"To seek out that which was lost..."

We present the following article as a Service to our readers... Its inclusion should not be construed as the Authors' or the Relays' endorsement of Our Beliefs.

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Harry and company are to be congratulated upon their forthright courage, as well as their mastery of diplomatic language :)

This should be *widely* re-posted....

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Our respect for the opinions of the Citizens of the several States demands that we state the reasons for our actions. Our governments have deprived the Citizens of the several States of their God given rights by ignoring the letter and spirit of our Constitutions, as written by our forefathers and given to us in trust.

We have warned the People, from time to time, of attempts by legislators to take unlawful control of our lives. Some have listened, some have not. Our grievances have fallen on the deaf ears of legislators, and the voice of justice is silent in our courts. Bureaucrats, representatives, senators, judges, and our executive officers have no respect for the Constitutions which define the role and limits of government.

The Declaration of Independence of 1776 clearly states the terms and reasons why we, the People, have the right, and duty, to restore our lawful Constitutional Government.

Therefore: We, the People, acting in accordance with the Second Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, hereby declare and affirm the following:

While endorsing no position concerning their beliefs, we DEMAND that the sovereign Citizens of Justus Township, Montana stand before a Constitutional Grand Jury, convened and conducted in strict accordance with Articles of Amendment (commonly known as the Bill of Rights) V, VI, and VII to the Constitution of the United States of America, to answer the complaints against them. We demand that all the facts of their case be examined, without prejudice, with due process, in an open and public manner. The Citizens of Justus Township have given their pledge to abide by the decisions of this Grand Jury.

During the current unlawful activity of federal officers in Justus Township, and in numerous previous atrocities we have witnessed, we have restrained our brethren who would halt this string of abuses by force of arms. With each abuse by unlawful authority, we have found this more difficult. This has also been more troubling to our own consciences.

Should any Citizen be injured, or suffer loss of life, now or in the future, by unlawful authority, and/or without due process, or if any action is taken against any signer, their families, or any supporter of this Declaration, it will be considered an act of war against all the Citizens of all the States. We will then no longer restrain our brethren from the use of whatever lawful force is necessary to eliminate the threat of unlawful federal enforcement authority. These Rules of Engagement will continue until such authority has returned to its Constitutional jurisdiction.

Our efforts are for the restoration of Constitutional government. We do not threaten violence to our fellow Americans, nor will we tolerate indiscriminate destruction of lives and property. If we are to restore the Constitutional guarantees for our children, we must use the lawful means available to us. We will depend on our Creator for judgement of our actions.

This Declaration is Non-Negotiable
Signed; Lucky Kountz (Montana State Republic)
Jeff Randall (Alabama)
William Michael Kemp (Alabama)
Kevin Terrell (Kentucky)
Richard A. Underwood Sr. (Missouri)
Franklin T. Plew (Indiana)
Thomas E. Schnitz (Missouri)
James N. Wade (Indiana)
James Johnson (Ohio)
Shawn M Tharp (Indiana)
Bob Crowe (Colorado)
Len Grummell (Indiana)
David R. Rydel (Michigan)
Harry P. Bibee III (Tennessee)
Drew Allen Rayner (Mississippi)
Mike Perrin (Tennessee)
Jeff Abasher (Mississippi)
John Mason (Tennessee)
Joseph Hill (Michigan)
Art Bean (Michigan)

The Year of Our Lord 1996 April 14th (e-mail copy by the Tennessee Volunteer Militia)

A copy of the original document was hand delivered to the Knoxville Tn FBI office at 11:30 EDT 4/16/96 by Mike Perrin and Harry Bibee. Copies of other orginals were delivered to the FBI in several other states by signees of the document at the exact same time.

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