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SAFAN ALERT: April 27, 1997


Per Telephone Conversation, the Embassy at the Republic of Texas is being fired upon. White Eagle reports that a group (reportedly the Sheriff and Deputies) have taken one of their perimeter guards as hostage; and have been firing shots at the Embassy this morning.

The Embassy has also taken a "hostage". The Embassy has been told that the Border Patrol are on their way to the site and that the "feds" have been notified as well.


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One wounded, couple held hostage at Texas separatist compound

April 27, 1997
2.58 p.m. EDT (1858 GMT)

FORT DAVIS, Texas (AP) -- One person was wounded and two people were being held hostage Sunday in an armed confrontation at a separatist compound.

The standoff at the Republic of Texas compound began about noon at the separatist group's so-called embassy near Fort Davis, according to Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Mike Cox.

The wounded person suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder, Cox said. The hostages were a married couple. Further details remained sketchy.

The Republic's "ambassador,'' Richard McLaren, has been hiding out in the remote West Texas area since December, avoiding a contempt citation from a federal judge in Pecos.

In a telephone interview Sunday, McLaren said authorities "kidnapped'' the captain of his bodyguards. He said gunfire has been heard and that he had sealed off his compound.

U.S. Border Patrol agents were at the scene, an agency spokesman said.

The Republic of Texas movement gained national attention when its provisional president stood on the steps of the state Capitol in January 1996 and proclaimed Texas a free nation.

The movement contends that the annexation of Texas as a state in 1845 was illegal, that Texas should remain an independent nation, and that the group's leaders constitute the legitimate government of the independent nation of Texas.

Since 1995, the secessionist movement has ordered Gov. George W. Bush to leave office, formed its own "defense forces'' and asked county sheriffs to go to work for them.

Republic leaders have told the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies to leave the state and used their own "courts'' have issued a $93 trillion lien against the state, the U.S. government, the United Nations and the Catholic Church.

On Dec. 20, McLaren said his group will use "bodily force'' if necessary to prevent federal authorities from serving an arrest warrant against him.

McLaren told The Associated Press the group would treat any arrest attempt by U.S. marshals as an invasion.

U.S. District Judge Lucius Bunton III ordered McLaren's arrest after he failed to appear in Bunton's Pecos courtroom Dec. 19. Bunton had warned the Republic and its representatives to quit filing bogus liens against property owners in Texas.

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