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Listen up;
Talked to Dan Wooten a few minutes ago.
The story is ; 8:00 the FbI came knocking at the door and told Gloria's mother to sit down and shut up. Then took Elwin J. Ward to jail without miranda, warrant or justification.
The charge is supposed to be aiding and abetting freeman.
Which of course the FBI said would not happen when she left the ranch.
Monday Elwin is to be expedited to Montana. Gloria is talking to attorney Larry BeCraft. FIJA is working to help her in her area. Gloria's family has been subjected to a lot of harrassment from the law enforcement so is reluctant to have her around. Elwin is in the drunk tank because he wouldn't
tell them what they wanted to know. There has been no known physical abuse but plenty of mental. There may be a reunion in Utah so lunch might be a good idea. Take care of yourselves and May God Bless us all. l-k Montana

PS I am having some major problems with my e-mail. I am not even sure I can get this out. Could someone fax or call me and also pass this along to all.

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