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Just what Exactly did those "Freemen" DO anyway???

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 00:43:21 -0600          
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lancehamilton@sisna.com (Lance Arron, Hamilton)

    Many people are asking for a run down of what the "Freemen" have done or what they are about. These are very difficult questions to answer in a phone conversation or in a short letter. I will do my best to give a basic run down of the most important aspects and then ask that people do some study on their own or find others that have studied under LeRoy and his friends. I would ask that the people who have attended the classes at the cabin in roundup and at Justus Township please speak up and make the materials you have available, silence will destroy us all, as Edmund Burke said:

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

    I feel it is necessary to first address the dissension in the "patriot movement' or "sovereign movement" or what ever name is in use this week , I prefer "Freedom movement" as I believe every one involved, from the militias to the Common Law Courts is interested in freedom. It is unfortunate that some are more interested in promoting themselves than sticking together to fight a common enemy, that being the system that has enslaved us all. Any one who takes a stand against the Freemen simply does not understand what they have done or is not truly interested in bringing the power back to the People. If LeRoy, Daniel, Rod and others were criminals they would not have been open in what they were doing and sharing what they had with any and all people who would come and listen. A criminal would hide what they are doing and proceed in a sneaky and underhanded manner. The Freemen were willing to give their credit away or loan it interest free and even offered to pay off the national debt.

    Does that really sound like criminals? The reason they are in so much trouble is they found a way to compete with the federal reserve, and the fed just doesn't like competition. It's just like the drug dealers , when you get competition wipe them out! Remember, don't lie, cheat, steal or sell drugs, the government hates competition! I also can't under stand why so many people are believing the propaganda put out by the feds concerning the Freemen, haven't they learned any thing from past events? Take a good look at the admitted lies concerning Bob Starr and his friends in Macon. If government agents admit to lying in one place don't you think they probably lie all over?

    I am most disappointed with those people who's names we are all familiar with who have gone on national T. V. and radio spewing trash. Some are doing so because they have had personal disagreements with the Freemen, some have had their egos bruised because the Freemen wouldn't bow to them and allow them to become the hero for bringing them out. It is most unfortunate in that this works for the enemy. Remember the first rule of war is "divide and conquer". We must learn to put our differences aside and stick together in times like these. When someone whom we have looked up to as a "leader" turns on any of us we must use our own judgment and not arbitrarily accept what we hear, we also must not jump to conclusions and start calling people double agents and other such rhetoric. It is one thing to be a bubble head and make grave errors in judgment, it is entirely different to sell out and commit treason. Just let the chips fall, concentrate on getting our freedom restored, and the glory seekers, money mongers and trouble makers will expose and destroy themselves.

     Now about the Freemen. To start with the word "Freemen" was not chosen by them, they were using the term Freeman Character under their signatures and the local press tagged them with the name. These People all came together over a number of years because of a common problem, that being the corruption they found in all aspects of government. Some of them had their lives turned upside down when the government stole everything they had over disputed tax bills as small as $700.00. Some lost property because another family member could not make payments on a note with a credit union and on and on. Every one of these people tried to get redress in the courts but soon found that unless you are "connected" you will always lose.

    So they first formed study groups to find out what the Law actually said and from there things bloomed. As they came together and exchanged information they found more and more that the persons whom they had elected to protect them were not only arrogant but many were crooked. At some point they decided they had to do something to help not only themselves but all the people that were being ripped off by corrupt "officials".

    In their study of Law they found many things that had been forgotten or buried but were still standing Law.

The most important discovery made was concerning self government.

    Through studies of U.S. code and State code, they found references to the Common Law. This led them to trace the codes back to the Constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, the Declarations of Rights, the Magna Charta and most importantly the Bible. They found that codes that are in harmony with God's Law worked and those that were man's law only injured people.

    They found that there was a supreme Court in this nation before the Constitution and that was the supreme Court first mentioned in the Constitution. This supreme Court was the County Court and that is the Court of original jurisdiction. It was also discovered that after the revolution none of the new States established their Townships, thus they established Justus Township for judicial purposes. The problem arises that our current system will not abide by Law, they only recognize their rules and then only when it works in their favor. Did you ever play a game with some spoiled brat that constantly changed the rules so they could always win?

    The next step after finding that none of our "officials" would do their job was to find a way to force them to. It was found in the codes that all public officers had to be bonded. This is supposed to be a personal fidelity bond to assure performance. Without this bond their offices are declared vacant. So they decided to go after those bonds thinking that after three claims the bonding company would pull the bonds or force performance.

    It didn't take long to find out that no "official" bonds themselves anymore, they are now insured by the city, county, state or federal agency that they work under. That is blatant misappropriation of public funds, and just try filing a claim against a public officials insurance, fat chance. Well what to do then? How about suing the "officials" in their personal capacity for damages created by their actions or lack thereof? You know the Courts are crooked and they certainly wouldn't hear a suit against themselves, so they found the liening process in the U.C.C. and the bankers handbook (this is supposed to be an almost top secret publication). The offending public official [hereafter called perverts (look that one up in Black's)] would be sent a U.C.C. 4 True Bill, sometimes called confession sheet. The pervert would be given a proper amount of time to answer after which the True Bill would become a default judgment. The default would then be published for the proper amount of time creating a common Law lien. A U.C.C. 3 (writ of attachment) was then issued followed by a U.C.C.1 (writ of execution). this creates a perfected security which is a depositable item. This whole process creates credit, the bank has the option of collecting from the pervert or issuing credit to your account.

    The lien drafts (not checks) are partial assignments of the lien. This is the same process the banks use. Remember though the banks don't like anyone to know their secrets or to compete with them.

     I would also like to add to this information some of my own thoughts and observations. Long before any outside money started coming in, the Freemen were spending what little they had publishing notices in the newspapers. This is something else criminals would not do. They taught at the cabin in Roundup Free of charge for many months before moving to Brusset, they only started charging a $100.00 booking fee because to many people would book seats and then not show up, leaving empty seats that others would have been happy to fill. The booking fees never went into any ones pocket, all moneys received were used to better the school or add to the Townships facilities. The Clark family had also pledged to give small parcels of land to people who wished to relocate to Justus Township, again not the actions of criminals. All in all these men gave of themselves and what little they had for no other reason than to restore the Republic that some other "Freemen", "Patriots", "Tax Protesters", "Radicals", etc., risked everything they had to establish over 200 years ago. There are to many "coffee table" patriots out there that do nothing but complain about the problem but are not willing to risk anything to do something about it.

    Meanwhile those who have done something are being trampled on by a government gone wild. I am asked every day "what can I do". Well, for starters you can pray, then you could give up a little something such as a soda pop or a movie or some other small item that isn't really necessary and donate that money to one of the people or organizations that are in need of help. There are hundreds of thousand of people out there that could give just a little and make a BIG difference. As little as a dollar per month multiplied by several thousand people would really add up. Take a good look at all those in need and then decide who you want to support, whether it be someone in immediate trouble or an organization with ongoing battles. A few of the people that come to mind right away are, Bob Starr and his friends and family from Macon who are fighting unlawful entrapment by the BATF, Helen Johnson of E Pluribus Unum who has been abandoned by her husband, and of course our own Freedom Center. You could also volunteer some of your time to help with research, passing out literature, manning phones or any number of other things that need to be done. Write to some politicians, organize rallies. Just get off your duff and do something!

    At this time we are extremely busy with the Freemen case, but would still like to keep the public informed, please try to keep questions to a minimum and be as specific as posible. You may write us at:

        Freedom Center
        C/o PO Box 80446
        Billings, Montana state
        PZ [59108-0446] (TDC)

or FAX us at (406) 652-1813

or e-mail at fjgu66d@prodigy.com

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