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E-mail from Freedom Center
Billings, Montana

Yesterday (January 16, 1997) Yellowstone County Detention Facility Commanders, Captain Dennis McCave, and Lt. Timothy Neiter, stood by and watched as Federal Marshals and FBI agents forcefully stole fingerprints from the "Freemen." Cpt. McCave was silent, but Lt. Neiter uttered pathetic apologies of "it's nothing personal."

Although the hostages were weak from lack of nutrition, all refused to volunteer their prints, and several gave enough resistance that they were put back in their cells until reinforcements arrived. At least one Man was seriously injured. One of the comments from a "Freeman" was "now I know what a rape victim feels like."

This is a serious violation of the fifth amendment guarantees, as well as out and out theft of private property. Apparently, the feds have studied the medical records of the hostages, as they knew where previous injuries were and applied plenty of pressure to them.

Remember these People have *NOT* been convicted of any crimes, but still they are held without bond, fed garbage, housed with convicted murderers, prevented from communicating with family, refused nutritional supplements and proper medical examination/treatment, and are given only thin clothing in an environment that gives new meaning to the term "cooler." This has been going on for almost a year now. When the government found out last November, that the original indictments were going to be dismissed due to their inability to answer papers submitted by the "Freemen," they just had the local Grand Jury (so called) rubber stamp new indictments so they could start all over without releasing anyone.

Anybody out there still doubt that we have political hostages in this country? Can any say the US is any better than Hitler's regime or the Soviet Union or any number of other countries we have condemned in the past?

In my opinion this type of activity should be enough to make people give up their petty bickering over so many issues, and come together to stop the beast before it's to late. We all know what the problems are. The question is how do we solve them? I don't mean the little things, like drivers licenses etc. they are just the dragons tail. You can cut the tail off every few days and it just grows back. A dragon can only be killed by cutting off its head. That is what LeRoy Michael and the People at Justus township were doing! The only reason they are in jail now is they were ready to swing the sword, they just needed a couple million more people to help lift the weight. Unfortunately most of the patriot community is under the dragons spell of confusion, and are too weak to help with this enormous task.

While there are a few dedicated and devoted souls out there that are putting up a fight, the majority of those that call themselves patriots are wasting their time and the time of many who would be willing to FIGHT, I mean really FIGHT and take some risk in restoring our freedom and liberty. I see endless arguments over matters of little importance going on for weeks, even months. So many seem to worship the "Founding Fathers," but fail to see that they put their differences aside long enough to *do something* before it was to late. All the differences of the Founding Fathers were put aside until after the colonies had gained independence, yet people today spend their time arguing over whether or not a quote someone gives was actually said, whether or not Jefferson was a Christian, is or isn't this a Christian nation, who has the best process to beat a traffic ticket, etc. etc. Some people just seem to love to argue no matter what the issue, others are just to stupid to see this is exactly what the dragon wants.

Among the FF there were slavers and anti slavers, Christians and Deists, and any number of other different ideologies, but they all had one thing in common -- they wanted to be free. Among the Montana Freemen there were Mormons, followers of the Christian identity movement, and other religious backgrounds, as well a various opinions on many other issues, but these People also have that one thing in common -- they want freedom for themselves, and more importantly for their children and grandchildren.

For those who are at least taking some risk, whether it be in traffic court or anywhere else, I say fight on, your battles will grow. For those who do all their fighting on the e-mail lists, or over a cup of coffee, I say GET OFF YOUR BUTT, and let the bad guys know your there. If your to afraid of what you'll lose then get the hell out of the way, so those of us who are risking our lives can save your precious assets, from being turned into food for the dragon.

I hope this makes a few people mad, if so then maybe they'll start really thinking. I know I'm mad, I can't believe the American people keep letting this happen. Keep your flames to yourself, they wont be answered, and probably not even read. If you feel the need to vent your anger, call a Politician.

Keven Eugene; Entzel

For more information, or to lend your support to the Freemen's cause, contact:

Keven Entzel
Freedom Center c/o PO Box 80446
Billings, Montana state
pz [59108-0446] (TDC)

Phone: (406) 652-7412
FAX: (406) 652-1813

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