom could in no way see a screen, if any existed.

    The U.S. Marshal was still testifying and told the Judge that these 'defendants' had twice claimed that the court had no venue or jurisdiction and that all defendants except William Stanton and Ralph Clark had been dragged into this cell. One of the lawyers repeated this line of questioning and got the same response.

    Agnes Stanton, wife of William Stanton and mother of Ebert Stanton, was in court as a Freemen 'defendant'. Agnes' lawyer stood and asked the judge to be 'severed'. The Judge mumbled something and it appeared as if the motion was denied.

    At about 08:23 a.m. eighty seven or eighty eight members of the jury pool entered the room and were seated on both sides of the aisle adding to the 50 spectators already seated. The Judge's voice picked up to a now audible level as he addressed this pool with the usual routine.

    The Judge then read a summary of a 41 count indictment against the Freemen. The manner in which this indictment summary was read made the charges sound truly authentic. It appeared that the judge was reading from a fact sheet. Not a single attorney objected to this one-sided attack, making it difficult to figure out who was on what side.

    During the reading some lawyer reminded the judge that the counts against incarcerated Freeman Dana Dudley would not need to be read. We speculate that Dana may enter a plea.

    The Judge concluded the indictment summary saying that "all of the defendants have pleaded not guilty". This last statement raised the hackles of all Lawful men in the room as We know positively, that at least nine Freemen have never entered any plea what-so-ever. This is an error by Judge John C. Coughenour.

    The Court continued talking to the jury pool, trying to weed them down to thirty prospects. Almost every juror who was asked about guns replied that they did, indeed, own guns. The Judge asked about the types of guns and got a veritable catalog of weapons from the Montanans. Even the women owned 9mm pistols, rifles, etc. Other questions concerned possible bad feelings against banks and government agencies. The Judge and several lawyers asked the prospects if they had heard anything positive about the Freemen. If any answered "yes", the subject was explored at length. Most of the lawyers asked the prospects if the fact that the 'defendants' were not present bothered them. Most of them answered that it would be OK if the Freemen did not attend. Even though these jurors didn't understand the full meaning of non- appearance, it seemed to me that these jurors were indeed, patriotic. As usual, the case was being tried during this selection process.

    One of the stand-by defendant lawyers said that the Freemen, by their actions (more accurately - inactions) had volunteered to be absent.

    At 10:19 a.m. released Freemen 'defendant' Emmett Clark, age 70, was wheeled into the court and nodded yes to a guilty plea. The Judge stated that Emmett could receive up to eight years in jail and a half million in fines. Emmett continued to nod and was finally allowed to leave. He later stated that his sentence would be time served (23 months) and no fine. I hope they stick to the deal. Sentencing date: September 14th, 1998 A.D.

    Released 'defendant' Cherlyn Petersen was present and her court appointed attorney asked for a clarification as to his role in this trial. Cherlyn was quizzed by the Judge and told him that the lawyer could "do what ever he wanted." The Court interpreted this as 'no objection'.

    During juror pool questioning a gentlemen with a cane took a seat near the bench. This man had watched 'patriot' videos on FIJA, Waco, Ruby Ridge and the 'New World Order'. This patriot was grilled by the prosecutor but held up fine. Then the defense stand-bys, three of them, continued the optional questioning. The wisdom of this maneuver is unclear to me, assuming that these stand-bys have justice in mind. Unknown if this patriot made the cut. [ Any bets? ]

We broke for lunch having selected only 10 of 30 prospects.

    This trial is a farce. If Lawful men can be tried in absentia, our next trial may be in Moscow, Peking or Washington.

    This affidavit is true, correct, complete, certain and relevant; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David,Junior., Sullivan

near Billings, Montana state

Stand-by atty. = federal agent

Literal Torture

Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 00:05:11 EDT

    Billings Montana 08:08 local May 26th, 1998 A.D.: update on Freeman Leonard Schweitzer ,brother of Leroy, Michael- 'defendant' was allowed a one hour + visit with Leroy Tuesday afternoon. The two brothers met in a small room at the jail Leonard had not seen Leroy face to face since July of 1996. Leonard mentioned that Captain McCabe of the Detention Center was very pleasant and offered Leonard a chance to "come on down".

    Leonard repeated Leroy's concern that 'a couple of the Freemen wouldn't make it through the weekend'. This is in reference to the health of some of the Freemen and the fact that they had been beaten and had not been given food since Friday , May 26th, 1998 A.D. This was an apparent attempt to weaken the Freemen for the Tuesday start date of the trial

    The Freemen have now decided to go on a hunger strike to protest their treatment by officials of the Yellowstone County Detention Center. They are not eating or drinking.

    Leonard noticed that Leroy's wrists were red and bruised. When asked, Leroy said that the handlers also bent his fingers backwards as a pain causing technique to force Leroy to attend court this morning.

    Leonard believes that Leroy is more emotional than ever and had aged greatly since their last visit.

    Leroy made this statement : "They can kill me, they can set me free or they can take me back to Springfield (Federal prison), But they will never break me."

This affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

furthermore, I sayeth naught

William David, Junior., Sullivan

near Billings, Montana state

"It Ain't Over Till We Win"

Billings Federal Court: 08:38 local May 26th, 1998 A.D

    Eight Freemen supporters were accosted outside the court, on the fifth floor of the Federal Building. Several U.S. Marshals were concerned that some or all of the eight supporters may be wearing T-shirts with writing upon them that was apparently not favorable to the government. A single Freeman supporter was wearing a white T-shirt that had these words on the back: Bail? Speedy Trial? Justice? These words were surrounded by a circle with the diagonal line through them, meaning-'no'.Under the circle were the words: "it ain't over till we win". On the front of the T-shirt was the sentence : "You can't take us out of Justus".

    The Marshals accurately identified seven other supporters in the hall and demanded that each one remove any possible -Tshirts that contained any slogans. Several supporters objected to this public 'stripping' but were told that no entry would be had without removing the shirts.

    The courtroom doors were opened at about 9:00 a.m. Approximately one hundred people filled the room, adding to the twenty odd 'legal' officers in the front of the court. Next the jury pool came into the room and were seated on the judge's left on the spectator side of the courtroom, in an area reserved for them.

    The courtroom was a typical corporate tribunal except that it looked more like a busy office, with all the computers placed in front of the lawyers tables. Even the jurors box had individual monitors for the prospective jurors. A Marshal told supporter Kamala, Susan, that the monitors will be used 'so the jury can view the evidence'. There were two television monitors facing the spectators.

    At about 9:01 a.m. all the lawyers on the court side of the bar huddled together in the very front of the courtroom, to the spectator's left. It appeared as if the judge was entering the room, being completely shielded by the coven of attorneys. The judge held a conference with the lawyers for about two minutes and then the judge stepped up to the bench. Judge John C. Coughenour stood at the bench but did not sit. The Judge did not have his Black Robe on.

    Judge Coughenour announced to the jury pool that the trial would be postponed due to the 'sudden illness of a person who has to be here'. The judge went further saying that the man was 'rushed to the hospital by ambulance' and that the court would begin tomorrow, guaranteed the Judge. The judge also assured the jury pool that jury selection would begin tommorow with the selection of fourteen jurors.

    The jury pool let out a collective groan at the postponement, apparently these jurors didn't appreciate the delay.

    A spectator in the rear of the courtroom asked "who was this person that was hurt?" The question remained unanswered and the questioner was physically removed from the courtroom.

    We learned later that Casey Veldhuizen had indeed been manhandled to the point of needing hospitalization . Casey was released at about 11:30 a.m. local and returned to the Detention Center. The extent of Casey's injuries is unknown at this time.

    The Freedom Center headquarters received information from Rodney, Owen, a Freeman 'defendant', that Rodney, Owen, and Casey and other Freemen were being beaten on the morning of this 'trial' Rodney relayed that a marshal had told him that 'we have a thousand ways to hurt you and we will use them. We will take to court!' Rodney also relayed that he had wrist injuries during this beating and that a marshal had stuck a metal cylinder (handcuff key bat) up into his nose, causing great pain.

    This affidavit is true, correct, complete and certain; the truth and the whole truth to the best of my knowledge.

furthermore, I sayeth naught

William David, Junior., Sullivan

near Billings Montana

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