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Creative Philosophy and Sociology of the Law of Peace:
Legal HipStory for Religious Use Defense under Religious Freedom Restoration Act
(part 2)

I. Chronology

November 1969. Thanksgiving Day. On this day I was baptized and ordained a minister in the Universal Life Church, by Reverend Ira Mullins of the Universal Life Church, at his house in Encinitas, California...after attending a Peace Assembly at the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. There I met Reverend Jim Kimmel of the Universal Life Church (later Urantia Foundation; later still, Peace Inc.) and Reverend Kirby Hensely, founder and Bishop of the Universal Life Church. [see Encyclopedia of American Religions, J. Gordon Melton (c. 1978), vol. 2, pg. 459 and 460; re: Universal Life Church].

As a registered Minister, in Lane County, Oregon, I performed legal marriages, etc. For many years I have been on sabbatical from performing many aspects of ministerial duties, however, I am still a Minister, although I do not refer to myself as "the Reverend Barry Adams.": [Note: When this information was introduced in Court in Texas, in 1988, much of the evidence introduced, was produced from an earlier Idaho case (~1982-83) involving the defendant Michael John, who submitted as part of his defense one of my papers, "On Substantive Religious Assembly on Public Lands in the United States", B. Adams, beaplunker (c. 1981-1982)].

Reverend Ira Mullins, now passed to the skies, and Reverend Jim Kimmel were arrested in California and sought to employ the Religious Use Defense in 1969; i.e., Marijuana as Sacrament [see Rainbow Oracle, Rainbow Family (c. 1971)].

September 1970. Vortex I, Biodegradable Festival of Life, near McIver Park, Oregon. This was an event sponsored by various People of a common Creed and Culture, namely, that of seeking Peace Ways and Peace Assemblies. It was also sanctioned by Governor Tom McCall of Oregon; for the purpose of presenting a "Peace Alternative" to the "War/Anti-War" situation taking place in Portland.

This was the spawning grounds of the Rainbow Family, which eventually formed out of the folks who met at Vortex, worked in service to the People, and stayed to help clean up and restore the land afterwards. We got together as clean-up crew and rode out of Vortex as the "Rainbow Family." "Rainbow" is an umbrella name denoting a "spiritual association of individuals, a Peaceable Assembly on common ground," At Vortex we gathered with amplified music; B.B. King, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Santana, all played for free. This common ground, and the activities that take place upon it, are free expressions of the people -- bound in the exercise of religious liberty, political expression, and redress of grievance. In fact, such Peaceable Assemblies are ways in which the People -- a recognizable minority known by many names; Hippies, '60's people , Flower Children, etc. -- are provided with a "soapbox" to speak out to their Government, to each other, and to society. [Note: Subsequent to Vortex, Woodstock, Altamont, and Celebration at Big Sur (all held in 1969), various "Rock Festival Laws," "Outdoor Mass Gathering Acts," etc, were passed to infringe upon and hinder these events from taking place [e.g., Sunrise (1971), Satsop (1971), and Sky River Festival (1970) and Dinosaur Valley Events, all in Washington State, were all interfered with under similar laws soon thereafter].

This Peace Alternative, Vortex I, Biodegradable Festival of Life was attended by up to 75,000 persons; including individuals, communes, small hippie style tribes, etc. I personally met with Governor McCall, when he flew in to the grounds at Vortex and met the clean-up crew. Our friendship with Governor McCall extended through the years afterwards; individuals of the Rainbow met many times with Governor McCall [Note: Vortex was one of the few times that a large scale Peace Gathering was held with Governmental sanction -- even though the event was completely surrounded by National Guard troops during the event.]. Like many other events and peace gatherings such as the Human Be-Ins, Vortex was truly an Assembly of the People of a common Creed -- the creed of PEACE [see Rainbow Oracle, How to Blow Minds and Influence People, Rainbow Family (c. 1971); also Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?, B. Adams, beaplunker (c. 1988)].

1971. Eugene, Oregon. Rainbow Family of Living Light, Inc. In 1970, after Vortex I, a number of Individuals gathered in and around Eugene, Oregon. By this time "Rainbow Farm," "Rainbow House," "Rainbow Street People," "Folk/Freak Carnival and Circus," were names of places and affinity groups within the Peace Experience, or Peace Culture.

At Rainbow House, Rainbow Family opened its door (of this rented house) to the People, and began to feed and care for people. In the midst of this, various juveniles were being "turned over" to our custody, by the Police, who had nowhere else for them to go, and even by the State kid prisons, i.e., Juvi Halls. Eventually, some bureaucrat heard about this and demanded that we become a legal foster home, for these discarded young-un's. Therefore, some of us from the Rainbow Family, decided to become Incorporated as a Church in the State of Oregon as "Rainbow Family of Living Light, Inc." For the next year, we were recognized as a legal foster home in the State of Oregon and continued to receive otherwise unwanted kids into our family [see Rainbow Family of Living Light, Inc., papers filed State of Oregon 1970-1971; see also, Rainbow Oracle; see also Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?].

Sometime after this incorporation in Oregon, which legally lasted only for a year, the Rainbow Family of Living Light was included in the Encyclopedia of American Religions, compiled by J. Gordon Melton. In 1988, this article was introduced as evidence against me and the Rainbow Family [see later Section, "Family, Culture, Creed," for full excerpt].

1972. World Family Gathering, sponsored by the Rainbow Family of Living Light, at Strawberry Lake near Granby, Colorado and at Table Mountain, near Grand Lake, Colorado. Some of us got together before and around 1971 and embarked on a visionary quest. In 1971, we wrote the Rainbow Oracle, which included numerous articles and "raps" describing our vision and the original Invitation to the Gathering in 1972. I helped write the Rainbow Oracle; including a rap "On Marijuana as Sacrament" [see below, section titled "On Marijuana as Sacrament," for excerpt]. We printed 5,000 copies, and distributed these around the country. A copy was delivered to each member of the House of Representatives and Senate, in Congress in Washington D.C. (Senator Childs of Florida replied to us that he had received the book and our Invitation to the Gathering in 1972; also, President Nixon's White House sent us a nice letter, which was printed in the Oracle).

We wore the Invitation tye-dyed on our Shirts, walked down the streets, walked into radio stations, TV stations, networking folks along the way. We invited each and everyone we could personally, hoping that at least 144,000 folks would show up in Colorado, in 1972.

Late in 1971, I went to Colorado and talked to a Forest Service District Ranger. Together, we traveled to an area in the National Forest, a place of rivers and meadows (not the gathering site), where we stood together and we talked about what a grand country we lived in that provided such wonders as National Forests for folks to Gather in.

A few weeks later in Eugene, Oregon, I was asked (summoned) to come to Denver, Colorado to the Regional Office and explain myself. I and some other folks went and spoke to the gathered Forest Service and Cops and Cops. They told us/me, No way can you Gather. The government said we could not Gather; there was no such activity on Public Land, period. We left, undeterred, feeling/ knowing full well that we must Gather, because our visions and dreams, Great Spirit-Creator wills us to Gather.

In June, 1972, I came to Colorado, where people had already begun to Gather. The Government blockaded the Gathering. So I went to the A.C.L.U., Nathan Davidavich, and we went into Federal District Court, in Grand, Colorado (?), where the Judge ruled that we could not get an injunction against the blockade; i.e., we lost.

Then on June 30, 1972, the People walked out of the "holding area" (private land offered to the people for sanctuary); we walked through the police blockade. We walked all the way to Grand Lake, along the Lake, and on up to Strawberry Lake, miles and miles away. And the Gathering Gathered. On the Fourth of July at Noon, the People who had walked from Strawberry lake the night before, and others, gathered on Table Mountain in Silence: to give honor and respect, etc. [**see invitation].

At one point during the Gathering, I stood in a circle of police and F.B.I., took a joint of marijuana, and on Police cameras, I lit the Joint of Marijuana, offered it up as Sacrament and offered it to my friend Reggie. This was on live T.V., with Police cameras, with all these Police as witnesses.

In these days, there was no Permit process; the Governments -- City, County , State, Federal (many agencies) -- simply told us we could not gather at all!

1976. Montana. Through the years we held other Gatherings, and finally in 1976 in Montana (over my objections at the time), Rainbow Family signed a Permit. There were subsequent permits signed until 1980 in West Virginia. Prior to the Gathering in Montana 1976, officials and newspaper editors called for "Vigilante" action against Rainbow People, my house was attacked, my baby son, Sunny, mother of my child, and myself, among others, were shot at on several occasions. My mailbox was shotgunned, my landlord threatened with being lynched. We were told at an official meeting at Glacier Park, that Rainbows could not Gather anywhere in Montana or in the Northwest. We Gathered, Swarmed together, drawn by the Spirit and the Earth to come Home.

1977. New Mexico Gathering. At this Gathering, I was issued a ticket for parking an emergency vehicle at the wrong spot near the Welcome Center. Forest Service officer (law enforcement) issued me this ticket because I objected to his actions: A crew of women had arrived at the Gathering, parked their car at the Welcome Center (a restricted area for emergency vehicles only), and then proceeded down into the Gathering, where they announced and Gathered a Sister's Council. This was a time/place for Sisters to Speak; if any brothers were present, they could listen to the Sisters. Meanwhile, I was in a Shanti Sena vehicle (volunteered) and had just returned from a mission (Shanti Sena means Peace Scenes--a name for volunteers who look to the security and safety of the People - -in our Gatherings "everyone is Shanti Sena", however, some folks act as volunteers for extra duties). The Forest Service officer came to ticket the cars at the Welcome Center, except for agreed upon emergency vehicles. He was going to ticket the women's car, when I objected, stating that it was necessary for the various vehicles to be there. The Officer then said something to the effect that, "your sisters are a bunch of bitches!," to which I objected, saying that he had no right to call our sisters names. The Officer promptly wrote me a ticket for the emergency Shanti Sena vehicle I was driving. I took this ticket under protest and did not pay it; I kept it as a souvenir for years.

Somewhere along about here, Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, came to the University of Montana, to speak to Law Students. Sunny and I went, after the speech, we went backstage, and waited our turn to speak to Justice Douglas. I asked, "Justice Douglas, could you tell me if the People have the right to peaceably assemble on public land? He turned and pointed to Sunny and said,"Ask her." (I figured he meant that the right to peaceably assemble was in the hands of the of the people).

1980. West Virginia Gathering. In June 1980, I and Rainbow Family were in two separate Court actions. In both cases I was acting as pro Se, as a individual, and at that time, Liaison/representative of the Rainbow Family Tribal Council. In Bluefield Virginia, in June 1980, a District Judge ruled that we "had no class," and were therefore unsue-able. Local persons/citizens of Pocahontas County West Virginia had tried to sue Rainbow Family and Forest Service on behalf of the County, to stop the Gathering. Forest Service, U.S. Attorneys and Rainbow Liaisons conferred with one another, even though the Forest Service and Rainbow Family were at-odds over the Permit Process.

Before the Gathering on the Williams River, The Forest Service decreed we "would gather at Gauley Mountain." Rainbow did not agree because of the unsafe conditions of the Gauley Mountain Site; I was there. Among one of the more notable exchanges between Forest Service and Rainbows, was at the Williams River Site, when we met with Supervisor of the Forest, Ralph Mumy. In the presence of other Forest Service and Law Enforcement, when we mentioned our First Amendment right to Assemble, Mumy responded, "I don't give a shit about your Constitutional rights." I witnessed this with others; I still have the audio tape. Our People understood how things stood between us and the Forest Service. Special Agent Dale Smallwood, was assigned to this Gathering.

As a result of our disagreement with Forest Service over the Gauley Mountain site, the Forest Service called us a "lawless group." State of West Virginia Officials also called us a "lawless group," and called upon citizens to "stop the Rainbow Gathering." Not long after this, shots were fired at the Gathering. Two women, on their way Home to Gather, were executed/shot by locals; Jake Beard, was finally tried in Court in May 1993 in West Virginia and found guilty of this crime. Others who shot at the Gathering and at our People were never arrested, even though some of them were known to law enforcement, and even bragged about their unlawful activities, in local bars and before Forest Service personnel and law enforcement.

After an undue amount of pressure by authority -- including harassment at our Front Gate, on the roads, all along the Way to the Gathering -- Rainbow, for a Peace move, finally signed the "camping permit" under protest.

During June 1980, Forest Service had issued tickets to a number of persons for violation of the camping permit regulation. As they moved around the Gathering, they came upon a piece of plastic stretched between two trees (Hobo Hilton); no one was present, so Forest Service law enforcement issued me a ticket. I wrote "Barry Adams, Legal Liaison for Rainbow Family Tribal Council"on the ticket. On July 11, 1980, in Charleston, West Virginia, I appeared before a Federal Magistrate. My case was dismissed on a technicality and I won..

Idaho Gathering 1982. At the Idaho Gathering in 1982, Rainbow Family Tribal Council, with me acting as facilitator (loud voice) for the Council Circle, went over an "Operations Plan Agreement" word for word, comma for comma. In Consensus, in the Full Light of Day, on the Land, between July 1 and 7, the Idaho Council Circle of the Rainbow Family Tribal Council agreed by Silence to sign the Operations Plan Agreement with the Forest Service.

In Ceremony and ritual, in full expression, Ranger Supervisor Gene Benedict spoke in Council Circle and signed with us. The Rainbow Family Tribal Council and U.S. Forest Service exchanged signed agreements, and we felt it was all well and good. We all gave thanks and we were all so very happy, and we Rainbow People all called out and were glad, and we went into the Fourth of July, into our Silence, with Hope in our hearts that the harassment of Our People would stop. In it all, we thought of all those among us who had suffered and been through struggles, we remembered the deaths of Our People in West Virginia, in 1980. Those of Us with heavier hearts stood with the People in the Silence and We too stood in Hope, true hope. We knew, somehow, that the War against us was not over; our letters to the U.S. Attorney in Idaho, for Judicial Relief, were left unanswered.. In that letter We had used the words, "Police state on the threshold of our Church-picnic," we were celebrating in our "cathedral of nature." We tried to communicate and convey the Pilgrimage Quality of Gathering; the Vibrations of Journeying to New Jerusalem, or Mecca, or the Gathering.

After a few days, I received a Permit in the mail, issued to me, in the name of the Rainbow Family, and charging Our People $25 fee for the permit, plus 15% per annum if this was unpaid. I brought the matter of the ticket to Council, and informed the People. We hoped that it did not mean the Forest Service wasn't living up to our Agreement, our Operations Plan.

In our journey, an Attorney, Al Velarde, from Washington State, took part in the conferences and councils we had with the Forest Service over the development of the Operations Plan Agreement. Since that time, we have always had some form of Operations Plan/Rehabilitation Plan [see New Mexico 1995 letter from District Ranger].

1982-83. After the Idaho Gathering. One of our brothers gets busted in Idaho, submits one of my papers as part of his defense; "On Substantive Religious Assembly on Public Lands in the United States"(c.1981-1982, beaplunker B. Adams).

1983. Those of Us of heavier heart waited through the good summer, Michigan 1983. Some of us could not travel East to Michigan, where the relationship between Forest Service and Rainbow Family was one of the best ever; using an Operations Plan Agreement.

Montana Family and others Gathered in Montana at Corona Lake -- those of us who were unable to Gather in Michigan, knew we had to be Gathering somewhere during the Days of the Gathering July 1-7 (possibly changed to June 28-July 10 by council 1996). And so we Gathered in Our Home, in Montana, so we could be Gathered in Spirit with Our Brothers and Sisters Gathered at Home in Michigan. Many folks who cannot travel Home to the Gathering to be their in the body, still Gather wherever they are on the the Days of the Gathering, July 1-7. [see Rainbow Oracle, 1972] People Gather at Rainbow Valley in a similar fashion (see Gideon Israel deposition).

In Montana, the Forest Service came to me and said, "What are you and your people going to do?" I said, "I am against signing a permit, under U.S. Constitution, First Amendment; and I think the People will Council." And the People did Council and Agreed that the First Amendment Protections of Free exercise of Religion, spiritual belief, common CREED (we didn't use this word in those days but it aptly describes our shared beliefs), was our permit.

Montana Family and friends gathered in Silence on the Fourth of July at Noon in Concert with Our brothers and sisters in Michigan. Although no permit was applied for, the Forest Service issued to "Barry Adams" a Permit for .5 of an acre at Corona Lake, unilaterally. They never asked me for the Fee..

1984. California Gathering. In 1984, the Forest Service issued its first version of the "Group Use Rules" at 36 CFR 251. When the Forest Service issued the first permit for a Peaceable Assembly, under 36 CFR 251, they brought it to us at the California Gathering in 1984. We then held and videotaped a meeting with the Forest Service, where we agreed on an "Operating Plan" for doing the Gathering. Throughout the hipstory of Gatherings, Forest Service and Rainbow Family have always cooperated with an "Operations Plan ," with or without "official" FS approval, with or without a Permitting Process, with or without blockades. An "Operations Plan Agreement" constitutes "ample alternative means of communication" to a permit, and is the "least restrictive means" of meeting the Governmental interest of caring for the well-being of the land and the people.

In 1984 the Government recognized the right to "peaceably assemble for purposes of expression," based on what they had learned from Us, the Gathered people. And they began to Regulate and Rule Us out of Existence.

Note: This 1984 Reg. gave the first Legal Recognition of the "right to Peaceably Assemble on Public Lands for Purposes of Expression," (now re-worded in the Sept. 29, 1995 Reg.s at 36 CFR 251 and 261); the Forest Service used my sentence, out of my paper on Peaceable Assembly (cool!). Also in this Regulation, in a subsection, was the Operations Plan Agreement -- as another way for the Forest Service to work out health, safety, sanitation, care of the Land, clean-up, etc.

Thanksgiving 1985. Arizona. In Arizona, Gideon Israel signed a ticket, like I did in West Virginia, "LegalLiaision of Rainbow Family Tribal Council;" meaning that he was a volunteer to go to Court and communicate back to the Family whether the Law against us Gathering was Legal or not.

Gideon and I had connected in San Francisco before this Gathering; he was passing out invitations to the Gathering at Cochise' Stronghold, in Southeast Arizona, near Tombstone. Peace Movement Northwest -- the Outfit that rides at Rainbow Valley now -- was flying its colors in support of the Southwest. Peace Movement Southwest was supporting the Cochise' Stronghold Gathering in a strong affinity relationship; spiritual neighbors visiting spiritual neighbors. I told Gideon about possible "legal problems" at Cochise Gathering, because of the (then) new 1984 Forest Service Reg. 36 CFR 251 and 261.

When Gideon went to Federal Court in the District of Arizona, before Judge Bilby, Individuals of the Rainbow were there in support. Before Judge Bilby made his decision, he remanded us to "binding arbitration" with the Forest Service, to work out an agreement. He addressed the entire Gathered Family, as well as Gideon. An Attorney Fosbinder was there and helped in the case. On May 16, 1986, Judge Bilby issued an "Order to dismiss Charges;" stating that the Forest Service "regulation must not only be content-neutral, but apply to All large groups" [CR-86-027-TUC-RMB]. We had won the Right to Gather for the time being, but the prospect of future regulations, future struggles remained. Although Rainbow/Gideon won, Rainbow Family did not really get our entire legal position across to the Judge. Issues pertaining to "how" We Gather, and why this is part of our free exercise, were left unresolved. [see decision U.S. v. Gideon Israel; Gideon included Religious Exercise defense].

1987. North Carolina. Police Blockade/Invade Gathering; arrests and harassment, sickness. Police refuse to allow delivery of distilled water for sick children and people. Before sickness, people observe unmarked plane spraying the gathering with unknown emission. Clean-up crew arrested. [see section on "Current Regulations," for more discussion.]

Federal District Judge Dave Santelle, toured the Gathering in 1987. He now sits on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Washington D.C. -- When last communicated with, by me in 1993, he offered that he would share information on Rainbow to any who asked. He felt he got as good a deal for Rainbow, in 1987, as was possible at the time. He was afraid for us; not only were we Gathering in North Carolina, but we were integrating Graham County -- signs saying "Nigger don't let the sun set on you here in Graham County" were posted at the County lines when Rainbow Family came to Gather. We took these signs down as we entered.. To be fair, my friends, an integrated couple with mixed blood kids, black and white, thought the local folks in the stores etc. treated them good. The dangerous people, racist, stalked in the shadows, in what I called Graham "Cracker" County.

We are all Relations; we walked hand in hand, Black and White, Red, Yellow, or Brown, Gentile and Jew, Protestant and Catholic, Children of God and Goddess, Native and Foreign, Wicca and Taoist, Hindu and Khrisna, Rastafarians and Rainbows, Individuals and Tribes, and others of similar Creed and Kinship.

Note: The local Cherokee and other Tribal Native American People came into Our Gathering, spoke in Our Council, in violation of a Treaty forced on them, where their land was sold away from them and they were forced to go on the Trail of Tears. These folks were not permitted, by treaty, from holding ceremonies on this National Forest land, nor could they come there and Gather, even with Rainbows. They came to speak against this National Forest policy, in Council with Us, and We gave Greetings to them. A strong Cherokee woman, respected by her People, came and gave Greetings to Rainbow.

Afterwards, sitting in the Arizona Desert Tribe's Yurt, the woman spoke about all the pain and problems her People were suffering, in that area, from racist government policies and racist people, in and out of the Forest Service and among other government agencies, and among the local people. And she said, "After you Rainbow People are gone, Our People will suffer, for many months, but we are glad you came here." I knew why she spoke and since 1987, in North Carolina, near where we Gathered, Native American brothers and sisters of Ours, have been beaten and shot, and killed, for just living, and Gathering with Rainbow. Forest Service tried everything they could do to keep these Folks from Gathering with Us. Cherokees gathered with Rainbow. We pray for them, hope some day their load will be lightened, in Freedom.

1988. Texas. In March 1988, in Texas, a Federal Court Order was issued against the Rainbow Gathering "anywhere in the Region of Texas." I was a named defendant in that case [see U.S. vs. Barry Adams]; also one Joseph Knecht did file papers as a defendant, but did not appear in person. During the subsequent Gathering, "LegalLiaison" became an assigned responsibility before Rainbow Family Tribal Council.

In 1988, Justice Justice wrote an Opinion that clearly reinforced our right to Gather for Religious and/or Expressive Exercise. The question, "How?," was addressed, and this was defined in the Court Orders; we had to pass inspections for health and sanitation, etc. This Court Case included introduced evidence to show that we had leaders/authority, to question the autonomous nature of our gatherings, etc. [This is reviewed in the next Chapter...]

1989 - '95. During this period, there was no "actual" Group Use Permit Process, due to Justice Justice's Decision in 1988. However, Rainbow Family, including myself, Gathered in the National Forest in good health and safety, and We Restored the Land afterwards.

1991. Vermont Gathering. -- I was there for the Clean-up and Restoration, and I know it was an excellent job, including the recycling of all the garbage (see Notes to Rainbow Family Tribal Council, Red Moon Song, 1991). As far as I know, 1991 Vermont Clean-up and Restoration was excellent.

1992 -- The Gathering returns to Colorado. After this Gathering, I took a sabbatical from LegalLiaison, and from organizing Gatherings of the Rainbow.

1993 -- Alabama and Tennessee, two complete Gatherings, in the same general neighborhood, Two Homes in the Neighborhood; Both for prayer, Celebration, Deliberation, Silence, on the Fourth of July at Noon; Peaceable Assemblies. USFS released draft of current "Group Use Regulations" for comment in May. People Counciled, submitted comments as individuals. LegalLiaison volunteers were at each Gathering. Both Gathering sites were over-run by Police forces.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has operated a Police State at the Gatherings for several years. Martial Law (emergency status for Police and National Guard) under F.E.M.A., Incident Commanders is "quietly"applied. " "Federal Agents," known and unknown, enter the gatherings to monitor "public safety," watch and ticket people for "public nudity" or "cracked windshields" if they feel like it. Police presence is exercised in spite of the peaceful, voluntary nature of our Gathering.

In recent years, the government is running up a tab for excessive law enforcement, air surveillance, emergency medical units, travel expenses, hotel rooms, road repair, etc, -- then announcing publicly that We are Costing the taxpayers so much money to Gather. We do not desire or request this police presence, nor do the Reports of the Gatherings establish need for extensive surveillance or an elaborate response team.. Normally, Disaster Relief requires an act of the President; in this case agents of the government form an Incident Command Team and arrange to get paid for attending the Gathering. We on the other hand are a voluntary Peaceable Assembly of autonomous individuals, of our own will and determination, we are responsible for Ourselves personally, and we Gather in the naturally kindred spirit of our humanity, reliant on our Unity to meet with necessity. Gathering Reports indicate a good clean-up record, and cooperation on our part in "actual" emergency situations.

1994 -- Wyoming, on the old Oregon Trail...a natural Gathering site...but overgrown with even-aged second growth from clearcut forests, and overgrazed in Sage Meadows. The Wyoming Fire, held at under two acres by Rainbow Family firefighters. FEMA attempts to evacuate Gathering and prevent Family fire fighting efforts. Council undoes formal LegalLiaison team/members, Full Light of Day, Silent Consensus.

1995 -- In New Mexico, I connected with a New York Times reporter, who came in the Lodge, Tipi, to get out of the Rain. I asked him the "How is it the Government -- County, State, National -- can have a Martial Law Emergency declared all around our Gatherings - here in the United States?" New York Times writes:

Asst. Regional Supervisor says "Yes, 1700 cars were stopped everyday, and violations occurred, however, it is for the Rainbows' protection, and for public health and safety, like a WildFire....

The New York times Reporter didn't see any problem with Us being treated as a WildFire; this is a dangerous mind-set, and prejudiced against Our/my Wellbeing. We are a People, Gathered in Peace, at Home, with Our Family. Our Spirit and Energy may be Like a WildFire, however, We are a PEOPLE!

1996. There is now a Court Order, out of Florida, to "enjoin us from Assembling unless we ask for permission and get permission." It would seem that what they call a "Grandfather/ Grandmother Clause" should apply here. First they said we had "No Right to Gather," now that we do have a Right to Gather, but only if we do it their way. Read on...