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From: BHaleinc@aol.com
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 13:27:59 -0400
To: fsnw-l@freespeechnews.com

FIGJA has just recieved a report about the eviction notice and related news from Montana.

FBI Special Agent Thomas Kubic, persuant to the eviction decree by US District Judge James N. Burns of Portland, Oregon, has instructed the FBI "to prevent all egress and ingress into the geographically designated area which is outlined on the attached map." It covers 26,880 acres, approx. 42 square miles.

FOX news journalist Rita Cosby has apparently been inside interviewing the "Freemen". Its reported that she had went to the designated boundary where she was invited in for an interview. It appears that no one had "slipped into a farm house" over night. CNN has taken legal action and FOX is in the process of doing the same, so we've been informed. Journalists have commented that the eviction is in violation of the 1st Article in Amendment to the Constitution.

A "Freeman" was quoted as saying to the journalists "If you cannot occupy the county roads near Justice Township, Montana state, united states of America, you cannot go anywhere without the permission of your masters."

LeRoy Schwietzer and Dan Petersen are scheduled for a "Stat Hearing" today.

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