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(S.A.F.A.N. No. 25, June 22, 1996)

Reports from the Freedom Center, Billings, Montana, & other sources

On Friday, June 21, Assistant United States Attorney Matucci got a Court Order from Judge Burns, broke the government's word, AGAIN (what else would you expect) and went into the van in the locked yard where the Freemen's evidence is stored....in full view of the media. Karl Ohs obviously stood by, or avoided the issue, and/or did nothing to stand by his word and protect
the evidence from tampering. The government obviously does not care if the public sees them violate every promise/agreement/pact, or whatever passes for their "word" whenever it suits their purpose. Guess the government has abandoned all pretense of honor, honesty, or attempts to hid their agenda of the total destruction of freedom in America.

Friday night, June 22, Gloria Ward's husband, Elwin, was arrested. He was taken into custody in Salt Lake City Utah by 8 FBI Agents in unmarked cars.
They had NO WARRANT and refused to answer any questions. When they knocked on the door, they told Gloria's mother to sit down and shut up. Then they took Elwin J. Ward to jail. Gloria's family has been subjected to a lot of harassment from law enforcement. They are holding Elwin in the drunk tank because he will not tell them what they want to know. Gloria was promised that all charges against her for child custody would be dropped only to find out that the Judge said he promised no such thing. Her children have been taken away from her.

There are reports of MANY other ARREST warrants against Common Law folks and anyone connected with the Freemen. There is an alert out in North Carolina concerning the Talk Radio Show with John Trochman and William Cooper who were guests on the Alan Handleman Show, out of Charlotte, N.C.. Trochman and Cooper remarked that the militias did not support the Freemen, and that the Freemen were criminals, and that the people that endorsed the Declaration at
Knob Creek, Kentucky, were not leaders of militia groups but were individuals not supported by or affiliated with any "real" militia groups. Remarks from other so-called patriots (J.J. Johnson) that arrests were imminent - and that patriots should surrender "peacefully" ???? Remember J. J. asked that his name be taken off the signers of the Declaration to stand by the Freemen.

The North Carolina Militia has challenged Trochman and Cooper and Alan Handleman has agreed that he should offer equal time. Anyone wishing to FAX information can send it to Alan Handleman at (704) 570-1369 or to Brian Necessary at (704) 738-7798.
Brian wants the signers of the Declaration in particular to state that they are REAL MILITIA LEADERS with real militias.

There are also many "Real" militia leaders who have gone a step further PAST the declaration - and have been joined by many "broad" elements of American Society that stood with the Montana Freemen in support of a peaceful resolution extending their support that would preserve due process of law for the accused, and thereby, for all Americans. In addition, there are many who are "mobilized" and "ready" demonstrating their resolve that this situation will conclude in a manner befitting the law of the land, with many, many individuals from 26 additional states who are prepared and at the ready to be called on as necessary to ensure an appropriate end to this situation.

On 6-21-96 an alert stated that 21 arrest warrants issued for North Carolina and that FBI agents were "moving-in" on anyone associated wtih Common Law or in support of the Freemen. Many of the North Carolina men have sent personal messages to Louis Freeh of the FBI telling him where they could find them!!!

Americans for the Preservation of Constitutional Heritage (A.P.C.H.) have had ongoing phone contact with the political prisoners in the Yellowstone County Jail, Billings, Montana. Below is the address of the jail and the names of those being held there:

          Yellowstone County Detention F
          3165 King Avenue East
          Billings, MT 59101

Leroy Schweitzer
Casey Martin Clark
Russell Dean Landers
Dana Dudley Landers
Dan Peterson
Cherlyn Peterson
Steve Charles Hance
James Edward Hance
Jon Barry Nelson
Edwin Clark
Emmett Barry Clark
Ralph Clark
Cornelius John "Casey" Veldhulzen
Dale Martin Jacoby
Rodney Skurdal

Friends in Montana are keeping as close contact as possible and gathering information and will furnish this information to all of us when it is available. There are a few personal concerns about a Defense Fund and which lawyers may be called upon to represent these Freemen.

Karen E. Hamilton is being held in the Ravelli County Courthouse, Hamilton, MT and has been held for 26 days and intends to remain until the judicial system becomes compliant with her sovereignty and dignity. It seems that on June 16, 1996, Mrs. Hamilton refused to submit to local "booking" process, refusing to release her facsimile and her fingerprints, since they are private and personal possessions and cannot be taken through force. The end of her sentence is June 24, 1996, unless the Court finds her in contempt for failing and refusing the booking process. The cause for all of this is a Lady and her daughter maintaining their "Miranda Right" to remain silent.
These two women were assaulted by IRS agents, Ravalli County Sheriff's Deputies, Montana Highway Patrolmen, and Hamilton City Police (10 officers in all) with weapons pulled and aimed while two officers physically assaulted the women. The number to call is (406) 363-1381 to the Justice Court, Ravalli County Courthouse, Hamilton, MT 59840. Perhaps pressure through phone calls and letters, the Courts will be caused to recognize the atrocities.

note: Mrs Karen E., Hamilton was released today after the jail forcibly took her photograph and fingerprints once again, at the order of Sheriff P. Jay Printz of Ravalli County. Karen E., Hamilton suffered mild pain in her hands for a short period of time after force was used to take her fingerprints.

Lance Arron, Hamilton, Communications
- Rule of Law Committee, Ravalli county, Montana.
Phone number: (406) 821 - 3010 -or- (406) 821 - 4669.

Also, it seems that part of the Agreement for the Freemen to "come out" was that the Governor agreed that these "Points of Agreement" were to be published in three newspapers - Tribune, Missoulian, and Gazette - with signatures before any material (evidence) or people leave. So far nothing has been published.

The Freemen need our Prayers and Support now more than ever.
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