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If you have been following.. or if you see ""
You would know how we were having that little problem with PESTS in the Garden...
Well this Morning is when DaUID goes to Deliver the RELEASE...
It is what they would like to be his "arraignment"..
This is where *and the only where "legally"* to Challenge their Jurisdiction... which we are prepared to Define for them..
This is not new for us this "struggle" with their courts... though in the past was limited to traffick stops.. (no Liscense.. wrong name...) we have spent time in their Jails for IaHUShUA... the only reason we have survived this long is because that we DID NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE LAW!
and Transgressed by obeying the Adversary! We did not know then what we know now.

OK back to the LAW..

Number 1. NO "mighty-ones" before/in place of IaHUeH.. who Delivered us *FROM* BONDAGE!!!

How much CLEARER can it BE??????????

We are told not to fear/obey/worship them... they are as IDOLS.. they have a form but no substance.. Deified men! They cannot see with their eyes.. or hear with their ears [[(excepting maybe with all this new fangled electronic surveillance... :-) ]]
They have no Life of their own and they can't REALLY DO ANYTHING!... but they must be carried about by their preists and servants... those that worship them are Like unto them.. having eyes that do not see... and ears that do not hear... ---Thus Saith IaH-IaHUeH and He will say it again! When will He be Heard?

So anyway this all probably sounds pretty tame and like no real problem... until you *EVEN* try to apply it!

First of all... we clearly will state (if they let him) that we are IaHUeH's Servants and therefore LAW ABIDERS... and are not in their Lawful Jurisdiction... but Subjects of IaHUeH's Kingdom and His Anointed.. our RIGHTEOUS KING!
Long before this time he will have been ordered to shutup... but who should he obey?
They may recieve copies of the RELEASE.. and even let him read it... but they will not recognise IaHUeH's Jurisdiction! they will want to lock him up!!! To try to PROVE that they are Mighty... and "deserve" to be Worshipped! We will let them know that IaHUeH's LAW FORBIDS it!
Yeah they gonna throw our Beloved brother into the Furnace!!!!!
I sincerely wish it had been me instead... But I need to maintain the Website and Communications... get the word out!

In case you haven't caught on yet... We are very Hard Core Serious about the LAW!
I probably don't have to spell it out to you but.. DaUID is most likely going to his death! The rest of us probably won't be that far...
You know what they do (in Law Enforcement... ) when someone does not Obey their "Authority"? Get pissed off! and Punish!! I have been on the wrong end of that stick!

So every step of the way.. DaUID will inform them that it is a Transgression of the First Commandment for him to obey them...
see... they usually don't ask you to do things ..but rather command you and expect obedience.. ("they carry not that "sword" in vain" -woi... thanx to paul)
So after beating him up and dragging him to the jail... and ordering him to strip (yeah.. right! ) and shower.. and maybe breaking a finger or two as they Steal his fingerprints.. and ordering him to answer questions... and locking him in a box to starve and thirst... and perhaps die for refusing to BREAK THE LAW!!! Ironic isn't it? They will call him a Troublemaker and a "Fanatic"... and come after us! what they would call a "dangerous cult of anti-Government/Christian Identity/Racist/(hippie)-Patriots/etc...." or some such!

Food and water in their cages??? UNCLEAN!!!!!! we will not partake! We will request clean raw vegetables.. and Clean Sealed Bottled Water carefully inspected for perforations (for personal safety)..also any fruit... (of course they just pump stuff into the air) they would call this all PARANOID! (maybe you too) But we KNOW that we cannot Trust them!
Here in the world (but not of it)... we have to be very selective to find food that isn't tainted with Unclean substances.. Gelatin and glycerin are examples.. for starters try avoiding "mono and di GLYCERIDES" etc...
Plus who knows what they put in jail food... (even the spiteful inmate Slaves for that matter).. LARD at best... all Cheese there would be unclean.. this is a Temple of Death where the Sacrifices are made to the Beast... connected plumbing... usually one unit with the toilet... this water is UNCLEAN! And always tastes like death!
So then its the tubes and injections.. yuck... to try to keep you alive to torture you longer!
Well maybe he will give in before then... it is hard to think clearly when you are the Captive of the Wicked! They make IaHUeH's Kingdom sound like "not such the big deal..." and tell you (in so many words)
"Why do you want to Follow IaHUShUA? We nailed Him up a long time ago! You want to die too??? OK... but why make it hard on yourself?"
And these are the Christians! "Decent" folk every step of the way.... trying to convert you!

And it really burns me sometimes ..when I read people talking about a *possible* planned takeover by the New World Order.. and its agencies... in fulfillment of the Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation..
and that there is *gonna* be a tribulation!

All the Best! ..... IaHU-NaTaN

Well I am Glad that I am wrong sometimes....
We have another month...
till the 27th.. i think...
We delivered the RELEASE... it was placed in his file..but not FILED... They do not think it is important... but you can bet they will read it...
He did not get a chance to talk much... which shows me that he was perhaps too timid... Though he was bold enough to refuse to sign a paper..and to when the judge asked if he understood his rights he told him that "You don't give me any Rights.. I know where my Rights come from... my Rights come from my Creator! "
This was not a verbal delivery of the RELEASE.. but as I stated.. they have a Signed copy... they took it... we witnessed it!
And it is a good summary...

They just want to shuffle you through.. like sheep to the slaughter...
Next time will be the hardcore...
Not sure about going... we went to speak they would not listen.. they have our well Stated position... any further voluntary dealings with them would fall under Transgression... even though he might have said that he would be there.. (it was coerced) I need to ask him... Like I say we need to weigh this one out...

As it is we have some Repenting to do... because today we let them be "Mighty" even though we told them they weren't :-(

I need sleep... but... I have so much to do still... not enough time... need more of everything... Some times I wonder why I even bother telling the Truth when no body really seems to hear.
But then I look to my Saviour... and am Thankful.. He Gave us so much!!
...and I am Given to Give what He Gives me!
Sincerely IaHU-NaTaN





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