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I have just received a FAX, which I will quote below

Emergency Alert at Big Mountain
August 16, 1997

Hopi BIA rangers have announced that in five days, they intend to confiscate a large percent of the livestock in a sweep at Cactus Valley, at the heart of the resistance of the Big Mountain struggle 
These livestock are the main source of livelihood for the traditional people.

This is a call for mobilization for culturally sensitive, strong, clear-minded people who are able to work towards unity. People trained in non-violent civil disobedience are greatly needed.

Please be self-sufficient with food, cooking-equipment, sleeping gear, water, flashlights/lanterns.

Please call Nancy at (510) 944-7747.

If you cannot go, please call these numbers, and ask your friends to call.  The traditional people are really isolated, so these calls are extremely critical.

A false conflict was fostered between Hopi and Dineh peoples so Peabody could force them off the land and open-pit-mine the coal beneath the ground. Traditional peoples are united against mining. 
The Tribal Council does not represent the traditional people and are an arm of Peabody Coal. They are making a big push to assert their jurisdiction over the land by using excessive force that threatens the survival of the traditional culture.  Our job as concerned people is to protect the families, the livestock and prevent any further mining development.


The Hopi Tribal Police Chief-- Keith Sekacucu 
(in charge of livestock impounding)
(520) 734-2441
FAX (520) 734-9939

Hopi Tribal Chairman Ferrell Sekacucu
(520) 734-9497
FAX (520) 734-6665

BIA Superintendant Robert Caroline
(520) 738-2225

Peabody Coal-- Howard Carson*
(520) 773-4503
This number is direct! Ask Howard if he is aware that this culture and people are endangered. Three million gallons of water are taken from the Navajo aquifer just for the slurry lines.. He should be made accountable.

Senator John McCain*
(202) 224-2235
FAX (202) 228-2862
Blast him. Make him know we hold him personally responsible for genocide of traditional peoples if he allows impounding of livestock.

*These two men continue to put profits before human lives.

Ada Deer-- Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs
(202) 208-3710
FAX (202) 208-6384? (could be 6884, 6334,or 6834, fax was illegable)

She should be protecting the human rights of the people and listening to the traditional people.

The livestock impounding plans have been confirmed by other sources. 
BIA has asked that each resistor brand his/her livestock. Then they will be counted, and any excess will be impounded. Pauline Whitesinger's are scheduled to be counted on August 21st!

More on the same subject:

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date:     Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:57:38 -0400 (EDT)
From:    BMNATCOM01@aol.com
To:        redorman@plix.com, (rest of list deleted)
Big Mountain Immediate Action Needed! Phone and Fax ZAP!!!

Emergency Response Action Needed
Update: In response to a telephone conversation with members of the Dineh Alliance, the Twin Cities Dineh Defense Alliance agreed to relay this information to Big Mountain Support Groups, and other concerned organizations and individuals.

 A notice was posted announcing livestock impoundments this Thursday,  August 21st, 1997 on H.P.L. range district 262.  In late July, the Hopi Tribal Council announced that it would be reducing livestock on the H.P.L. by 40%, and this is the beginning of the carrying out of that threat. This would effect Pauline Whitesinger, Camp Anna Mae, the Ashkies and others.  Phone and Fax Zap Wednesday Aug. 20th, and Thursday Aug. 21st. Call and fax these Officials and say NO! to livestock impoundments! Ask them to stop denying permits to people who have been left out of the process, either because of relatives' deaths, or simply because they were never counted, as in the case of Lawrence Altsisi. Let them know you are calling long distance and that you are in touch with your local media. Try hard to actually speak to these officials in person.

Chairman Ferrell Secakuku 
Hopi Tribal Chairman 
phone: (520) 734-9497 
fax: (520) 734-6665          

Culvert Dayzie
Land Commission  
phone: (520) 871-6441  
fax: (520) 871-7297   

Keith Secakuku
Head of Hopi Rangers   
phone: (520) 734-9416 
fax: (520) 734-2331

Senator James Henderson
1 (800) 352-8404.
fax: (602) 542-3429.
thank him, and ask for his continued support for Dineh resistors on H.P.L.

Ada Deer
Head of Bureau of Indian Affairs
phone: (202) 208-7163
fax: (202) 208-6334
In addition, ask her to respond to the 10 page letter she recieved from Dineh resistors June 28th, 1996.

Leonard Butler
Navajo Chief of Police
phone: (520) 871-6363
fax: (520) 871-7087
thank him for his role so far. Ask him to continue his support for Dineh on H.P.L.

Twin Cities Dineh Defense Alliance (612) 362-5964.
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